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How many guitar pics is it normal to find in your washing machine? Normal for us is 1. Today total is 7 so far! Suppose it shows Lachlan is practising this week.
Jane Cook x
Switching between the major and it's relative minor today at practise 👍🏼 next week Despacito 🤣
Sophie aged 7 doing her homework
Sophie aged 7 getting practise in ahead of her lesson next week
I have no hesitation in recommending Uddingston guitar lessons. My three children have attended over the past ten years.
Stuart has been encouraging and patient and made the lessons enjoyable.
My son gained an A in higher music and is studying advanced higher this year. He also received a music award with distinction at Our Lady s High school and is the bassist in a band.
I'm sure Stuart must take some recognition and praise for his students musical talents/success.
Goes without saying absolutely 5* recommendation to Uddingston Guitar Lessons.👍👍
It's a great day in the Devlin household when Innes not only gets one planet but two! He's super excited and so proud of himself 👏🏼 not too shabby for an 8 year old 💙

One to one guitar tuition and group guitar lessons in Lanarkshire and online.

Operating as usual


Why suffer alone??

2-1 daytime lessons now available.

Bring a friend, partner, bit on the side . . your choice really!!

Get in touch😀


It’s our Coatbridge showroom’s 1st birthday this weekend. Why not pop in and pick up a deal on Acoustic Avenue?



Having recently happened upon Santana at Montreux Jazz Festival (it’s on Amazon Prime) I wanted to record this lovely Latin tune – Choro For Shadow. Choro (pronounced Shoro) is a genre of Brazilian Popular Music. The tunes are so nice and they all take me away somewhere nice and hot and sunny . . . Anyway, I hope you enjoy😎

CHORO FOR SHADOW : (INSTRUMENTAL) Sign up here - https://www.dreverguitar.co.uk/ Please subscribe to the channel and hit the thumbs up👍. More videos coming soon.Choro is a genre of BPM (Braz...

Sing Sing Spiderman Swing : Fingerstyle Guitar 04/02/2023

Sing Sing Spiderman Swing : Fingerstyle Guitar

Why not a bit of Spidy for a Saturday morning 🕷️

Sing Sing Spiderman Swing : Fingerstyle Guitar Benny Goodman meets Michael Buble with Led Zeppelin joining late on and James Bond spying on them all from afar and making a cameo appearance at the very end...


A few questions -

Are you retired or have recently been fired?
Are you a millionaire with time to spare?
Do you work shifts and available during the day?
Do you have a guitar and would like to learn to play?

If the answer to any of these is yes you could be in for a daytime slot . . .

Daytime guitar slots available get in touch (before all the millionaires get in before you)!!


Need I say more?

THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER (Bill Jennings/Joe Pass) YOU!! (JAZZ GUITAR) 16/01/2023


JUST POSTED TO YOUTUBE - (a rather jazzy one)

‘There Will Never Be Another You’

I hope you enjoy and if you haven’t already, I would really appreciate if you would subscribe, hit the thumbs up and comments are very welcome too (even the dodgy ones 😉).


THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER (Bill Jennings/Joe Pass) YOU!! (JAZZ GUITAR) Sign up here - https://www.dreverguitar.co.uk/ Please subscribe to the channel and hit the thumbs up👍. More videos coming soon. I hope you enjoy this versio...


Look left . . look right . . Look he did alright😊

(Ok, well actually better than just alright but nothing else had the same ring to it).

Anyway, congratulations to Pearce on his Grade 4 exam . . Awesome🤘🎸



🎸30 minute lesson every week
🎸In-person (or online if you’d prefer)
🎸My patter’s great




If you would like to book some lessons or even have a wee chat about your plans to improve your playing then get in touch . . . . I’ll be gentle 😊🎸🤘🎶



Not my most viewed video yet but seems to be fast getting there. Check it out and remember to please subscribe, comments are also greatly appreciated 😊.

CAN'T BUY ME (JAZZ BLUES) LOVE!! (INSTRUMENTAL) Sign up here - https://www.dreverguitar.co.uk/Please subscribe to the channel and hit the thumbs up👍. More videos coming soon. Can’t Buy Me Love - one of th...


Does anyone else just sit and watch their guitars sometimes? Or is that just me?


Not long till the big day! 🎄 🎅 Have you got your presents sorted? Not yet? A block of guitar lessons is a brilliant Christmas gift, particularly for those in your life who keep saying “I’d love to learn an instrument” - give them the motivation to go for it!

Best of all? No need to worry if it will arrive on time…


Sheryl Bailey is one of the most inspirational guitarists of our time. Not only is she a hugely successful musician, but she is also dedicated to passing on her knowledge through her teaching career.

Sheryl currently works at Berklee College of Music in Boston. One of her big goals is to inspire more women to take up leadership roles in the world of music.

Sheryl started out wanting to be a rockstar, but like all musicians with great taste, she soon realised Jazz was the superior genre! Her music has often been described as “sizzling” and it is indeed very cool but with plenty of fire.

Check out “Unexpected Turn” and “Wilkinsburg"; from her album All Those Living. Give them a go and let me know how you get on!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer : Fingerstyle Guitar 12/12/2022

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer : Fingerstyle Guitar

Thirteen days till Christmas so not only is it now ok to wheel this one out but probably even a little overdue.

Since we’re on the subject of that Santa hat (yes we are) I just want to let you know that hat was £8 last year . . I kid you not😕 (Still not over it).

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer : Fingerstyle Guitar I hope you enjoy this arrangement of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I learned this from master fingerpicker Joe Robinson ( check out his version here on You...



You were warned just the other day there would be more videos coming very soon so here we are . . .

BACK BY (no) PUBLIC DEMAND is my latest video to ‘drop’ (really not sure what that means but I’ve heard people in the know say it).

I hope you enjoy and please do subscribe, share, and all that other Youtubey good stuff😊.

Comments are also greatly appreciated (even the ones that say “he looks like Marty McFly”. That’s true btw).

CAN'T BUY ME (JAZZ BLUES) LOVE!! (INSTRUMENTAL) Sign up here - https://www.dreverguitar.co.uk/Please subscribe to the channel and hit the thumbs up👍. More videos coming soon. Can’t Buy Me Love - one of th...

Photos from Drever Guitar School's post 09/12/2022

The big man is coming soon so if you have still to buy for THAT person who has everything then maybe you could give them the gift of music 🎶 🎸.

I’m sure they AND your neighbours will thank you for it.


In case you didn’t already know I have a YouTube channel.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag with some performance videos, practice videos, smaller video snippets I recorded so as not to forget them and a couple of other randoms. There are no actual guitar lessons on there which is something I will get to but there are a few videos of tunes I have worked on or am working on with pupils and it allows them/you to see how the ideas and techniques we look at can be put in to practice.

Anyway, please do check it out and I would really appreciate if you could subscribe and share it (send it to all those people you don’t like!!😉).

New videos coming very soon . . . .maybe even tomorrow (or the next day or day after that but definitely soon😁)


Yup, could not agree more! Guitar is like a type of therapy. If you are looking to practice self-care while upskilling yourself, guitar is the way to do it.


While I’ve been really promoting my group lessons recently, I know these aren’t for everyone. Maybe you are shy in groups, or perhaps you are keen to take part in a group lesson, but you’d like a few solo sessions first?

My online one-to-one guitar lessons are open to people at any stage in their guitar journey and I have a range of times available. Just send me a message if you would like to find out more.


B. B. King a.k.a. King of the Blues! He first ‘got big’ on the famous Beale Street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. In the late 40’s and early 50’s this was the place to be if you were a top Blues musician.

His most successful single (which you have to listen to!) is "The Thrill is Gone” (1969) and he was the first Blues artist to make it into the pop mainstream.

He won a total of 15 Grammys and he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush in 2006 - pretty amazing!

Music was King’s life and he was still playing hundreds of concerts every year in his 70’s and 80’s and kept going until he eventually collapsed on stage and was forced to slow down. Yes, the people around him should definitely have taken better care of him… but perhaps the music just meant more to him than anything else, even his health. Either way, he lived to the ripe old age of 89, quite an impressive feat for someone in his industry!


The last post (not that one) from our group performance at the Bothwell Scarecrow Festival . . .


House of the Rising Sun - it’s almost the Drever Guitar School national anthem😂.

I hope you enjoy👍

Loom Message - 14 November 2022 17/11/2022

Loom Message - 14 November 2022

Howdy pickers, as you may (or may not but will after reading this) know I am a big fan of Mr Joe Robinson. The next Tommy Emmanuel as far as I’m concerned which is saying a LOT!! Anyway, that being said I’m sure you can only imagine my delight to receive this wonderful feedback from the man himself . . . Certainly made my day😊

Loom Message - 14 November 2022


As some my pupils will testify, I like to dabble a wee bit playing jazz. When you’re in the right mood there really is no better sound. The best way to get yourself motivated with any instrument, is to listen to the greats. Here are 4 amazing jazz guitar solos that may just inspire you!!


One more blues for a Saturday morning😎. This time it’s a solo performance from Kyan . . he’s at the back and you can’t see him but you definitely can hear him🤘.


Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You (Official Music Video) 10/11/2022

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You (Official Music Video)

Now . . . I know we are going back a bit here and this may seem an odd one but I heard it just the other day on a TV Music channel (which I do not listen to generally but was flicking). Anyway, I do
like this song and it reminds of a younger, simpler time!!

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You (Official Music Video) REMASTERED IN HD!Ugly Kid Joe "Everything About You" official music video from the album 'America's Least Wanted'.Revisit more 90's music videos: https://www...


Saturday morning laid back blues for you today. Our group performance of Cold Comfort. A great one for getting everyone involved and playing the blues😎.

I hope you enjoy😊.


If you’re looking to hear some live music or would like to get involved in playing live music, get yourself along to Uddingston Music Club (at Uddingston Cricket Club) tonight at 1915. A very welcoming and encouraging group which offers a great patform to listen and or play.

ALSO . . . There will be three pupils making their live debut tonight so good luck to Emily, Kiyan and Joseph. 🤘🎸

Uddingston Cricket Club


Another fun technique for you to practice this month; this time it’s all about the slide. Give these a go and practice the technique while discovering some great new music.


A lovely touch from the maestro Joe Robinson to comment on my T-Bone Shuffle video. Made my day😊.



New video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiHLRSbGie8

One of my favourite tunes with which I once had a very surreal camping experience. One weekend our camping trip was invaded by an illegal ‘rave’. There were literally hundreds of people turned up and set up a rave tent and a marquee by the side of the loch which was the chill out tent. Around 4 in the morning this song got played and the tent went mental!!!!!

FOLSOM PRISON BLUES!! Sign up here - https://www.dreverguitar.co.uk/ One of my favourite tunes and in particular the actual live version recorded in Folsom Prison.I also had a ver...


This will put a wee spring in your step-

The classic Johnny Cash song Folsom Prison Blues played to a ‘captive’ audience at Bothwell Primary School.

I think I hear something coming 🚂 🎵

Bothwell Scarecrow Festival
Uddingston Cricket Club
Uddingston Musicfest
Viewpark Parish Church
Uddingston Train Station


Group or solo guitar - I offer both! Everyone is different and has a different style of learning. But if you are considering taking part in a group lesson, here are 5 brilliant reasons to do so.


Written in 1925 (yes, we play all the modern stuff) -

Sweet Georgia Brown.

A well known and well played tune made even more famous by the Harlem Globetrotters who used to perform a basketball routine to it.

There are just three pupils playing it here as it was a late addition to the set so not everyone had learnt it yet. However, that very next week those who hadn’t played it ALL asked to learn it😊.


We have all heard of the iconic Les Paul guitar, but have you ever wondered about the man behind the name?

Les Paul was, as you can imagine, a brilliant guitar designer, but he was also a great musician. He developed many playing and production techniques which heavily influenced some of the most famous guitarists.

However, he wasn’t one of these people who could play guitar before they could walk. In fact, his mother was famously told by a music teacher "Your boy, Lester, will never learn music”. Les didn’t let that stop him and had made it into the mid-west music scene by the time he was a teenager. He went on to be a successful country and later jazz guitarist.

Today, Les Paul is one of a select few who have a permanent exhibit in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Moral of the story? Ignore those who try to put you down and just keep playing!

These Arms of Mine 16/10/2022

These Arms of Mine

Music for a Sunday evening? Look no further -

These Arms of Mine Provided to YouTube by Rhino AtlanticThese Arms of Mine · Otis ReddingThe Very Best of Otis Redding℗ 1964 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United State...


Can’t go wrong with The Beatles - Can’t Buy Me Love ❤️

If you watch closely you will notice the pupils at the front are all playing chords so you may wonder where the melody is coming from?! Well, behind those you see in front there are five people playing the melody part (you can’t really see them too well other than a wee glimpse of a head here and there).

A great team effort💪🎸🤘.

black crowes - she talks to angels 13/10/2022

black crowes - she talks to angels

Chosen by David because it is his all-time favourite song of all time...ever!!

It is a cracker and the open tuning certainly gives it a sort of laid back almost dreamy quality. A nice calming break in your day.

Black Crowes - She talks to angels

black crowes - she talks to angels a beautiful song

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Can’t go wrong with The Beatles - Can’t Buy Me  Love ❤️ If you watch closely you will notice the pupils at the front are...
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Danny Boy
I've got a super cheerful #FingerstyleFriday for you this month, The Bare Necessities! This one is sure to have you feel...
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Star Pupil Rory - Stayin Alive




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