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As a Level 3 Forest School Leader, I run Forest School and outdoor learning programmes in Bexley and Greenwich schools as well as a weekly group in Bostall Woods. Please get in touch if you’d like to know how I could work with your school.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 06/12/2023

A beautiful morning in the woods with Year 3: scavenger hunt to keep warm; marvelling at the crunchy grass under our feet; making wood cookie decorations; feeding the birds and making our own apple/sunflower seed feeders; cooking popcorn and toasting apple slices over the camp fire. A perfect end to our block of sessions. Back next week to finish off the missed session for Year 1s

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 06/12/2023

Good morning! I’ll never tire of frosty sunny mornings like this with trees silhouetted against the skyline! 😍 this is the sight that greets me when I arrive at school on Wednesdays…how lucky am I?!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 04/12/2023

We enjoyed some sticky fun making bird feeders today for the birds and squirrels. Lard and bird seed & sunflower seeds in apples. We drilled holes in logs for our minibeasts to rest in and planted more bulbs to enjoy in the Spring. One more week of this term, then our Christmas craft sessions on 18th and 21st. Drop me an email if you want to join us. It’s a great way to get outside; get fresh air; boost your vitamin D; burn off excess energy and excitement in the lead up to Christmas

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 01/12/2023

A final session of the term with Year 3 and after the snow this morning we talked about the weather we’ve experienced this term. The children worked in groups to create ground art to show the weather types and their feelings about the weather: can you spot sun, wind, snow, rain in the pictures? Some children then made hedgehog bird feeders with apples and sunflower seeds. This completes our . To keep warm, we used the saw to chop logs to make Santas, elves and log candles. There were lots of running and chasing games too which kept everyone warm. A truly wonderful, fun afternoon 💚

Layers explained | Outdoor clothing 01/12/2023

A clear guide to layering up in cold weather from Muddy Faces. Specialist clothing isn’t necessary, wearing 3 or 4 layers of clothing you already have will help to trap air and insulated your body. Ensuring there are no gaps in your clothes for the air to reach your skin will help (check around the neck, waist, ankles and tuck layers in). Pop on a hat and have spare gloves in case one pair gets wet.

Layers explained | Outdoor clothing It is not always obvious what outdoor clothing is needed to best support effective outdoor play and learning. In this guide we look at the various elements of clothing required, with a focus on layering.

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 30/11/2023

Festive Forest Fun sessions in Bostall Woods on Monday 18th and Thursday 21st December now available to book. Sessions at 10am and 1pm. Drop me an email: [email protected] with the date and time you wish to attend, your child/children’s names and ages and a contact telephone number or book via Happity

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 30/11/2023

Ooo it was chilly today at Forest School so we tried to keep moving and enjoyed our hot chocolate to warm our hands. We used magnifying glasses to look at the ice crystals on the leaves and made home for the hedgehogs to keep us moving around the site. The woods were glorious this afternoon for a walk with Parent and Baby group. We explored the crunchy leaves on the ground…a perfect opportunity for an autumnal photo 😍

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 29/11/2023

Ooo it was a chilly day today! 🥶well done to all the children and adults for having plenty of layers to wear and for keeping moving! We shared a story about the Oak King and Holly King to learn about the seasons and had a go at Tree Dressing with fallen leaves. The trees looked fab at the end of the day! Fishing became a theme for Year 1s, as well as continuing to make hedgehog mansions from last week. Year 3 had a go at making stick Christmas trees and persevered with knots and lashings. 👏💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 28/11/2023

Camp fire cooking session with this morning. We always enjoy a toasted apple slice and tried mincemeat pastries…not hugely successful with burnt bottoms…these wouldn’t do well on a campfire Bake Off, but always good to try something new. Lots to reflect on to make them better next time…

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 27/11/2023

All about the ‘shrooms today! Absolutely loved the book Magnificent Mushrooms thank you! And spotted this gorgeous little shield bug. The long term benefits of Forest School are really shining through at the moment…the children are demonstrating a connection to the woodlands; wanting to plant spring bulbs for future seasons; building relationships with one another and with the adults; continuing with projects started in previous weeks; self-leading activities. Parents are commenting on the benefits of slowing down and noticing the natural world around them in ways they haven’t previously 💚 spaces available for all sessions…come and join us to experience the magic yourself!


🌳 Happy until Dec 3rd. 🌲

🍂 Trees are our close relatives and are vital to our lives and the health of our world. We are endlessly inspired by the beauty and bounty of the endless gifts these majestic beings provide us with.

🍁 One sweet way to celebrate them is to make a nature mandala, or earth offering. You can invite children on a treasure hunting adventure to forage for leaves, berries, nuts and seeds and then blow wishes into the foliage for the bright future they wish to see, before laying your natural materials.

🍂 Children and big kids alike love this simple yet connective craft, and we find it a beautifully unifying activity when co-created by a group or family. If trees have inspired your own creations, we would love to see your pics in the comments!

🌱 Support Children' Forest to plant more trees with children for the benefit of all species by pledging at our Crowdfunder in it's last few days:

mandala by ©the_muse_in_the_mirror (IG) (FB)

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 25/11/2023

Year 3 had time to get creative in yesterday’s Forest School session. Having time to play and create is such a gift to give to anyone, but especially our young people. Listening to them share their reasons for why we come to Forest School (a question posed by one of the class earlier in the session) around the closing circle, shows they understand the value of this time too 💚


What ‘wow’ moments have you spotted in nature lately? We found this cluster of mushrooms growing in a crevice of a yew tree yesterday…it was so beautiful! 😍 💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 23/11/2023

Baby group in the autumn colours and sunshine this afternoon! We took the opportunity for photos of the little ones in the autumn leaves. Two more weeks of baby group before we take a break for Christmas holidays…don’t forget to book your space

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 23/11/2023

A super glorious morning in the woods today! Beautiful hedgehog artwork created by Marketa, our Forest School trainee visitor and dens for the hedgehogs made by the children 🦔💚🍂🍁

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 22/11/2023

Great fun with the hedgehogs today, making cosy and more elaborate ‘houses’/nests/shelters for the hedgehogs. We saw teamwork, creativity and thoughtfulness by the bucketload. Year 3 had a go at whittling wands and spears, and one child created a lovely leaf bird for another. Year 1 loved the mud…jumping in it, wearing it as face paint and painting the shed with it! 💚


6 hedgehogs hidden this morning … 7 collected back in! This little fella has been running wild for the last year when it went missing! I love how these toys just turn up again. Think he needs a trip through the washing machine and he’ll be back to play again next week! Thanks for finding it Kingfisher class! 😍🤣

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 21/11/2023

A beautiful autumnal morning with making little homes for hedgehog toys and making up games to play. More fishing in the stream with leaf and stick fishing rods, climbing and balancing. Spotted this interesting fungus which Seek app identified as Poor Man’s Liquorice! Love the names of fungus!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 20/11/2023

This week’s theme is ‘hedgehogs’, we learnt about hibernation, found hedgehog cuddly toys around the site and made clay hedgehogs with pinecones and holly berry noses 😍🦔 we also helped planting bluebell bulbs and wood anemone rhizomes ready for spring. The autumn colours and mushrooms are looking fantastic right now.


So excited for this fabulous book to arrive in today’s post!! The words and the message of the book is truly wonderful and the illustrations are divine! 😍 can’t wait to share it with the young people I work with throughout the week! thank you!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 18/11/2023

We had a beautiful afternoon in the woods today…we started crafting Christmas decorations for the Ooops It’s Hoops Xmas display in the school hall…decorating pinecones and wood cookies and even having a go at whittling Santa gnomes. We took time to go and find our favourite place in the woods and notice with all our senses the world around us. The children shared what they heard, saw, smelled and most importantly what they felt…💚”calm”, 💚“happy”,💚 “relaxed like I’m at the beach” and 💚“excited to have found a new place in the woods, but a little bit worried because I was on my own” (not that far from the group, but clearly felt it when your 7!)
During the session, some children went off to find the pine tree with the red furry bark. They brought back pinecones and planted some of the closed green ones. Others spent time in the hammock, figuring out how to use it safely, to listen to one another and to work out disagreements. Time and space for our young people to figure out ‘rules’ and work through problems is always a highlight for me of Forest School 💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 16/11/2023

Parent and Baby Forest School…come and join us for a hot chocolate…and a woodland walk, chat with other adults, time to notice seasonal changes…but it’s mainly about the hot chocolate! 😉🤣🍂💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 16/11/2023

Leaf lanterns brightened up an overcast morning in the woods 🍂💚 the heavy rain that had been forecast didn’t materialise and we had lots of fun exploring. Don’t forget to book your space for Thursday mornings - it does you the world of good to get out to a natural environment, particularly in the morning when a burst of daylight well help regulate your circadian rhythms that control our sleep patterns…then there is also the joy of getting home by lunch time to warm up and have a snuggly afternoon if needed 😉

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 15/11/2023

Today we saw blue sky and sunshine again and appreciated the golden glow of the leaves on the ground (can you spot mushrooms hiding amongst the leaves?) We adored the view from the hammock, which the children had great fun testing out too. The children became tree experts for the trees we have on site and we created items using the leaves and sticks. Year 3 had a go at whittling sticks making gnomes and wands. They made rivers with water from the water butt and blocked the flow with muddy dams. A really wonderful day, thank you! 💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 14/11/2023

A beautiful start to the morning with enjoying the autumn leaves, admiring the deer and sitting by the river with the children to ‘fish’ with sticks. We tried out the hammock (not all were that keen on it, which is ok, we’ll try it another time), watched our friend the Robin, played in the mud kitchen and went to collect litter (but couldn’t find any! Yes!) Then the rain came down while we enjoyed our hot drink, biscuit and story and we enjoyed the puddles on the way back to the bus. Later I was stuck sheltering in the car not wanting to run to the house! The wet kit will have to wait until the rain subsides…

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 13/11/2023

A morning of all weathers…beautiful sunshine and golden autumn colours, a strong breeze and heavy rain…followed by blue skies again! We had fun under the shelter, making leaf lanterns in jam jars ( thanks for the inspiration), and playing with our friends. Then came the mission to dry out EVERYTHING!! Lucky to have a sunny afternoon with a breeze to help! The woods is such a glorious place to be in autumn, the carpet of leaves was dazzling

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 11/11/2023

A beautiful day at Queen’s Woods, Highgate with the London FSA for networking and skill sharing. Knife sharpening skills developed and this beautiful sharpening paddle made 😍💚

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 10/11/2023

A lovely afternoon with Year 3 creating with conkers, filling the bug hotel with rotting wood and leaves and finding so many fungus of all shapes and sizes. The children got creative with descriptions of the fungus and came up with new names for them. I loved description of the staghorn that looked like ‘chicken legs’ or ‘coral’ 💚🍄

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 10/11/2023

Fungus everywhere! Spotted these 10 types of fungus on a short walk through Bostall Woods this morning…still not spotted any Fly agaric yet this autumn…I’ll keep looking! Keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you’ve spotted 🍄

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 09/11/2023

Today was all about the beautiful leaves! It was lovely to have some of my original baby group along to the morning stay and play session, due to an inset day at the nursery…they’re now 2 year olds with so much energy and excitement about the world around them 😍 Met lovely new families for Baby group too this afternoon…don’t forget to book your place for next week’s sessions!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 08/11/2023

Lots of fun with leaves on a very wet day at Forest School day. We ordered the leaves according to size, found a partner who’d chosen the same leaf as us, made leaf pictures of fireworks and faces, threaded conkers to make jewellery and had fun playing with the water that collected on the shelter! Thank you Year 1 & 3 for a fab day…barely noticed the rain!!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 06/11/2023

Just wow!


Happy Monday people! Starting the week in the best way possible…all in the name of health and safety of course…these hammocks need to be checked!

Photos from Friends of Bostall Heath and Woods's post 05/11/2023

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Regular working parties at 12.30pm on the last Sunday of the month (next session on 26th November) and every Thursday morning at 10am


From the fabulous Hiddel Brock Wood! Enjoy the ‘fireworks’ nature has to offer!

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 03/11/2023

A beautiful afternoon in the woods with so many mushrooms to spot! One child took home some jelly ear fungus to share with his family…I hope they enjoy it! We studied the leaves on the ground and identified which trees they’d come from. These leaves then got turned into leaf sparklers/fireworks and we talked about family traditions at Diwali and Bonfire Night while we played. Swings were made and several tug of war challenges. Lovely to see how much the children ‘noticed’ about the world around them from tiny mushrooms to oak galls 💚🍂🍁

Photos from Kirsty and Kids Forest School's post 03/11/2023

Got a new baby? Want to take your first steps in outdoor adventures with your baby? Come and join us for Parent and Baby Forest School in Bostall Woods on Thursday afternoons from 1.15-2.30. Gentle exercise, a way to clear your head and to meet other local parents to walk and talk. Email: [email protected] to book your space or book via happity
Looking forward to woodland adventures with you this autumn 🍂 🍁🌳


I cleared a second dumped pumpkin from the Heath today…please don’t take pumpkins to the woods…they can be fatal to our hedgehogs!

🎃 Did you carve a for Halloween?

🌳 Once you're finished with your , don't dump it in the woods. They take a long time to break down and can be fatal to animals like hedgehogs.

♻️ Put your pumpkin in your food waste or compost bin when you're finished, or bury it in your garden for worms and other invertebrates to enjoy.

👉 Read our blog to learn how to reuse and recycle your pumpkins this Halloween:

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I am a Level 3 Forest School Leader running long term Forest School Programmes to local schools and stay and play toddler sessions in local woodlands.

Forest School is a child-lead learning ethos that allows children to follow their own interests and desires to learn and discover in a natural woodland environment.

Forest School provides opportunities for children to learn, explore, discover and play while developing their self-confidence and resilience. Forest School gives children the opportunity to learn how to take and manage risks. Above all, Forest School is FUN and an amazing antidote to the technology-driven, fast-paced lives that we all seem to be on.

I am an experienced teacher and tutor and offer personal tutoring sessions to primary aged children.

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They may be a nuisance at times and super greedy…but I think they are so cute that all is forgiven!
Oh my goodness, thrilled to report we have spotted blue tits in the nesting box! 😍
Our tame Robin today
Beautiful birdsong to welcome me to the woods this morning! 😍
In my happy place!
Fun at the river today!
Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you all ☺️
Listening to the birds in the trees…can you hear the woodpecker?
Such a different day weather wise to last Friday, but we’re still here, whatever the weather to have fun in the woods. I...







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