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Core Learning Support

Instilling a positive attitude to learning through bespoke fun child-led tuition support which empow

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Today is all about my older two children as yet another chapter ends and new ones begin!

I am so very proud of all the children I have had the pleasure of working with, and of course my own! Success is so many things, and marked in so many different ways. For me, as a parent and educator, grades were never important, happy kids, who loved to and knew how to learn, in whatever form that took, was. School and education are not the same thing, teaching and learning are not the same thing.

That said, both kids had a plan and goal, and both smashed it. And now will be off to London in the Autumn (happy sad) having recieved results beyond what they needed.

One has A* A* A* and the other has A* A* A.

They have worked so incredibly hard at such tricky subjects (Maths and Sciences). They have also once again proved we made the right decision home educating them, despite so many telling us otherwise. (My favourite is still 'they won't be able to successfully do Sciences GCSE at home'. They can, they did, they aced them at GCSE and at A level. Between them they have done all 3 Sciences at A level)

Home Education can and does work, for those who choose it as opposed to having it forced upon them.


GCSE Latin

START DATE: 5th September

Unlock the mysteries of Latin with our GCSE Latin course at Luna School. Learn to read, write and comprehend Latin with our comprehensive curriculum, which covers language, literature, civilisation and history.

Whether this is your first time learning Latin or you are a seasoned student, this course will help you reach your potential and gain a better understanding of the language.

With expert tuition and a focus on developing skills, you’ll be ready to take on the GCSE exam with confidence.

From live sessions focusing on Latin vocabulary and grammar to translating and comprehension exercises, our Autumn 1 course is the perfect way to start your Latin journey. This course is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the language. As part of the course, you will also be offered 2 live sessions per week, homework, self-study and revision activities and an end of unit test to assess your progress.

This course will cover all aspects of the language, including reading, writing and exam technique. It will also include research and essay writing. With our ongoing experienced tutor support and engaging classes, you’ll be well-equipped to gain the knowledge you need to do well in your GCSE Latin exams. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and get ready to explore the language of the Romans.

We will be working towards the Eduqas GCSE Latin, a 3 paper exam (Language, Literature and Civilisation), to sit the exam in Summer 2025. (2 year programme).

There are 2 x 45 minute sessions per week, Tuesday and Thursday 11.00-11.45am. Students will also be expected to complete independent work, homework and revision.

In Year 1, students will study:

Autumn 1 - Language (6 weeks)
Autumn 2 - Language (6 weeks)
Spring 1 - Language and History (6 weeks)
Spring 2 - Language and History (6 weeks)
Summer 1 - Language, History and Revision (6 weeks)
Summer 2 - Language, Literature and Revision (6 weeks)

Each 6 week block costs £135 - this covers 6 weeks live lessons (2 x 45 minutes), guided self-study and homework and unit assessment. At this stage, no other materials are required.

If the day / times of the sessions don't work for you, or you would like to study over a different time period, self study is also available.
If you are interested, let me know. We have a 100% pass rate for all our GCSE students at Luna School, for both Latin and our other subjects.

You can book via the link, but it better for me if you book with me directly (helps me keep costs down)


New Comic art / manga / pop-up comix online workshop courses for home educating young people... returning in September! Unlock your creativity with expert guidance and support from bestselling cartoonist James, who has 20 years experience teaching comic art skills in schools, museums, libraries and festivals!

For more information about the courses and booking:







Elon Musk has 5 children— twins born in 2004 and triplets born in 2006.

In 2014, he pulled all his children from conventional school and established a secret private school called Ad Astra School.

Only Elon Musk's children and a few of his employee's children attend this special private school.

Children in the school don't take exam or get grades. In fact, there is no grade in the school.

Rather, they take part in a curriculum heavy on science, math, engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

To gain admission to Elon Musk's school, students must be between the ages of 8 and 13.

Below is one of the questions a student must answer to gain admission:

"Varo Varo was a famous painter born in La Paz, Mexico in 1908. She grew up poor and sadly, died young.

In her celebrated career, it was believed that Varo Varo only created 10 paintings.

Unfortunately, her brilliant paintings were all
destroyed in the Mexico City Earthquake of 1985. Only photographs remain of her majestic and entrancing work.

While rebuilding after yet another earthquake in 2018, workers discovered a new Varo Varo painting hidden under the town hall.

Not only was this painting perfectly intact, but art critics think it is the best of Varo Varo’s paintings and one of the most important pieces of 20th century surrealist art.

The discovery of the painting makes international headlines, and the art world is abuzz with two questions— what will
happen to Varo Varo’s Eleventh Painting, and who will get the chance to see it?

Varo Varo requested that any money made from her paintings be donated towards arts education for the children of La Paz, Mexico.

Based on the information below, where should the painting be sold? Rank the options from
best ( #1) to worst ( #5) and please explain why"

Don’t forget, these are questions for age 8-13

—Apotheosis of knowledge.


Spaces still available in the following classes:
- IGCSE Edexcel, Spec B: Mondays at 11am (one or two year course option).
- GCSE AQA English Literature: Tuesdays at 2pm
- 1 space left in Wednesday KS3, 11.30am

Please note, all other groups are now full for the Autumn term.

Photos from Luna School's post 22/07/2023

At last, with no further ado, announcing the live two-year IGCSE Marine Science course, starting September!

Limited to 12 places. Message me here or email me at [email protected] for more information.


History GCSE with Faregos?

You can do the whole course in a year if you do the online WED class and the face to face THURSDAY class- or spread it out over 2 years by doing just 1 class a week- ONLINE or at TITCHFIELD

Photos from Whole Brain Home Education's post 18/07/2023
Absolute Maths Online Courses 17/07/2023

Absolute Maths Online Courses We offer a 1 year (36 weeks) course for either lower or higher level Key Stage 3. The lower level would suit those younger students or those needing more confidence and the higher course is excellent preparation for IGCSE/GCSE level studies.


There are just a few places left for live online classes in the Autumn term.

Live online IGCSE English Language
- Mondays, 11am (Edexcel, Spec B): 4 spaces.
- Wednesdays, 1.30pm (Edexcel, Spec A or B) FULL.
- Thursdays, 10.20am (Edexcel, Spec A or B) FULL.
- Thursdays, 11.30am (Edexcel, Spec A or B): 3 spaces left.

English Literature GCSE (AQA)
- Tuesdays, 2pm: 5 spaces left.

Live online KS3 English lessons
- Wednesday, 11.30am (KS3): 2 spaces left.
- Thursday, 9.15am (KS3): 1 space left.


Book between 1 and 5 sessions this summer… Here are my remaining 1:1 sessions ✨⬇️✨
(Yes, I caved in and opened up Thursday mornings due to such high demand. I just love my work so much!)

Please email [email protected] for more info or to book. This availability is ever-changing so please be quick if you have a specific time in mind.

26/7 Wednesday 11.45-12.30, 4.00-4.45, 7.00-7.45.
27/7 Thursday 8.30-9.15, 9.20-10.05

2/8 Wednesday 11.45-12.30, 4.00-4.45, 6.00-6.45, 7.00-7.45.
3/8 Thursday 8.30-9.15, 9.20-10.05

9/8 Wednesday 11.45-12.30, 4.00-4.45, 6.00-6.45, 7.00-7.45.
10/8 Thursday 8.30-9.15, 9.20-10.05

23/8 Wednesday 11.45-12.30, 4.00-4.45, 7.00-7.45.
24/8 Thursday 8.30-9.15, 9.20-10.05

30/8 Wednesday 4.00-4.45, 7.00-7.45.
31/8 Thursday 8.30-9.15, 9.20-10.05

KS2 Mythology: Mythical Zoo Key Stage 2 Course 25/06/2023

KS2 Mythology: Mythical Zoo Key Stage 2 Course Explore a range of wonderful mythological beasts with this tour around Jake’s zoo of mythological creatures. Please don’t feed the exhibits, and wear flame-resistant clothing at all times!

KS3 Mythology: Grim Fairy Stories Key Stage 3 Course 22/06/2023

KS3 Mythology: Grim Fairy Stories Key Stage 3 Course You may be familiar with many fairy stories, but often the original versions of classic tales were much darker, and more strange, than their modern retellings. We go back to the source with this course, to explore the bad side of fairies and their tales.


Bookings are now open for summer 1:1s! Book between one and five sessions and pick the skills or topics you want your child to work on… and leave the rest to me 🌟

Email [email protected] for more information and do please pass this on to any other parents who might be looking for some summer learning. 🌟

Sessions are offered on a first come/first served basis by email enquiry - I look forward to working with your children this summer! 🌟

MS14 - Vertibrates 13/06/2023

MS14 - Vertibrates This is "MS14 - Vertibrates" by Kirsten Richards on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

EM21 - Tropical Cyclones 12/06/2023

EM21 - Tropical Cyclones This is "EM21 - Tropical Cyclones" by Kirsten Richards on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


🌟Rarely available 1:1 evening slots have come up for this half term!🌟

I take on 1:1 students in 5-week blocks so you never need to commit to more than 5-weeks at a time: perfect for these ever changing times.

I have two 5-week spaces starting next week - if you’d like to talk through what sort of help/inspiration your child needs, please email [email protected] (places are offered on a first come/first served basis by email only) 🌟


Friday Teatime Zoom Comic Workshops incoming!!!
Finish the week with some high energy creativity on zoom, guided by bestselling cartoonist James from
Just £5 per session and perfect for children of all ages! For more information and booking:



D&D places are in post below. These are the sessions which still have spaces.

2nd June Debate 10-12.30pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
23rd June Debate 1-3.30pm ONLINE:
30th June EM Fieldwork 10-3pm LIVE (NEWSTEAD):
28th July Debate 10-12.30pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):


Little Bear is planning on doing GCSE English Literature next year. (Summer 2024)

I will be offering the opportunity to join us. This will be an online course - one live lesson per week, plus independent study. (200 study hours are recommended)

It will also be available as a self study option, if you can't do the live lesson.

Students will study:

Literary Analysis
Essay Technique

An Inspector Calls
Romeo and Juliet
A Christmas Carol
Love & Relationships Poetry
Unseen Poetry

Exam Technique

If you are interested, let me know. We have a 100% pass rate for all our GCSE students at Luna School, for both English Literature and our other subjects.


This one irks me deeply, but I understand how we’ve ended up making this common mistake in our everyday communication.

Someone commented last week that language evolves over time and as long as you’re understood, that’s fine. If only being understood is your goal then yes, fine! But if you want accurate English for social media posts, work emails, and important conversations, then this is the way forward.

Also - there’s nothing shameful about not thoroughly understanding grammar rules. Many of us were not taught them in school - I certainly wasn’t (or I don’t remember them). But as the old saying goes: know better, do better.

Do you say ’should of’? Did you even realise it was grammatically incorrect? It’s a very easy - and common - mistake to make!

By sharing this post we’ll improve the internet’s grammar 🤞🏼 (😆 maybe!)

Holly x


🌟Exciting news!🌟 This August I am launching my new study skills course for children soon to start, or who’ve recently started, secondary school.

It comprises three 45 minute live and interactive sessions (that are recorded for absentees) and aims to enable kids to become better at studying - pretty useful, actually!

You can book via Eventbrite (link below) or email me to book directly (thereby swerving more than £5 of Eventbrite booking fees).

There are only 12 places available and they have already started going! I’ll aim to add more dates if it sells out if time/childcare allows🤱🏼

Please share with your other parent-friends that might be interested. Thank you ☺️

[email protected] 🌟

Photos from Absolute Maths's post 17/05/2023

✨ Home Ed Street Art Project ✨

Send me a message to book your place. Boxes will be posted at least one week before.

A brilliant project not to be missed 💕


Over the summer Jake is going to be running some Dungeons and Dragons, Debate Club and Fieldwork days (both Environmental Management and Marine Science). There are limited places to keep the groups small, so please only book if you know you can definitely attend.

The live ones at Annesley will take place at our house, there is a beach day at Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire for Marine Science, and there are some online sessions for those who can't make the live ones.

The ‘Ancient Greece’ and ‘Strixhaven’ D&D sessions are for experienced players only, if you are a beginner please sign up for ‘Classic Gonljn Dungeon’.

I have made registration on Zoom even for the live, in person sessions for ease of payment and place allocation, so please book through the link even if you are attending live.

For the fieldwork days, please only leave your child if they are over 12 and will be sensible!

Any questions please ask here or in an email. Thanks!

2nd June Debate 10-12.30pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
2nd June Debate 1-3.30pm ONLINE:
9th June D&D 10-4pm ONLINE:
16th June EM Fieldwork 10-3pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
23rd June Debate 10-12.30pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
23rd June Debate 1-3.30pm ONLINE:
30th June EM Fieldwork 10-3pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
7th July D&D 10-4pm ONLINE:
14th July MS Fieldwork 10-3pm LIVE (THORNWICK BAY):
21st July D&D 10-4pm ONLINE:
28th July Debate 10-12.30pm LIVE (ANNESLEY):
28th July Debate 1-3.30pm ONLINE:


My daughter has been following Kim’s for … I love it when a tutor just gets her class - motivating revision through class quiz prizes; who else thinks my daughter’s hoping to win the opportunity to dare her teacher?! 🤦‍♀️😂

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Wakefield?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our story

I have had a keen interest in the learning and development of babies, children and young students, since 2008. My relentless research into educational approaches and resources was largely fueled by the needs and development of my own children – who have been a constant reminder of how individual a child can be.

Our first-born is an extremely confident social-butterfly, with an aptitude for learning that demands a challenging schedule, and still she will stay up late reading several books simultaneously. Our son is an over-thinker, with worries and anxieties, and yet he is extremely imaginative and naturally agile, whilst possessing a bold personality to keep us all on our toes! Both children excel academically; however, they learn in quite different ways.

Our daughter began her early years in a Montessori setting, and, after a recommendation from MENSA, we ensured that she gained a full-time place in a local primary school with a reputable gifted-and-talented provision. However, when she was 6 years old (in 2015), we took the decision to home educate as it proposed a more flexible curriculum suited to her interests and abilities. In contrast, our summer-born son attended the same Montessori setting, but he never really settled. And, after the success of home educating his older sister, we never even registered him at a school. In fact, home education suits our son even more than it does our daughter - who would enjoy certain aspects of a school setting, but doe prefer the freedom of being home-schooled.

As a family, we only ever envisaged home educating throughout the primary years; therefore, I prepared our daughter for entrance exams at reputable grammar and independent schools. She repeatedly passed exams, assessments and induction days - receiving offers of a place at the private junior and high schools, as well as at a very selective grammar school. However, having begun to embrace online distance-learning options from the age of 10; she chose to remain home educated with online courses in Math, English, Geography, Physics and Business Studies - facilitated at home by myself – thus, allowing her to space out IGCSE exams, taking a couple each year from age 11.

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