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Operating as usual


Please join PTF at


Welcome Back Guys!!!


Have a good Christmas people


Just want to say thank you to all those who helped out in the OAP party tonight. You all were super awesome and thankfully everything went well. You really should all be proud of yourselves. Thank you again. :)


Thanks to all those who brought in stuff for the shoe boxes. It was much appreciated. :)

On Wednesday after school is the singing practice for those involved in the OAP party singing.


Prom tickets available!


If anyone wants to give blood and has a free period 4. Meet me in the common room at 12:20


Can as many people not only be dressed up but also be in the hall helping from the start of the day


FANCY DRESS DAY NEXT WEDNESDAY. Prize for winner. Normally very good fun, so join us for this Easter tradition. only £1 all for lent!!!


Quiz has been postponed till after Easter.


6th Form 'Quiz & Chips' - Monday 19th March - 3.30pm ish.
4 people in a team, £5 per team (so £1.25 per person).
In the main hall. Food to be ordered.
Gather a team and let us know :D all proceeds go to Lent.


Opening Event for Lent is here,


Lent, this year, is going to be for Islamic Relief. Any fundraising ideas? Please leave us a message ASAP :) Thanks.


Please check out the Blue Coat website which is now being updated regularly. Also, Mrs Napper has done us a Christmas Newsletter (espesh for 6th formers!) which can be found in the 'Downloads' section. And if you can't be bothered to go hunt fot it, here's the link to it:



Thanks everyone for your help with the Old Age Pensioners' Party :)


If anyone has any table clothes we cam borrow please can you bring them tomorrow


Hope everyone had a good holiday. Note: OAP party - Dec 5th 2011.


Have a good holiday everyone! See you in september.


Jai Ho!


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