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What I love about music, and performing especially, is it shows a whole new facet of a person/child.
You may have always thought of yourself (or your kid) as shy or awkward, yet having a musical instrument to play can be an amazing outlet for free expression and bring a new found confidence.
I find also that playing an instrument helps to quieten the chatter of the mind and allows me to be fully present in the moment.
Playing guitar is my meditation!

Music is always the answer, in my opinion! What are your thoughts?


Well done to all my students who persevered through the heatwave this week 🔥🔥🔥


Hi. I am currently having issues opening messages due to Facebook's update.
Please bear with me.
Meanwhile, please contact me on WhatsApp 07540192337


Joe Bonamassa Guitar Memes

We can all appreciate a guitar, at any age!


Guitar pedals are great for spicing up your playing. Here, I use an Octave Shifter to create the sound of a bass guitar then dual guitars, a loop pedal to record the bass part and also a simple start-stop drum beat. Messing about and experimenting lets your creativity grow too.


One of the best parts of teaching is when a student has a breakthrough moment ☑️
It could be playing along to an entire song 🎶 playing a tricky chord with ease 🎼 or doing their first solo 🎸 That, for me, is why I love my job 🤘😊

This week was full of those moments. Well done to my brilliant students!! 👏👏👏


Had a fantastic morning teaching Blues guitar.
We looked at the technical aspects needed to improvise and play the Blues!
A highlight for me was when Tiny, the dog, came into the room to listen!

If you want to learn guitar or polish up your skills, I’m happy to help! Get in touch!


Are You Gonna go my Way by Lenny Kravitz 🤘😊🎸


Picked up my new Guitar today 🎸 from The Music Vault
An Epiphone SG G400 Pro. Will enjoy rocking along with this and my students next week


Got chance to have a little practice playing 🎼Alive by Pearl Jam🎵 today.
Even though I'm a massive fan, I've never really learnt to play this one. But was fun to run-through 🤘🎸❤️


Open mic this Wednesday at Café Zero in Bridgnorth. Come along all ye singers, musicians, poets, comedians, story tellers...there is always a good crowd ready to show support and enjoy your performance!!
Food and hot/soft drinks available. BYOB if you want alcohol, £2.50 corkage for the night.
Doors open at 7pm, Open mic from 7.30pm. Contact Dan Sutton Music to book a slot or just turn up on the night 😊 🎹


Now Offering Guitar Lessons, Mondays between 12:30-3pm at Cafe Zero in Bridgnorth. ☕️🎸


A bit of solo noodlin' to a bluesy backing track 🤘☺️
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🏫The After-school slots are nearly full, with just Thursday 3:30-4:15 left available 🗓️
👨‍👧‍👦If you would like your child to learn guitar, get in touch for a free taster session 🎸

How to Tune A Guitar for Beginners (Guitar Basics - Lesson 4) 14/01/2022

How to Tune A Guitar for Beginners (Guitar Basics - Lesson 4)

***How to Tune your Guitar***

🎸 Hi everyone.
I've had a few clients mention that their new guitars keep going out of tune. This is normal. Basically, new strings take time to 'bed in'.

🎵 I recommend you check tuning every time the guitar is picked up.

📱 Using an electronic tuner such as a 'clip-on' or an app is great for this.

🎦 The following video will help explain this.

⚠️ Pay attention to the part 6m27secs in, this shows how to double check you got it right.

⁉️ Any questions, comment or drop me a message. 🤘😊

How to Tune A Guitar for Beginners (Guitar Basics - Lesson 4) ◀ for Andy's exclusive lessons and more!How to tune a guitar - written guide here:►►


Dedication makes for a great guitarist 🎸
One thing that puts beginners (of all ages) off is how the strings hurt your fingers to begin with 🖐️But, with regular practice your fingertips will harden up 💪


Absolutely blown away by one of my 7.y.o students today. Over 🎄Xmas he has been practicing lots and can play the following riffs:

🎸Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
🎸Welcome To Paradise by Green Day
🎸Enter Sandman by Metallica.

He's been learning with me for less than a year, but is already rockin' like someone three times his age. The practicing is really paying off!

Well Done Alex!! 👏👏👏


A big well done to all my students for '21 👏 I am so proud of what you've achieved ♥️
It's been great to hear so many of you have got new guitars 🎸 over Christmas 🎄
Let's keep on rockin' in '22! 🤘


My 14 year-old student is learning to play 🎼Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix 🎸 In just 2 sessions he can play the intro and is now mastering the chords. Really proud of him! 🤘😊


5 min Tutorial: How to play the riff from ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones. 🤘😊

2nd string down (A string).
Frets 2.2… 2.4.5… 5.5.4. 🎵🎶

Morning Slots available. Drop me a message or call 07540 192 337 to book your FREE session. 📲🤙


☀️ Weekday morning lessons are perfect if you…

🌛 Work evenings.
🏠 Work from home.
✌️ Are retired.
📚 Are a home educator.

Get in touch for more info & to arrange a FREE Session!


🎸I have spaces available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays!!
🤘I can teach your child how to rock on guitar. Get in touch for a FREE Taster now!! 🎶


If your child wants to learn guitar 🎸 or you know a child that is wanting lessons, I have slots 🗓 available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays at 3:30-4:15. 🤘
Drop me a message or whatsapp me for your FREE taster session.

Telford Scene Autumn Edition 2021 31/08/2021

Telford Scene Autumn Edition 2021

Pick up a free copy of the latest Scene Mag from your local supermarket.

Telford Scene Autumn Edition 2021 Welcome to the Autumn edition of your Scene magazine for Telford, packed with superb local businesses, features, fashion, recipes, car reviews, education, home garden ideas and so much more. Please enjoy and support local when possible! Happy Halloweeeen xx


🤘I hope everyone is having a good Summer holiday?☀️🌊🏝
🤘A number of slots will be available in September 🗓
🤘WhatsApp me 💬 for a FREE taster session if your kid wants to learn to Rock! 🎸


🤘 There are still slots available if your child wants to rock out!!

📱Message, Whatsapp me or 📞 Call to arrange a FREE Taster session.

🎸 Guitars can be provided if your child doesn’t have their own.



Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video) 07/07/2021

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)

The 🤘Power Chord 🤘is one of the best techniques to make your guitar Rock!!! 🎸

In one of today’s lessons, I’ll be introducing my pupil to this absolute Power Chord Classic!

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video) Nirvana's official music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, remastered in HD. Subscribe for more videos: to more from ...


🌞Summer Holidays Guitar Crash Course!🌞
**Get £15 Off Quote: VOLUME80**

Does your kid dream of being a rock star? 🎸 Well this Summer we can kickstart that dream into a reality with a one week Beginners crash course! 😁
Private Tuition... At Your Home!!
For one hour every morning we’ll be learning chords, tuning, rhythm and by the end of the week playing our first song!
So if your kid fancies playing a bit of George Ezra, Bob Marley or maybe even Black Eyed Peas, get in touch!
Places will book up fast so let me know if you’re interested!
Ross 🎸🎶

Photos from The Music Vault's post 02/07/2021

Guitar shops are a great way to meet other guitarists, learn more and be inspired! Good luck The Music Vault!


Orchestra Makes Their Instruments Out Of Vegetables

Wow! 🥕🎶


Hey everyone 👋🏻

How’s it going? I had a great lesson today with one of my students- we’re working on a Green Day track which is really fun to play.
We’ve been learning all about tempo. Being able to learn chords is, of course, really important but just as important is tempo!
Tempo is the speed in which a piece is played. Sometimes when you have mastered chords and chord changes it’s really tempting to play them fast! (Because, let’s face it, it’s fun! 😆)
The tempo of a song sets the emotion and overall tone, so it’s worth taking the time (pun intended!) to work on getting the tempo right.
I often tell my students to practice playing along to different tempo drum tracks on youtube as it’s great practice. If you can play along to a piece of music on youtube, you’ll be able to play along with other people and friends and maybe form your own band!
Keep on being excellent to each other,
Ross 😁


Had a fantastic day today doing a music workshop with a great bunch of home-ed kids.
We talked about the origins of percussion, learned about rhythm and sound, even touched on the importance of nature and looking after our planet!
The kids went into groups and composed their own completely original piece. They then performed their song to an audience.
It was such a fun day, and it was fantastic to see kids engaged in music and creativity. Being part of a group is all about listening and compromise, and I think they were all super stars today!


Chuffed to get this wonderful review today. Thanks Gem! 🤘😊


We all know that playing the guitar is a really cool skill to have, but there is so much more to it than just rocking out!

😎 Check this out....

Learning to play an instrument gives your child's brain a boost and improves concentration, so you may find they start to improve and excel in other areas!
It also helps memory function, which will help your kid retain facts and figures which can help them in school. 😎
Music is a great way to let out our emotions without saying anything! A brilliant therapy for relieving any pent up stress or upset.
Playing guitar allows your child to express themselves. As we learn different techniques and genres, they will find what they like to play, and may want to play around with writing their own songs too. It helps them create an image of who they are.
Playing guitar together, whether one-to-one with me, or in a band or jam session with friends, is a way to build teamwork, and listening ability - key life skills.
Did you know playing guitar burns 90 calories per hour?! Neither did I! By playing guitar, your child will build and strengthen their arm, finger, hand and even leg muscles!
Playing guitar is a huge confidence builder. It's a great skill to feel good about. It's a fantastic way to make new friends and the best thing of all- playing the guitar is FUN!
😁 🎶

If you would like a FREE taster lesson with me, send me a message or give me a call/whatsapp on 07540 192337! Ross 🙂


One thing that’s cool about my lessons is I teach at your home. Meaning, you get some free time & don’t need to rush to get somewhere🤘😊

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Guitar pedals are great for spicing up your playing. Here, I use an Octave Shifter to create the sound of a bass guitar ...
Are You Gonna go my Way by Lenny Kravitz 🤘😊🎸
Got chance to have a little practice playing 🎼Alive by Pearl Jam🎵 today.Even though I'm a massive fan, I've never really...
A bit of solo noodlin' to a bluesy backing track 🤘☺️(Please Like 👍& Share ↗️)
A big well done to all my students for '21 👏 I am so proud of what you've achieved ♥️It's been great to hear so many of ...
5 min Tutorial: How to play the riff from ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones. 🤘😊2nd string down (A stri...
One thing that’s cool about my lessons is I teach at your home. Meaning, you get some free time & don’t need to rush to ...
You don’t need expensive gear 💷🎸or loads of space to rock out 🤘Here’s me playing a heavy riff using my homemade 3-string...
Hi! Here’s a little introduction video🤘😊(Note... you can learn to play within a year, what I meant to say was ‘learn eve...







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