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We’ve launched a range of new “remote in class” theory courses, so training doesn’t have to stop! Even those who are self-isolating or furloughed can simply dial in via video to actively participate in training hosted by one of our world class instructors in real time. Contact us to find out more: http://bit.ly/37MMS8T
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my LGV Instructor course last week. Howard Moore was a really great trainer and made the whole course really interesting and enjoyable.
I hear there are more changes coming for B1, D1 & D2?
Here you go RTITB, me and Docherty in the RTITB Instructor Academy today elf’ing around
hi just failed my theory test could you help me and guide me to the materials used for revision I have ready everything provided but feeling I am missing information, thanks for some help
Thanks to Paul & Simon for their excellent LGV Assessor course over the past 3 days. One of the most interactive and fun courses I have attended.

Welcome to the RTITB Academy, the first choice for all of your transport, distribution and logistics

The RTITB Instructor Academy is completely focused on delivering workplace transport 'train-the-trainer and assessor courses, making us uniquely qualified to train Lift Truck Instructors, LGV Instructors, Driver CPC Instructors and everything in between. The RTITB Instructor Academy approach to training is about confidence as well as competence. Being an Instructor is about more than just ‘knowing

Operating as usual


Just a reminder that this coming Monday, 28th August, is a bank holiday in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The RTITB Instructor Academy will be closed on this day. Our team will be back to assist you from 8.30am on Tuesday 29th August as normal. We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.



Being an Instructor is incredibly rewarding but can also be hard work. Sometimes, you’re on to the next course before you can consider what a great job you’ve done. It’s easy to forget to acknowledge your own success when you’re busy celebrating the success of your learners. However, research shows that positive self-talk can improve self-esteem, stress management, and wellbeing. So, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back, and tell yourself some of the great things you’ve achieved – you deserve some recognition.



Our Instructors are experts in training the trainer and have been handpicked from across the UK. They have years of real-world industry experience, and they love to share it - as this LGV Assessor training candidate recently found out. Well done Jon on another great course. Book / Assessor training now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214


ForFarmers UK National Register of LGV Instructors - NRI


Maintain your business’s driving standards with the help of an / Assessor. Make sure you have an Assessor in place ready to conduct annual assessments to check your drivers’ current skill level. They can identify good practice or areas of improvement. In the case of the latter, your LGV/HGV Instructors can provide any additional instruction needed to keep standards high in your team. Avoid issues further down the line - secure your dates for LGV Assessor training now. Those successfully completing the course are also eligible to join the National Register of LGV Instructors - NRI. Contact us today at [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



No, it’s not a bad joke – just a genuine question we get asked a lot. So, what is the difference between a Banskman and a Reversing Assistant? Usually, nothing! In our industry they are terms that are used interchangeably for someone that helps direct vehicle movements during reversing on a work site. Whatever you call them, they must receive the proper training to support safety. Train a Banksman Instructor to give your team the skills they need for safe reversing operations. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Not everyone learns the same way. That’s why the train-the-trainer experts that deliver our Lift Truck Instructor training are skilled in using a wide range of techniques and resources. This helps different individuals to understand the course content, and to stay engaged. After all, we want our candidates to succeed! Book Lift Truck Instructor training that caters to you. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



At the RTITB Instructor Academy, we are proud to offer a wide range of and courses delivered by experienced industry experts. However, we know every business has different requirements. So, if you don’t see a course that fits your training needs, let us know! As Instructor training experts, we can develop bespoke train the trainer courses to take into account your particular activities, operations, or equipment and meet your business objectives and budget. Contact us to learn more. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Any vehicle movement poses a risk. However, this is especially true when you add in the complexity of reversing. With a Banksman or Reversing Assistant to support these movements, you help reduce the potential for incidents and near misses. However, you must ensure that those delivering Banksman training are suitably qualified to do so. That’s where we can help. Book Banksman Instructor courses now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Career progression for skilled and experienced professional / Drivers IS possible. Drivers that have the confidence to objectively assess their work colleagues performance, good attention to detail, good written skills, and good verbal communication may be ideal candidates to train as an LGV/HGV Assessor.

Learn more. https://loom.ly/8ufRFdc

[email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214


Don’t get hot and bothered in your environment. It’s , so be prepared for warmer temperatures and take action to keep your training centre or classroom cool. We have all been in a warm, stuffy room at some point where you can’t concentrate and you’re ready to nod off to sleep – you don’t want that in training! So, keep spaces well ventilated and cool, and dress accordingly for the weather (and the fact you may need to wear PPE on top).



Check out this amazing feedback for our Instructor Paul from a candidate who recently attended a Lift Truck Instructor course run by the RTITB Instructor Academy. Our team truly believe that you need to feel comfortable and confident to learn, and it’s great that our candidates really feel the benefit of this too. Book a place on our next available Lift Truck Instructor course now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Giving your extra skills can help boost flexibility and efficiency in your in-house team. For example, if you have skilled Instructors that have a Category B driving license and experience shunting, they can be upskilled to deliver training courses - ideal if your operations are using tractor units or tug masters with a trailer. Contact our team to book now - [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



School may be out for Summer, but at the RTITB Instructor Academy, it’s business as usual. Year round, you’ll find our train-the-trainer experts delivering our wide range of Instructor and Assessor courses to help your business operate safely and efficiently. Contact our friendly team now to discuss your training plans - email [email protected] or call +44(0)1952 520214.​



Our LGV Fleet Instructor course is different – as this great feedback from one of our recent candidates shows. The skills to teach novice drivers to acquire a licence are different. So, this course is specially designed to equip Instructors to train and assess qualified / drivers to maintain the high standards that today’s and employers need. Ready to experience it for yourself? Get in touch now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214 ​



We understand that every industrial or operation is different. So, you may have very specific training needs. But you can’t compromise when it comes to operational and standards. That’s why we train candidates to be Industrial & Commercial Instructors, equipping them with a high level of skill and knowledge that they can apply to the planning and delivery of the training your particular operation needs. Talk to us about the benefits now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Did you know that no prior training or specific operational experience is required to attend our Industrial & Commercial Instructor course? It’s about having the right set of attributes. So, if you have a team member that has good communication skills, working knowledge of their industry, good literacy and numeracy skills, and the confidence to present to their peers, they could be an ideal candidate for upskilling into an Instructor role. Find out more. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



In the UK, local councils play a critical role in managing and maintaining public spaces, roads, and infrastructure. Councils rely on fleets made up of a number of different vehicle types. To carry out these operations safely and efficiently, reversing assistants are crucial.

Find out more in this blog: https://loom.ly/XCTBbvw


Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has updated its ‘Guide for Maintaining Roadworthiness’. This is essential reading for transport managers, Instructors, and / / / drivers. It includes best practice advice to keep vehicles safe on the road, such as tyre management, towing, brake performance, emissions, fuel management, and reportable incidents. LGV Instructors or Instructors should make sure they are up to date to incorporate the latest updates in their driver training, and with colleagues.

Read more. https://loom.ly/s50mFNY


In a recent online poll, we found that 13% of respondents were not aware that Lift Truck Instructors need to re-register their qualification every 5 years. If you’re unsure of when your Instructors need to re-register, check now! Re-registration helps ensure that Instructors skills and knowledge are up to date, so that lift truck operations stay safe, and businesses maintain compliance. Contact us now to secure dates for our upcoming 3-day or 5-day Re-Reg courses at the RTITB Instructor Academy. https://loom.ly/b64D648


A fantastic free event took place in Warrington, Cheshire, yesterday. Disability Awareness Day is an annual free exhibition focusing on what disabled people can do throughout life and work, connecting attendees to resources and equipment, and offering opportunities to take part in activities, entertainment, and sports. As an equal opportunity, disability confident committed employer, we love to see inclusive events like his taking place to help individuals achieve and exceed their personal goals.

Find out more. https://loom.ly/rFiSXdc

Disability Awareness Day


Reduce risks to your business, and your wider workplace transport environment, while keeping costs under control. Adding LGV Fleet Instructors to your in-house training team gives you a qualified employee with the skills, knowledge and experience to assess, mentor, and instruct experienced / drivers. In turn, you can expect to see greater efficiency, less damage, and fewer incidents.

Book a course now! [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214 ​



As increases in operations, there will be new training needs in order to keep your people safe and your business compliant. With an Industrial & Commercial Instructor in house, you’ll have a qualified team member, skilled in developing lesson plans and delivering the specific operational workplace training you need, ready to help your business adopt automation and safely.

Book Instructor courses now at the RTITB Instructor Academy. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Have you checked your Instructors’ re-registration dates? To ensure your qualification is in date and registered, re-registration is needed after 5 years. This ensures Instructors professional skills and knowledge stay up to date, so that they can deliver the highest quality training.

Don’t get caught out – book our Instructor re-registration courses now. We have some course places available from September 2023, but these are booking up fast!



/ driver training doesn’t stop after licence acquisition! Further training is often needed to help drivers retain the skills and knowledge they learned, and to keep fleets safe on the road. That’s where our LGV Fleet Instructor course can help. It equips your business with a team member ready and able to carry out LGV/HGV driver inductions, driving assessments, Periodic Training and remedial driver training.

Discover more. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214 ​



Instructors are busy, finishing one course and starting another right away to train the drivers and operators that our industry so desperately needs. However, it’s important to take time and reflect on the training you’re delivering too. What worked well? What could be improved? How could you develop as an Instructor? Build in opportunities to consider these questions between courses, and to acknowledge how far you’ve come on your professional journey. ​



Bookings are now open for our NEW Light Goods Vehicle (Van) Assessor course. If you have vans within your fleet, a Assessor can save you time. Rather than your Approved Driving Instructors spending valuable time assessing candidates and new hires, a Van Assessor can do this. By successfully completing the new course, they will have the necessary skills to assess and report on the quality of any van driver. Courses are available on your site or as remote Instructor training for the theory element of the course. Secure places now. https://loom.ly/sqCKnCI [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214


Spaces on our Lift Truck Instructor Re-Registration and Conversion courses are currently filling up faster than usual! Don’t miss out on the training dates you need. Contact our friendly team now to secure your spaces - email [email protected] or call +44(0)1952 520214.​



National Logistics Day originated in the US and is now celebrated each year on 28th June. We believe the industry is so crucial, yet still so under-recognised. So, we wanted to get on board today to take a moment to celebrate the amazing work of the logistics industry! And the incredible Instructors without whom none of it would be possible.​


Don’t fear feedback! It can be uncomfortable to give, but constructive feedback is an important way to help your candidates improve, change behaviours, or gain a new perspective. Be sure to invite feedback from training candidates too – the benefits work both in both directions. Ways to help you become a better Instructor may come from unexpected people or places.​



Are you an / driver ready to take the next steps in your career? If you’ve got driving experience, have a passion for the industry, are a brilliant communicator, and love helping others, then you might have the right attributes to become an LGV/HGV Instructor. There is a huge need for more new instructors at the moment– now is the ideal time to train. Book a course now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214 ​



Did you know that having a team of in-house Lift Truck Instructors could help you reduce your overall training costs? It is often more cost effective to deliver courses in-house compared to candidates travelling to a training centre or staying off site. You can also reduce the costly downtime associated with training by delivering courses flexibly, including around shift patterns. Book your Instructor training with our experts now: [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



Every year on 20th of June, World Productivity Day recognises the importance of being productive. In transport and logistics operations, we know that having the correctly trained operators and drivers in place is key for efficient operations and uptime. So, if you’re going to be productive in just one way today, why not set your training plans for the coming months? And if you need to train professional Instructors to support that, we’ve got you covered. www.rtitbacademy.com


/ Drivers often spend a lot of time alone on the job, so if they were struggling with a physical or mental ill-health issue – would you know? If you’re an Instructor, you have unique access to these colleagues via training sessions. This makes you well positioned to check in on the of the male drivers and operators that you train. There’s no better time than now during .​


Men's Health Forum


While transport and logistics workforces are diversifying, men still make up the majority in the , and industry. So, we need to look after them! It’s – an ideal opportunity to consider your own health, and that of your colleagues. This year’s theme is Men’s Health and the Internet, looking at both the benefits and risks it can bring. Find out more on how to get involved.​


Men's Health Forum


The 9th June is usually National Training Day in some countries. Which got us wondering – which courses are our followers doing today? At RTITB Instructor Academy, we offer a huge range of courses so on any given day there are lots of different types of training happening under our roof, not to mention on our customers' sites! ​

Let us know what training you’re delivering, preparing, or attending today in the comments below!​



Our / Instructor course is always popular. Why? Because it’s high quality, engaging, and prepares candidates for the independent National Register of LGV Instructors - NRI examination, which proves their skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Book your course dates now to beat demand, and meet the growing demand for LGV Driver license acquisition training with your own LGV/HGV Instructors. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214 ​



Do you find it hard to secure the outsourced lift truck operator training you need, when you need it? Have you considered bringing your lift truck operator training in-house instead? With a trained Lift Truck Instructor you’ll get complete flexibility. Training can take place when it’s most convenient for the trainee, the Instructor and the business too. Add this vital resource to your team now by booking a course with the RTITB Instructor Academy. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



If getting your / drivers to complete their Periodic Training hours has taken a back seat due to operational pressures, it can be hard to catch up when you’re relying on external trainers. With your own Driver CPC Instructors in-house, you’ll have the resource to deliver the training hours you need, when you need them, ahead of the end of the cycle. And with a choice of in-person or remote Driver CPC Instructor training, we make it quick and easy to bring this skillset in-house. Book a course with our experts now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214



As an Instructor, your candidates are looking to you for all the answers as they know you’re a trustworthy source of knowledge and best practice. But if you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest. This will earn trust and respect and give you the chance to find a solution together.



If your Lift Truck Instructors’ registration has expired, we’ve got you covered. We have a choice of courses depending on how long ago the RTITB registration ended, enabling Instructors to attend a 3-day or 5-day training course to refresh their qualification and renew their registration. Secure the dates you need now. [email protected] or +44(0)1952 520214.


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RTITB Instructor Academy – Workplace Transport LGV & FLT Train-the Trainer Courses

Delivered by the UK’s best Instructors, who all come with real-world transport and logistics experience, we provide the highest quality RTITB Instructor training courses.

We are completely focused on delivering workplace transport ‘train-the-trainer’ and assessor courses, making us uniquely qualified to train Lift Truck Instructors, LGV Instructors, and everything in between.

We have a wide range of set courses, but we also create bespoke train-the-trainer courses for many different customers. Learn more about RTITB Academy here: https://www.rtitb.com/instructor-academy/

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