Kumon Welling Tutoring

Kumon Welling Tutoring

Kumon offers individualised maths and English study programmes, designed to help children of all age Offering both Virtual and Physical Classes.

Operating as usual


An important quote to remember!

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A little bit about the Kumon Welling Centre!


Don’t hesitate to join KUMON CONNECT, the tried and tested new Kumon app!

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Happy Numbers day!


Remember: Mental Health Matters, here are some things to do to maintain a positive mindset and wellbeing


The Kumon Programme is a mix of both coming into class as well as studying at home for the rest of the week, here is what you can expect from each situation!


How does division work?


Here are a few of KUMON CONNECT many advantages!


Some important qualities at Kumon Welling!


Sometimes striving for success can seem daunting, so these prompts can be used to reflect on your path of progress


Kumon Connect! The new Kumon App presents traditional worksheets on a digital device instead, allowing a portable and eco-conscious alternative!



A few steps to help improve our academic journeys


‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. This post is a reminder that though it may seem daunting, asking for help can be very beneficial when it comes to solving a problem


The daily Kumon Process in 60 minutes!


Here at Kumon Welling, we know that every child is different and learns in a different manner. By offering either Kumon Connect or the traditional worksheets, each child can study in a way that works best for them.


Some important values at Kumon Welling!


Kumon is a mix of both independent learning at home and getting help on a topic from an instructor or class assistant. This balance helps to ensure that the student has support when studying but learns to independently learn and work!


A Kumon Routine!

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Kumon Kids Can!


Just a few strengths of the Kumon Programme!


There are always hidden actions behind success such as academic success, some of which we don’t see. Remember you have to start in order to succeed


Skills that Kumon helps to improve

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A few features of KUMON CONNECT


Daily work can be hard to do, so here are some tips to maintain motivation


The three different types of primary learning types!


ASHR levels in the Kumon Programme!


Some Key Words used in the the Kumon Programme


Perseverance: a key skill achieved in the Kumon programme


The steps to reaching academic proficiency

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A little explainer of what exactly KUMON CONNECT is

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