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Prepare your tissues on the 10th of December for the second season with Lee Jae Wook in “Alchemy Of Souls Part 2”

[Han|Rom|Eng] Love in the Milky Way Cafe / 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 English Lyrics - 10cm / 십센치 30/07/2022


Here are some tracks to add to your playlist, whether you work at a coffee shop or want something to listen to as you sip your mocha.

“Americano” (10cm) – Americano is the most popular coffee in Korea, so of course, it has its own song. Stays may recognize the tune sung by Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Han during the infamous Americano incident.

“Coffee” (BTS) – This ballad from the group’s “O!RUL8,2?” album compares their love interest to different kinds of coffee. It’s a chill song with surprisingly sad lyrics that is perfect background music on a rainy day.


“Love in the Milky Way Café” (10cm) – Want more proof that coffee and romance go hand in hand? The band name-drops neighbourhoods known for their cafes (“…Hongdae Sangsu-dong Sinchon Ewha Woman’s University”) and admits that “I come here every day listening to the same song.” That’s love for you.


[Han|Rom|Eng] Love in the Milky Way Cafe / 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 English Lyrics - 10cm / 십센치 Love in the Milky Way Cafe / 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 Color Coded English Lyrics - 10cm / 십센치 한글 자막 / 가사 Released on: 2011-02-10Producer: 10cmMixer: Hong Joonho, Kim So...

Photos from Learning Korean's post 13/05/2022

I’m posting some photos from a trip to the restaurant on the Parents’ day (어버이날 Eobeoinal) which is held on 8th May.

Korean beef (around 40 dollars) is something Koreans love to eat. Now, why such a fuss about Korean beef? That’s because Korean beef is fresh and soft. There aren’t that many because South Korea is quite hilly and limits the number of cows that can be reared, hence, you have to pay the price. For the Parents’ day you need to have a cake (in the photo). That’s basically how you celebrate it.


Here’s some vocabulary and dialogue that you might find useful. You can find extra activities and grammar explanations and exercises on our Patreon (link in Bio). There are different membership options available there with your homework being checked by the teachers. If you have any questions, please DM me.


Zoom class starting this Saturday and running every Saturday. The focus is learning Hangeul. Please DM me for a link.


This Saturday at 2pm, I’ll be teaching you how to read in Hangeul! This class is for beginners. Come on Instagram live!


Listening practice

You can write the sentences down. This is for those who have studied days of the week etc. You can comment below 👇


I just got a seal from .kr from Korea. Nice to get lots of little gifts too as usual. Check out my friend’s Instagram and website. Last time I ordered an engraved silver pendant. Thank you .kr for a wonderful touch to all the things you make! ❤️


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Here's some vocabulary for today:

해피 발렌타인 데이 - Happy Valentine's!

초콜렛 - Chocolate

발렌타인데이는 2월 14일이에요. Valentine's Day is on the 14th of February.

발렌타인데이 - Valentine's day

화이트데이 - White day

Hope today you have a lovely day and don't forget to add us on Instagram:


해피 발렌타인 데이 !
Happy Valentine’s everyone if you are celebrating.

Here’s some useful language. Please add more on the comments below. 👇

❤️Happy Valentine's Day!
해피 발렌타인 데이! haepi ballentain dei!

❤️I made this Valentine's chocolate for you.
발렌타인 초콜릿 선물 만들었어요 ballentain chokollit seonmul mandeureosseoyo

❤️Shall we eat this Valentine chocolate together?
같이 발렌타인 초콜릿 먹을 까요? gachi ballentain chokollit meogeul kkayo?

❤️Here’s a Valentine's card card I wrote for you.
발렌타인 카드 썼어요 ballentain kadeu sseosseoyo

❤️I’m your secret admirer .
나는 을/를 짝사랑하고 있어요 naneun eul/reul jjaksaranghago isseoyo.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 13/02/2022

The long awaited and anticipated couple of this year: Park Min Young and Song Kang in the drama “Forecasting love and weather”. I can see many are criticising them for their age gap and for the looks. A typical topic for discussion but love happens at any age and knows no boundaries. Righ?

Photos from Learning Korean's post 11/02/2022

Prepositions of place in Korean. Can you make some sentences with them? For a video-explainer sign up to Patreon (link in bio).

Photos from Learning Korean's post 10/02/2022

Let's revise the prepositions of place. Go over the first image with the prepositions, then have a look at the sentence construction and then make sentences. Write your final sentences below. The video explaining the prepositions of place can be found on our Patreon through membership (link in BIO).

Photos from Learning Korean's post 10/02/2022

Korean Joke N20

Q: Where do Australians keep their money?

A: 호주머니 (hojumeoni)

Explanation: All of us have put money in our pockets, right? In Korean, the word for pocket is 호주머 (hojumeoni). But why Australians? It’s because the word (hoju) in 호주머니 (hojumeoni) means Australia.
🇰🇷 #ㅋㅋㅋ


Hello, to all of you. I would like to draw your attention to the Patreon memberships (accessed through the link in Bio). Why not join us there? Live sessions are part of the Soju membership level. There’s also one higher level where you will get a one-to-one with the teacher.

DM me if you have any questions.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 05/02/2022

Korean Joke N19

Q: What do Koreans smoke at the horse racetrack?

A: 말보로 (malboro)

Explanation: Despite having no traditional Malboro image on the packet like it used to (in the UK only perhaps), a lot of people know it. The cigarette brand is pronounced as 말보로 (malboro) in Korean. And the word 말 (mal) in 말보로 (malboro) means horse in Korean. Thus, 말보로 (malboro) is the cigarette smoked in the horse racetrack.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 02/02/2022

Let's practise some simple language. In Korean when you want to order something to eat or drink, you can simply say a noun first and then 주세요 (chuseyo). So you can say Orange juice chuseyo. Please match the pictures to the words and then practise asking for these things.


Here is a visual dictionary for you. Try reading the words if you are a beginner and practise writing them down.
🇰🇷 🇰🇷

Photos from Learning Korean's post 28/01/2022

Korean slang

움짤 (umjjal) – Animated photo | GIF

Here's another slang word for you: GIFs. In Korean, you can talk about them using the word 움짤 (umjjal).
For more materials, join us on Patreon. Link in BIO!

Photos from Learning Korean's post 28/01/2022


짤 (jjal) – Photo

Hello to all. Today let's look at the new internet slang word that simply means “photo”. You can use it instead of 사진 (sajin |picture or photo). I bet that's the word you learnt as a beginner. Am I right?

Come for more posts like this.


A vocab recap for beginners. What context did you learn them in? Do you remember the grammar pattern? Comment below because it would be interesting to know how you learnt them. Thank you for all the likes ❤️. If you would like this resource, please DM me with your email address.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 27/01/2022

Korean Joke #18

Q: Where does a Korean grandfather look for love?

A: e-할머니! (e-halmeoni)

Explanation: The word 할머니 (halmeoni) means grandmother. If you add an e at the beginning, you get e-할머니 (e-halmeoni), which sounds like the online dating website eharmony.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 26/01/2022

Korean Joke N17

Q: What’s a real estate agent’s favorite mountain to hike?

A: 부동산! (budongsan)

Explanation: The word 부동산 (budongsan) means real estate and the syllable 산 (san) means mountain. So, the name of the mountain that a real estate agent loves to hike is 부동산 (budongsan).

Photos from Learning Korean's post 24/01/2022

밀당 (mildang) – Push and pull
This is a combination of the verbs 밀다 (mildang | to push) and 당기다 (danggida | to pull). However, in this case the words do not literally mean pushing and pulling as in a tug of war or a door.

This Korean slang word refers to the flaky actions people take in romantic relationships, “playing games” with each other where one minute they’re hot and the next they’re cold. You can also use this as a verb in the form 밀당하다 (mildanghada).
맛점 (matjeom) – Delicious lunch
Short for 맛있는 점심 (masinneun jeomsim), this Korean slang word simply describes a “delicious lunch.” Want to describe a delicious dinner and sound cool doing so? Just use 맛저 (matjeo), short for 맛있는 저녁 (masinneun jeonyeok)! Shortening things really is easy, isn’t it?
만렙 (mallep) – Level 10,000
Another shortened phrase, 만렙 (mallep) is a combination of 만 (man | 10, 000) and 레벨 (rebel | level). Have you ever played an RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases in level after making certain achievements?

This phrase refers to someone who is a master of something, and their level is so good it is like they have achieved the maximum level in a game! But don’t worry, you can use this phrase for anything — someone who is good at lifting weights, building things, or studying (not only games)!
쪼렙 (jjorep) – Beginner level
This Korean slang word is just the opposite of the previous! There are the masters, and then there are the beginners, or the “newbs.” This word is a slightly altered version of 쪼그만한 레벨 (jjogeumanhan rebel), meaning a small or low level.

Not good at tennis and want to let your partner know before the match starts? Let them know you’re 쪼렙 (jjorep) and you’ll be sure to get a laugh.
Comment below if you want an explanation for other slang words here.


Don't forget to tune into the live Korean lesson at 1.30 pm today (London time).

Photos from Learning Korean's post 24/01/2022

Korean Joke N16

Q: What do you call a news reporter who interviews the sun?

A: 해리포터 (haeripoteo)

Explanation: 해 (hae) means sun in Korean while 리포터 (ripoteo) is how the English word reporter is spelled in Korean. So a reporter who interviews the sun is a 해리포터 (haeripoteo), which sounds like Harry Potter.


A recap of yesterday’s wedding

Photos from Learning Korean's post 22/01/2022

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon have tied the knot today. What historic moment! These pictures were released earlier today. Unnie was very emotional when saying the vows. Of course, who wouldn’t? It’s one of the best moments of anyone’s life. The next moment will be the birth of their baby.


Listen to these happy lovebirds saying their wedding vows. Park Shin Hye and Hye-Choi Tae Joon make a visually stunning couple. I will share the pictures in the next post.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 15/01/2022

You know the Korean TV series called 스타트업? You might feel motivated to chase your dreams after watching it. Maybe you are already chasing your dream by working hard on your Korean. Can you find the correct answer which means A DREAM CHASER and comment below?


Photos from Learning Korean's post 15/01/2022

Korean Joke N15

Q: What do you call a cute guy with no ears?

A: 귀없다! (gwieopda)

Explanation: The word 귀 (gwi) means ears and the word 없다 (eopda) means none or not existing. So, the word 귀없다 (gwieopda) means no ears. When it’s pronounced quickly, it sounds like the Korean word for cute, which is 귀엽다 (gwiyeopda).

#한글 #한국어 #한국어공부 #한국어수업 #한국어배우기

Photos from Learning Korean's post 15/01/2022

Korean joke N9

모쏠 (mossol) – Someone who has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend

모쏠 (mossol) is the shortened version of the word 모태솔로 (motae sollo). The first word 모태 (motae) means “mother’s womb. The second word 솔로 (sollo) sounds like “solo”, which means a person who has never been in a relationship.

Put them together, and you’ve got “someone who has been alone since birth”.

*gasp* Use this one with caution!

If you happen to be 모쏠 (mossol) and want to fight fire with fire, you can use 솔로천국 커플지옥 (sollocheonguk keopeuljiok). It’s aimed at couples, and means “Solo Heaven Couple Hell.”

#한글 #한국어 #한국어공부 #한국어수업 #한국어배우기 #솔로천국 #모쏠

Photos from Learning Korean's post 14/01/2022

품절남 (pumjeollam) | 품절녀 (pumjeollyeo) – Man or woman who just got married

품절 (pumjeol) is another expression for sold out (매진 | maejin), coming from the hanja for product (품 | pum) and gone (절 | jeol). The words 품절남 (pumjeollam) and 품절녀 (pumjeollyeo) literally mean ‘sold-out man’ and ‘sold-out woman’, they refer to somebody (a celebrity or popular friend) who has just got married and is therefore off the market for dating.

These Korean slang terms can be used with the verb 되다 (doeda) which means ‘to become’. For example, 품절녀가 됐어요 (pumjeollyeoga dwaesseoyo) means ‘she got married’.

To say ‘she got married’ you can also use the word 시집갔어요 (sijipgasseoyo) which is a real word (not Korean slang) literally meaning ‘she went to the in-laws house’. For guys, you can use 장가갔어요 (janggagasseoyo) instead.
#한글 #한국어 #한국어공부 #한국어수업 #한국어배우기

Photos from Learning Korean's post 08/01/2022

Korean Joke N14

Q: Which celebrity used to bag groceries?

A: 짐캐리 (jimkaeri)

Explanation: The word 짐 (jim) in Korean means baggage, and 캐리 sounds like carry. 짐캐리 (jimkaeri) sounds like the actor Jim Carrey. So, his name sounds like carrying a bag of groceries.


Me in Hanbok.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 06/01/2022

Korean Joke N13
Q: What is the most apologetic fruit?

A: 사과! (sagwa)

Explanation: 사과 (sagwa) means two things in Korean. It can mean apple and apology. So sometimes, when people want to apologise to someone, they give an apple to show they’re sorry.

Photos from Learning Korean's post 06/01/2022

솔까말 (solkkamal) – To speak openly and honestly
솔 (sol) stands for 솔직히 (soljiki) with means “honestly”.
The 까 (kka) and 말 (mal) parts come from 까놓고 말하다 (kkanoko malhada), meaning “speak your mind”.
The full phrase is 솔직히 까놓고 말하다 (soljiki kkanoko malhada), but you can keep it simple. When you want someone to tell it to you straight, use the Korean slang 솔까말 (solkkamal).
#솔까말 #ㅋㅋ #ㅋㅋㅋ

Photos from Learning Korean's post 05/01/2022

Korean Joke N12

Q: Why did the pear go to the hospital?

A: 배아파서 (baeapaseo)

Explanation: The word 배 (bae) can mean two things in Korean. It can mean pear and stomach. And, 아파 (apa) from the word 아프다 (apeuda) means pain or ache. So, if a pear goes to the hospital it is because of stomach ache which can be expressed as 배아파서 (baeapaseo).


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