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Hi all.
Does anyone send their little ones to Footsteps nursery in Fazeley? If so, what’s your experience been like?
I’m looking for a nursery two days a week and they have the availability we need but just wanted to get some honest feedback before we sign up. Thanks in advance xx
🎉⭐️ GIVEAWAY ⭐️🎉 WINNER ANNOUNCED @captainblondie

In collaboration with these other local small businesses, we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a Mother’s Day gift bundle!

To enter, all you need to do is:

* Follow Erin Kate Photography, Luxe Biscuits by Shannon, Helium Heaven, Candy Love UK and Tots Play Tamworth
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This comp will end on 27.03.22 at 10pm and a winner will be drawn the following day.

Good luck! 🎉

- winner will be contacted by Erin Kate Photography
- the giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook or Instagram
- prizes are a mini photo session at Erin Kate Photography, 3 handpainted vanilla boxed biscuits, Mother’s Day balloon envelope gift, Mother’s Day sweet mix, 3 free classes at Tots Play Tamworth ONLY and are non transferable. They also hold no monetary value.
- winner must be able to collect from Tamworth
Down in the jungle where nobody goes 🎵🐒

Lovely pictures from Tots Play Tamworth Jungle parties yesterday! Today we move into day 3 of our Anniversary week celebrations, raising money for Pandas Foundation (Pre And PostNatal Depression Advice and Support) 💖 Super excited to let you all know our final amount raised at the end of the week! xx
Some great info here from Tots Play Tamworth 😍🥰
If you’ve never checked out my small business section on my website, be sure to take a look! There are some fabulous people running wonderful businesses and some you may like to try! The lovely Lisa now runs Tots Play Tamworth and her contact details have been added to my website. Take a peek at what’s to offer 😃💗
Say hello to our newest franchisees. They have just completed their training and can't wait to welcome you to their classes.

Check them out at Tots Play Doncaster North, Tots Play Hull, Tots Play Blaby and Surrounding Area, Tots Play Ribble Valley, Tots Play Tamworth and Tots Play Southampton West

Bookings are already open in some areas and coming soon for the others, so find details of your local classes at and they'll see you there. xx
Tots Play Tamworth Summer classes!! Take a look 😍
More lovely back to classes pictures here from Tots Play Tamworth Discovery Tots 🧡🧡🧡 don't forget to share your pics with us and tag us so we can show off your gorgeous Tots too!! ###
Who's taking part in the Christmas Eve jingle today?
Why not have a little sing along too?

Here are our newest members of our Tots Play Franchisee family with a fun song to brighten up your Christmas Eve - grab some bells and join in!

Look out for classes from these ladies at Tots Play Epsom, Tots Play Tamworth and Tots Play Hadleigh Area in the new year xx
We are excited to welcome our 3 newest franchisees, who have completed their training with us over the last few days.

Look out for their new classes launching in Tots Play Tamworth, Tots Play Hadleigh Area and Tots Play Epsom early in the New Year!

Welcome ladies and congratulations on completing your training xx

Visit and learn how play can boost your child's development. Fun, interactive developmental play classes and resources for children from birth to 4 years.

Every Class Your Child Needs in One!

Operating as usual

The best baby conjunctivitis treatment for sore eyes according to an optometrist 16/06/2022

The best baby conjunctivitis treatment for sore eyes according to an optometrist

💙🧡 Little one got conjunctivitis? Read this to find out how to treat it 💙🧡

The best baby conjunctivitis treatment for sore eyes according to an optometrist Mother&Baby find the best baby conjunctivitis treatment. Experts recommend the best from brands like Optrex and Golden Eye.


💙🧡 Thank you for sharing this video of Daddy having a go of one of the yoga songs from today- it has made my day 💙🧡


💙🧡 Our BRAND NEW Giant LED Light spinners have launched! These are twice the size of our previous mini spinners, and are 21cm in height 💙🧡

They are selling quickly so if you want to get your very own, head to right away and receive a discount code for using my link!

Things that light up or flash are really engaging for your little one and great for capturing their attention and interest as they learn about, light and dark, colours, tracking movement with their eyes and lots more xx

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 15/06/2022

💙🧡 Wednesday Discovery Tots (younger group) 💙🧡

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 15/06/2022

💙🧡 Wednesday Discovery Tots (older group) 💙🧡

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 15/06/2022

💙🧡 Wonderful Wednesdays with Social Tots 💙🧡


Tamworth - Free Tickets !!
NHS - All NHS Staff/Workers, Police, Air Ambulance, Fire fighter's/Forces, Armed Forces, RAF, Navy, Emergency Services, Royal Mail Staff/Workers, Prison Staff/Workers.
Please read below.

Hello people of Tamworth, we are so happy to be returning back to the lovely Planters Garden Centre this June & July 🥳

We, as a family, Paulo/Darnell, have been looking at what we can do to give back to the local communitys we visit after all that has been happening during this very strange last few years.

So, we have 500 tickets to give away to thoese who are our country's life line & backbone during, not only this last crazy few years, but always. This offer is open to anyone living in Birmingham/Midlands/Staffordshire, not only in the Tamworth area, but all surrounding areas.

The tickets will be valid for the following showings; All dates performances are @ 5pm & 7.30pm daily.

June 17th
June 20th
June 21st
June 22nd
June 24th
June 27th
June 28th
June 29th
July 1st

All you have to do is give the office a call when they open from 11am Wednesday 15th of June & let them know what service/job you work in and what day, time show you would like to attend. You will need to show some form of official ID when collecting your tickets from the office. You will be able to claim 5 tickets per booking. You must be booked in via the office, no tickets will be issued on the doors. If the day you call for is full you will be offered another day.

The office number : 0750 858 4811
It might be busy in the morning so do keep trying throughout the day. It is open from 11am to 5pm daily. If it goes direct to answer phone it means the line is engaged, I have had people say sometimes it has taken over 100 calls to get through, so it can be busy. We cannot book anyone in online or via email. Only the office line can book you in.

The Internet is really bad here on the venue, I will struggle even to answer any questions, so please direct all questions to the office.

Offer open to claim from Wednesday 15th of June, from 11am.

We plan to give away more tickets over the course of our "One Clown's Dream Tour" to many more jobs, different sectors/lines of work.

Thank you all x

We hope to see you at the show. We are in Tamworth @ Planters Garden Centre from the 17th of June to 3rd of July & then Topsham @ Darts Farm, our only venue in Devon for 2022.

The Darnell's & all at Paulos Circus.

Tickets can be book online now @

All seats £8pp Anyday Anyshow 💖🎪🥳


Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 14/06/2022

💙🧡 Baby Development week 2 🧡💙
Our gorgeous littlest tots enjoyed a chest and tummy massage today (watch out for the explosions this week ladies 😂) 💩
We then talked about different ways to calm and soothe a fussy baby (and we’ve all been there where we have tried everything and still they’re crying!) 😭
After that we explored the black & white contrasts collections and our babies were totally engaged at all the different things to look at. We saw some excellent ‘tracking’ too today- well done babies! 🖤🤍

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 14/06/2022

💙🧡 Discovery Tots ( younger group) 💙🧡
What a wonderful session we had this morning!
We started off with some yoga and stretched our legs to ‘row, row, row your boat’, followed by some big lifts and drops with ‘pop goes the weasel’.
Then we learnt to sign for help, wash, ball, dance, splash, please and thank you by singing a song and signing along with what we learnt.
We then developed our sense of sight by exploring all things colourful! Our little tots were mesmerised by the array of colourful things to explore.
To calm us down, we finished the session with bubbles and a lullaby massage. There were definitely a few sleepy babies as we were getting ready to go home today!

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 14/06/2022

💙🧡 Discovery Tots (older group) 💙🧡
What an amazing session we had today!
We had fun with colours this morning and I think you’ll agree from the photos, our tots had a blast!

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 14/06/2022

💙🧡 Tuesday Social Tots 💙🧡
What a wonderful session we had, despite being only half full due to lots of holidays and illnesses today!
Our Social Tots stretched out their arms and legs during yoga this morning.
Then we rang the bells and played quickly/ slowly on the drums in our instrument section.
Our exploration stations were based around colours: we sorted megablocks and shapes, threaded cotton reels, explored the colorful treasure baskets and squealed in the ball pit!
Last up was a parachute game and then wind down with the resting song.
Happy tots and happy mummies!


A breastfed baby does not need any additional water in hot weather, please see this NCT page for more info.

6 Funny Truths About Having A Girl 14/06/2022

6 Funny Truths About Having A Girl


6 Funny Truths About Having A Girl

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 14/06/2022

💙🧡 You’ve just won a free massage! Do you choose 💆🏼‍♀️ or 👣? Answer with an emoji 💙🧡


💙🧡 Eeek! 💙🧡


💙🧡 Anyone got any good tips for keeping your baby safe in the sun? It’s going to get really hot this week! 💙🧡

Babies and young children can become ill during very hot weather. Their health can be seriously affected by:

heat exhaustion and heatstroke

Try these tips for keeping your child happy and healthy in the heat.

Sun safety

Keep your baby cool and protect them from the sun.

Babies less than 6 months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. Their skin contains too little melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their colour, and provides some protection from the sun.

Older babies should also be kept out of the sun as much as possible, particularly in the summer and between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest. If you go out when it's hot, attach a parasol or sunshade to your baby's pushchair to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 to your baby's skin. Make sure the product also protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Many brands produce sunscreen specifically for babies and young children, as these products are less likely to contain additives that might irritate the skin. Apply the suncream regularly, particularly if your child is in and out of the sea or paddling pool.

Make sure your child wears a sunhat with a wide brim or a long flap at the back to protect their head and neck from the sun.
Avoid dehydration

Like adults, babies and young children need to drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated.

From 0 to 6 months

Fully breastfed babies do not need any water until they've started eating solid foods. During hot weather they may want to breastfeed more than usual.

If you're bottle feeding, as well as their usual milk feeds, you can give your baby a little cooled boiled water. If your baby wakes at night, they'll probably want milk. If they have had their usual milk feeds, try cooled boiled water as well.

Remember you can ask your health visitor or another health professional for advice about any baby care issue, advice will then be tailored to meet your baby's needs.
From around 6 months

Once you have started to introduce solid foods, you should offer your baby sips of water from a cup or beaker with meals. Remember that breastmilk or infant formula should be their main drinks during the first year. In hot weather, you may need to offer some additional water outside of mealtimes.
From 12 months

Water, breast milk or whole cows' milk should be your baby's main drinks. In hot weather, you can try giving them frozen lollies made from plain water or from very diluted fruit juice to help keep them hydrated. Lollies made from diluted fruit juice should only be given at mealtimes because they can cause tooth decay.

For older children, give them plenty of fruit and salad to help keep their fluid levels up. Remember that undiluted fruit juice or smoothies should not be given to children until they are 5 years old, as these can also cause tooth decay.

Keeping cool

Follow these tips to help keep your children cool and safe during hot weather.

Playing in a paddling pool is a good way of keeping babies and children cool. Keep the pool in the shade during very hot weather and supervise the children carefully at all times.
Run them a cool bath before bedtime.

Keep your child's bedroom cool during the day by closing blinds or curtains. You can also use a fan to circulate the air in the room.

Keep nightwear and bedclothes to a minimum. If your baby kicks or pushes off the covers during the night, consider putting them in just a nappy with a single well-secured sheet that will not work loose and cover their face or get entangled during the night.

A nursery thermometer will help you monitor the temperature of your baby's room. Your baby will sleep most comfortably when their room is between 16C and 20C.

Photos from Tots Play Tamworth's post 13/06/2022

💙🧡 Absolutely love it when I get a message like this from one of my families! Lovely to see that I've inspired someone to make their own pat mats; and this little one is clearly loving it! 💙🧡


💙🧡 Can you help me? Signing song for you to have a go at with your little ones this week! 💙🧡


💙🧡 Would you rather only watch Peppa Pig or only watch the Teletubbies? 💙🧡

Timeline photos 12/06/2022

🧡💙 Play doesn't need to be complicated or expensive to be valuable, so at Tots Play Tamworth, we show you simple and inexpensive ways to play and engage with your baby in class and at home too.

🧡💙 For your free 'play time' e-book, follow this link:

🧡💙 Visit to find out more about available Tots Play classes in Tamworth. Lisa xx 💙🧡

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Sensory socks 🧦





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