S. J. Guitar Services

S. J. Guitar Services


Many thanks for the repair to my Les Paul. It sounds great. Will be in touch regarding some strats I need sorting. You are a godsend, a good guitar tech is like hens teeth :)
Great work sorting my old guitar out, my son loves playing it. Thanks
iReadGuitar music reading trainer app

Hello S J Guitar Services,

Your customers may appreciate being introduced to an exciting new app - iReadGuitar Pro - the first serious music reading trainer app for guitarists.

At a once-only payment of £1.99 its sixty modules make it incredibly good value for money. Your customers can trial it first too, with the sample version iReadGuitar. Both versions are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

I do hope you will take a moment to review them - simply Google ireadguitar (all one word).

Best regards,

Julian Wright

Touring Guitar Tech for 20 years offering services including guitar/bass set-ups, servicing,mods and repairs. By appointment.

Operating as usual


Well, it's been another strange year but at least one with some more optimistic moments with the welcome return of live shows, if a little sporadically. Hopefully once the current pressure eases we can do a few more.
I haven't posted much this year but had many new clients and keep beavering away in the workshop so to all those who have used my services this year thanks for trusting me with your babies and Merry Christmas to all however you spend it.
Hopefully see some of those shiny, new Christmas guitars for set-ups in the New Year ;-)
Thanx Muchly,


Had a few nice guitars pass across the bench over the festive period but this one was an interesting one - refret and added microtonal quarter tone frets to this Ibanez Gio. An interesting playing experience.


*Lockdown Ver 2.0 Update*

I'll be continuing to take on jobs during this next installment of the Lockdown Saga.
Socially distanced drop off/pick up (if you are comfortable and happy to wear a mask please do)
Guitars and cases wiped down on arrival and before return.
Electronic payment available (PayPal, Bank Transfer)
Be aware jobs may require more time due to sourcing and delays in deliveries of parts and supplies. Usual Business Hours. By appointment only.
Stay safe x


Who doesn't like a fret levelling day? I consider it therapy.
Pretty impressed with the tape waste - save the planet and all that...


Guitar technician with over 20 years touring experience offering guitar/bass set-ups, fret work, repairs and modifications.
Past clients including -
Tom Morello (RATM, Audioslave)
Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson (‎Opeth)
Mark King (Level 42)
Robert Smith (The Cure)
Neil Finn (Crowded House)
Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers)
Steve Jones and Glen Matlock (S*x Pistols)
JJ Burnel and Baz Warne (The Stranglers)
Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish (Living Colour)
Jonny Lang
John Power and ‎Liam "Skin" Tyson (Cast)
Jon Fratelli‎ and Barry Fratelli (The Fratellis)
Adam Zindani (Stereophonics)
Dave Catching (Mondo Generator, Eagles of Death Metal)
Tony Clarkin (Magnum)
Billy Duffy (The Cult)
Plus many more.


Last few days to take advantage.
10% off any job booked in up to August 31st.


Well it's been a busy week in the workshop - if a little on the hot side! - with the usual mix of set-ups, mods and often both. And all benefiting from 10% off in my summer sale.

Back in the workshop tomorrow and there's still time to take advantage before the end of August so what are you waiting for? 😁

Guitar set-ups, repairs, modifications, electrics, fret work, nut replacement - drop me a line 😉


One of this weeks jobs - this lovely LP Traditional had a set up, clean and the neck volume swapped for a push pull for out of phase Greeny goodness.


Who doesn't like a summer sale?!


Today.... I have mostly been making.... Hardwood plugs!
Ash, Maple, Rosewood and Mahogany of various sizes. Very therapeutic 😉

Some of the jobs that have recently graced the bench. 22/07/2020

Photos from S. J. Guitar Services's post

google.com 18/07/2020

S. J. Guitar Services, 26 Steventon Rd, Wellington, Telford TF1 2AS - Google Search

Friends, Rockers and Country Folk. Lend me you ears.

As it would appear that live music will be a thing of the past well into 2021, and I'll need to ramp up my work in the workshop if I want to carry on eating, I've spent the day tarting up my page and adding more detail to my Google Page.

It would be much appreciated if I've done some work for you if you could leave a review on this page AND on my Google page (good or bad - there will be no censorship here). I certainly always check out the reviews for reassurance - hey, this is the internet! - so any input from you guys would be most welcome. Also feel free to share my page with anyone that may be in need ;-)

In other news I'm fully open again and back in the workshop as life returns to the new normal offering the usual fare of services (covid security in place). if you need anything - get in touch 😎

To leave a Google Review -




S. J. Guitar Services


S. J. Guitar Services's cover photo

Some of the jobs that have recently graced the bench. 05/07/2020

Photos from S. J. Guitar Services's post

Some of the jobs that have recently graced the bench. 05/07/2020

Photos from S. J. Guitar Services's post


I’ve been a guitar and backline technician in the live entertainment Industry for over 20 years.

The work that I've been involved in has created hundreds of jobs for thousands of people. As a crew, we have helped to deliver some of the best collective experiences the public can enjoy.

Covid-19 shut our industry down in March along with everything else. No-one knows for sure when it will start back again, but we do know that we are amongst the last when it comes to reopening.

Today we start a campaign because we need to be heard. We need the people of this country and it's government to acknowledge that the live music industry is on its knees.

Without assistance businesses will go bankrupt, jobs will be lost, venues will close and some festivals will never come back again.

There are 1000s of self-employed workers, bands and musicians that rely on the live industry for their work.

This is an industry that in 2019 employed over almost a quarter of a million people and added £4.5 billion to the UK economy. It’s a business that rarely asks for assistance. It’s a business that is known throughout the world for producing some of the best festivals, live bands, skilled workers etc. We are world leaders at what we do.

We need the Government to acknowledge that it is not financially viable for venues and festivals to reopen with current social distancing measures in place. So, because of that, we need to see financial assistance or these businesses will not be there when we can finally reopen. We need a reduction on VAT as other countries have given their cultural sectors. We need these measures and more to survive.

Please make some noise for live music


Well, it would appear that one of the lesser known symptoms of the pesky Coronavirus is the complete and utter shut down of the entire global touring industry for the foreseeable future and the entire work force sat at home, so my diary has pretty much been cleared until the summer and beyond.

On the plus side that means much more availability in the workshop for all you lovely survivors. Don't be spending your enforced isolation wishing you'd got the action sorted on that Strat that's now become your only company - take advantage now and ensure your two weeks of bu**er all to do are as fun as they can be.
Set-ups, mods, repairs, refrets, fretwork - drop me a line.
Everyone be safe and look after each other,

SJ x


And the bass back in Craig's hands and back out on the road with the Mission.


Well, another festive season is over, children are back in school and the annual touring hiatus has begun.
Which means more time in the workshop over the next few weeks so if you've been holding off getting a set-up, repair or mod give me a shout.
And through January a full set-up is £5 off at £25 (booked in before 1st February).
Get that new christmas guitar playing at it's best ;-)

Peavey T40 Bass Neck Swap 17/10/2019

On the bench this week - a vintage Peavey T40 bass belonging to my good friend and The Mission and Spear of Destiny's bassist Craig Adams.
The original neck warped and was stripped and dumped but he loved the sound of it so grabbed a Mighty Mite Fender Lic neck - which didn't fit of course. So he gave it to me to see what I could do....

Peavey T40 Bass Neck Swap 28/09/2019

On the bench this week - a vintage Peavey T40 bass belonging to my good friend and The Mission and Spear of Destiny's bassist Craig Adams.
The original neck warped and was stripped and dumped but he loved the sound of it so grabbed a Mighty Mite Fender Lic neck - which didn't fit of course. So he gave it to me to see what I could do....


Spent the weekend making some bone blanks for nuts.
One things for sure - Eau de Bone is unlikely to be a big seller this Christmas....


Well, another hectic but highly enjoyable summer festival season comes to an end looking after guitars and backline for US blues genius Jonny Lang, Liverpool dance pioneers Apollo 440, fellow scousers Cast, New York fusion metal legends Living Colour, Swedish prog giants Opeth and Londons Crystal Fighters.
Got some time in the workshop before the autumn touring season kicks in so if you have any mods, repairs, fret work or set-ups you've been thinking about drop me a line.


Last gig of a 4 week run in Europe with American guitarist Jonny Lang.
Back in the workshop next week......


After a fairly hectic couple of months on the road I'll be in workshop for the next few weeks if anyone needs any work doing.
Set-ups, new nuts, fret levels, refrets, repairs, mods.......
Give me a holler.


A client wanted a treble bleed mod fitting and it seemed silly to pay for postage just for a couple of resistors and capacitors so figured I'd get a few and they can go in the parts draw.

So.... If anyone books in for a setup, fret level or refret over the next month I'll include a free treble bleed mod installed if you fancy one. Offer ends March 7th.

If you're not aware of what a treble bleed circuit does a side effect of turning down your volume pot is you loose treble disproportionately to other frequencies so the tone darkens. A treble bleed mod allows some of those treble frequencies to be maintained so your top end isn't lost and your tone retains its sparkle as you turn the volume down.

Keep rockin',


New for 2019 - REFRETS!

Hope you all had a great festive period and 2019 is being kind to you.
I've been asked many times about it so I'm pleased to announce I can now offer a refretting service.
See the Services Section on for more details.

Telecaster Build 08/12/2018

Series of pictures taken during the build of my first custom guitar. A Telecaster inspired guitar called "The Megster" after my 6 year old daughter.


Since finishing the summer festival season and in between working on other people's guitars I've decided to build my own which I've been thinking about for a while. Build well under way - neck finished and last couple of structural bits to the body and then that can be final sanded and finished.

Also got a bit more time in the workshop so if you need anything doing drop me a line.

The first cut of wood was routing the truss rod channel -


After spending so much time with other people's guitars it's time for some TLC for my own.
She's ready for a fret level, crown and polish and I may throw a Tusq nut in there........


Little feature in the local weekend magazine.....


My home for the next few weeks on Paloma Faith's Architect Tour.


Well, Another Festive Season has come and gone and hopefully you lovely people got everything you wanted. And socks. Everyone needs socks.
Its the time of year for dark, cold nights and nice warm practice rooms and when the Touring World goes on holiday so I'll be spending more time in the workshop over the next couple of months so if you have an old friend whose in need of some love or a new addition that needs a little moulding into place then now's a good time to get it done.
Set-ups, Fret dressing, nut replacement, repairs and mods - if you have a need drop me a line and we can see how I can help.
Rock on !
SJ x


So after an autumn touring Russia, Japan, Finland and the UK I'm back in the workshop and Christmas is nearly upon us.
So time for a special offer - £20 for a setup of a new guitar bought as a gift for Christmas (either for you or someone else), a saving of £5.
Its unlikely that a new guitar will have had more than a cursory glance before leaving the factory or the retailer so why not give the best gift you can, especially for beginners who will have enough trouble learning without their guitar fighting them. Available on bookings from Monday and through to the New Year.
Other services available as normal (see page for details and pricing).
Merry Christmas and Rock on 😉





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