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My latest article exploring the joy of ‘book hugging’ 🤍

To read, select the link below, then ‘Blog’ and then ‘The Magic Library’ - see you there!

(There is an edit needed in this article btw - the word ‘Chinese’ near the end should have been in inverted commas to draw attention to its misuse - the language we use for the Lunar New Year is super important. It will be edited 🤍)

👧🏻👦🏾not 🤖🤖

Posted @withregram • @thatnurserylife Greg Bottrill (@can_i_go_and_play_now), author of “Can I Go Play Now?”, explores the power of sharing a love of books with very young children, sparking a life-long passion for reading and knowledge.

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Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 30/11/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post

Gingerbread Theme Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers 27/11/2021

Gingerbread Theme Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Gingerbread Theme Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers So many fun gingerbread theme ideas for toddlers and preschoolers! Art, dramatic play, books and more!

Photos from The Ark Childminding's post 20/11/2021

Photos from The Ark Childminding's post


'Tis the season for some easy Christmas crafts for kids, including Christmas trees, Santa and Rudolph, and of course, candy canes too!
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Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 10/11/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 09/11/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 02/11/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post

Photos from Roseville Childcare's post 31/10/2021

Absolutely inspiring 🥰


Do you like Pumpkin Latte ?

‘Imagine going to your local coffee shop and this was the only drink on offer during October and November because it’s Autumn/ Fall?

I know for one, I would be really fed up because I love a latte but am not interested in one tasting of pumpkin and I really dislike the taste of cinnamon.

Just because it’s pumpkin spiced latte season it doesn’t mean that that should be the only choice. Agree?

Now let’s take that analogy and think about Autumn and pumpkins. Pumpkins (or any other theme) should not be the only experience on offer.

Just because we ‘do’ pumpkins in October not every child will be interested in them.

We all have different tastes and likes- some children will love all things pumpkin, others will not.

Ensure you offer other natural resources of the season, such as conkers and autumn leaves. Listen to the children, observe them. The children should be the ones who determine the invitations on offer whether it is Autumn or not. ‘

If the invitation doesn’t entice children to come and explore then we need to think why not? Was it because it appealed to the adults, because an adult had set it up with no regard to what the children have been showing or telling them about their current interests or fascinations?

Read full blog here ⬇️ written for us by retired Head teacher Diane Hetherington 🍁🍂

At The Curiosity Approach we give opportunity for self reflection, turning the lens on our own practice. To push past feelings of discomfort and ask the question WHY !

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Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 25/10/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post 24/10/2021

Photos from The Curiosity Approach's post


Interesting read

Please HELP 🙏🏼
“My classroom is boy heavy & they just keep trashing anything new we put out ?”

This was a question asked on our Instagram page and we thought we would try and answer it.

Before we start,
it’s important to remember, if struggling with such an issue, to have an open mind, to be truly willing to turn the lens on ones own practice.

To be genuinely open to reflection of practice and to see comments below given from us a mindful & critical friend.

Everyone’s setting is different & without being actually present to gauge actual difficulties occurring - we can only give a broad overview of ideas to consider.

Eg Points to consider and to reflect upon - whats meant by “thrashing stuff ?”

Does this mean, running around, unengaged? Throwing and dumping ?

Is it that, they just aren’t playing with things in the way WE ( adult ) expected them to ?

Points to mindfully consider about our own ( ADULTS ) ideas & mindset

Did WE ( the adult ) actually already have a specific & pre determined expectation in mind ?

An ideal way items & resources should/ must be used ?

Remember when offering loose parts & open ended resources, it’s necessary to allow opportunity for these to be moved, mixed up, transported, combined. Played with in the way a child chooses.

Children will find a use for them all and there should be NO predetermined idea or fixed agenda on loose parts!

If we the adult have carefully written a notice or sign and placed it next to some
eg. building blocks, saying something like “ can you build a tower ?”

and all the children do is lob, throw them about, knock them over?

Let’s consider that :-
Maybe they didn’t want to build a tower in the first place !

1. The building blocks etc are sadly no longer loose parts ( if WE the adult have already stated what they are to be used for ) Remember - Loose parts have no fixed purpose !

2. Maybe the children’s URGE to knock things over, is MORE of an urge than it was to just build!

3. Let’s see the importance and joy of the knocking down. 🙌🏼

4. Has consideration been given, that the children might have a trajectory schema and this is their way of finding out what happens.
It’s the force, the momentum, the trajectory, the noise the impact they enjoy ! It’s the repetitive actions that is their innate way of learning.

5. Who are WE to say blocks ONLY can be built UP!
Knocking things down is a hugely valuable learning opportunity too ! So much fun! ❤️

6. As adults are WE frustrated and upset because the resources no longer look neat and tidy after a few minutes of being played with ? It took so longer to make look cute

Because that’s OK, it needs to be mixed up & messed up !

7. Have we the adults spent too long setting an invitation to learning up? Is it too carefully crafted and created?

8. Setting up an invitation or provocation should only take 5 minutes.
If we (the adult) are too sentimental over our set ups - this says more about our motivations than it does about WHY we set it up in the first place.

It’s cannot be about CUTE

WHO is it for ? WHY have we set something up!

It cannot be about US adults and our desire to create something Instagram worthy.

Have we just done it because it looked cute on Instagram or Face book or have we set it up because it meets the interests, urges and needs of our children. Did we just copy something we saw on social media or does it actually interest our children !

WHO is it for ? WHY are we doing this ?

To recap - “The boys are trashing things ? “
Let’s consider more

Are they lively and energetic because they are eager to MOVE, hands on learning ? Use their whole bodies to play ? Big body play, using gross motor muscles ?

Let’s recognise this is very much about brain development, stage of development - Bev Bos so rightly told us “children don’t learn sat on their bottoms.”

Let’s consider OUR practice and routines-
Do the children need to get outside?

How much opportunity for outdoor play do they have?
We mean more than 20 minutes morning & afternoon ! Real long sustained periods of outdoor play - Freeflow where possible ?

Boys, especially learn by doing! ACTIVE learners - big movements, whole body movements. Play that needs FREEDOM & SPACE.

Let’s consider that WE have to look at our OWN mindset & practice “behaviour UNDERSTANDING instead of behaviour MANAGEMENT” 🙏🏼

This cannot be about MANAGING behaviour - we have to look and recognise WHAT their behaviour is telling us !?!?
It’s telling us something important and we need to observe and understand

To truly, see them, hear them and understand !

Is their behaviour saying “ I want to run, jump, throw, dump, bounce, swing?
Then let’s recognise the need to do all this, in a space that’s appropriate. A place with no walls or noise control!

Let’s get them outdoors.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the confines of a classroom, let’s see our settings as one big holistic play space, indoors together with outdoors.

Is their behaviour demonstrating an URGE to dump, throw, drop, catapult, aim or project?
Is this was excites them ?
Gives them pleasure ?

Again look to their behaviour it’s telling us to consider……
Trajectory schema ? This is their urge to explore, find out, repeated patterns of behaviour & we HAVE to respond !

Maybe the environment just too crammed & cluttered and full of stuff ?

No room to move play on a larger scale ?

Maybe they feel overwhelmed because there’s just too much stuff out at anyone time ?!? They feel overwhelmed, over stimulated.

How can we expect a child to self regulate to calm - if the environment is not calm? Overhead lights, overstimulation from noise, colour and bombardment of the senses !

Do the items in the room EVEN interest them ?

It’s important we ensure our environments are rich and powerful but they have to be adaptive to the needs and urges of the individual children who play there.

It cannot be about US what we think is a nice idea .

Watch what the children DO!

HOW they play with resources and equipment - look at what they are DOING instead of what they are playing with or what they are not doing ! ( our expectation )
(Kimberley Crisp gave a great webinar on this very subject ❤️)

Just because it’s not how WE anticipated they play.

PLAY whether messy, robust, boisterous, lively or energetic is valuable. Recognise it ❤️

Maybe it’s us who have to make change - instead of expecting the children to?

“Behaviour UNDERSTANDING instead of behaviour MANAGEMENT “

#boys #behaviour #activelearning #earlyyears #earlychildhoodeducation #EarlyYearsEducation #behaviour #boysbehaviour #trajectoryschema
#classroommanagement #playmatters
#reflectivepractice #criticalfriend

Preschool Fall Songs for Circle Time 04/10/2021

Preschool Fall Songs for Circle Time

Preschool Fall Songs for Circle Time Looking for preschool fall songs? This collection is perfect for circle time or whenever you want to add some music to your toddler or preschool classroom!



🍁😅Oops 🍂🍃🍁


Who just ‘watches the children in their care ‘😡

Why does this make me super mad ?

Tell me what you think ?

Blimey 1:5 under two

Why would we ever want to work in childcare ?


Why Telling Upset Children "You're Okay" Never Works


Crafts for kids!

Photos from Mother Natured's post 25/09/2021

Photos from Mother Natured's post


EMOTIONS FACES 🤪 Fun idea! @@tibetalpinannesi
More Recycle and Play Ideas here:

Photos from Learning Wild - Kristen RB Peterson's post 19/09/2021

Photos from Learning Wild - Kristen RB Peterson's post


Cardboard Nature Play 🍁 so lovely!
Photo credit:

Try This Cotton Ball Transfer Challenge for Kids 17/09/2021

Try This Cotton Ball Transfer Challenge for Kids

Try This Cotton Ball Transfer Challenge for Kids This challenge seems simple: just transfer the cotton balls to the shapes! But it's harder than it seems! Are you up for the challenge?


There's nothing worse than digging out a splinter! 😩 Here's a little First Aid hack to try next time...

Do you have any of your own First Aid tips and tricks to share? Let us know in the comments 👇



Finger Counting with Rice Hands

Finger counting is such a brilliant way to support children who are learning to count. We all know that being able to count is a valuable tool to learn as a child, so it's important to find fun and engaging ways to make it as easy as possible.

🙌🏼 Here is one such way! Find the links in the comments.

✋ Fill gloves with rice and tape closed at the opening. (I coloured mine with paint, however you can keep it plain).
✋ Print and stick together with our ten-sided dice net and finger counting cards (I printed 6 per page).
✋ Lay it all out on a table.
The Game:
✋ Roll the dice and find the corresponding number/finger counting card.
✋ Make that number on the rice hands. Model to start with and then see if your child can do it by themselves.
✋ Once your child is confident with counting on fingers you can then use these hands to practice addition and subtraction within ten.

Find links to the resources you need for this game in the comments.



Spooky Leaf Ghosts👻🍁
These are going to look amazing hung from trees or as a garland on Halloween. They are very easy to make with the kids too.



15 fun, hands-on ideas!

Child Development Course 12/09/2021

Child Development Course

Child Development Course Join Our FREE Intro Webinar


Hi everyone,
Free 'Autumn Topic Plan Ideas' pack (and more) on our brand new 'Planning' page!...
(Look for the 'Free Sample Resources' section at the top of the page.)
Please note that a second instalment of resources will be coming to this page on October 17th! In addition, we will be continually adding to our Topic Plan Ideas catalogue!

We hope you find these resources helpful! 😊

Sara and Stu,
Little Owls Resources - Free Early Years Resources

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Photos from Little Owls Resources - Free Early Years Resources's post 12/09/2021

Photos from Little Owls Resources - Free Early Years Resources's post


Add some process art with this fun farm pigs painting activity! Toddlers will love moving golf balls across the paper, leaving trails of pink paint.

Photos from Susan David's post 11/09/2021

Photos from Susan David's post


Gillian is a seven-year-old girl who cannot sit still in school. She continually gets up, gets distracted, flies with thoughts, and doesn't follow lessons. Her teachers worry about her, punish her, scold her, reward the few times that she is attentive, but nothing. Gillian does not know how to sit and cannot be attentive.

When she comes home, her mother punishes her too. So not only does have bad grades and punishment at school, but she also suffers from them at home.

One day, Gillian's mother is called to school. The lady, sad as someone waiting for bad news, takes her hand and goes to the interview room. The teachers speak of illness, of an obvious disorder. Maybe it's hyperactivity or maybe she needs a medication.

During the interview another teacher arrives who knows the little girl. He asks all the adults, mother and colleagues, to follow him into an adjoining room from where she can still be seen. As he leaves, he tells Gillian that they will be back soon and turns on an old radio with music.

As the girl is alone in the room, she immediately gets up and begins to move up and down chasing the music in the air with her feet and her heart. The teacher smiles as the colleagues and the mother look at him between confusion and compassion, as is often done with the old. So he says:

"See? Gillian is not sick, Gillian is a dancer!"

He recommends that her mother take her to a dance class and that her colleagues make her dance from time to time. She attends her first lesson and when she gets home she tells her mother:

"Everyone is like me, no one can sit there!"

In 1981, after a career as a dancer, opening her own dance academy and receiving international recognition for her art, Gillian Lynne became the choreographer of the musical "Cats."

Hopefully all “different” children find adults capable of welcoming them for who they are and not for what they lack.

Long live the differences, the little black sheep and the misunderstood. They are the ones who create beauty in this world.

15+ Spider Activities Your Preschoolers Will Love 07/09/2021

15+ Spider Activities Your Preschoolers Will Love

15+ Spider Activities Your Preschoolers Will Love If you are looking for spider activities, take a look at this collection. Over 15 different ideas for preschoolers that can be done at school or at home!




Yummy baking
Expressive arts & designs
Nurtured children


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