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I saw this and couldn't resist πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I hope you're all having a lovely evening and getting in plenty of driving practice πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
Ghostbusters πŸ‘» spotted in #Featherstone. Check mirrors and blindspots closely for ghosts and spectres... πŸ‘»πŸ˜±πŸš”πŸš—
#learntodrive #drivinglessons #riodrivingschool
Congratulations to James who passed his driving test today at Wednesbury test centre, best of luck from Sarbjit and all the team at Rio driving school.
#lichfield #drivingtest
#drivingschool #drivinglessons #drivinginstructor #DrivingInstructorTraining #riodrivingschool
Congratulations to Liam Smith who passed his #drivingtest in #wednesbury at the
First attempt. 'Ash the Flash' strikes again for #riodrivingschool
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#learntodrive with a #patient #drivinginstructor from a multi #awardwinning #drivingschool
Pass your #drivingtest and feel #confident to go anywhere you want whenever you want to. Gain your freedom and independence with #riodrivingschool
Congratulations to Nipps who passed his #drivingtest in #Wednesbury on his first attempt with 'Ash the Flash'.
Do you need #drivinglessons in #Walsall ? #learntodrive #riodrivingschool
The 2nd #Lichfield #drivingtest route video is live on our YouTube channel. If you're preparing for your test soon then this is a must see video! Remember to click the like button and hit subscribe for more #toptips #learntodrive #drivinglessons #drivingschool #riodrivingschool
Congratulations to Jeevan after passing your #drivingtest in #Lichfield with just a few focused Lessons from Paul Fisher.
#drivingschool #drivinginstructor #drivingschool
Taking your #drivingtest in #Lichfield ?
Watch our walkthrough video with loads of hints and tips!
#Walsall #Wednesbury
#learntodrive #DrivingSchool #riodrivingschool
Congratulations to Ryan who passed his driving test with the help from Ash!!
Ash the Flash β˜„οΈ does it again ⚑️
#Wednesbury #Walsall #drivinglessons #driving test #learntodrive
Congratulations to Abbs who passed his test with Ash from Rio Driving School

Rio: an award-winning driving school, specialising in nervous drivers. WS and WV postcodes. Leave co Rio is an award-winning driving school. We help these kinds of people learn to drive:
* people who are anxious/nervous;
* people who have failed the driving test more than 5 times and not succeeded in passing yet;
* people who need evening/weekend appointments;
* people who speak foreign languages;
* people with some kinds of learning difficulties.

Operating as usual

Photos from Rio Driving School's post 26/05/2022

Congratulations to my good friend Pawel, from #Cannock who successfully passed his #drivingtest in #Lichfield at the first attempt today. Easy work buddy, stay safe!! πŸ’ͺ
#learntodrive #DrivingSchool #DrivingLessons


Congratulations to Pavitar !! Who passed his driving test today at Sutton Coldfield first time on his 18th birthday. All the best from Sarbjit and the team at Rio driving school. πŸš— πŸ‘ πŸ‘


Congratulations to Maisie Hinton-Rudd who passed her driving test first thing this morning at Featherstone in her own car… with only 1 minor fault!

All the hard work and determination paid off Maisie and I am chuffed for you. It’s been a pleasure to have been on the journey to full licence with you.

Enjoy your new found freedom and independence.

Chris and all the gang at Rio Driving School.


So chuffed for this terrific guy… Jack Barnes has only gone and passed his driving test this morning in Featherstone.

Well done mate. You stuck with it through good and bad times and thoroughly deserve your full licence.

A terrific drive considering you had to deal with so many hazards… and that was just on the way to the test centre!

Keep it safe out there and enjoy your new found freedom.

Chris and all the team at Rio Driving School.


Congratulations to David Potter, who successfully passed his #adi #part1 this morning. You may remember this assessment we conducted recently, in preparation for his #part2 training... ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Are you looking for a challenge? Maybe you're considering a career change? Train with us and join an unparalleled award-winning team of #drivinginstructors with the best #drivingschool in this area. πŸ†πŸš—


Congratulations today to Nancy Renton from Cannock on passing your driving test at Featherstone. You showed determination and resilience throughout. Be proud of yourself ❀️ Happy car shopping and stay safe 🚘


Congratulations today to Nancy Renton from Cannock on passing your driving test at Featherstone. You showed determination and resilience throughout. Be proud of yourself ❀️ Happy car shopping and stay safe 🚘


First attempt pass!!! You did it Bradley! Superb drive today at #Wednesbury driving test centreπŸŽ‰
Congratulations and best wishes from Seema and the team at Rio🎊

Photos from Rio Driving School's post 14/05/2022

Photos from Rio Driving School's post


Well done Lucy on passing your driving test at Lichfield DTC this morning.

The Motivater


Congratulations to Elliott who successfully passed his #drivingtest in #Featherstone
#learntodrive with the best #DrivingSchool in the area!
Patient #drivinginstructors are waiting to help you! #riodrivingschool


Congratulations to Poppy Powell for passing her driving test 1st time today at Lichfield.
A great, confident drive Poppy, you can now drive yourself to work πŸ‘πŸš— Safe driving from Sarah and the Rio team 😁

Photos from Rio Driving School's post 07/05/2022

#learntodrive with a multi award-winning #drivingschool that has over 1000 5* reviews.
FB: riodrivingschool
Text: 07970 968 240


Another first time test pass - this time for Demmi! Congratulations from Ian and everyone at #riodrivingschool !! This 5am early start was definitely worth it! #Featherstone #Cannock #DrivingSchool #drivingtest #learntodrive


Congratulations to Rachel, having passed her #drivingtest in #Featherstone at her first attempt. Best wishes from Ian and all at #riodrivingschool
#learntodrive #DrivingSchool #drivinginstructor #cannock


Congratulations 🎊 to Matt ! Who passed his driving test today 1st time at Wednesbury test centre. Best of luck from Sarbjit and all the team at Rio driving πŸš— School.

Photos from Rio Driving School's post 26/04/2022

Congratulations to Ramandeep for passing her driving test at #Wednesbury driving test centre!! Peter and I knew you could do it; so well done for sticking at it and smashing the test🎊
Best wishes from Peter, Seema and the Rio family πŸŽ‰


Manual driving lessons available in Cannock (or surrounding)
9-11am on Mondays.
Message us ASAP. First come first served!


Congratulations to Rio Driving School for reaching over 1000 5* reviews! 😲

Check out their amazing reviews here:

If you are looking for a highly recommended driving instructor, give them a call on 0800 566 8636


Huge congratulations to John for gaining his full driving licence today at #Wolverhampton driving test centre! Well done John for a well- deserved success! All the best from Seema and the Rio familyπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰


Manual driving lessons available in and around Cannock. Limited availability!

Mondays, 9-11am

Other days and times may become available soon, stay posted.

Text 07970 968 240

How do you spend your Sundays...?


Congratulations to Clive !! Who passed his driving test 1st time πŸš— today at Wolverhampton driving test centre. All the best πŸ‘ from Sarbjit and all the team at Rio driving school.


Regrettably, our driving lesson prices have had to increase slightly in the wake of this so-called fuel crisis. We are not amused and unfortunately we have to ask that you help us out a little.

Manual driving lessons are now Β£32 per hour
Automatic driving lessons are now Β£34 per hour

We are sorry to have to ask. Our instructors will continue to do their very best work for you. We hope to see many people pass their driving test with us throughout the year, and beyond.

Best Wishes!
The Team at Rio Driving School.


Ethan's back!!
Determined to polish up his #driving before his #drivingtest in #Lichfield soon! Will he pass the mock driving test today? Find out here >>

#drivingschool #drivinglessons #drivinginstructor #learntodrive


Huge congratulations to Tia who passed her #drivingtest in #Wednesbury #Walsall with 'Ash the Flash'
#learntodrive #drivinglessons #DrivingSchool #riodrivingschool


Huge congratulations to Matthew who passed his #drivingtest in #Lichfield this morning. Lovely #driving mate, very well done indeed! Now you can teach your wife how it's really done πŸ˜‰πŸ€«πŸ€«πŸ€«πŸ˜†πŸ™Œ
#learntodrive #DrivingSchool #DrivingLessons #riodrivingschool


Congratulations to Jay Osborn who successfully gained his full driving licence this morning at Featherstone Driving Test Centre.

Good job well done Jay! I’m going to miss our lessons but please keep in touch and let me know when you get your own car.

Keep if safe… always.

Chris and all the team at Rio Driving School.

Rio Driving School - YouTube 30/03/2022

Rio Driving School - YouTube

Please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel to learn more about driving.

#learntodrive #driving #drivingtest #drivingschool

Rio Driving School - YouTube My mission is simple: I help people, young and old, learn to drive and stay safe on the road. My name is Paul Fisher and I’m a Driving Instructor and Driving...


Find out what the examiner is looking for!!
Click Here >>

#Lichfield #drivingtest #mockdrivingtest


Manual Lessons in WS11 and WS12 available


Thanks everyone for your concern.

First off, I'm OK, I was a bit shaken up though.

For those of you that aren’t aware, I was robbed at Asda petrol station in Cannock this morning.
After my hands stopped trembling, I managed to call the Police.

They were quick to respond and calmed me down because my blood pressure went through the roof!
My money is gone however.

The police asked me if I knew who did it and I told them,
β€œYes, it was pump number 2.”


Congratulations to Arviee!! #drivingtest pass in #Wolverhampton with 'Ash the Flash'. Well done from everybody at #riodrivingschool #drivinglessons #drivingschool #drivinginstructor


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Are you considering training to become a #drivinginstructor ?
It can be a lot of fun! The rewards?
* Be your own boss and work the hours you choose
* Have full support from a brilliant team
* Pay as you go - very easy to access!

Watch our ADI Part 2 assessment.
Text / WhatsApp us if you want more information. 07970 968 240

Click here >>


Congratulations to Zakarie, who passed his driving test today first time, at Wednesbury test centre. All the best from Sarbjit and all the team at Rio driving school.

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