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I picked up this great analogy reviewing some of the work done by Denise Schull. It is an application of one of the key acceleration principles that we include in our programme - How to harness the entire spectrum of your emotions to raise your game?

In Denise’s analogy she observed and identified it on the trading floors. Emotions of fear, anxiety and frustrations are rampant as traders work against erratic, unpredictable, fast changing environments. We have seen them in movies if not actually being there and it feels real to us too. Denise shares how these should be treated as valuable data points to inform decision making, actions and outcomes. We concur. The ability to treat them a data points non-judgmentally - some crystal clear some intuitive - this will strengthen our unique brilliance quotient of leading and delivering purpose-driven businesses/ careers.

We recognise, the “trader flow” drama in our lives marked with increasing unpredictability is frustratingly ongoing. These emotions cannot be gotten “rid of” - that is not how our brains, bodies and emotions are wired. Having the power to develop authentic awareness and mastery over emotions becomes one of a game changing life strategy to achieve goals and purpose. This is one of the Nine Acceleration techniques we include in our leadership mastery series: New Blueprint and Ascent Leadership Mastery.

What is your experience? Do you find you and your leaders live this approach? I would welcome scenarios where you yourself have (or witnessed others) using the FULL spectrum of emotions in a productive way to make long term sustainable decisions in your life, career or business. Comment below or ping me offline?
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I am excited! In a game changing move, I have collaborated with neuroscience alpha geek Maria Chase to design a powerful formula that leverages neuro and biobehavioral sciences, leadership awareness and strengths agility to transform anyone into high performing leaders and visionaries. Those, we know will transform the world in their circle of influence, no matter how small or big. This is aligned to our own mission to transform our world , one leader at a time.
If you are poised at greatness in these early career phase, come play with us!
Professionals in early career phase ready to accelerate
Entrepreneurs poised at Scale up / expanding their team beyond 100
First time Team Leaders or Project Leads
Youth Community Leaders
Anyone who wants to play with applied neuroscience and bio-hacking
Our first offering is based on the CBC (cohort-based-learning) framework, where you get to learn, practice and be on you way to master the science and art of accelerated leadership in an unpredictable era. Our offering has the combined backing of 60+ years of global corporate and academia experience and many delighted clients. We invite you to complete this assessment on how you can finally get to your goals with more clarity in less time and less stress.
Click here:
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Going to be joining Mike Rigby , Christine and Darrel in an hour on the Eastern Promise podcast. Together we will explore three powerful ideas that have the potential of transforming leaders and businesses. #neuroscience #coaching #leadership
Feb 16, 2022, 3pm - I like the way Mike introduces his webinar and podcast “Economic, political, and global factors combine with the everyday uncertainties of life to make leadership a difficult and stressful prospect for many, especially entrepreneurs wanting to start out or scale up.”
How do leaders find the mental and emotional resilience we need in the face of these challenges?” Christine, Darrel and I will refer to our experiences and discuss ideas that have the potential to transform leaders, teams, businesses and we believe the global business community. #Leadership. #Coaching

Read more about it on Eventbrite here

Read more about Ascent Leadership here
Had the absolute pleasure of working with Stephanie Melodia, Founder of Bloom Ltd, looking at Transformative leadership skills intrapersonal and interpersonal outlooks, strengths and values, leading to tangible results. We loved collaborating with Stephanie and her team! #Leadership #NewBlueprint
TBQLiVE is a bi-monthly live discussion happening every 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month talking about a variety of subjects and issues affecting your business. Join us on the 22nd Feb for the next live show.
Feb 16, 2022, 3pm - the fabulous Mike Rigby from Eastern Promise (the podcast that explores the full potential of the East of England and the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor) will be hosting a thought provoking conversation - I am delighted to be invited to be part of it. I will be joined on panel by Christine Bakewell and Darrel Arjoon - both seasoned leaders and part of our collaboration #AscentLeadership.

Together we will explore three powerful ideas that have the potential of not just transforming leaders, teams and businesses but regions and nations. We are hoping to connect and serve investors, founders, teams who are part of the fantastic initiatives aimed to strengthen this region.
Read more about it on Eventbrite here

Read more about Ascent Leadership here
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : a goldmine of insights and nuggets in the link.
My top favourites
1. Regulating Testosterone and Oxytocin to maximise impact
2. The importance of pivotal conversations
3. This quote, "...asked to choose the music" brilliant detailing to dial up D.E.I
4. Is your voice in the room influential and valued?
5. Affinity bias could result in short term positive spike in performance/outcomes; D.E.I can be slow to start off but higher positive impact in longer term and creativity boost. (My interpretation)
I was wondering what leadership behaviours and supportive systems can help address challenges such as the one I share @ 5.05 till 8.30...? ie. Micro aggressions, sexual harassment and Values/ stylistic bias. These are symbolic of what a lot of women face today, and truth be told these are reflective of biases that other disadvantaged communities face too.

In two recently delivered Women leaders programme hosted by ECC (Executive Coaching Consultancy) we reviewed how the system is broken and how inclusive leadership is a concept not many leaders exhibit - both men and women. Examples such as women are still given roles that are easier post maternity leave, women's commitment getting raised eyebrows when they to manage home, family and personal aspirations; biases that creep during promotion decisions because someone is a woman. There are many more. What is perhaps even more dangerous is how women themselves end of questioning their abilities/ copying behaviours that they think are being promoted/ giving more than they are receiving leading to burnout. So whilst the system takes time to mend and set up right, the strategies that we cover is that GIVEN this is the context, how can women leaders lead themselves, their teams, their careers and their lives to greater success and fulfilment.

I salute companies who invest in such programmes - they are on track to retain the best talent and benefit from the exponential growth of talent. Partnering with such companies is fulfilling because together we are creating more inclusive culture and leaders.
Take a look... "The same systems that reward confidence in male leaders, even if they’re incompetent, punish white women for lacking confidence, women of color for showing too much of it, and all women for demonstrating it in a way that’s deemed unacceptable. These biases are insidious and complex and stem from narrow definitions of acceptable behavior drawn from white male models of leadership. Research from Kecia M. Thomas finds that too often women of color enter their companies as “pets” but are treated as threats once they gain influence in their roles. Women of color are by no means a monolith, but we are often linked by our common experiences of navigating stereotypes that hold us back from reaching our full potential." ~Read On~
Is your business at an inflection point? If yes (and most business are...) this is a robust thought to keep in the forefront of decision making - The way we perceive things defines our strategy. Truth be told, the way we perceive things define US. Watch out for the blind spots that might be holding your back.

With that in mind try these two questions to unlock a deadlock in life or business. Key is to ask them without any judgement (like brainstorming rules) - the results can be exponential and you might be pleasantly surprised as you unravel powerful insights.
1) 'What are the assumptions we are making?'
2) 'What are the limitations we think exist?'

We cover techniques such as these in our #NewBlueprint for Start Ups, #AscentLeadership for Scale Ups and large enterprise and, #TBQLiVE - a free live broadcast every 2nd & 4th Tuesday for all those who wish to master the Science and Art of Leadership in an Unpredictable era.
What's not to like?

Get all the information on how Reena Dayal international leadership coach, mentor, trainer and author is helping Women leaders, SME entrepreneurs and Under 30s in living a life of purpose and excelling in their profession and business.

A collaboration, simply understood, is work done jointly on an activity between two or more people or entities who are aligned to a common outcome. Working with Reena is similar: the client and she are the two investors, both working towards one objective – achieving the client’s goals. With a 100% commitment from both parties, a successful outcome is a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’..’’

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Timeline photos 22/04/2022

In Ayurveda (Sanskrit word meaning “science of life” dating back 5000+ years) sleep is called “Nidra” - I love the way it is described :-) An automatic reflex detachment or dissociation of the senses/ organs from their conscious attachments/ objects to induce a state known as “Sleep” - yeahhhh!

Fast forward into today’s modern world or that of “Neuroscience” and we know that lack of sleep can lead to severe disorientation, irritation, anger, stress and so on. In our hyper-connected, 24/7 world, many of us are losing sleep - literally.. Are you one of them? Could you team members be suffering from it?

In ancient Ayurvedic science (from the Indian subcontinent - the world knows of two techniques - yoga and meditation) Nidra is defined as one of the three main pillars of healthy living. It calls out that lack of sleep can be one of the root of a “diseased” state which can lead to physical, mental and emotional challenges, or in Ayurveda a disbalance of the doshas (the combination of elements that each of us are made of)

HBR’s survey of more than 180 business leaders found that four out of 10 (43%) say they do not get enough Nidra. This can affect your logical reasoning, executive function, attention, and mood. Worse, severe deprivation can lead to depression, anxiety, and symptoms of paranoia and apparently in the long run, could be a contributor to the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

You can google many tips and techniques on sleep routines or might already know many of them. The game changer question often are : What is causing me to lose sleep? what keeps me awake? What is blocking me from adopting these good routines?
Ascent leadership mastery - embedding modern day applied neuroscience, bio-behavioural principles and ancient Ayurveda practices in our coaching programme.

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Last Friday millions celebrated the Holi festival…I would like to acknowledge it today as we mark the UN International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination. I grew up in India and have a second home in New Delhi so have the joy of spending time there quite often (not so in last 2 years of course) I must admit Holi has always been/ is one of my all time favorite festivals - it is pretty popular festival in, topping the charts in North India. It earmarks the start of spring in India and symbolises the victory of good over evil. Most important it is a festival that brings people together from different backgrounds, religions and states as we bond over play, colour, laughter and yes, food!!

In a time where we seem to be torn apart with discrimination and unrest, I hope that festivals like Holi will remind us that it is our differences that bring colour to this world. It is freedom from all kinds of discrimination that makes this world a better place for all. It is in rememebring the pure thought behind festivals that make up wise.

The Uprising - An MIT Press Documentary Short 14/03/2022

The Uprising - An MIT Press Documentary Short

One week after International Women’s Day (IWD): Let's be grown up about this - what gets measured gets done (or undone in this case!) One of the best videos that hit my inbox on. A great production, no doubt - more importantly an inspirational story and a powerful insight of how blatant the issue was and how DATA can help you and your organisation’s win the gender battle. It stresses once again the importance of tracking numbers and metrics ACROSS a spectrum to strengthen D,E,I efforts…
I mean, if we have a business problem do we feel the need to set up a committee? Or do we do an analysis of root causes and make changes where it matters?
Some get it right - most don’t. With a recognition that no doubt MIT and other organisations need to yet get it fully right I applaud them and women who are making great strides to get this balance right. Together we win!

The Uprising - An MIT Press Documentary Short Time alone doesn’t change things. People change things.The Uprising tells the story of the unprecedented behind-the-scenes effort that amassed irrefutable ev...


Tom on Mens mental health

Missed this week's episode of TBQ LiVE? Not to worry, I've got you covered. This TBQ LiVE was about the topic of Men's Mental Health and masculinity and how culture plays a role in encouraging unhelpful bias and stereotypes.


Join us: March 8 we are going beyond pop-psychology and opening doors on a big subject - one that does not get the spotlight it should - Men's Mental Health. In this episode we will be sharing case studies and our own research as we put a stake in the ground and suggest Men's Mental health is difference and needs to be separated from Women's topics.

We will explore the topic of masculinity and how culture/ language plays a role in making the waters murky and encourages unhelpful bias and stereotypes. We will test the boundaries as we re-discover men's role in relation to women's liberation movement.

We welcome men (and women), HR leaders and Managers who are are keen to support and be part of an open space to have a frank chat on men's mental health.

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"What is your life's blueprint?" King asked students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia on Oct. 26, 1967. "This is a most important and crucial period in your lives, for what you do now and what you decide now at this age may well determine which way your lives shall go." My team and I love this quote and would like to invite you to refine your life’s new blueprint given this is the period of the Great Resignation or as some say, the Great Reset post one the most chaotic times we are emerging from. We call our programme Life’s New Blueprint where we leverage applied neuroscience and bo-behavioural science in our 7 week cohort based course you will :-
Recognise and analyse your current primal and subconscious patterns and cognitive biases
Evaluate and clarify choices that influence prosperity, social status, purpose and well being
Experiment and choose techniques that enhance mental and emotional resilience and energy levels
Explore and define your personal productivity brand and success formula for career/ life’s inflection points
Create your life’s blueprint and 12 months road map with milestones, metrics and support systems.

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In your strategy to accelerating value creation and people development, do include clarity and practices that leverages emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. They are both fairly different and we offer coaching to develop both, however we will come to that later. Before then a couple of questions for you:
Do you find business leaders diplomatically shrug aside the topic of emotional resilience? Do they consider emotional intelligence as a business tool to expand their decision making powers? Do they know the difference between the two? (I would be curious to know your response in the comments section or indeed message me offline.) here are some of my perspectives

In most organisation the topic of E.I. is touched at a superficial level or, if discussed in depth it is how you can “better communicate, lead teams and stakeholders.” This I agree with. Leading people with a higher E.Q. (emotional quotient is noteworthy) and a powerful application. Wait, did I just bring in another E.”Q” in the series of Es? Yes. E.Q. is a combination of E.R. (resilience) and E.I. (intelligence) When the work as a combined force for good they do more than above noteworthy outcomes. Our work bring together for our clients a powerful formula to accelerate and learn how to remain successful in all facets of live. That last phrase “all facets of life” is important as it answers the last question. A strong E.Q directly impacts exponential growth in the quality of decision making that maximise values and minimise risk for themselves, their teams and businesses. Our accelerated leadership growth packages leverages and combines powerful concepts from the world of applied neuroscience, conscious leadership techniques and strengths based development. My team of coaches and I am excited to enable leaders, teams and business cultures to exponentially accelerate and nurture a transformational organisational culture.

Timeline photos 01/03/2022

Strained relationships, lack of social capital, financial instability and the anxiety surrounding one’s future are very real troubles. Research shows all of us experience moments of anxiety and this is on the rise as times become more unpredictable. Typically solutions to these problems are reading self-help books, tutorials that introduce you to “theories”, motivation talks and peer chat. This might help momentarily but eventually you fall back into the same pattern all over again. Sound familiar? You are not alone. Is there a proven, energising and sustainable solution that can set us up for success? Yes. Click here to review a 7 week Cohort-based-course that will change the way you view and live life, forever.

Our Story

“Reena’s vivacious coaching style compliments her strong business approach to change, challenge and goal setting."


"She has a sharp mind, helps you get right through your mental chatter and refocus on what is truly important. She is goal and results oriented and I like that"


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