17 years experienced Chemistry tutor holding PhD, I gaech chemistry using several methods for each

Operating as usual


Hi everyone!
Happy new year 🥳 and hope you will have a great year🏅
I just want to share happy news of my students from 2022 results ✌🏻


I am really proud of my students! I helped them to achieve their best and I will carry on!

Let's do together 👩‍🏫🤓🥰


Enantiomer structures are mirror images of each other.


Mole diagram to remember conversions.


Electrochemical cells
📌Anode —> Oxidation
📌Cathode—> Reduction
📌electron flow direction from Anode to Cathode
📌Positive ions(K+) move towards to cathode (NO3-), negative ions move towards to anode in salt bridge.


Electronegativity is the tendency for an atom of a given chemical element to attract shared electrons (or electron density) when forming a chemical bond.


An easy way to memorise diatomic molecules in periodic table.


Ozone depletion is a free radicalic substitution reaction.
First step is initiation , forms two radicals.
Second and third steps are propagation steps and at the each step , pattern is one radical and molecule for both side of the reaction.( Radical attacks the molecule)


Position names for second substitutents ring.


Let’s get some organic compounds for morning revision 😉


Atomic structure with quantum numbers.
n= principal number ( Shell)
l= Angular momentum (subshell)
m=magnetic quantum number( orbital)
ms =spin quantum number


Now you can contact through messenger.
I have few slots available now.
Weekdays between 8:45-14:00
Fridays 16:00-17:00
(Uk Time zone)
Please contact me if you want to be added to my waiting for next summer term and next year.
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Some notes from yesterday AS level chemistry 🧪
📍Identification test for Haloalkanes .
# chemistrytutor

Photos from learnchemistry_uk's post 01/01/2021

Want some general chemistry questions? Coming from my degree student( chemical engineering) Passed 💯 👊

Photos from learnchemistry_uk's post 31/12/2020

After March( Pandemic ) I felt quite unhappy as I was teaching my students face to face ( it sounds like ages ago now) and it turned out a complete virtual education! I always want to see my students reactions while I am teaching.
Then I thought the positive side of the remote teaching which I can teach anyone from anywhere! Now I am helping so many students who need guidance for their chemistry revision. I feel so happy when I help students to understand and get confidence in chemistry 🤓🙏😊


Have a bit of quantum numbers..


One of the hardest topic in A level chemistry. Born Haber cycles ‼️
How to construct the cycles ?? Name and definitions of Enthalpy changes...
I am leaving a hydration/ solution enthalpy cycles here for both endo and exo. ( solubility )
Hope will help you 🙏💕


What a number for chemistry!
Hope you are all having fun today🤪


As a woman chemist/scientist, I’m so proud of the women who always try hard, never give up and contribute to the life in many ways.


I appreciate to all my teachers including my mum who encouraged me to be a part of this world.
I’m so honoured to being a teacher, always try hard to contribute my students about chemistry.


Naming examples for alkenes.
✅Functional group first!
# study


I’m grateful for all these encouraging reviews from one of the many🙏🤓🥰


Hi everyone,
I have a few slots to book for A level and GCSE student.
Please feel free to contact me😉
📌I can arrange a meet the tutor session for free of charge👍


Titration questions step by step ..

Timeline photos 31/08/2020


Timeline photos 31/08/2020

Tadaaaa! Polymer chemistry ❤️
I have completed my master and PhD degree at Polymer Chemistry 👩🏻‍🎓🤓😎
One of the greatest book I have ever had.

Timeline photos 30/08/2020

I found my university general chemistry book at home😄 Memories....
It was my favourite book🤪(not)

Timeline photos 24/08/2020

To understand thermodynamic systems types 😀

Timeline photos 21/08/2020

GCSE results have been released today!
Hope you got what you need🙏
Today’s tip for GCSE 2021😃
Charges for elements in their compounds..

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