YMCA Day Care Greets Green

YMCA Day Care Greets Green


Was there any mother day cards made has done of my two boys have not come home with one? X
Our phones are now working again, please now contact the office on 0121 533 1764. Thank you for your understanding over the past 24 hours.
We will be coming to the West Bromwich area soon. If you would like to book one of Steve's Super Whip's Ice Cream or Dessert Vans to attend your event then please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Looked for work 316-570-6275 love children

YMCA Day Care provide "Good" (2016) childcare in the heart of Sandwell We provide full time day care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

We are a 60 place day care setting based within the Greets Green Childrens's centre in West Bromwich and is led by Kellie Simcox & Claire Molina. Our Nursery is divided into 3 rooms; each room designed to provide age appropiate activities and equipment. All children are individuals and each child will develop at different stages and excel in different areas. Every staff member within the nursery h

Operating as usual


Our nursery managers are at National Conference today to meet with other YMCAs and present the details of our innovative curriculum.


Building relationships!
In early years the first step to thriving children is to build strong relationships between adults and children.
The stronger the bond the more you will be able to teach and model.
Children learn through us as practitioners and you as parents, they will watch and learn.
We can build those bonds through lots of different ways.
We read stories, we sing songs, we talk to children and show positive behaviours.
All of these acts are all key to creating that relationship between them and their key worker.
Simply by smiling at children or talking to them can make all the difference in each child's day.
We create opportunities for children to build positive relationships with their peers, they have opportunities to share their experiences and co-operate with one another.
These skills allow and support each child to grow, develop and thrive. They will become more independent and welcome others into their play.
I wonder if there are things you do at home that your child mirrors?
Watch them during play and you may see some familiar behaviours or phrases that you use at home.


Important Notice.
Our phone lines are currently down, we are looking into the matter.
Please contact 01215241965 and they will get a message across to setting.


Our recruitment evening is coming up fast - we're looking forward to welcoming potential new team members for a tour of our City Gateway nursery and an informal chat about the kinds of roles and progression available in YMCA.

If you're looking to start or progress in your childcare career, come along and see us Tuesday 18th July between 6pm - 7.30

For more details DM us or call 01902 371 550

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Looking for a job in childcare?

We're hosting an Early Years Recruitment Evening on Tuesday 18th July from 6pm - 7.30pm at YMCA City Gateway, Wolverhampton.

We'd like to invite anyone who's leaving college and looking for an entry level apprenticeship or newly qualified position, or those who are looking to develop further into manager positions.

Join us and find out more about our current opportunities and why joining YMCA is more than just a job.

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A really informative day out for our managers today who have attended the Nursery Managers Show at the NEC.

It was a great opportunity for our managers from across the Black Country to spend time together, share ideas, make connections and build their professional development.


School ready!
This term we are preparing the children for there new beginning at big school.
What to expect and what you may need when you start school.
The children have been dressing up in school uniforms and looking at text books.
This is such a big step for any child moving to a new setting or environment so we need to ensure they are prepared and well equipped for such a big change.
I wonder what colour your uniform will be?
Take a look at your child's new school website and show them what they will be wearing, what their rooms may look like and what exciting things they will be doing.
This will all help to ensure your child has a smooth start to their new adventure.


Happy Eid ul-Adah!

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YMCA Carters Green Day Nursery was visited by Andy Street this morning, Mayor of the West Midlands. He chatted with our staff about our new curriculum and even got involved in the children's 'bake off'.

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Looking for a job in childcare?

We're hosting an Early Years Recruitment Evening on Tuesday 18th July from 6pm - 7.30pm at YMCA City Gateway, Wolverhampton.

We'd like to invite anyone who's leaving college and looking for an entry level apprenticeship or newly qualified position, or those who are looking to develop further into manager positions.

Join us and find out more about our current opportunities and why joining YMCA is more than just a job.


Fine motor skills.
The babies have been discovering what their bodies can do in this topic "Marvellous Me!"
We have been exploring and developing our fine motor skills which will enable us to learn new skills.
We have been spinning, brushing, building, mixing and exploring lots of things that need the use of our fingers and thumbs.
Learning opportunities like this will help develop the core strengths that we need to enable us to complete tasks like feeding ourselves, pouring a drink, dressing ourselves, using scissors and other everyday tasks we need to help us become independent individuals.
Lets exercise those hands to build and develop our fine motor skills.
I wonder what you can do at home to develop your skills?

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Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to each and every dad and carer out there.


Feeling hot?
The children and staff today were talking about how hot the weather has been and what happens to our bodies when we are very hot.
Our bodies start to sweat, we breath faster and we get more tired.
We then began to discuss what we can do to cool ourselves down,
Play in water, drink lots and have plenty of rest.
The children were telling staff that they had a fan in their homes.
This was an electric fan, of course we know a fan that is simple and that we can all make.
It uses fine motor skills, takes concentration and creativity.
We made paper fans!
The children and staff enjoyed this very much and they even made Claire one so she could stay cool in the office, which was much appreciated.
Such a simple act of kindness and they learnt a new skill.
I wonder if you can make one at home?

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During , we celebrate the importance of caring for our physical, mental, and emotional health. At YMCA, we provide a wide range of programs and services that promote wellbeing for everyone.

One way we do this is by offering gym and fitness classes from our West Bromwich centre. We have affordable memberships available, with no joining fee plus 20% off in our onsite Coffee Shop.

Visit https://bit.ly/3GMrV0U to sign up


We're expanding our early years team and we're looking for inspiring and enthusiastic people to help us build a thriving next generation.

If you're looking for a career in early years education, YMCA can help you progress, whether you're an apprentice looking to find your first job or an aspiring nursery manager, we have roles to suit all levels in 8 day nurseries across the Black Country.

To find out what it's like to be a part of YMCA's early years team, please visit ymcabc.org.uk/nurseryjobs


Creating a connection and a place to belong is a strong antidote for loneliness. Join us in raising awareness this .

YMCA Small Street Centre through the Making Connections project helps people connect, socialise, and feel supported. One person we were able to help recently was Phillis, who attends multiple groups and activities since working with the team.

Read Phillis' story: https://bit.ly/3H4Ztbh


Over the past year, more and more studies have pointed towards how loneliness has a negative impact on your mental and physical health. This , let’s raise awareness and build stronger, more inclusive communities where everyone can feel valued and connected.


Fathers Day Stay and Play!
Today was very exciting as we invited parents in to have a stay and play session.
We played football, skittles, and had lots of fun in the sun!
The children and parents planted sunflower seeds, decorated biscuits and painted canvases which they can display at home and watch their sunflower grow.
We enjoyed a tasty treat and had a wonderful afternoon we hope all our families that came did too.


We have an amazing opportunity to support young children grow and develop!
To offer learning opportunities and to be part of a great team.
Please contact:
[email protected]
Or call:


Let it grow!
Our preschool children have been exploring outdoors and looking at different plants.
We then had conversations about what we could plant at nursery.
Some children told us about herbs they grow at home so this sparked an idea!
Lets create a planting station within the garden.
We recycled old wellies and fixed them to a pallet to create the perfect planting station.
The children helped fill the wellies with soil and added the seeds of their choice.
We planted oregano, basil and also a tomato plant.
The children care for them everyday, this allows them to show care and also give them responsibility.
I wonder what else we could grow?


On this day 179 years ago, George Williams, alongside 11 others, founded YMCA in London. Today, YMCA has grown to serve 65 million people across 120 countries. 6 June is a day to celebrate YMCA and all it has achieved, as well as our ongoing commitment to empowering young people and strengthening communities.


There are 6.5 million carers in the UK. This week, YMCA Black Country want to recognise and celebrate the incredible work of carers who devote their time and energy to support others.



Happy from ! We're proud to support the LGBTQ+ community in creating a space for young people to discover who they are and what they can become. Let's work together to create a more inclusive world.


We're looking for inspiring people to join our growing nursery team.

We have 8 nurseries located around the Black Country, with various roles available including apprenticeships, qualified practitioners and SEND Support Workers. For more details or to apply please visit ymcabc.org.uk/jobs


If you're planning a little spring cleaning over the weekend, then we'd love to take your unwanted items off your hands. Our charity shop in Wednesfield is always looking for quality, pre-loved goods such as clothing, DVDs, toys and household items to sell on in support of our local community.

If you're unable to drop your items to the shop, then why not leave them with our reception teams at YMCA West Bromwich, Wolverhampton or Walsall?

For more details please visit: https://bit.ly/3L4JT0v


Are you looking for the next step in your career? We're looking for caring, dedicated individuals to join our growing nursery team. We have a range of roles available across the Black Country.

Please visit ymcabc.org.uk/jobs to find out more and apply.


🥪 🥪 Not sure what to have for lunch? 🥪 🥪

There's a great deal to be had at Coffee at the Clock - a sandwich, drink and bag of crisps for only £3.90. Perfect to grab on the go!

You can find the coffee shop in the front of YMCA Western Gateway, West Bromwich.

To view a menu or for more details please visit https://bit.ly/41NTmAa


New Staff!
We would like to welcome Leanne back to our team at YMCA Greets Green, Leanne worked here back in 2017 - 2018 and followed a new path which lead her back to us.
Leanne is Level 3 practitioner who inspires the Christian values within the setting which she found inspiration from her role as children's ministry.
She will also be offering learning opportunities for the children to develop in all areas of learning.

We look forward to seeing the amazing new opportunities Leanne brings to the children and families within the community.


The sun has got his hat on!
As the weather is getting warmer we need to ensure the safety of the children is paramount.
Please provide your child with in a sunhat and suncream. We do have suncream on site that we can apply.
UV rates are increasing and with this in mind we will provide opportunities for the children to spend time outside with extra measures in place to ensure there is shade available and water at all times.
Let's enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it. 🌞


Today is Toddler Tuesday at Coffee at the Clock.

Every Tuesday, children under 5 eat for only £1, plus parents receive 20% discount! Drop by and treat yourself - you can find us at the front of YMCA Western Gateway in West Bromwich.

For more information please visit ymcabc.org.uk/coffee


Staff Spotlight!
Meet Charlotte.

Charlotte is a senior Practitioner at Greet Green Day Nursery, she is based in our baby room and has worked here since 2022.
Lets find out more!

What do you do each day?
I provide learning opportunities for the babies within a safe place they can enjoy. I nurture each child and ensure their individual needs are met, I support parents and give advise when needed.

What is your favourite part of your role?
I love to see the children achieve their goals and knowing that I played a part in this gives me a sense of achievement not only for them but myself too

What inspires you to come into work each day?
Being with the children each day makes me so happy and the bonds we have is so special, each day is very different and this makes me eager to see what each day brings.

What advise would you give any one looking to follow a career in childcare?
Being a practitioner is so rewarding and I feel that the key to this role is to get to know the children you work with, know their personalities and what makes them unique. This will give you all the guidance you need to enable you to perform to your best within childcare.

Thank you Charlotte for sharing your story!

Get to know the team and be inspired to follow your path!


Benefits of independence!
When at nursery we always encourage the children to be independent
The children have shown a big interest in water play so as a task we decided to allow the children to "wash clothes"
This is a task they can do which incorporates the children's interests and also teaches them new
Using the pegs helps develop fine motor skills, washing clothes teaches cleanliness and hygiene, this also allows the children to work together as a team and discuss the task ahead.
Independence allows the children to become more self aware and self assured.
It also allows the children to be empowered and to be more confident.
Ask your child to help you around the house. Load the washing machine, wash up and other simple jobs.
Each child can be a "Happy Helper"


Today is Toddler Tuesday at Coffee at the Clock.

Every Tuesday, children under 5 eat for only £1, plus parents receive 20% discount! Drop by and treat yourself - you can find us at the front of YMCA Western Gateway in West Bromwich.

For more information please visit ymcabc.org.uk/coffee


King Charles III celebrations!
Today we had lots of learning opportunities which incorporated the upcoming coronation of The King!
The children wrote letters to the King, created their own crowns and had themselves a tea party!
We also had a traditional English menu, the children thoroughly enjoyed their Victoria sponge cake! We hope you can all enjoy this very special celebration and please feel free to share your pictures with us!


Nursery will be closed Monday 1st May and will be open as normal Tuesday 2nd May.
We hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Exploring with clay!
This term we have been researching artist and sculptor "Barbara Hepworth."
She uses clay which is a natural material which comes from the earth.
It is cool, soft to touch and has an earthy smell which heightens the children's senses.
Clay can be sculpted more intricately than play dough which will help the children strengthen their fine motor skills as well as being able to express their creativity.


🥪 🥪 Not sure what to have for lunch? 🥪 🥪

There's a great deal to be had at Coffee at the Clock - a sandwich, drink and bag of crisps for only £3.90. Perfect to grab on the go!

You can find the coffee shop in the front of YMCA Western Gateway, West Bromwich.

To view a menu or for more details please visit https://bit.ly/41NTmAa


Join us for our first Afternoon Tea at Coffee at the Clock on Wednesday 24th May.

For only £15 per person, you'll receive a selection of sandwiches, cakes, scones with a pot of tea or coffee.

There will be two sittings available:
12:30pm - 2:00pm
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Speak to our Coffee at the Clock team or call to book your place 0121 524 1950


Lots of our children have been allocated their School place this week, ready to Start in September. This is such an exciting time.

We have had lots of parents ask us about how they can support their child during this transition. Questions regarding writing their names, knowing their ABC's, being able to read etc.

The good news is your child doesn't need to be able to do any of these things before starting school. Preparation for school is much more about the everyday practicalities - skills that will enable your child to cope independently in the school environment and help them feel happy and relaxed.

Here are a few ideas to focus on over the Summer Term with your children.

* Read to them lots. Encourage a love of reading, to introduce new vocabulary and language.
* Talk with them lots. Encourage conversations about what they are interested in and the world around them. The natural learning that can occur daily through everyday conversations can have more of an impact than trying to formally teach them something.
*Prepare food with them. Cooking can really help foster a love of food. Weighing ingredients to support mathematics and mixing and cutting ingredients together supports their fine motor skills.
*Messy Play. This encourages childrens creative imagination, It also provides opportunities for them to hold pens, pencils and paintbrushes. Children dont need to go to school knowing how to write, but knowing how to hold and skillfully use mark making tools is key.
*Practice putting on their own coat and shoes. Wiping and blowing their own noses. To support and encourage their self care skills.
*Encourage children to drink water at home from a cup. Some schools don't have juice or milk available throughout the day.

These are just some of the things the children have had opportunities to do at nursery and skills they have been practicing. This will ensure they have a smooth transition to school and feel confident and ready for their next chapter.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in West Bromwich?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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