The Little Science Society

The Little Science Society offers a fun-filled and interactive science programmes for young explorers. Live interactive classes for young and older children.

Science parties, tutor and online lessons for KS1/2 budding scientists. The Little Science Society offers a number of exciting science sessions. Here is our weekly schedule:

9am - 2:30pm One-to-One Individual Science Tutoring
3:15 - 4pm St Alphege School - Science After-school Club for Year 2

9am - 2:30pm One-to-One Individual Science Tutoring

12:30 - 1pm Scie

Operating as usual


To all my budding scientists and all participating grown-ups….wishing you a very merry and lovely Christmas 🎄🎅🏼⭐️❤️❤️❤️


The Little Science Society One-to-One also concluded with Christmas Science….we looked inside the Rudolph, and his four stomachs; we made paper electric circuits to make his nose glow across the skies….and applied the same copper tape and LED designs to make Light-up Christmas Cards…..keep your eyes peeled for 2024 science tuition projects 👀
If you’d like to find out more about One-to-One science tuition for your budding scientist, GSCE or A-level Biology student, please email 📧 [email protected]
Happy Christmas 🎄👩‍🔬❤️


Today we had our last Science Club of 2023 Westmeads Community Infant School
We finished our electric circuits investigation, but also managed to make some lovely chromatography baubles….it’s been so much fun so far…I look forward to January 2024 to continue our adventures through the Science Land!
To book year 1 and 2 pupils at Westmeads for Science club on Wednesdays 3:30-4:15pm check your email from a lovely Lady at the school office for instructions:
Topics for Term 3 are:
Week 1: What is Science?
Week 2: What is engineering?
Week 3: Living vs Non-Living
Week 4: Inspired by nature
Week 5: Heating and Cooling


This morning Science Workshop was sooooooo amazing 🤩. I realise there are so many Christmas things going on, but science can be Christmassy too! And we did it!
I am working on dates and topics for the new year now, so keep an eye 👀 for posts and announcements.
Hope you all have wonderful break 🎄and I look forward to seeing you all for more science workshops in January February March April May June and July 👩‍🔬❤️


This week we investigated permeability of different types of soils in our 1-2-1 lessons….results confirmed our predictions….it’s been three weeks since we worked out the correct methodology… week is data analysis, graph and improvements…keep an eye for our peer reviewed findings 👀📈🤩
For 1-2-1 lessons bookings and requests please email 📧 [email protected]


Only 3 spaces left for Saturday,December 2nd Workshop!! Book now ➡️
Don’t miss out!
During this workshop we will explore following phenomena:
Chemical reactions - writing secret messages
Biology - cells and bacteria - microscope observations, diffusion in cells and hands-on homework!
And we will have a STEM inspired competition:
Structure of living things - designing a glider inspired by birds wing!
We’ll explore all these scientific concepts through fun, and hands-on activities 🤩


Our next Science Workshop will take place on Saturday December 2nd, at 10:15am at The Horsebridge Arts Centre…..🥼🔬🧫🧪

During this workshop we will explore the following phenomena:
Chemical reactions - writing secret messages
Investing conservation of mass - making a lava lamp
Biology - cells and bacteria - microscope observations.
And we will have a STEM inspired competition:
Structure of living things - designing a glider inspired by birds wing!

Christmas Special - Chromatography baubles ❄️

Only 10 days to book your place….5 places left…
Go to ➡️

Photos from The Little Science Society's post 15/11/2023

We are counting sleeps till Christmas 🎄
I am counting sleeps till British Science Week 👩‍🔬
SCHOOLS IN KENT …get in touch to book The Little Science Society visit now before it goes!

With our assembly/presentation we will challenge long-standing stereotypes, with the aim of encouraging more young people, from all backgrounds, to see themselves as scientists!
We only have Wednesdays between 9:30 -12 noon and Thursdays between 9:30 - 2pm left at the moment. Be quick, and make sure you inspire your budding scientists 👩‍🔬🧑🏼‍🔬🧑🏽‍🔬👩🏽‍🔬🧪⚗️🔬🔭


HAWKINGE HOME ED at the Hawkinge Community Centre….an amazing group of young scientists (from 4-14 years old) 🧑🏼‍🔬👩‍🔬 We recently investigated differences between physical changes and chemical reactions…so much fun…but the ‘Home Ed’ secret message made me particularly happy 😊
It’s so lovely that the children enjoy exploring science in their groups and recognise the importance of this little community! Thank you Eliza 🥰👩‍🔬❤️
There are few spaces and taster sessions available.
Book via


HORSEBRIDGE WHITSTABLE WORKSHOP- chemistry investigations this morning 🧪
In 1hr and 45minutes we investigated zoology question, followed by medical science test and concluded by extracting pure salt from complex mixtures….what an adventure! We established risks and hazards, followed methods and came out with an amazingly consistent set of results - WELL DONE LITTLE SCIENTISTS 🧑🏼‍🔬👩‍🔬👏👏👏 See you all on December 2nd….
Book it on-line via
We are The Horsebridge Arts Centre on Saturday morning once every month ❤️👩‍🔬


SCIENCE AT HOME 🧑‍🍳➡️👩‍🔬 ON-LINE INTERACTIVE SCIENCE COURSE starts NOVEMBER 15th 🤩 These at-home science experiments for children explore scientific concepts through engaging stories. Children will be able to see how science applies to their daily lives.
These experiments are mostly designed for preschoolers through primary schoolers.
Imagine making things fizz, or change colours, or reveal hidden messages with just a few simple mixtures.
It is NOT magic. It's all science that you can do with your budding scientists at home, with ingredients you already have in your house.



Lesson 1: 'THIRSTY ROBOT MYSTERY' - mixing different liquids

Lesson 2: 'WHO STOLE THE SALT?' - mixing solids and liquids

Lesson 3:. 'THE FOAM MOUNTAIN' - creating foaming chemical reactions

Lesson 4: 'BALLOON PARTY' - filling up balloons without blowing into it

Lesson 5: 'CLOUDY SKIES' - creating a simple water cycle, cloud and rain in the jar.
To book go to ➡️


To see detailed schedules, dates, times and locations head to ➡️


Another great week at The Little Science Society 🔬⚗️🧪🧫 ….the final week of a very long term…


It’s been a while since the last workshop at The Horsebridge Arts Centre!
We’re back with Chemistry tests and investigations 🧪🔥⚗️ on Saturday, November 11th
Booking link ➡️
See you there 👩🏼‍🔬❤️


Separating mixtures at The Little Science Society clubs and classes complete 🔥….and no need for🧯😉
I think I’m ready for half-term 😅
One more week to go….👩🏼‍🔬❤️


This week we investigated chemical reactions 🧪we observed colour changes and measured temperature differences 🤒🥶🥵🥵
St Alphege school and Westmeads school after school clubs were amazing 🤩 Our Kent Home Ed groups, being little older, came out with an amazing investigative questions too… what a amazing week. 🥼⚗️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🔎🔍 Real science inquiry!!😀
If you are home schooling - join us!
If you want your child/grandchild to experience science before they reach secondary school - join us.
To book your suitable session/workshop go to:
We are making science fun…..but educational 🧫🔭🔬⚗️🧬🧪🥼
We teach science through hands-on activities, no textbooks, just hands-on science 👩🏼‍🔬❤️


Hello 👋 It’s been a busy start to the new academic year.
The Little Science Society is back in action after lovely summer holidays ☀️🌊⛱️
What’s on:
Mondays: St Alphege Science Club
Wednesdays: Herne Bay Home Education sessions and Westmeads School Science Club
Fridays: Hawkinge Home Education sessions
Saturdays (check schedule for dates: Science Workshop at Horsebridge Whitstable
And Individual Science Tuition (please email 📧 [email protected] for availability)



Herne Bay (and surrounding areas) Home Educators! Our first Science Class at The Beacon Centre was so much fun 🤩
We have two more sessions scheduled before summer holidays! Thursdays at 1:45pm …. Join us on the journey of discovery and investigation.
Book your space ➡️
We will continue in September on Wednesdays at the same time 👩🏼‍🔬🧪🔬🧬🧫🔭


More chemistry investigations from the Westmeads Community Infant School Science Club this week. Some of these investigators were sooooo keen and decided to take their solutions with them to carry on with colour changing tests using substances available at home 😳 I’m waiting for feedback with anticipation… these little inquisitive minds 👩🏼‍🔬🧑🏻‍🔬🔎🔎🔎❤️


This week, pupils from St Alphege Science Club performed neutralisation reaction and used red cabbage indicator to identify pH of reactants and products. Very impressive Lab work 🧪 👍👏


Last workshop before Summer Holidays!
We provide all the kit, guidance and support for every child, and aim to perform three hands-on enquiry based activities during the session.
If your child is a confident scientist, you can leave them for the duration of the workshop. If you feel that your child might need some support you are welcome to stay.
Digestive system and modelling how p**p is made. 💩
Heart anatomy, blood types and transfusions. ❤️
Real organs dissection demo and dissection model of small animal ( frog and rat) 🐸 🐀 •
Book your space here ➡️


⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ All Hawkinge CC Home Education classes attendees!
We will celebrate all our fantastic adventures, with children and parents attending our Home Education science classes this academic year. Children will receive their achievement certificates and have a chance to perform all the favourite science activities.
Children are encouraged to bring their work or some other interesting items to share with others.
This session is also available to parents who consider joining our classes in September 2023.
Book your tickets now before they go:


Here is our latest Home Education One-to-one project!
We built a mini habitat to observe frog life cycle 🐸
If you considering Home Education for you child, and live in Whitstable or surrounding areas please get in touch as I will be arranging shedule for September 2023 soon.
! Enquire by email only 📧!
[email protected]


This Science course is suitable for budding scientists across EYFS to KS3.
These classes are activity-lead sessions full of hands-on science. Activities are planned and delivered in conjunction with Science National Curriculum. The programme intends to enhance children’s existing knowledge and conceptual understanding. It will also help to fill the gaps in scientific knowledge, clarify misconceptions and improve or obtain scientific enquiry and critical thinking skills. It promotes independence and teamwork.


Geology (rocks, fossils and volcanoes) - complete!
Chemical reactions (pH indicators, colour changing liquids and 'fizzibility' of substances)
Heart anatomy, blood types and transfusions
Electric investigations and magnetism (using magnets and series/parallel circuits)
Using electricity (lightning bug in a jar paper circuit and electrolysis demo)
To book go to ➡️

Photos from The Little Science Society's post 25/05/2023

Well….summer must be just round the corner!!! We picked our first strawberries 🍓 this morning…yummy 😋 Looking forward to discovering juicy tomatoes 🍅 crunchy peas and delicious beans🫘….that’s if the slugs and snails don’t get it first 🐌 😅


What a fantastic workshop this Saturday morning
Exploring rocks and minerals, and having a go at excavating 🔨🪨🐚, and making fossils 🦕…very interesting 🧐


Book now 💻📱➡️


Last week, little scientists at St Alphege School Science Club investigated the workings of digestive system…..yes, we made a model of digestive tract, and found out exactly what happens between breakfast and visit to the toilet. We learned about nutrients, hydration and waste products …. we made p**p 💩🚽😉 soooo much fun 🤩 👩🏼‍🔬

Photos from Herne CE Infant and Windmill Nursery School's post 13/05/2023

Fantastic day celebrating bees 🐝 Herne CE Infant and Windmill Nursery School 😃☀️👩🏼‍🔬

Thank you Kate Makes Chocolates for sharing your knowledge and parts of your hive with me 🥰


The Little Science Society is now delivering Home Education Classes at the amazing Hawkinge Community Centre
We are there every Friday running hands-on science classes for KS1, KS2 and KS3 students and their parents.
The timetable is:
KS1: 10:10
KS2: 11:10
KS3: 12:10
And remaining topics are:
• Microbiology - structure of cells, yeast experiment, microscope observations and elephant toothpaste demonstration 🧪🦐🔬
• Sport Science - human body, health and nutrition; we’ll make p**p 💩 😁
• Zoology - Animal species, conservation projects and dissection demonstration, heart and blood transfusion 🩸💉🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️
• Botany - Water cycle, carnivorous plants and self-sustaining garden project 🌱🪴
If you live close by and are interested please contact me directly or simply book the remaining sessions at:
There are few spaces left for each class.
I look forward to seeing you there. 👩🏼‍🔬❤️
If you’d like to book a taster session because you’re not sure if this is something your child would enjoy or there are no more spaces and you would like to get onto a waiting list, please contact me directly- dm me or email 📧 [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you there for real science adventures 👩🏼‍🔬❤️

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It’s been a while since the last workshop at The Horsebridge Arts Centre!We’re back with Chemistry tests and investigati...
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Natural History Museum - done ✔️ Another wonderful day full of scientific discoveries 🦖🐋🦒👩🏼‍🔬❤️
The Observatory - Done ✔️ So much to do! Great talks and presentations during the day. Fantastic trip 👩🏽‍🚀🪐🚀❤️





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