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Afia excellent.....
Nice page Karen Asamoah!

We offer individualised Maths and English programmes so your child will work at a pace tailored to t

Operating as usual


This is a game changer. Our students love the Kumon App to bits!!


Sheer delight and confidence in student! KidsCan

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post 25/07/2022

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post 09/07/2022

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post


Kumon rocks!! Even after 11 and half years, I love this method. Works like magic


Monday inspiration🙇🏽‍♀️🙇‍♂️. This made me smile. So much Kumon 💓

Timeline photos 05/07/2022

Summer boosters!! Fun learning.

Kumon makes it so easy to balance learning and fun over the summer! ✍🤿


Kumon. Weybridge Centre is Open this summer !


For a bright future, hear from Kumon's most advanced students


Kumon Weybridge is Open this summer ☀️
Summer competition details to be posted soon

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post 05/01/2022

Dear Kumon family, Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a good Christmas! Wishing you all the best in 2022 with your child progressing through Kumon and all their learning. The centre will resume from today Wednesday 5/1/2022. See you all there!!
Best regards. Kumon Weybridge Centre


SPAG- Kumon English prepares your child!
If you have a child in Year 5 or 6, you probably already know that your child will sit papers in English and maths but did you also know that one of the papers focuses exclusively on grammar, punctuation and spelling?

Commonly referred to as the SPAG test, this test is a part of the Government’s drive to improve levels of grammar, spelling and punctuation across education. While that general aim seems reasonable, these tests have caused controversy for a number of reasons:
They focus very heavily on the terminology of grammar, expecting a child to be fluent in the use of such terms as conjunction, adverb, adjective, past tense and subordinate clause.

Children who have a good grasp of the grammar rules might do badly in the test just because they aren't familiar with the terminology.

Many also feel that, in order to prepare for the test, teachers will have to drill pupils in the grammar rules, which might end up turning off some pupils to grammar.
The ONLY thing you really need to know...

The most important thing you need to know is DON'T PANIC! The tests are not actually too difficult – as long as your child is properly prepared.

Animated explainer video - Free Trial UK 02/09/2021

Animated explainer video - Free Trial UK

Kumon Free Trial is now here! Watch this video to learn how the free trial works.

Animated explainer video - Free Trial UK

Catch Up - Free Assessment 31/08/2021

Catch Up - Free Assessment

It’s been a really good summer, despite the lack of constant sunshine. Hearing many successful stories about how Kumon students have improved and not falling back in their studies affirms how life changing the Kumon program is. Enjoy Watching this video 🎶

Catch Up - Free Assessment


Little drops of water make a mighty ocean! This is so true. Few minutes of daily study develops good character set for life🙌

Photos from Kumon Weybridge Centre's post 28/04/2021

Celebrating every step of the way with these amazing young ones and also great to be back at the centre doing face to face sessions. Students are happy and the Team are so so happy to see the progress they continue to make 🙌


What a champ 🙌The first step matters! Let’s celebrate with this young man as he makes his first step into the world of times tables.


Is your child struggling to learn to write properly? Do you wish their handwriting were a bit neater?

Let’s face it – writing is a tricky skill to master. For your child, it can seem an almost impossible task at the beginning and you may find they quickly give up in despair.

Simply learning the basics at school – even if you back it up with a couple of sessions at home – might not be enough to get them writing fluently and legibly. But that’s where our expert help comes in.

Of course as parents we all do our best to help our child, but the process of learning to write is not straightforward even for the brightest of our little ones.

Do you find, during practice sessions, that your child gets upset or distracted?
The fact is, legible, neat handwriting takes lots of practice and it isn’t just a case of learning to write the alphabet. The fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination needed to hold a pen correctly and shape the letters can prove challenging.

And then there's the move from printing letters to cursive (joined up) writing, which many children find hard to master. You may find they initially write letters the wrong way round, or only write in extra-large size. These are normal glitches but can make the learning process frustrating for your child.

No wonder learning to write can seem like a huge mountain to climb – and result in a whole heap of stress for parents.

The good news is that all these challenges can be remedied with our expertise. Whatever stage of the handwriting journey your child is at, we've got resources that are guaranteed to show results after just a few short sessions. And our dedicated pencil skills support fun writing


Help and support for learning (and teaching!) numeracy
Boost confidence with all aspects of maths with our well tested programme for the best homeschooling numeracy worksheets


Jolly phonics 😀 Pop Quiz:

How many of these phonics strategies are YOU familiar with?
Phonemes: Nowadays, instead of working through the 26 letters of the alphabet, your child will be taught 44 different phonics sounds, known as phonemes.

Consonant clusters: These are two consonants placed together, such as trap (tr is a consonant cluster) or bump (mp is a consonant cluster).
Or what about...
Blending sounds? This is when you start putting sounds together to make words, such as cat, nap, pin, tap, etc.
And even if you are familiar...

Are you comfortable teaching your child this?

Don't Worry! We are here to help your child read proficiently. Watch this video.


Be inspired 🙌A little bit of reading everyday makes the biggest difference after a while 📚


Christmas is a time for reflections and a time to enjoy family. As you celebrate this season, may your focus be on all the positives of the year and lessons learned be for those things you couldn’t accomplish. Remember your circumstances is nothing new under the sun. If others did it so can you! Merry Christmas 🎄


Listen to a 4.5 year old read so beautifully well 👩‍🏫📚


🤲 📖 Improving your child's grammar skills
Grammar – the very word makes most of us moan but the importance of it can't be stressed enough. The Kumon English programme teaches your child all the grammar they need and improves their comprehension as well as extends their vocabulary and fester a love of the English language. Watch Syna ( year 3 pupil) do her work on complex sentences. She makes it look so easy but it’s not that simple 🙌😄


Thankful 🙌👍🏼 Just watching an early learner practicing reading and it’s made so happy 😁


Spelling 🐝 bees 🐝 We can help your child.
There's no getting away from it: spelling is important.

It's not just that a good grasp of the spelling rules is essential for progress in both reading and writing at primary school.

Poor spelling could affect your child’s belief in their own academic ability and make others wrongly assume they are less intelligent than they actually are.

And later in life, spelling mistakes can hinder success in exams, job applications and more...


Fact: Did you know that.... all over the world, more than 4.25 million children are now pursuing their potential through studying Kumon at their individualized “just-right” level?



Let’s celebrate success, hardwork and commitment 🎖 Students awards at Kumon Weybridge 👏🏽👍🏼


News highlight! 👏🏽Kumon students are over a year ahead of the national average, and over six months ahead of their peers in their maths learning at the end of primary school, according to an independent study conducted by the Education Policy Institute in England in 2020.


Einstein’s E = mc^2 inspirational message that can be applied in maths


watch the story unfold as She does Kumon on the way to the beach? !!!


Return to school 🏫 stories continue. Such focus and concentration!! Isn’t he smashing?!! 👌🏽


Excitement! As I count down the hours and minutes to our first day back to Kumon today, I smile with pride at how resilient my students have been. I can’t wait to see them on zoom at 4pm. Just got this from a parents. It’s all happening! Welcome back Kumon Weybridge students!


Just read this Parent Testimonial.


007 in Weybridge. Our very own spy. Enjoy the moves after 007 completed his Kumon work for the day...😂


Selene’s story continues...working independently through daily study develops into a good character.


Selene’s journey...Just right level?! How do you know if your child is studying at the just right level of work? I get asked this question many times. At Kumon, we assess each student at the start to diagnose their academic abilities. This helps us to plan their work and set targets for them as individuals. Planning for each child involves consideration of the just right level of work, attitude and motivation. This way they can work independently. It’s amazing how focussed and concentrated she is when working. Enjoy the video! 😊🎖


Syna's Story...zoom session video showing how we help students study at home. Zoom sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. #KumonKidsCan!!

Zoom Session. Syna tells her Kumon story in this video, demonstrating all the skills she has learned in a very Syna way:)


Love what I do👍🏼😀 messages from parents like this is priceless.. 👏🏽💎


Positive vibes ...These are some of the reasons why teaching is the BEST job in the whole wide world !!!

youtube.com 15/08/2020

Believe in Yourself | Moral Stories For Kids | Kids Story | English Moral Stories With Ted And Zoe

Lightbulb moments....Motivational story for kids that made me smile 😃. Nothing pleases me more than seeing the joy in students’ faces when they finally ‘get it!’

youtube.com Believe in Yourself | Moral Stories For Kids | Kids Story | English Moral Stories With Ted And Zoe ► Story Name: Believe in Yourself ► Script Writer: P K Moh...


INSPIRATIONAL 💡💎. Rahul’s journey is unparalleled!! From age 4 to now... watch him do A’Level work on factorisation with such ease! But I tell you, it took a lot of years of practice and commitment to get here. Watch and learn. 😃👍🏼


Laksh's feedback


Laksh’s story continues👏🏽👏🏽....Winners don’t quit! See the broad smile when he received his award for maths!!😀👍🏼

read.amazon.co.uk 08/08/2020

The World’s Worst Parents

📚📖👍🏼summer reading!

read.amazon.co.uk Shared via Kindle. Description: Millions of young readers have loved the World’s Worst Children tales and revelled in the World’s Worst Teachers with their delightfully dreadful deeds – now prepare for…THE WORLD’S WORST PARENTS! From the phenomenally bestse...

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Sheer delight and confidence in student! #Kumon KidsCan
007 in Weybridge. Our very own spy. Enjoy the moves after  007 completed his Kumon work for the day...😂#MasterMaths#Kumo...
Selene’s journey...Just right level?! How do you know if your child is studying at the just right level of work? I get a...
INSPIRATIONAL 💡💎. Rahul’s journey is unparalleled!! From age 4 to now... watch him do A’Level work on factorisation with...




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