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Progressive Property Network Shropshire


Hi All,
I’m looking for builder/contractor recommendations that would cover Shrewsbury.
Many thanks
👀 We are looking to work with Wolverhampton landlords who would consider selling their up-and-running and licensed HMOs.

🗓 For over a year now, we have been working with a client who purchases HMOs and self-contained blocks in large portfolio purchases across the UK, and our relationship with this buyer has developed to where we are now working as their only retained broker for the remainder of their 2020 quota.

🏡 What kind of property are we looking for?

⏱ We have 3 weeks’ left to fulfil their request for 200+ ‘rooms’ in WV postcodes. A ‘room’ can be a standard HMO room, a large en-suite HMO room, a studio with kitchenette or a self-contained unit.

✅ As this is Wolverhampton, the property must be licensed and carry grandfather rights to comply with Article 4.

🧱 Internal condition can vary as there are funds for minor works post- completion, but the properties must be structurally sound and not be damp or have Japanese Knotweed.

💷 How much do they pay?

🛏 Typically, the average price per ‘room’ ranges from £25,000 - £45,000. This will of course depend on size, condition and amenities. We are looking for good quality properties so the ‘average’ in previous portfolios has been well above £30,000 per room – they always pay market value.

⬆️ For studios and self-contained units or flats, their budget can extend beyond £70,000 - £80,000 per ‘unit’.

🤝 How do they buy?

💰 Our clients are cash buyers, meaning there is no mortgage valuations or lending against each property.

🏘 Each property is purchased at the same time as the rest of the ‘portfolio’, meaning that all of the Wolverhampton properties will complete on the same day.

👨🏽‍💼🧑🏼‍💼To make the purchases run smoothly, the buyers are happy to look at covering the costs of the seller’s legals if we can get each Wolverhampton seller to use the same conveyancer.

⏳ What’s the timeframe?

2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣➕ We are currently filling the portfolio and we have allocated about half of the 200+ room requirement already.

🔜 We are having a ‘soft-close’ on March 6th, which is the date where we will aim to close the portfolio and lock in the properties that we have at that stage – we then have a further week to finalise the ‘hard-close’ at which point the full portfolio is presented to the fund and legals commence.

📝 There is a target completion date of mid-April 2020 and the contracts will have a long-stop of 30th April 2020.

🤔 What’s the process?

🏄🏼‍♀️ As we have worked with this client successfully on several identical transactions, we have developed a very smooth onboarding and sale process.

📞✏️📸 After an initial phone call, we will visit the property and gather information for the buyer – key aspects are tenure, condition internally and externally, current tenants and their contract type, size and license details. Photos and notes will be taken.

🚦 We will then recommend a purchase price to the buyer based on discussions with yourself and the property in questions.

👨🏻‍💻👩🏾‍💻 After 2/3 days, the buyer will confirm the level that they are happy to purchase at.

🕺🏼💃🏻 If the purchase price is acceptable, we will secure your place in the portfolio purchase and start preparing the file for transfer to both solicitors.

👷🏼‍♀️ We then arrange for the buyer’s in-house surveyors to visit the property. This is not for a valuation but to specifically check the structure and the amenity standards.

✍🏼 Once the surveys have taken place, the buyer’s solicitor issues their exclusivity agreements which include a non-refundable deposit to provide security to the seller.

👨🏽‍⚖️ The legal process commences as normal and we have a dedicated sales progressor in our office to assist with all enquiries and make sure the purchases run smoothly.

🚴🏼‍♀️ Track Record

🏅🏅🏅🏅 Wolverhampton will be the 4th large portfolio we will complete with this client in the last 5 months - we have worked with this client for over a year, but the consistency and volume has increased since the Autumn 2019.

⭐️ In November 2019, we successfully completed on 45 individual properties in Preston (over 250 rooms).

⭐️ In December 2019, we successfully completed on over 20 individual properties in Merseyside.

⭐️ In January 2020, we successfully completed on over 20 individual properties in Merseyside.

⭐️ In February 2020, we closed our Barrow-in-Furness portfolio with a March 2020 completion.

🗓 March and April are set aside for Wolverhampton, and then we move to Morecambe in May and Bournemouth in the Summer.

🎉 References

👏🙌 We have numerous landlords from previous transactions who would be happy to provide a reference to any landlord in Wolverhampton considering selling via this route.

🕵🏻‍♀️ Please also check our Trustpilot as some recent reviews are on there too.

🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼 Who are we?

🥇 The Property Advantage are a well-known investment property brokerage company based in Shrewsbury and Manchester and with a network of clients stretching from the South Coast, London, East & West Midlands and the North West.

🔝 We’re trusted by landlords and buyers and have build up a very good reputation in the industry.

🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️ How to proceed

☎️ Simply call our office or contact me via telephone or email.

😊 We look forward to hearing from you
Hi all, looking forward to coming to the next event in March with my business partner Jessica Mortimer-Collier

We are currently building a portfolio purchase for a client in Wolverhampton where we need 200+ rooms

We have working with this client on numerous successful portfolio purchases in recent months and many landlords inside the Progressive system have sold via ourselves

We need HMOs and s/c blocks - if any landlords are considering selling over the next few months, now could be the best time to sell to a cash buyer who pays market value and performs

We can get references and explain the process to anyone who is curious
Good morning all. I'm looking for recommendations for roofers who can re-felt a roof over a shop I have: Newark, Nottingham.

It's too far for my team so I'm looking to reach out to new lads.

Anyone I should avoid?? THANK YOU 🙏
Do you just need to turn up to this event? Is the parking free for this event?
Great meeting you all last night.

If you want to give Kasita a whirl and get all that day in easy to use reports, you can register here:
Hi everyone, here’s some data on a local postcode area from

Insight - high demand for 2 bedroom property in WV2
Great meeting last night, thanks everyone and see you all next month

If anyone is looking to use the insight portal I mentioned, here's the website
URGENT: I need someone to give a quote on a building conversion in Telford. Full works needed for a flip, so also need a good team of people to carry it out. Any recommendations please?
Property Sourcing Service,
To all Landlords and Property investors, We are an offering a property sourcing service for active landlords and property investors. We as Property sourcer are actively searching property deals potentially Below Market Value (BMV) to then negotiate and packaged by us (property Sourcers), to then be sold on to a property investor.

Are you an active property investor with limited time available contact us now, And let us do the hard work!
Latest investment : Professional HMO in Birmingham.

A 5 Bedroomed house that will be turned into a 6 bed -all ensuite professional HMO.

Headline figures : Bought in a prime location in the Birmingham, this a Joint Venture with a local developer from Birmingham.
Total cost to purchase and refurb will be just over £300,000,

This will be a 6 person HMO for young professionals.
Hey folks, properties needed (office buildings)

As well developers of small to medium sized commercial to residential projects we are all the main sourcing agents of a London based consortium.

We have two sets of requirements (To buy)

For our London based partners : Large offices which can be converted to residential units which satisfy 3 or more of the following requirements

a) 100+ units
b) Near university (any)
c) Near city centre (any)
d) Near hospital
e) Vacant or tenants on short term/rolling leases
f) In or near Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Leicester or Derby

For us : Small to medium size offices in Birmingham/Sandwell area which satisfy 3 or more of the following requirements

a) Maximum purchase price £700,000
b) Near university
c) Near town centre
d) Great links to the city centre
e) Near hospital
f) Vacant or tenants on short term/rolling leases

For either of the two options above we have cash or finance in place and we can give generous sourcing fees.

Hugs for the ladies, firm handshakes for the guys

Progressive Property Network Shropshire is where you Learn Valuable Property Knowledge; meet investors and professionals; build your property business.

Operating as usual


One week today until our next event in telford with Pete Kemp on how to systemise your refurb linited speces availble so book early .

26/10 - Progressive Property Week 2020 26/10/2020

26/10 - Progressive Property Week 2020

This week is Progressive Property Week 2.5 hours of content every night

26/10 - Progressive Property Week 2020 Dan Eaton is a Property Developer and Serviced Accommodation Provider - he is helping investors increase their profits by converting commercial property into SA.

22/10 - Serviced Accommodation 18/10/2020

22/10 - Serviced Accommodation

Anyone interested in serviced accommodation there is a free webinar on October 22nd 19:30-21:30 follow the link to register

22/10 - Serviced Accommodation But where are these people going to stay? Hotels can get expensive, especially for multiple rooms, and caravans don’t suit everyone.


Once the venues open again and people feel happy to meet in person we are hoping to get back to networking as we all remember.


I think this is my favourite picture from our January meeting. The aim of the meeting was to put an accountability plan together which is time based . We should be seeing some great results over the next 12 months from our Wolverhampton members .


Luke from Assetz Capital speaking at PPN Wolverhampton tonight explains the different types and available options to finance your projects .


YPN magazine subscription are now available from Wolverhampton PPN ask at the desk for details

Timeline photos 22/07/2019

At our August PPN Wolverhampton meeting we will be joined by Allan Harding . Allan has a vast experience in property and business . 06/08/19 at Wolverhampton racecourse .
Tickets are available here

If you have never attended a PPN before please get in touch and we will send you a free ticket .

Timeline photos 25/06/2019

This month at PPN Wolverhampton we have Dorian Payne Co founder of the Castell Group discussing all things Property development . Join us from 18:30 on Tuesday 2nd July at Dunstall Park Racecourse WV60PE.

Book Your Ticket 01/11/2018

Book Your Ticket

Next Event
Tuesday 6th November from 6.30pm

Book Your Ticket Ian is a successful property developer that specialises in Commercial Conversions and has over 40 years experience in the industry. He has completed over 500 conversions which include many unusual and interesting buildings. Ian originally trained as a commercial interior designer and project manager...


Bob Tyson testimonial

Book Your Ticket 20/06/2018

Book Your Ticket

We are the UKs largest Property Training Providers and have access to some of the UKs leading experts in their field coming to Wolverhampton.

For a fun, informative evening; get connected at PPN Wolverhampton.

Our next speaker has been in property for over 25 years and is Progressives designated Commercial Conversion Trainer.

So don't miss Peter Smith on 3rd July at The Molineux Stadium Wolverhampton at 6.30pm

Click on the link below to book your ticket:

Book Your Ticket Peter is passionate about property in every form; be it buying, building, renovating or investing. For over 25 years he worked in Speculative Housing, the Private Rental Sector and Social Housing – all before he realised he could take control and do it himself. Peter enjoys working on New Build De...

Book Your Ticket 30/04/2018

Book Your Ticket

Do you want to know how to get a HMO with no money in?
Join us tomorrow night at Wolverhampton PPN
Click the link below to book your ticket:

Book Your Ticket Nigel Woods is a successful property investor and entrepreneur. Over the past 16 years he has built up a portfolio of Buy To Lets (BTLs) and Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) that are now worth over £2.5million.


Heads up about this property event.

Book Your Ticket 11/04/2018

Book Your Ticket

Save More and Spend Less.......

Our speaker for 1st May, Nigel Woods didn't build a £2.5 million property business by Wasting Money.
You Need to Know how to save thousands of pounds (and how not to loose thousands) by making the most of Allowable Tax Deductions most people don't even know exist!

Join us next month, save your seat now by clicking on the link below:

Book Your Ticket Nigel Woods is a successful property investor and entrepreneur. Over the past 16 years he has built up a portfolio of Buy To Lets (BTLs) and Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) that are now worth over £2.5million.

How to Apply for Government Energy Grants and Improve Your Energy Efficiency 02/04/2018

How to Apply for Government Energy Grants and Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Interesting to know.

This week I am overseeing the total renovation of a small block of flats we bought at auction.

Did you know you may be entitled to a grant for insulation and windows to get the EPC rating up?
Great news if your strategy is to buy, do up and keep/sell.

How to Apply for Government Energy Grants and Improve Your Energy Efficiency With new legislation coming in 2018, we give you a few simple ways to make your rental property more energy efficient and compliant with the incoming law.

Progressive Property Network Shropshire updated their website address. 24/03/2018

Progressive Property Network Shropshire updated their website address.

Progressive Property Network Shropshire updated their website address.

Register Your Space 24/03/2018

Register Your Space

Register Your Space We have limited availability for the final remaining date. To register your free space and find out more information about the event click the link below.


Buying a house in Wolverhampton or Walsall? Prices are cheaper by up to a third than a decade ago

Houses are at a 10 year all time LOW in Wolverhampton and Walsall, while rents are continuing to go up # Great place to buy!

Buying a house in Wolverhampton or Walsall? Prices are cheaper by up to a third than a decade ago House prices in part of Wolverhampton and Walsall have fallen by nearly one-third since 2007, according to a new study released today.

Book Your Ticket 06/11/2017

Book Your Ticket

There is only one day left until PPN WOLVERHAMPTON LAUNCH on Tuesday 7 November

Find out more about buying property with NO MONEY

NETWORK with other investors

Don’t miss our guest speaker the amazing Karl Goyns, social media and branding expert!

Book now by clicking on the link below:

Book Your Ticket Karl Goyns is a multiple business entrepreneur who has been free of the J-O-B for over 2 years. Being the ‘entrepreneurial type’, Karl built a business alongside his career as a Detective Sergeant in the Police. In 2015, Karl was forced to make the decision to leave a career of over 10 years due to…


No money in deals still exist!

Before the property crash in 2007 you could get a 100% mortgage for a buy to let property.
How it worked was if you found a property below the market value you could buy it and on the same day mortgage it for the full value, meaning you could instantly get your deposit out of the deal.

Now you have to be a lot more creative to get 100% of your money back out!

Progressive Property Management - Local Landlord Seminar 01/11/2017

Progressive Property Management - Local Landlord Seminar

Progressive Property Management - Local Landlord Seminar Some information about Progressive Property Management's Local Landlord Seminar.


Here are a few common myths about property investing, so lets get the myths out of the room.

Myth - I need money to start a property business (although it helps)
Myth - I need to know a lot about property
Myth - The tenants will wreck my house
Myth - I won't be able to get tenants
Myth - I won't be able to afford the mortgage
Myth – It’s too risky
Myth – I will end up losing money


How to conduct a property viewing

Before you book a viewing
You should know why you want to buy the property and worked out whether the numbers stack up

Have a check list
Having got to the property you don’t want to forget anything as this could result in either having to book another viewing or at worst missing something vital so MAKE A LIST of questions to take along with you.

Start at the top of the house and work down, making notes and asking questions:
Roof: condition? Are there any missing tiles?
Loft: is there adequate insulation?
Ceilings: do they need plastering?

Then outside:
Guttering etc

Even if you are not a DIY expert, this will give you an indication of the work that needs to be done.

How to buy a home near a good school without the high prices 24/10/2017

How to buy a home near a good school without the high prices

Rental properties in nice areas are in demand!

How to buy a home near a good school without the high prices It’s enough to make parents tear their hair out in frustration.

Home - Progressive Property Network Wolverhampton 19/10/2017

Home - Progressive Property Network Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton PPN Launch is on 7th November
Book your ticket NOW

Home - Progressive Property Network Wolverhampton PPN Wolverhampton is a monthly networking event for residential and commercial investors at all levels from beginner right through to experienced professionals with large portfolio’s. I will be hand picking Expert speakers each month to share their experience and inspiration across a broad range of…

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