APEX Human Performance uk

APEX Human Performance uk


Progress! We are getting stronger every session. All jokes aside! I can feel it, and I can see it – Mushy Bush is kicking my proverbial. For every squat I do, she's well ahead, although I keep telling myself she's doing it wrong, and I am much better from a technique perspective.
What Bush needs is to take a few sessions off so I can get ahead of her. I think she's better at this because she is vertically challenged. People who are less high off the ground have less work to do when squatting. I am sure there is a mathematical equation that will back me up here, and Bush is definitely a short arse

My diet is going miserably. I have consumed an amount of alcohol this week that many would not consider moderate. It was not accounted for in my planning, so I will not eat Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The great googly moogly knows I have enough body weight to see me through without any issues. Although I like food too much, I reckon I'll scratch that and start again on Monday…
To business, today we warmed up as usual – running – always with the running, does Rob not know I am a lady of a certain age, and running, jumping, trampolining, coughing, sneezing and many more activities I care not to mention, are out of the question. The old pelvic floor muscle is NOT what it used to be, and that's all there is to say about that!

Where was I? Ah yes, running, squatting, weights, and a little bit of resistance band work….I liked that! There was a moment when taking off my jumper was a challenge. With arms like jelly, EVERYTHING becomes hard work.
Rob's support email today was a focused piece on "fundamentals" – water and protein. I have learned that both are really important when it comes to .

Can't wait for my next session with the lovely Rob Williams at APEX Human Performance uk. It's the fitness test, weigh-in and measurement day. Woop Woop!

SESSION 6 – Tipping the scales Trump

It seemed like an excellent idea to do this twice a week; the original thinking was that it gives the body a few days to recover either side. Hah! ( ) it seems as though I need a lot more time to recover than I thought.

Exercise rundown for this am:
Warmup – running, squatting and generally unpleasant other stuff
Session – planks, mountain climbers, lift and press, and a buddy thing.

The buddy thing is an evil, fast track to the warm place type of exercise. Basically, you stand about a foot apart from your partner and they squat while you drive your arms forward like a punching motion. All the while using each other as a counter-balance. You are hanging onto a type of rope pully system that has handles. The person squatting can make the other person's job more challenging by pulling harder on the pully system. It's wicked, and not in a good sense, it's truly truly wicked….AND it hurts.

The Robster was a little miffed when I let go of the system at the end of the session and sent Mushy Bushy to her arse at high speed. Oops!
Obviously, I laughed… a little too heartily... Poor Rob we're naughty 12-year-olds stuck in (slightly, and I'm speaking for myself here not Bush, she's WAY older than me ) older bodies.

Needless to say, that was the highlight of my morning!

Into the weekend I go, armed with a new support email from APEX Human Performance uk

Rob Williams
Session 4 - TTS TRUMP

What was I thinking!?!
Last night I decided that I was going to try an ariel yoga class! Yes, you know the one, it looks like you are floating effortlessly, looking all graceful like in the air.
NOT A CHANCE – I could not get my body to contort. It is simply unnatural what they were asking. The annoying part was that everyone in the class was good, I mean super good.
Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, and I did enjoy it; however, this morning, I feel as though I have been dragged down high street by a Biffa truck. My already shocked body is whinging and moaning at me from all its dark corners. I have no idea how I am about to get through this personal training session.
from is in annoyingly chipper form, probably because he is about to unleash some severe lunge and squat torture on us.
Bush is super energised this morning. She’s outdoing me on every exercise. I can’t have that!!!

I am really struggling today.

I’m already aching…. This is going to hurt!

To add insult to injury, I know that Bush has averaged around 100 squats a night because she sent me a Whatsapp video of her doing them… bloody overachiever!
After many, many lunges, and squats, we went down to the floor and did some reverse rowing, running, and jumpy squat things. I think I’ll need to get the “Depends” out for the next session. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

We moved onto a buddy system, where my body weight (in a squat) supported Bush while she did some rowing movements. I held one end of a strap with an eyelet in, and Bush had the other ends and, while squatting, rowed her arms. We swapped over after intervals of time. Needless to say, I was rubbish at this as my legs felt like they belonged to someone else. Bush was, however, annoyingly good AGAIN!
Another good session over, onward and upward.

APEX Human Performance uk
Session 3 - TTS Trump

Lunging and running for a warm-up this morning.
Raised heart rate and breathing, tick.

Why did I bloody eat and drink so much last year… Mind you, that doesn’t stop me from having a cheeky prosecco on a school night and sure, it would be rude not to finish the bottle, am I right? I am right, aren’t I?

Mushy Bush is not here today; she pulled a sicky! Yeah right! So I’m at it alone a full-on session with the Robster. Needless to say, I have NOT been looking forward to it!
Homework was meal planning for today, and I came armed with mine. Very basic, but a point to start from. I will admit I don’t subscribe to planning meals. I adopt a more lassez faire method with food. The problem is that I can’t cook; I can make a mean sandwich, though… . Anyway, I’m trying to tell you that whatever’s in the fridge will do, and I eat when hungry.
Rob Williams at APEX Human Performance uk was very impressed with my food planning capabilities. He also seemed quite pleased with the punishing workout he put me through this morning. Afterwards, we talked about SMART goals and if the real motivation is to lose weight??? Eh yeah!

APEX Human Performance uk Rob Williams
It's Official!
Yup, that's right! I am no longer pussyfooting around the idea of losing weight. Simply put, I just can't do it on my own. So, I have wrangled in a friend with the same problem as me…menopausal middleweight, or as I like to call it, my food baby, and we are taking on a personal trainer.
Woah! I hear you say! – yes, it is an additional expense during this post covid time, but I ask you, is money more important than health? Yup, I got you there, lol!
Anyway, my sidekick and I are dipping our toes firmly into the world of health and fitness. We will be documenting our experience the whole way through and hope to break past the plateau of maintaining our weight to actually losing some whilst getting healthier. To be fair, I don't think we are bothered about the weight per se; it's the muffin top, pot belly, beached whale situation we would like to leave behind. You know what I mean, the "I'd like to fit comfortably into ANY of my clothes" scenario.
So for this experiment, we are taking on pseudo names, as we have decided that secrecy builds intrigue, I shall now be referring to myself as "tipping the scales Trump"; just Trump for short, and my partner in crime shall be "mushy Bush", you got it, Bush. Not trying to be political at all, but we have named ourselves after the most iconic and stupid past presidents of the USA.
Anyway, we managed to find a PT in our area that likes to take on groups, as apparently, it's more supportive and renders better individual results due to a bit of healthy competition. He won't know what's hit him. Bush is THE MOST competitive person I know; she'll be looking to beat me at all costs, lol! I know this for a fact as I usually get a gloaty WhatsApp message every Monday asking me if I forgot to wear my Fitbit (other brands are available) during the week. (moan)
So, we have decided to go with at , and so far, so good. He is enthusiastic (one of us has to be), he knows what he's doing and well, we like him, and he's just a super nice fella.
In our first session, we did a fitness test so Rob could build an exercise plan for us. He listened to our ailments and measured our food babies. We are good to go!
Our fitness test consisted of running around like mad women whilst trying to count reps simultaneously – more complicated than it sounds, believe me. We used very large elastic bands to open up our shoulders, planks for as long as we could manage and as many squats as we could fit into 1 minute.
Rob is super polite; he didn't flinch when he asked me my weight, and I told him 44.4kg, with total confidence, I might add. It was Bush that quickly rectified that number and loudly noted my incapacity for simple maths. I think she may have even called me an idiot 😊
Fine, I'm 84.4 kg, are you happy now?
The highlight of the session was the massive golden lab that raced over to say hi to me whilst I lay on the ground recovering from holding a plank for 48 seconds. I'm glad the lab was friendly 😊
Jesus! Basic training starts the day after tomorrow and I'm already a little bit beaten up! What have I let myself in for it was only a half-hour fitness test?
The day after the fitness test. Ouch!!! What's keeping me going is that when I bend over, my arse could eclipse the sun, not ideal! Onwards to the next session. Let's see how much work can be done in a committed 12-week program!!! I will fit into something other than jeggings and leggings….I WILL.
APEX Human Performance uk Rob Williams

Apex human performance has been created for those looking for expert coaching and guidance alongside

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 10/01/2022

Three little words: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, OR just get out of your chair now……and dance!!!

MOVE!!!! It's the only way to stay healthy…….
Get in touch with Apex, we’ll get you moving…


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An employees health and well-being contributes towards engagement, performance and a sense of value and belonging within their team. Call Apex; we can customise a workforce training program to promote a happier and healthier team. The critical skill tasks we provide help to encourage team-building, making everyone a winner! Call us to get your work team scheduled.



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We don't know about you, but we are happy to bid adieu to 2021. Roll on 2022, may it bring each and every one of you health, wealth and happiness.

SIDENOTE: We can help with the health part 😁😉



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Are you currently trying to lose weight or make healthier choices? Top tip!!! PLANNING – Take a good long look at your environment, and plan your meals around it! Stop feeling guilty about going out to events and eating a little unhealthily now and then. Just plan your meals ahead of time and consider anything that will throw you off, plan around it. If you're having your favourite fatty cheeseburger and beers on Friday with friends, just make healthier meal options during the week to compensate…..simple!
You just need to get in touch with us!


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Did you know that sleep, or a lack of it, can seriously contribute to weight gain? When we plan with you, we take everything including your environment into consideration. Book a session with Rob at Apex today.


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Mythbuster: If you go on a low carb diet, the effect of cutting down on carbs causes the weight loss, not the carbs and some magic, it's the fact that you are actually eating less. Low-fat, paleo, keto, Cambridge; all work on the same premise; you eat less, which leads to losing weight. Get in touch. Now is the right time! We at Apex are here to support you by building a unique plan, just for you.



Fitter and healthier than ever before - sic

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It is possible to lose weight fast, it means being more aggressive with your approach. The trick to keeping the weight off is to pay attention to the process so what you do at the end is sustainable. Contact us for some one-to-one or group training.


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Did you know that fast fat loss can be achieved, but it's rarely an enjoyable process as you get tired quickly, get cranky, and spend half your life miserable and hungry, and who wants that?
Contact us and we will do our very best to keep the hangerness at bay.

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Stop buying into quick fixes and hoping for a magic solution o lose weight. They simply don't exist. The proper diet, exercise, lifestyle change, balance, sleeping well, these are all the things that work. At Apex Human Performance, we help you unravel it all and find clarity and balance that works with your body and mind. Want to change those unhealthy habits. Be the best you can be with Apex human performance. Contact us.


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Are you living from one meal to the next, always worried about healthy versus non-healthy choices? Spend a bit of time each day on what you plan to eat for the next one, and if you get on a roll, why not plan for the week in one go. By planning ahead, you are taking the guesswork out of mealtimes and giving yourself less opportunity to make bad food choices. With a nutrition plan, just for you, and some personal training, we can help you make healthy decisions less of a chore. Get in touch.


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Being emotionally and intrinsically motivated by our goals is the key to a successful weight loss program. That's why we use the S.M.A.R.T. model of goal setting at Apex Human Performance. We are ready to motivate you through the end of 2021. Call us and be the best you, you can be for 2022.


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Are you part of a sporting team that's on the lookout for that extra edge when it comes to performance? Get in touch with us; we have experience working with teams specifically in these areas:
• Posture
• Injuries
• Fitness
• Responsiveness
We love to train sporting teams, the comradery is second to none. Get in touch if your team needs the edge.


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We have years of experience behind us; you are in safe hands. We listen to you and tailor nutritional strategies and training plans to suit you. Try us!


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Is your goal to be strong and fit enough for everything life has to throw at you?
Our goal is to get you there, but YOU need to make the first step.


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Don't want to train alone? That's okay, try a group session. Train together with up to four members of your family or friends with an experienced coach. Work as a team in a fun and engaging environment whilst supporting each other every step of the way towards your goals. With weekly training sessions and a nutrition program, we give you all the tools needed to feel in control of your eating habits. It's cost-effective and, well…it works! Get in touch now!


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Just because your trying to lose weight and be healthy doesn't mean you have to be hungry. Crash diets often leave us dissatisfied at mealtimes, and it doesn't have to be this way. Sure, losing the extra kilos can be challenging and usually means a sacrifice, but not hunger. We can help you with some serious nutrition planning; get in touch to book your session with Rob today.


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THEY SAY: 14 weeks is the perfect time frame to complete a successful and sustainable weight loss and fitness program.
WE SAY: Everyone is different, but 14 weeks is enough time to build a sustainable habit.

At Apex, it's our experience that most people work well under a bit of pressure. Knowing your endpoint is a good motivator and makes you accountable to yourself, the goal you have set yourself, and the amount of time you want it to take. There are only 8 weeks left till Christmas; get in touch before the resolution rush!


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Have you ever taken a moment to truly understand what is driving you to lose weight and make lifestyle changes? Is it just superficial, or is it deeper than that? Don’t wait until New Year, make the call now, we are waiting for you.

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