Surrey Family Mediation

Helping separating and separated families to reach agreements about children/finances out of Court.

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Sometimes, sorry seems to be the hardest word - so when somebody says it, never forget to forgive

In , forgiveness is a big step forward to peace. Find out more on our site:

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You have more than enough of your own thoughts, so why not listen to somebody else's?

We love to hear from our clients - check out their today:

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The more time you spend worrying, the less time spent doing something about it

Thinking about separation? Talk to us and let aid your journey

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Social media is a double-edged sword: it can cause division, as well as bringing people together

Connect with us and book a appointment today:

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Even mud has its uses - don't let yourself be walked all over!

For more of our thoughts, trek on over to our blog:

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Bad things can happen to good people. How you react to is what counts

For more of our , check out our

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Parenting can be tough, there's no two ways about it! But it can be even more challenging when dealing with and .

We have plenty of resources for . Find out more here:

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How do you get your ? A cup of coffee to start the day? Or maybe a little treat?

Check your diary and book in a appointment with us today:

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What better way to end the week than with a fantastic from one of our clients!

can make a real difference! Check out more of our great on our site:

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A little positivity can go a long way, particularly on social media!

Make the positive step into today:

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Keeping centred and balanced serves us well in so many aspects. Practicing yoga helps centre the mind and soul as well as the body

For more of our , check out our

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Being productive relies a lot on momentum - keep up the momentum and you'll keep being productive!

We can keep productive too - book an appointment with us today:

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When you compartmentalise your life, sometimes the sheer number of boxes can be overwhelming!

isn't simply box-ticking. Find out more on our site:

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When you are rich in friends, you are rich indeed

We promote making workable relationships, not enemies, through our services

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When the day gets too much, get out into nature and see what you can see

Start your journey with us today:

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Is there a more welcome sight than a bath ready for you get in?

For more of our , including on , check out our

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When your relationship's on the chopping block, it's not just you, but your children, who can suffer

For on -up and , and how can help, check out our site:

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If the situation feels unsolvable, and you don't have anywhere to turn, you don't just need a ... you need SuperDan!

There are many reasons to choose - find some of the top reasons here:


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There's no better way to end the working week than to look back at what we've achieved. Nothing feels better than reading your positive feedback

YOU can be our next success story - book an appointment today:

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Don't feel lost at sea - just keep swimming

Navigate the changing waters of finance and divorce with with us:

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Just put one foot in front of the other and go!

There are some problems that you just CAN'T run away from. In those cases, you need us:

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Sometimes, a good walk is all you need to clear your mind of all other thoughts

For more of our thoughts, check out our blog:

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Look after your environment, and it'll look after you!

If your home life has become inhospitable, may be the way forward:

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The week may have felt impossible to get through... but it wasn't!

Don't look back, just look ahead - book a appointment now:

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We all make mistakes sometimes - but it's not about how you fall, it's about how you get up

For more of our thoughts, check out our blog:

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If you get worried, remember that it all starts, and ends, in the mind

is what we're all about. Find out more about us on our site:

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There's never a downside to suncream. Protect yourself and those you care about with it today

Are you a struggling parent? Check out our helplines and get the support you need:

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Put your family first, with

Why , you ask? There are many reasons why a dispute needs to be settled, but mediation is flexible enough to accommodate nearly any dispute. Find out more on our site:

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Whilst the world can try its best to disturb your inner peace, keeping calm pays dividends

For more of our thoughts and , check out our


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When getting divorced, the legal process is just one part of the process

will help you through the rest, but we can point you in the direction for the legal e's too:

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Working together to a common goal - there's nothing quite as rewarding!

For more glowing , check out our site:

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There is no greater gift you can give than your time. Time with family is always appreciated

keep your relations with your relatives healthy. can help:

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An office is not complete without its stationery. We rely on it to support us as much as we rely on family and friends

Book an appointment and start your journey today:

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Get it off your chest, get it on paper. Art is a medium of expression, after all

For more of our thoughts, check out our blog:

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Putting your family first doesn't always mean doing the easy thing... it means doing the RIGHT thing

When separation happens, is essential

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Why take a walk in someone else's shoes, when you can walk around in no shoes at all!

A little understanding can go a long way - if you parents need a little extra help, we have advice and helplines just for you:

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Getting a is not instant: it's a lengthy legal process

We can make things simpler and guide you through the process - find out more on our website:

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown

For more of our thoughts, check out our

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