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gostudylink.net 17/08/2018

Malaga: A Top Destination To Learn Spanish Language And Culture | gostudylink

Rated as one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is the official language in 21 countries which makes it a very important language with a global massive community. International organizations such as the United Nations as well as multi-national companies have adopted Spanish as their official language.

Learning Spanish should certainly be on your ‘to do’ list.

gostudylink.net The Spanish language is on the rise. It is estimated that over 450 million people speak this Romance language,

gostudylink.net 06/07/2018

Berlin Guide for German Language Students | gostudylink

Berlin is one of the most intriguing cities of Western Europe. It is rich with architecture and has a heavy history. Berlin was the epicentre of all the major events of the 20th century and is now a modern hub of hipsters and artists and startups. If you plan on taking a German language course in Berlin, do not miss out on the best that Berlin has to offer and discover exactly how the city can help you to learn German in Berlin.

gostudylink.net Do not miss out on the best that Berlin has to offer & discover exactly how the city can help you to learn German.

gostudylink.net 11/05/2018

Learning a Language When You Are a Senior Student | gostudylink

Learning is a continuous process, no matter how old you are. With that in mind, studying a language abroad has its own rewards, especially if you’re over age 50. 🤓

gostudylink.net Language Learning For Senior Students: It's Never Too Late To Learn A Language

gostudylink.net 10/05/2018

The 5 Keys to Perfect Language Learning | gostudylink

‘To have a second language is to possess a second soul.'
- Charlemagne

gostudylink.net Most of us don’t enjoy having difficult conversations let alone in a foreign language. So what better reason to

gostudylink.net 23/03/2018

How Learning French Can Benefit Your Career and Your Everyday Life | gostudylink

Develop your skills, improve your cognitive ability and increase your career opportunities with this tip: learn French!

More than 220 million people in the world speak French.
Et vous?

gostudylink.net More than 220 million people in the world speak French, whether as their first or second language and this is the

gostudylink.net 05/03/2018

What makes a good teacher a great teacher? | gostudylink

What are the essential qualities that make a *good* teacher a *great* teacher? 🤔

gostudylink.net "Such an important and fundamental question; isn’t it?” Teachers are in a position to have a significant influence on the students they teach. There are probably one or more teachers from your past that have helped, stimulated, encouraged or even inspired you. So exactly what makes a good teache...


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babbel.com 29/11/2016

The 5 Best Inspirational Language Quotes

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

babbel.com Are you trying to learn a language, but need some inspiration? These 5 kernels of wisdom are sure to motivate!

gostudylink.net 22/11/2016

French etiquette to follow when studying abroad in France | gostudylink

Avoid making a mistake and integrate better into French life by following these essential rules of etiquette...

gostudylink.net You are all packed up and ready to take off towards an unforgettable study abroad experience in the most beautiful and romantic country in the world, France. Before you step on French ground, here are some tips you must follow to enrich your stay.


No matter where you you will discover cultural differences!

This week: punctuality across

afar.com 25/10/2016

7 Surprisingly Illegal Things to Avoid in Europe

Good to know!

afar.com Think common sense is enough to keep you on the right side of the law in Europe? Think again. Avoiding activities that are illegal at home is a good starting point, but it’s not quite enough. Skip the fines and unpleasant encounters with locals by doing your research and getting familiar with the...


Do you agree?

Have a nice weekend!!!

gostudylink.net 03/10/2016

Women are better language learners than men!? | gostudylink

Agree or disagree?

gostudylink.net Every now and then, when I think about the differences between males and females, a question pops up in my head.


Travel is a form of education!

gostudylink.net 26/09/2016

So what are the easiest languages to learn? | gostudylink

Is there such a thing as an easy language to learn? Here is our list of the top 5 easiest languages for native English speakers to learn.

gostudylink.net Many people ask themselves - what is the easiest language to learn - in hopes that they will get an easy answer.

gostudylink.net 07/09/2016

7 Language Learning Strategies | gostudylink

Know your language level and other important strategies for learning a new language.

gostudylink.net Learning a new language or improving the one you already speak is a different experience for everyone. Some people

english.com 31/08/2016

6 things you should try to avoid when learning English

Rule #1: Avoid listening to people who say learning English is difficult

english.com You'll always hear lots of advice and tips about learning another language. Here we present the things your should try to avoid when learning English

educationuk.org 26/08/2016

Frequently unanswered questions of international students | Education UK (Global)

Do you have any suggestions for what international students could do to prepare themselves before coming to the UK?

educationuk.org Five international students answer questions on what it was like to move to the UK. | Education UK (Global)


Sometimes we all feel this way when learning another language!

This week: you realize you're going to need to learn more of your own language to learn that new language

gostudylink.net 08/08/2016

6 reasons to start learning Russian now | gostudylink

Russian is a language rich in history, science and art. There are numerous reason to learn Russian. If you don't know what those are, read on ....

gostudylink.net Are you planning to try learning a new language? Learning languages is always a good idea. Probably most people who


World Economic Forum

Bilingualism is great exercise for the brain!

Juggling two languages reshapes your brain. Read more: http://wef.ch/2afR8Q2

gostudylink.net 14/07/2016

Advantages of being a polyglot | gostudylink

Being a polyglot is a mental exercise and more ...

gostudylink.net People who speak more than two languages know and, what is more important, feel the advantage of that knowledge.


Perfect for those who study languages abroad!

Here's the thought for the week: "What we learn with pleasure we never forget."
We hope all you language learners are enjoying learning with International House!

gostudylink.net 10/07/2016

Language Learning Facts You Might Not Know | gostudylink

Each one of us realizes, in a different stage of our lives, that learning a second (sometimes third) language is a must do activity. Some of us do it with pleasure, some totally hate it. Here I will present you some interesting facts about language learning.

gostudylink.net Each one of us realizes, in a different stage of our lives, that learning a second (sometimes third) language is a

gostudylink.net 05/07/2016

Japanese + Traditional Culture- Tokyo + Fukuoka, Japan | gostudylink: Japanese & Culture School,...

You won't get far in Japan without being able to speak the language, but using the special techniques these teachers have developed, you'll be surprised how easy it is to learn to speak Japanese, and you'll be fluent before you know it!

gostudylink.net Are you interested in learning the Japanese language as well as traditional Japanese cultural arts? If so this course offers you the opportunity to learn


How do you say "bon appétit" in English ...!?

Comic Rerun Wednesday: uh, "good eatin"? "Dig in"? "Have a happy munchtime"? (And no, nobody says "enjoy your meal")


Fluent in 3 months

Step 4: Recognise That Language Learning Can Be a Huge Confidence Boost ☑️

Simple steps to beat your shyness and gain confidence.

gostudylink.net 22/06/2016

10 things you must do when you study Spanish in Malaga | gostudylink

Our top 10 recommendations of what you need to do when you study Spanish in Malaga!

gostudylink.net Admire the nature from Malaga’s lungs or hang with the locals. Whatever you do, you will be sure to love studying Spanish in Malaga!

gostudylink.net 14/06/2016

Study Abroad Safety Tips | gostudylink

What are your best safety tips?

gostudylink.net What often comes to mind when we hear the phrase study abroad are excitement, fun, travel, and party. But students

us12.campaign-archive2.com 04/06/2016

Summer Abroad & Professional Development for Language Teachers

Voilà our recent newsletter!

Gostudylink provides unique information and opportunities for Modern Language Teachers and their students. If you are interested in receiving news and details about professional development opportunities abroad as well as international language and school exchange programmes, please subscribe. Any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

us12.campaign-archive2.com Gostudylink facilitates international school exchange programmes with a unique service called Let's Swap Schools. Our bi-directional Smart Language programmes not only offer students great opportunities to develop their language skills, but also cultural immersion and improved chances of exam succes...



gostudylink.net 19/05/2016

Why Study Spanish in Spain? | gostudylink

A romantic language which is spoken by almost 500 million people worldwide. To be able to speak Spanish means to be able to make many friends worldwide, to expand your career opportunities and to be able to travel without being afraid that you cannot communicate.

In this article we will give you good 5 reasons why you should learn Spanish.

gostudylink.net Spanish is a language that is spoken by almost 500 million people worldwide. To be able to speak Spanish means to

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