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Those fitness goals are waiting for you!

Like some of you, I used to have a huge problem with procrastination. Some days I still do.

The problem with procrastination is it's a common problem that most people feel helpless to solve.

"I've always been a procrastinator"

"That's just how I am".

For most people I truly believe it's a myth.

At least in the way you think about it.

When you next find yourself "procrastinating", answer this question...

What are you doing instead?

Whatever that is, you value MORE, than what you should be doing.

If you didn't, then you wouldn't be doing it.

What you need to do is create real "leverage" to do the things you think you should/want to be doing.

Why do you need to do the thing that you think you should be?

What's the positive outcome to doing so? What are the consequences for not?

Obviously it's not quite that simple. But that's the way you need to begin thinking about it.

Need help with procrastination? Drop me a message and I'll share with you some of the tools I've used.


Results take time.

As I've said in an earlier post, there is no such thing as overnight success.

That person was doing something right long before they got to where they are.

The same applies to your training goals.

It takes time to build consistency.

It takes time to develop the skills and technique to correctly follow a program.

It takes time to get your habits and lifestyle to the level where they support your development, and not hinder it.

So practice some degree of patience. Be more present in your training and life in general.

Invest in the things that will move you forward.

And the success soon comes.

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Reinvent the game starting with your mindset.

🤷🏾‍♂️ How we look at what you do, ultimately sets you up to fail or to win. It’s very underestimated.

With our cleints we show them what there life will look like if they continue on the path they are currently on, then we show them what can happen if they started to build good habits and routine.

It’s VERY COMMON to feel lost in the gym and that’s ok, but what isn’t ok is feeling lost and not doing anything about it.

Your gym membership is step one to you becoming the best version of you, step two is you working on what needs to change.

Need some more help?

Let’s have a chat:


When pursuing any goal, in training or in life, you need to know where it is you actually want to get to.

Sounds simple but for some people the destination is vague.

Even worse is that you don't know the steps to take to get there.

Make sure you know your goal. Then make sure you know what it is you should be doing, and shouldn't be doing, to edge closer day by day to get there.

The habits. The process. The system.

There is no thing as overnight or sudden success.

It's the result of dedication, vision and consistent habits done long enough, to see the fruits of seeds sewn long ago.

Reinvent The Game.

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Energy balance. The only real factor that will determine you losing weight or gaining mass.

Any parts not make sense? Or wanna know a little more?

Feel free to message me and I'll try to help clear things up or give you further information on how you can achieve a surplus or a deficit. Jake.


Photos from IMPACTJake's post 05/05/2022

Energy balance. The deciding factor on you losing or gaining weight.

Any more questions you have about how each part of this works feel free to contact me and I'll explain a little further. Jake.



Struggle to stay consistent and achieve your goals, training or otherwise? This might be the result of a lack of good habits, and surplus of bad ones.

Habits are both hard to build and hard to break. Read that again because it's important.

Success is found in consistently doing the things that inch you closer to your goals day by day.

That's why it's important to identify daily, what actions you take that are either necessary, or move you toward the place you want to be.

While also identifying those that are unnecessary or far worse, move away from your ideal future.

It's then your job to decide which ones need dropping, and which ones it may be worthwhile building.

Now I know habits are hard to form and equally hard to break. How can you make it easier?

Make the habits you want to build attractive, easy to do, and rewarding. Make the ones you will break ugly, hard to do, and have a level of accountability to help stay on track.

Need more guidance on lifestyle and habit building? Message me and I can further explain some of the tools and methods that have helped me.



So you know where you want to be. You don't know how you're gonna get there yet. But you know the destination.

You have a sat nav. Sorted then. Just stick the destination in and go.

Now imagine instead of following the directions, you just turn it off after setting that destination.

This is what goal setting is like. Anyone who has goals, knows exactly where they want to be. That's the easy part.

You might occasionaly stumble to the right place. But more often than not you're getting lost... in the sauce of all places.

What you need to do is outline how you're going to get there. The "system".

This may take trial and error. But if you can track progress, and watch the numbers, you'll know if you're making ground.

As far as training goes. Outline how many sessions you should be doing. What each of those sessions includes.

How do you utilise periodization and progressive overload? What diet do you need to be consuming? What other habits are going to help inch you closer each day?

Food for thought.


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Do you have physique and training goals for the summer? Or simply want to improve your health and fitness? Know someone else that does? Then make sure to take part in the giveaway below...

I'm going to be offering bespoke personal training catering to your needs worth ~ £200, and also throwing out some free sessions. Sound good? This is how you enter.

- Simply make sure you're following my Instagram page .

- Tag a friend in the comments below.

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I'll be randomly selecting the winner/s this Sunday, 1st May on Instagram whilst counting some eggs (not a joke tune in to see what I mean), you can add an extra entry by commenting again and tagging more than one person. Good luck 😉👍

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To register interest and bag yourself a spot go to the link in my link tree, or DM me here and I'll send you the overview of how we're gonna transform your physique.




Too old to train?

This is something I hear pretty often. Society tells you once you approach middle age and after it's normal to accept the decline in health and fitness.

This is just part of getting older right? And you should do nothing about it.

In my humble opinion this is plain wrong.

In fact I would argue that it's as we age, it becomes even more important to exercise, eat well, and focus on our general well being.

Positive lifestyle changes can improve your health, benefit your fitness, promote longevity and help combat mental health issues.

And above all it can be fun. It can keep you social. It means you have a better chance at being around for your great grand kids, and then be able to keep up with them too.

If any of the above sounds good to you, drop me a message and we can talk about how you can implement some better changes.

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.

Photos from IMPACTJake's post 26/03/2022

Things you might not have known about yours truly. 💁👀

It's me. Jake.

🤓 I'm a massive nerd at heart. Space. Maths. Philosophy. Dinosaurs (yes really). Science. Puzzles. Love putting my head in a book. Useful character trait when it comes to PT as solving problems is my sh*t.

🎵 I was a complete hip-hop head for a long time, but my music taste reaches most genres these days. It changes all the time too.

🍪 Lotus biscoff spread goes with everything... every... thing.

🤯 I suffered (still do) with anxiety for most of my life. Through training, philosophy, CBT, and mindfulness I manage it. I'm grateful for it too. I got comfortable being uncomfortable. Fear is a tool, and one I've learnt to use.

☕ Coffee is a bit of a passion of mine. So is Whisky. Red wine is a close third depending on the vibe. Not that I even drink alcohol 😇 (a lie)

🤼 Im definitely a lover and not a fighter. Which seems to contradict the fact I love and see combat sports like art. It's taught me a lot. I'm a student in the art and want to keep developing those skills.

🌳 Secretly a big fan of nature and the outdoors. Recharges the batteries like nothing else does. I one day want to fill my house with bonsai. Sorry future wife.

🐎 I know how to ride horse, and pretty well too. So if the apocalypse comes it's over for y'all for real.

🍎 I quietly switched to a mostly plant based diet (the word vegan gives me a head ache) a while back. Why? You got a few hours? 😉

🧘‍♂️ Not much of a religious guy. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is my Bible. You could say I'm pretty spiritual though.

🏃‍♂️ My favourite exercise... Probably when I get home late, heat up my food, forget, and then race to the microwave before it hits zero waking everyone up.

Anything else you wanna know? Drop me a comment. Other than that have a class weekend people.



Realign your focus. Don’t get lost in the sauce.

Sometimes when chasing goals in training or otherwise, it’s very easy to get caught up in it.

It’s important every now and again, as you would de load with training, to take a little time off and if possible get away from the noise.

I did just that this weekend taking a little weekend break in Liverpool.

Of course consistency in good habits is crucial. But the further you go those processes which worked before may need reworking.

Even if you’re still moving in the right direction, there’s always room to improve the way you do things.

So if you ever find yourself getting frustrated, burnt out, progress halted, take your time to rest, recover then get after it again. Jake.

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.


If there’s one thing that guarantees results over time, it would be consistency in the right habits.

In order to be consistent, you need to have the discipline in place to stay on the path.

This is particularly true for training. You need to complete the sessions. You need to eat right. And you need to sleep right.

The thing about being disciplined is from the outside perspective they may say “you’re boring” or “you’re obsessed”.

The reality is that if you can cultivate discipline and spread it across all areas of your life, then you are free to do and achieve anything.

I feel the perfect place to begin practicing the art of discipline is with training.

Get that right, and watch it bleed into the other areas of your life.

If you need help cultivating discipline, drop me a message and we can talk about it. Jake.

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.


It’s not all about the physical goals and appearances.

For a lot of people, the initial motivations for getting into the gym are the physical benefits.

Looking better. Feeling fitter. To get laid (don’t lie to yourself). They’re all good reasons. And for some people that’s all they need.

After some time though, you’ll probably realise that it’s about more than that.

The benefits to your health and your longevity.

The mental well being that can be found utilising demanding physical exertion (I am very big on this particular point).

Might be the social aspect. Seeing and engaging with the public.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Generally improving yourself as a person in multiple facets of your life.

Sometimes not all achievements are visual. Remember this.

I am a firm believer that training should be to supplement your lifestyle and not be the sole purpose.

I use my own training and coaching as a vector for self-mastery, both physically and mentally.

It should improve your life across the board. Not take away from it. Period.



Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Training is a complex puzzle with many parts that need to be in order if you’re to be successful.

Just winging it and hoping for the best may work at times, but ultimately the best training requires careful planning.

This is true both for your sessions in the gym, your meals in the kitchen, and your time management week to week.

You see this in many areas of life. Some people really do get lucky.

But a lot of the time what you deem luck, was the result of a lot of unseen time and energy. Food for thought.



Habit stacking.

What do I mean by this? So habits are pretty hard to form right. They are also hard to break. Check out all the bad ones you have 😉

They can be an essential part of success in any endeavour. Especially training where consistency is king 👑

A method of more easily forming these habits is called stacking.

You (hopefully) brush your teeth twice daily. Now let’s say you want to start journaling.

If you get yourself to journal right after you brush your teeth, and use it as a mental reminder to journal, you’ll have a far easier time of forming that habit. Make sense?

Start applying this to your training, nutrition and recovery… you’ll find things far easier 👍🏻

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self 🔥


I don’t have the time. A very common thing I hear when discussing training and everything that comes with it. 99% of the time this is a false statement. You do have the time, you just don’t make it.

Before you pass me off as ignorant, (guilty at times) just hear me out. Some of us have families, kids, demanding careers, busy social lives, people we have to care for, time/energy consuming responsibilities.

Don’t get me wrong they can consume much of your time week to week. Even more so your energy. But what if an investment into your health and fitness could actually give you more time and energy.

Workout to live, not live to workout. For most purposes you don’t need too many sessions in the gym. Start eating better, sleeping better, find a healthier routine. See how it can change your life.

My argument here is you may find you have more time and importantly productive time. Don’t have time? What does your screen time say? How much time do you spend watching TV? How much time do you waste because your way of living is inefficient?

It may be the case you don’t yet see enough value in the seemingly mundane and boring habits that are needed for success. Realign that perception.

I’m not asking you to become a robot. Just consider how your time is spent. Is this absolutely necessary? Is a question you should ask yourself often. Prioritise what really matters. Drop the rest.

Working yourself to the bone only serves to burn you out. Productivity falls and you feel miserable. Learn to say no sometimes. You only have so much time. And it’s the only currency once spent you cannot earn back. Think about it.

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.


Have you ever reached a goal you fought hard and long for, after some time found yourself in the same place you were before you even started. A relapse. I’ve been there.

This is unfortunately quite a common thing to see with peoples training. We train so hard, diet so clean, do all the right things, for a period of time. Then we reach our goal.

We feel good for a bit. This subsides. The progress slows. You lose that motivation you had. And… I’m a few months find yourself at square one.

Why does this happen? I think there are a few reasons.

Firstly you’re following an unsustainable program. Both in terms of nutrition and training, it’s important to plan for the long term.

Find a system that you’ll be able to follow happily year round. There are exceptions here, (athletes or those with specific time constraints) but for most people this is important.

Secondly your motivation and why is an unhealthy one. Tying your happiness to an image, or a certain look is less than ideal.

This usually comes from a place of comparison, jealousy. If not that just remember that after a certain point your quality of life doesn’t improve all that much because you put on a little more muscle or got a little more skinny.

If you can avoid these two things, then that’s a good first couple steps in creating sustainable health and longevity of training and of life.

Jake. STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.


So this weekend I turned 23. Notice the lack of photos. I’m not the biggest on birthdays. What am I celebrating exactly? Did I achieve anything? Sure I was born on this day which, granted I’m pretty glad happened but… you get what I’m saying 😂

Spent a small part of it walking up a hill. If you know me you know I have a serious soft spot for the outdoors and scenic places. Allows me to detach for a bit.

The last year has been one of monumental change for me. When I think about how different things are, it’s both exciting and slightly melancholic.

There are things I’m very excited to see come. And there are things that being truthful, I at times miss. But these are things that just had to pass. Period.

I think it’s important to learn from the past, but not dwell. And plan for the future, but not worry.

Both can be difficult things to do. As we all are, I’m always trying to learn how to do things better. Searching for ways to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Who knows if I’m being successful in that? I’m making mistakes. Failing. But all I do know is over a long enough timeline slowly but surely, brick by brick, I’m slowly getting closer to the person and vision I see. Just gotta maintain that momentum now ay lad? 😉

I had big goals for this year. A couple already in the bank. Might be time to add to the list.

In the wise words of Zyzz, “we’re all gonna make it brahs”. New week, let’s get to building. Same same, everyday. How long will you continue to wait?

STOIC Coaching, sculpt your future self.

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