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Thank you 😊
Yesterday marked the last day in my baby’s time at nursery. Starting as a baby and coming out as little boy ready to start school. You have loved and cared for him, cuddled him when he cried and been there when I had to work and I cannot thank you all enough. Your support has been truly amazing. He is the best little boy and you all played a part in that. He has made some great friends and so have I and we hope to stay in touch. I’m sorry if I have missed anyone every single one of you are amazing. 😭❤️
A Big Thank You to everyone at the ABC 💙 NHS 💙

I saw this and thought it might be a nice idea for the children at nursery and those at home with their families to do! 😊

Katie Spittle hello lovely do you work here?

We are a privately owned, family run business with family values at the heart of everything we do. We have two bespoke centres, create a light, clean and friendly environment with carefully designed, comfortable spaces for children to grow and learn.

Operating as usual





Next week, we will be celebrating Ramadan and talking to the children about the event. The children have helped us to create a lovely display for the foyer. Here is a bit of information about Ramadan for you;

What is Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims won't eat or drink during the hours of daylight. This is called fasting. Children are not expected to fast until they reach puberty, usually around the age of 14.

Ramadan remembers the month the Qur'an (the Muslim holy book) was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The actual night that the Qur'an was revealed is a night known as Lailut ul-Qadr ('The Night of Power').

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The exact dates of Ramadan change every year. This is because Islam uses a calendar based on the cycles of the Moon.

In 2021 in the UK, Ramadan will begin in the evening of Monday 12 April and will end on Tuesday 11 May.

How is Ramadan celebrated?

Most Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. Fasting allows Muslims to devote themselves to their faith. It is thought to teach self-discipline and reminds them of the suffering of the poor. However, children, pregnant women, elderly people and those who are ill or travelling don't have to fast.

During Ramadan, it is common to have one meal (known as the suhoor), just before sunrise and another (known as the iftar), directly after sunset.

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Happy World Autism Awareness Day!!

It was lovely to see everyone wearing something blue yesterday. We enjoyed learning facts about Autism, creating our own jigsaw pieces and talking about the fact that 'we all fit together'.

What is Autism?

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication, and social skills.

Some symptoms might include:
• Delayed language skills.
• Delayed movement skills.
• Delayed cognitive or learning skills.
• Hyperactive, impulsive, and/or inattentive behaviour.
• Unusual eating and sleeping habits.
• Unusual mood or emotional reactions.

World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) aims to highlight the hurdles that people with autism face every day. Autism is a growing health issue that is gaining more understanding and WAAD activities are planned every year to further increase and develop world knowledge of children and adults who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
World Autism Awareness Day goes one step further to celebrate the unique talents of those with autism, while putting a huge focus on the warm embrace and welcome that these skills deserve through community events around the globe.

Different ways to celebrate this day include:
• Learn about the history of Autism
• Wear Blue or an item of clothing which represents an Autism organisation
• Check out the work of famous people with Autism
• Find sensory toys and tools that help
• Support Autism-Friendly businesses and employers
• Read books and watch videos about Autism
• Spread kindness

The challenge of autism drove an artist to succeed…Why not check out the amazing micro-sculptures exhibition by Dr. Willard Wigan in Birmingham…you won’t be disappointed!!


Happy Autism Awareness Day!!

Today's story is "My Friend With Autism"


At WBP in Preschool our children love a Fairytale❤️🏰

They loved this activity as they got to retell the stories shown below and even made up there own! 🤩


To all those great Moms out there....Happy Mother's Day from all our little ones! 💐❤

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Here at ABC Codsall this week, we have been celebrating World Down's Syndrome Day.

World Down's Syndrome Day (WDSD) is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012.

The date for WDSD is the 21st day of the 3rd month. This date was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down's syndrome.

Down's syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that has always been a part of the human condition. Down's Syndrome is universally present across racial, gender or socioeconomic lines in approximately 1 in 800 live births. Down's syndrome usually causes varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability and associated medical issues.

There are three types of Down's Syndrome:

• Trisomy 21: In 95% of cases, babies born with Down's Syndrome have one extra copy of chromosome 21, giving them three total.
• Translocation: In 3% of cases, a partial or whole chromosome is attached (translocated) to a different chromosome rather than being a separate chromosome 21.
• Mosaic: In about 2% of cases, some of the person’s cells have three copies of chromosome 21, but other cells have two copies. Children with mosaic Down syndrome have fewer characteristics of Down syndrome.

Our children have enjoyed designing/painting their own socks, odd sock activities, and 'Circle Times' to discuss how we all look different but should all be treated equally. Preschool also had a water activity to help sort the socks and wash them to put them on the washing line.

Happy Friday Everyone...Have a lovely weekend!!


Sign of the week - 'Down's Syndrome Day'


This is one of our favourite stories here at WBP 🐌🐳

After we read the story, the children wanted to reenact it using the tuff tray. Our children loved exploring the shells, bubbles and telling their friends what happens in the story 🤩

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Today is World Maths Day!
Here at WBP we have been having lots of fun with some Maths related activities!
The children have enjoyed colour matching, counting, completing jigsaw puzzles, and lots of problem solving.

Our children have showed good interaction and were very keen to get stuck into the activities that had been planned and set up!

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Here at WBP we have been celebrating world down syndrome day by creating our own odd socks whether this being painting, gluing and sticking or drawing!
All staff members and children have joined in by wearing their own crazy odd socks too!

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Here at ABC Codsall, the children have been creating lots of different arts and crafts in preparation for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who lived during the fifth century. He was credited with bringing Christianity to the people of Ireland. His most well known legend is that he explained the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) using the three leaves of the Shamrock.

St. Patrick’s Day is acknowledged and celebrated each year on March 17th which is the date St. Patrick died.

The Shamrock, a symbol of Ireland, is a type of clover which usually has three leaves. The three leaves stand for faith, hope, and love. A Shamrock with four leaves is meant to bring you lots of luck.

Parades usually take place on St. Patrick’s Day and traditional food is eaten, including Corned Beef and Cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie, and Irish Soda Bread.

Happy St Patricks Day everyone!!

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Our lovely friend Spiderman surpised the children at WBP with a visit. Spiderman enjoyed playing in the garden with Preschool and Juniors and waving to our Babies and Toddlers 🕷

Spiderman showed off all his skills.....He really made the children's day!! 😍


International Women’s day 💕

Here is to all our strong babies, toddlers, juniors and pre-schoolers and nursery practitioners on International Women’s Day, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them 👩‍🦰🌷


Threading is a great way to enhance a child's fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination! What better way to engage the children than to thread pasta shapes through spaghetti! 🤩


Marry Poppins popped in to tell her story on World Book Day!


Here is the famous Julie from our Codsall Centre reading, "Mr Wolf's Pancakes."

Join us same time tomorrow for another story!


Here is the lovely Danielle from our Codsall Centre reading "We're going on a Bear Hunt."

Join us tomorrow for another special story.

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Happy World Book Day!

Yesterday at ABC Codsall, children and staff had a fabulous day dressing up and reading lots of stories. Everyone looked amazing in their outfits and we really had a fun filled day!

We would like to also thank Broadway Gardens for providing some lovely home made bookmarks for the children! The children were so excited. Such a thoughtful gesture!

The children have created their own stories using the story puzzle. Juniors created their own little story books and their own paper dolls. These activities have promoted the children's literacy and physical development.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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Happy Saint David's Day and Happy Pancake Day Everyone!

Here at ABC Codsall, the children have been creating their own art work, preparing for Saint David's Day!
Saint David is the patron Saint of Wales and is also known as Dewi Sant. The Welsh have their own language, however they speak English too. Welsh people wear a daffodil or a leek on this day.

The children have also created their own pancakes! Promoting their mathematics development, following a recipe and measuring the ingredients. All the children loved this activity and especially enjoyed eating the final product!

Pancake Day is a Christian festival and is also known shrove Tuesday. The most pancakes flips in a minute is 140!

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Our new little explorers room is in full use at ABC Codsall. From the children making their own special treats to creating their own play dough!

The children loved following a recipe, mixing, measuring and the end result looked and tasted amazing! The children also promoted their personal hygiene well, making sure their hands were clean and ready to handle food.

The children also enjoyed exploring their senses, following the dough recipe well and mixing the ingredients together to create the perfect dough. This is a great messy play activity which provided lots of learning opportunities.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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At WBP, Juniors made some bird feeders using bird seeds, butter and cheerios. The children then hung them up outside in the grassed area 🦅🌿

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Lots of fun activities here at ABC Codsall!

Preschool children have been exploring their senses and colours. The children loved promoting their fine motor skills to mix the colours using lolly sticks to see what colours they can create.

All children have been enjoying the story "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!" and created their own real life bear hunt. There was lots of laughter and smiles surrounding this activity, what a great literacy learning experience.

Junior children have also learning dental hygiene and cleaning their teeth! The children enjoyed cleaning the teeth and learning the importance of looking after their own teeth.


At WBP, our Preschool children loved this sensory activity with the animals 🦆🐴🐷🐟🐑

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Firstly, we hope everyone has had a lovely valentines day! Our children have certainly been feeling the love this week.

At ABC Codsall, the children have been promoting their personal, social and emotional development through talking and creating their own art work for the ones they love.

The children have been learning the heart shape. Promoting visual learning and cutting skills, the children have created their own representation of a heart to represent their love. All children have enjoyed creating their loved ones pictures to keep as a memory as they grow.

Happy Valentines everyone!


Yesterday for valentines the staff all wrote a lovely message to someone else to say why they are perfect the way they are and why they are loved.

They each had a little bag of sweets to also celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Valentines with the ABC family 💕

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At our Codsall centre, our Toddler children have been taking advantage of our new "Little Explorers Room."

Promoting their fine motor skills, Toddlers have enjoyed mixing the different ingredients, learning the name of each ingredient they are using and talking about the ingredient colours and textures. This activity is promoting their senses and colour recognition.

The children loved doing this activity whilst continuing to explore Chinese New Year.

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Chinese New Year is in full celebration here at ABC Codsall!

In preschool, the children created their own dragon and learning the traditional dragon dance.

All of our children had a lot of fun talking about and cutting up vegetables to create their own Chinese stir-fry.

We have all had a very fun week learning about Chinese New Year. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Here at WBP yesterday we celebrated Chinese New Year!

We celebrated by eating noodles with sweet & sour sauce and also yummy prawn crackers! The children made lots of crafts, had messy play and practiced Chinese writing and also designed their own tigers as this year is the year of the tiger!

The children and staff all had a lovely day!

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Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the most important celebration observed in China. This celebration has cultural and historic significance. The festival signals the beginning of spring, and the start of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different day each year and these celebrations last for 15 days. Each year is linked with a different animal, this year being the Year of the Tiger!!

Here at our Codsall Centre, our children have enjoyed creating their own flags, lanterns, tigers, and fans. They have also participated in various role-play activities including a Chinese restaurant.

Guo Nian Hao!!
Happy New Year!!🇨🇳

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