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Hi Karen, I can't remember your surname , tried to ring you, hope all is well will you send me your details love Anne xx
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There are Stranger Things than a lack of Excel knowledge.

What's stopping your progress?
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Microsoft training that delivers the tools you need to get great results with less work. Discover how training makes it easier than ever to communicate your ideas effectively, achieve more in less time, and stay on top of your information.

Our training delivers the tools you need to help you get great results with less work. There’s a lot of information about using each Microsoft Office programme that could take you years to gather on your own. In our short courses, on Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Project we’ll give you what we believe is the best, most important information to help you be the best you ca

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Take That! How to use Dictate in Outlook, Word & PowerPoint - Imagine Training 31/05/2022

Take That! How to use Dictate in Outlook, Word & PowerPoint - Imagine Training

Check out our latest blog where we look at - How to use Dictate in Outlook, Word & PowerPoint. Tips to make your work tasks one step easier!

Take That! How to use Dictate in Outlook, Word & PowerPoint - Imagine Training Well, it’s not often that I swear in my blog videos but the addition of a profanity filter in the new Dictate filter for Outlook, Word and PowerPoint made it […]

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Wow! The last month has been a blur! So much training delivery, on top of five days of training undertaken on official courses. We are not complaining - We love it!

We are pleased to say Karen our top trainer has retained her Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Certification for another year

12 years ago Karen became a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and like a lot of other trainers, she is still learning new skills and completing courses, to keep her skills current.

Being an accredited trainer means that Imagine Training have access to lots of learning materials and most importantly, a community of great trainers who always help each other out.

Our customers know what they're getting, not just 'subject matter experts’ but trainers that love what they do and can explain learning material that is simple to the complex in a way they can understand and use daily.

If you need help with using Microsoft 365 software for your business and your staff, Imagine Training provides a network of friendly and reliable trainers who can guarantee a successful outcome for you, helping to navigate the enormous range of new apps and linking things together so that your workflow is easier.

If we can help, reach out and message us.

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Super Charge⚡ your workday with nine top hacks to help collaborate in Microsoft Office 365.

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At Imagine Training, we believe that learning is key to our ethos. As new technology and updates are released. Whether it's attending one of our webinars or completing an Imagine Training course, we are committed to lifelong learning. So, if you're looking for a training partner that is always growing and evolving, imagine training with us!

We'll help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today on 01952 581 550 to get started.

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Do you use Microsoft Excel in your work and want to refresh and improve your Excel skills? Why not join Imagine Training Free online webinar "Use Excel Spreadsheet To Improve Productivity" on Friday 6th May at 2pm. Book your place today?

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We are really excited about our free event partnering with ECMS "Making The Most of Microsoft Teams" Webinar, on Friday 6th May at 11am.

Don't forget to register your place so you don't miss out!

ECMS Webinar - Making the Most of Teams! 21/04/2022

ECMS Webinar - Making the Most of Teams!

EXCITING NEWS!!! ✨ we are holding a FREE Training Event 'Making The Most Of Microsoft Teams' with Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills on 6th May 2022 from 11am -12pm.

Register your place today:

ECMS Webinar - Making the Most of Teams! Using Teams to work with your colleagues and customers? Learn about how you can use Teams to collaborate using new features.

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Learning is an active process. To learn, you must encounter new information, pay attention to it, coordinate it with what you already know, store it in your memory, and apply it. Our training sessions have been created to help you learn and develop your knowledge and enable you to apply the information learned to your everyday working role.

If your team use Microsoft 365 applications, is it time for them to refresh their knowledge? Give our team a call on 01952 581 550 or email our team at [email protected]

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Microsoft Forms is a powerful business tool that allows you to easily create forms and collect real-time responses from collaborators and colleagues.

Our Microsoft Experts have trained:
HR Teams, so they can utilise Microsoft Forms for employee admin and paperwork, employee updates, interview processes and surveys. Microsoft Forms can help HR teams effortlessly gain insights, manage a hybrid workforce and look to improve paperwork and processes.

Meeting Collaborators - on how to integrate Microsoft Forms into Microsoft Teams as a polling system to enhance meetings, and presentations, gaining 'on demand’ insights about their audience.

Businesses that have wanted to reduce their paper forms and output, so they can look to be more green and sustainable.

Our expert trainers, complete Microsoft Forms Training, from Creating and Designing Forms right through to Sharing and Collating Results. We help teams implement the right format for their business.

If you would like to speak to our team about Microsoft Forms training call 01952 581 550 or email our team at [email protected]

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Check out our latest blog ‘Take Time To Budget’.
As prices continue to rise around us, a budget maybe a useful tool to analyse your current finances. Our Microsoft Excel Expert, looks at how to use a FREE Microsoft Excel budgeting template to analyse and give you an overview of your finances.

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Over the past two years, businesses have become quite accustomed to adapting and becoming hybrid in the way their employees work. This new approach to working is not likely to change and Microsoft Teams is constantly improving its application, to create tools that help colleagues stay in touch, whether they are in the office or working from home.

Over the last two years one of the biggest questions we have been asked is:

'Can we supply Microsoft Teams training to help fill gaps of knowledge and give staff the confidence they need to use Microsoft Teams daily?'

Our answer: We sure can!

Our team of experts guide staff through using Microsoft Teams from how to integrate it into their Office 365 right through to Presenting, Managing Meetings, Collaborating and Selling. Each session gives delegates "Tips and Tricks", advice and practice using Microsoft Teams and allows questions to be asked to help build confidence.

Imagine if all your staff knew how to use Microsoft Teams! It would enhance your business's internal workflow, allowing for seamless project communication, creating new and meaningful collaborations, keeping all staff informed on projects and increasing overall staff efficiency. A win-win really! 🌟🤩

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Have you checked out Imagine Training's Microsoft Excel Courses? Our team teach Microsoft Excel from Beginners Level 1 right through to Level 6 - Advanced for Professionals.

Our team's training has proven to help businesses, by improving staff confidence, giving you the tools you need to be more efficient, which leads to everyday tasks being completed faster and more accurately.

We have trained companies that have changed their processes following our training which has improved operations.

We love the reviews we receive⭐ 🤩 and are proud to help businesses with Microsoft applications that are continuously being refreshed and updated as technology and work life develops.

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We are always learning - but how we learn is key. From two years old we learn through observational learning. Research has shown that we can learn up to 35% of what we know from observing others. So, if you want to learn something new, watch someone else do it first! Then, try it yourself and have an expert on hand to help if it goes wrong, and answer your questions.

Imagine Training work with businesses across the world, to help their staff improve their Microsoft 365 knowledge and skillset. Our training courses have continuously helped employees streamline their work, raise confidence and give employees updates on systems, which have been rapidly changing over the past two years.

If your team use Microsoft 365 applications, maybe it is time for them to refresh their knowledge? Give our team a call on 01952 581 550 or email our team on [email protected] to speak to our team about your business’s requirements.

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