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We’ve had an amazing art day in ladybugs last week.
We have had some BIG scale painting, we used a long sheet of bright paper with lots of paint, rollers, brushes, and we even used our feet and hands. The children were dressed in our forest school all in one suits and was allowed to get as messy as they liked. They absolutely loved every moment! As you can probably see from the photo in the comments 😂
Art day in Mighty Oaks
Who knew we had so many mini artist in nursery! Today has been a fun filled creative day. The children have used all different types of medias and materials. Some of the work is going towards our next theme returning back in September and other masterpieces are coming home to you soon.
Ice play
When the weather was hot last week ! ladybugs staff prepared some fun ice play resources. The children had to find different ways to get the animals out of the ice, they used their hands, tools, warm water, brushes and eventually managed to set all of the animals free 💦
Thank you to all those that kindly brought in cakes yesterday for our stall. We raised a whooping £106.50
It was a great turn out and nice to see so many people having a good time.
A special thank you to Ollie Leighton’s mum who must have been working tirelessly though the night, very much appreciated.
Thank you all
From Mrs Giordano and the team
Please remember to bring in your cake or cakes ready to sell on our stall tomorrow. Any money raised will be going towards supplies for nursery.
Thank you kindly
Mighty Oaks sports day
Well done to everyone who took part in our sports day today, it was a great success! The children have been practicing hard and it showed. Thank you to all those that came to watch, I know it’s not easy to get time away from your busy days. Go Mighty Oaks 👏🏻⭐️
Healthy lifestyle week
This week in Mighty Oaks the children have been learning about how important it is to look after our bodies, from healthy eating to exercising. Outdoors they have took part in the 1k a day on the playground and practice ready for sports day, inside we have taken part in cosmic yoga and just dance games.
Started the jubilee celebrations of today with decorations, party food and games. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did we !
Hope all have a lovely break and we look forwards to seeing you back soon.
Please see the following link for information regarding sports day

Newdale Nursery is part of Newdale Primary School offering places to Newdale, Lawley, Overdale, The Newdale Nursery is located in Telford as part of Newdale Primary School and opened in September 2012.The nursery is located at the front of the school and offers an ideal environment in which children may develop in safe nurturing surroundings.

Operating as usual

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A round-up of Ladybugs week of events…🐞
And what a week it was, we managed to pack lots of exciting things into just four days this week 👍

We celebrated Earth day, by exploring Basecamp for the first time which as you can see the children loved (so did the adults 😂) as well as junk modelling using lots of objects kindly brought in by parents/carers. We took part in early Diwali celebrations and more Halloween fun 🌳🎊🎃

We also had our grandparents tea party, where some of our grandparents joined us in some activities then tea and cake. Yum! 🍰 This was a amazing experience so thank you to all involved.

Once again thank you all for a great first half term, have a lovely half term break and we will see you back on the 31st of October ready to celebrate in Halloween style 🎃🦇👻

Ladybugs 🐞

Earth Day 21/10/2022

Earth Day

Earth Day Thank you for the donations you sent in. We made a total of £374.50. When we take away the cost of our beautiful Earth day tree and the small charge from the Wildlife trust, we have £216 left over.

Menu change- Tuesday 1st November 21/10/2022

Menu change- Tuesday 1st November

Menu change- Tuesday 1st November Menu change- Tuesday 1st November Posted on October 21, 2022 by Mrs Western The lunch menu will be changed on Tues 1st November. Instead of curry it will be burger and wedges. This is due to the holiday and not having fresh chicken available for the curry. This entry was posted in Email - All, Schoo...

Harvest 21/10/2022


Harvest As we originally posted out at the beginning of October, this year for Harvest, we are collecting as usual. In the spirit of supporting our immediate community, we have decided that we want to support our own school community in these times of ever-increasing cost of living for everyone.

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With our children in nursery today we’ve talked about recycling and how important it is to help our planet!
These are the minds that we need to teach how important it really is to help the world they live in today.
For todays activities children have been using their recycling from home to model make their ideas. From rockets to cars to birds and an octopus their little fingers got stuck into creating, literally!
With the reminder of ' I love my world ' old paper plates were used for sponge painting ​on to represent Earth.

In the words of Sir David " The future of humanity and indeed all life on Earth depends on us "

School dinner changes 18/10/2022

School dinner changes

School dinner changes Newdale would like to apologise on behalf of the school kitchen for the short notice linked to changes within the past week. The changes have been unavoidable due to technical kitchen issues which were only made apparent each morning. The admin team have communicated all changes as soon as possible.

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 17/10/2022

What a great turn out for our grandparents day today, thank you to those that could make it, joining in our autumn messy play and have a little look around our nursery

I hope that you enjoyed the treats and drinks in the hall with your grandchildren. Thank you from all of the team at nursery.

School dinner menu changes for this week 17/10/2022

School dinner menu changes for this week

School dinner menu changes for this week School dinner menu changes for this week Posted on October 17, 2022 by Mrs Western Tuesday 18th October- The kitchen will be serving a different menu due to the change today. Meatballs and pasta, vegetarian option veggie bolognaise and for pudding a selection of biscuits and cakes Thursday 20th Octo...

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This week in Ladybugs…🐞​

We have squeezed so much into this week again in ladybugs. We’ve made hedgehog shaped bread in cooking, went on a bear Hunt in forest school, learnt how to throw and aim in P.E and even made a start on our Halloween decorations! 👍

If you have a little peak through the ladybugs window, you will start to see some of the decorations are being hung up around the room 🕷🎃

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 07/10/2022

Ladybugs 🐞
We’ve had so much fun in ladybugs this week, despite partying and ​making sure Paula had an amazing last week with us 😢 we managed to fit in our weekly sessions of Crossbar, Cooking, Basecamp and P.E.

Please remember to send your child in with the appropriate clothing and footwear for each of the activities. ​Do not worry if your child does not do these sessions we will make sure the days and times will change each term so everyone will get the opportunity.

Our days are…​
Monday - Crossbar AM
Tuesday - Cooking PM
Thursday - Basecamp/Forest School AM
Friday - P.E in the hall AM

Parent View Questionnaire 07/10/2022

Parent View Questionnaire

Parent View Questionnaire At Newdale, we value your input as parents. One of the best ways to capture your opinions is through questionnaires. Once we have analysed parent questionnaires, we use the information gathered to make our school even better. For those of you who are not aware, we were inspected by Ofsted in 2017, w...

Value of the Month- October 05/10/2022

Value of the Month- October

Value of the Month- October Value of the Month- October Posted on October 5, 2022 by Mrs Western This entry was posted in Email - All, School News, Nursery News, Reception News, Year 1 News, Year 2 News, Weekly School Newsletter, Year 3 News, Year 4 News, Year 5 News, Year 6 News by Mrs Western. About Mrs Western Admin Assista...

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 05/10/2022

What a treat to see our homegrown vegetables being pulled up and eaten yesterday. It was a really special moment to see their little faces full of excitement. We had a little nibble of the carrots at snack time and with the ones left our we fed them to the on-site Guinea pig Who was very happy with her fresh treat.

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 04/10/2022

We’re are delighted to say that we are back to doing PE sessions with Mr Acton and Mr Bryant on a Monday morning ( am children only ) all your child will need for these sessions is sensible footwear and a warm coat for the cooler days fast approaching us.

The Harvest GATEway Project 03/10/2022

The Harvest GATEway Project

The Harvest GATEway Project This year for Harvest, we are collecting as usual, but in the spirit of supporting our immediate community, we have decided that we want this to be even closer to home and support our own school community in these times of ever-increasing cost of living for everyone.


Next week the Mighty oaks children are focussing on the story “Little red riding hood”. In the story the little girl visits her grandmother. Linked to this, we are going to be talking about grandparents and would love to see your child’s grandparents. Please could you send in a photograph, either a paper one or on evidence me, of the grandparents in your child’s life. We will use these photo’s as a prompt for your child to share stories and memories about their nan’s and grandad’s.

In addition, please share “Little red riding hood” at home with your child to help familiarise them with the story. You may have the story at home, be able to get it from the library or watch on youtube. Please talk about the characters, settings and the order of the story to support your child’s vocabulary.

Thanks for your support


Cool cat has had a fantastic week congratulating children for being in school on time and every day. He is sad it is his last day tomorrow, though has promised to pop by on Monday to ‘high 5’ the classes that managed to get all of his stamps! Cool Cat loves coming to Newdale!

Reception News 28/09/2022

Reception News

Reception News Mrs Evans will be teaching her class until the end of the Autumn Term, when Miss Fisher, who is an existing Newdale teacher, will take over Mrs Evans’ three days (Monday-Wednesday), leaving Mrs Sturrock to continue to teach on a Thursday and Friday.

Nursery News 28/09/2022

Nursery News

Nursery News Paula has been a very valued member of our team for 16 years. She has always put her heart and soul into the work she does with our children and families.

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 27/09/2022

The first of our treeific Tuesday’s started today with making super sausage rolls in cooking club working towards their culinary skills and fine motor movements. They did a great job and I may have tasted one just to make sure they were good, I can confirm it was yummy.

The weather didn’t stop forest school club either! They put on their wellies, wrapped up warm and went on a Autumn walk.
Learning about the environment and it’s changes the children collected what they had found ready to put into our Autumn sensory tuff spot, were we can talk about what happens to them each day as they decay. 👨🏿‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳🍂🍁

The 10 by 10 Initiative 26/09/2022

The 10 by 10 Initiative

The 10 by 10 Initiative The 10 by 10 Initiative Posted on September 26, 2022 by Elsa Wooldridge Please see attached information regarding Telford & Wrekin’s 10 by 10 initiative 10 by10 Adventure 10by10 letter This entry was posted in Email - All, School News, Nursery News, Weekly School Newsletter, Communications by Elsa...

Polite reminder when parking on school site 22/09/2022

Polite reminder when parking on school site

Polite reminder when parking on school site A polite reminder that the side entrance to the staff parking area and the staff parking area itself, should only be used by Newdale members of staff. If for any reason you are driving onto the school site, please slowly enter and exit through the main school gate and use our visitor parking area on...


A big Hello to all our new Ladybugs!
In ladybugs we have been a little quiet on here so far as we have been getting to know and supporting the children settling in. From the photos below you will see they have settled in really well and have been busy doing lots of lovely activities.

Starting this week we will be beginning to introduce more of our set routine with the children. This will include cooking on a Wednesday PM, Forest school on a Thursday Am and time in the school hall doing P.E on a Friday AM. You will only need to bring in something for forest school, such as suitable coat and wellies, we have all in one suits to go over there warm clothes to keep the children clean.

Once we are all settled in to the routine we will post our set daily routine on here for parents to see.

Please can we also remind you that the weather is a little unsettled now and everyday we play outside so can all children ensure they bring in at least a coat suitable for outside play.

Thank you,

The Ladybugs Team 🐞

Safer, Stronger Communities feedback 21/09/2022

Safer, Stronger Communities feedback

Safer, Stronger Communities feedback Early last term we sent out a survey asking for your ideas on how we could support improving our local community spaces. Thank you to all of those parents who spent the time filling in a response. We really do value your views. The surveys were sent to the Stronger Communities team, and they wanted....


Good evening all
I’ve been having a look through the evidence me app and can see that some of you have been successful in sending observations on the parent submissions, this is fantastic thank you 🙏🏼
However I can also see that a few are blank photos and no notes attached, if your having problems or unsure can you let me know and I’ll be happy to help.
I’ve managed to catch a few of you today to help set up but if it’s still not working please say. We need to get you all up and running so you can see the wonderful work your children have been doing.
Thank you for your patience on this, we will get there.
Mrs Giordano

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 16/09/2022

Mighty oaks children are really starting to settle now and find their way around the nursery, of course some are feeling a little more confident than others but it’s still early days for them and this is natural.
We’re already seeing their little characters starting to shine though and we love it !

Here’s just a snap shot of the weeks so far. Our over aching theme/ topic is ' The land of make believe' throughout this theme we will be looking at fairy tales to superhero’s and deep diving into nursery rhymes and books. I for one love this topic as it allows the children to explore their creative side and already we’ve had some tall tales and fantastic ideas.

I’m so pleased to see that most of you have accepted the evidence me app. Within this app you can see your child’s profile and any next steps set by their teachers to help towards their learning journey once they’ve parent shared an observation to you.
You too can send photos in the app along side a note to say what your child was doing and said. This we then can use to add any objectives to.
If anyone is unsure about this please ask us.
Thank you again from Mrs Giordano and the team

School lunch menu changes 13/09/2022

School lunch menu changes

School lunch menu changes Thursday 15th September- the kitchen will be serving curry and rice instead of meatballs, vegetarian option will be vegetarian chilli

Free entry! 13/09/2022

Free entry!

Free entry! FREE entry to Coalbrookdale museum of Iron, Enginuity and Darby Houses on September 17th and 18th September. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn about local history such as the Darby family and Thomas Parker, an electric car inventor from Coalbrookdale!

Additional bank holiday 13/09/2022

Additional bank holiday

Additional bank holiday Following the announcement from Buckingham Palace of the death of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a period of National Mourning has started and will continue until the end of the State Funeral. This is a period of time for reflection in response to the death of our Queen.


Welcome back and Hello to our new friends in Mighty Oaks Nursery.
All children are beginning to settle and now will be starting their new time table. To give you a view of what that looks like I’ve attached a photo for you to see.
Hope this helps, if you have any questions please do ask any time.
Thank you Mrs Giordano and the team.

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 22/07/2022

Ladybugs really enjoyed their end of term party and celebrating what an amazing year we have had together!
All of the staff wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the gifts, cards and thanks we have received for looking after your children, it’s been a pleasure having them all and we will miss all of our leavers.
Good luck to those of you going to mighty oaks and everyone else we hope you have a lovely summer, see you back in September 🌸
Ladybugs Team 🐞🥰

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 21/07/2022

We’re so proud we were your teachers, how we watched you learn and grow. We worked hard and had such fun but how fast did that year go!
We’ve shared special time together but now it’s time to part.
Just know you will always have a special place in our hearts.

So it’s time we say farewell to our leavers today who are moving on to another chapter in their life’s. It’s been our pleasure to teach your young ones and watch their little personalities and minds grow.
Good luck to all from Mrs Giordano and the team.


Thank you to everyone that attended yesterday’s BBQ sharing lunch. The children were delighted to see you and show you around their nursery.

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 19/07/2022

A massive thank you to everyone involved in today’s Family lunch, ladybugs really enjoyed having lunch with the parents and carers. We really appreciate the time you all took out of the day to share this event with us and we hope to share many more in the future. As you can see from the photos below everyone enjoyed their lunches and the children have been making the most of the lovely cooling activities we’ve had out over the last two days. 🐞❄️


Tomorrow’s play and stay has unfortunately been cancelled.


Last Friday Nursery said Good bye and Good Luck to Chloe in ladybugs as she left to have her baby 👶🏽
We are wishing you all the best and we cant wait to see/meet baby 🥰🐞

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 18/07/2022

Mighty Oaks have been keeping cool in the sun by staying safe in the shade. We have been exploring the forest school area and playing with the water trays. We’ve spoken about ways to keep safe and we’re pleased to hear them suggest the slip, slap, slop method. ​
please remember your child’s water bottle and sun hat.


On Wednesday 20th July, we would like to invite parents/carers into nursery for a drink and biscuits to mark the end of term and give you opportunity for you to play with your child in nursery and share their favourite activities with you.

Timings: 10.30am -11.15am for the morning session and 2.15pm -3.00pm for the afternoon session. If your child attends all day you are welcome to attend either of the visit times. Children who don’t normally attend on a Wednesday are welcome to join us with their parents/carers.

Please use the normal nursery entrances and not the reception entrance. Sorry, no mobile phones will be allowed in the nursery.

Thank you

Photos from Newdale Nursery Telford's post 13/07/2022

In nursery this week we have being concentrating on Stem. .
What is stem, Stem is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. These four fields share an emphasis on innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. We did array of activities from experiments to physical challenges with a little bit of magical sparkle.


This week the ladybugs team, have been busy getting our new mud kitchen tuff tray ready. Lots of you will have been able to see it on our top garden as you are coming into nursery already 🪴🌿

The children have loved exploring the herbs, plants, soil and bark. They have been mixing, scooping, emptying and filling lots of different containers. The children made potions, mud cakes and used our new sensory herb patch to get lovely things to use in their ‘cooking’ 🍳

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We are super impressed with Tiger-Lily and Iris. They are able to say the sounds and blend them together to read a simpl...




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