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Joanna Turnpenny

Your Path to Freedom from Alcohol

Operating as usual


❤️ and once we have grown around our grief that’s not always a permanent state of being. We can still move back through those jars where our grief has more impact due to life events such as anniversaries, birthdays and reminders of shared experiences. Where ever you are in the journey I hope you have the support you need there.

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Relaxing gondola ride today


I've just reached 300 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each and every one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


So excited to have found this little guy (or girl?) in our garden 🥰


Come out Nellie. She didn't send you back when you dug all of the other holes in her garden!

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Day 2. Here's the, breathing in, before picture I wanted to post followed by the actual, with lines where my shorts have dug in - don't be vain, picture my friend persuaded me to post!
I've had two slip ups when I ate chocolate but I'm not beating myself up about it.  Life has thrown a couple of major curve balls this week so I'm going to take the advice I would give to anyone else and give myself some compassion. 
I learned a lot from the slip ups. I didn't need the chocolate.  I needed to do other things, talk to a friend, take a walk etc. It made me feel good as I was eating it but that's all.
Also drinking lots of water and trying to eat healthy meals so I don't resort to snacks.


So let me get this straight. 
You really like to drink because it enhances your celebrations and makes you happy and relaxed .......but.......
you really wish you could stop drinking because it takes away memories of your celebrations and makes you sad and anxious?

joanna turnpenny 08/08/2022

joanna turnpenny

Back up and running.

joanna turnpenny Do you drink too much alcohol? Do you want to stop drinking? Find out how I can help you recover by quitting with my counseling. Certified Naked Mind Coach UK.


I'm giving up processed sugar. I gave up alcohol. I should be able to give up sugar. Right? It's going to be so hard.
Two weeks before I go to Italy 🇮🇹. Two weeks to lose the belly fat!👙 . Posting here for accountability. I may pluck up courage for a before picture later 😱


🐝 BEE ing alcohol free is a huge rebellious, going against the norm adventure.
Busily full of:-
🐝 early morning sunrises 🌅
🐝 crazy new hobbies
🐝 feel good sing along playlists
🐝 clear headed discoveries
🐝 true connections
🐝 out of your comfort zone moments
🐝 total aliveness!!


What's the alcohol culture in your workplace?

Drinks after work encouraged? Friday drinks at the desk? Client boozy lunches?

But there's a fine line, right?

Taking it to the edge. One or two too many. Embarrassing incidents. Inappropriate emails. Days lost because of alcohol problems.

Have you ever had sneaky doubts about your alcohol consumption but not been able to express them to anyone for fear of what your colleagues would think? You're not alone. If you've thought this before plenty of them have too.

There are many reasons why alcohol is causing under performance at work.
Not just the hangovers, days off and illness but bad decision making, lateness, stress and anxiety.
It's not until you get rid of alcohol that you realise you've been living and working in a fog.
Clarity, drive, enthusiasm and general mind and body fitness return once you give up the booze, making your career take off.
By removing alcohol, work and personal life become open to more possibilities.
Over three years alcohol free myself I can definitely vouch for all of the above. The benefits are endless.
I'd love for you to just give it a go. You've got nothing to loose and everything to gain.
There's a way to control alcohol using your brains built in survival mechanisms. I combine this with personal coaching with hypnotherapy. Tailored to your own beliefs about alcohol and its so called benefits to you and using your own vision for your future career we plan your strategy together.
Twelve weeks or less is all you need to take control, decide how you want alcohol to look in your life and stand out from the crowd who are letting alcohol hold them back.


Lovely review from a top client who went from using alcohol, sometimes in copious amounts, as a stress reliever in lockdown to freedom with 30 days.

"A relaxed and friendly approach, devoid of judgement…. Thanks to Jo’s guidance, expertise and compassion I have finally found liberation from alcohol, and am at peace with my sobriety. I now have the tools to move forward with my own personal journey - to discover, understand and accept the ‘true me'. "

I've put together the top tools and tips that my clients have found the most useful. Message me for the FREE top five.

Timeline photos 20/05/2022

Timeline photos


Slow down and look up. How to experience peace and happiness and fall in love with life again.
I haven’t been practising this lately and it shows.
When I was drinking there was turmoil. Never living in the moment. Always thinking about the future and if there was wine there!
Where is the next bottle coming from? When is an acceptable time to start? How much will be considered too much?
Then there was the most painful dwelling in the past.
Why can’t I remember the night before? Did I upset anyone? Where did my purse go?
Never living in the moment.
Then I ditched alcohol. I was so grateful for every day of freedom. No more inner fighting with myself. Life was out there waiting for me.
But lately I’ve been a bit distracted and haven’t been journaling or being grateful or living in the moment so I went outside, took some time and looked up.

It was still there where it always had been, the beautiful sky, the present moment, the inner peace, the strength and true happiness.

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Who'd have thought it? These things are all possible!

No one wants to give up drinking entirely right? But we'd all like to cut down a bit occasionally . To experience that special event fully and be able to remember it. No hangover. No embarrassment. No having to ask if you'd behaved!

It can be done without feeling like you are depriving yourself or experiencing the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out.

Why not try an experiment ? Take a month off. Find your true self. Experience your full potential.

Turns out most of us are able to function without alcohol. Our true self is amazing when we take the time to get to know ourselves.
We did it before we ever had a drink and we can do it again.

Its not too late to discover what life is like without the alcohol fog.

Message us for the free painless way to begin your journey to true freedom from alcohol.

(Freedom in this case means YOU take control and decide when you drink and when you don't)

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Thank you Annie Grace for putting it into words again 🥰

I was pretty much in a constant state of misery during my days of drinking.

If I wasn’t drinking, all I could do was think about drinking.

If I was drinking, all I could think about was my next drink. I was never truly satisfied or content.

Since I changed how I felt about drinking, I have rediscovered what happiness truly is. I get to fully experience everything that I do and appreciate life for the amazing gift that it is.

Change can be scary. You may think that quitting drinking will be just as painful as the pain you are feeling right now.

I am here to remind you that you can either go through the pain of changing or remain in the pain of staying the same. The choice is all yours!

For more on change, follow us on TikTok at

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If your habit is making you unhealthy and unhappy and you've tried and failed to stop before send me a message to receive the free how to stop without stopping first worksheets!

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Message us and we'll answer your questions next time


Why the minority is often correct and the majority is often wrong when it comes to alcohol.
The sober minority are having to fight harder for their beliefs. They strongly believe they are correct. They must have some pretty good evidence to go against the rest of society and the power of the marketing giants.
Message us to find out the secrets of the sober minority.


It's a scary and uncomfortable place to be stuck in. Wanting to stop because of past failed attempts, giving up before you've even started. Why not take it easy on yourself? Try an experiment. No one fails in an experiment. See how different it could be this time.
Message me to find out if this time could be the one you finally take control.


One year ago today I started my life changing journey to become a This Naked Mind certified coach


The magic happens when you learn these thoughts can be changed


We all have it in us to thrive ❤
but alcohol disrupts the chemicals in our brain that give happiness.
Every drink trades real joy for 20 minutes of false highs followed by 3 hours of lows as our bodies fight to remove the toxic substance and maintain natural balance.

Message me to find out why alcohol is the problem and not you.

No amount of alcohol is good for the heart, says World Heart Federation - World Heart Federation 21/01/2022

No amount of alcohol is good for the heart, says World Heart Federation - World Heart Federation

No amount of alcohol is good for the heart, says World Heart Federation - World Heart Federation GENEVA (20 January 2022) – In a new policy brief, the World Heart Federation (WHF) is challenging the widespread notion that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can decrease the risk of heart disease, and calling for urgent and decisive action to tackle the unprecedented rise in alcohol-related d...


Are you enjoying any health benefits from dry January?
Do you want to continue to get great sleep, more energy and fantastic looking skin?
But without the white knuckling through with willpower.

There are 3 spaces left on my February small group online coaching course.
Another 30 days to make your no alcohol or less alcohol resolution stick the easy way.
Contains zoom calls, fantastic group support, daily videos, private page and one on one coaching with me.
Free initial call to make sure this is going to work for you.


Two concepts have come up in conversation with clients this week.

1. Spontaneous Sobriety.
This is what happened to me, my client and countless others. We read This Naked Mind. Learned the facts about alcohol, the science and question our beliefs around drinking then all of a sudden we don't want to drink anymore. Like magic 🎩.
2. Accidental Sobriety.
This has happened to a few of my friends. Because they hang out with me and listen to me talking about alcohol and how fantastic life is without it they kinda absorb the information and they stop drinking accidentally 😁.
Both are almost pain-free ways to stop drinking no matter how much or little you drink.


Join the ever growing rebel community who know life is so much more than worrying about where the next drink is coming from.

Message me to receive your free guide.


- What to say to friends and family.
- Why you are not alone
- How to have fun without alcohol
- Change FOMO (fear of missing out) to JOMO (joy of missing out)
- Bonus thought transformation. It's not what you're giving up. It's what you are gaining.

joanna turnpenny 24/12/2021

joanna turnpenny

Find out how to break free - read my Sober Superhero story

Contains top ten reasons to take a break.
P.S. They may not be the reasons you think


As a follow up to dry January I'm offering FREE FEBRUARY.

Find out how you can cut-down or quit and be happy about it.

28 days to delve into your own personal journey with drinking, societies pressures and the science behind it all. With personal coaching from Joanna.

Find out if you're eligible here.

joanna turnpenny Do you drink too much alcohol? Do you want to stop drinking? Find out how I can help you recover by quitting with my counseling. Certified Naked Mind Coach UK.

joanna turnpenny 19/12/2021

joanna turnpenny

Last time I was here I was having a constant battle in my head.

"I'm on holiday, I deserve a drink".
"But it might ruin the swimming with the kids"
"Is lunchtime too early to drink?"
"But I probably won't remember the bowling later"
"I need to stay sober to be with the kids today"
"But I deserve one - it's Christmas"
"Let's have a few before we go out"
"But I'll probably fall over walking back later"
"Just one more"
"But I'll have a headache tomorrow and won't enjoy it"
"And I'll have to apologise again for something I don't even remember saying and I'll feel embarrassed and shameful and I'll vow never to drink again and that will only last until 5pm"
And repeat every day for a week.
This year without alcohol.

joanna turnpenny Do you drink too much alcohol? Do you want to stop drinking? Find out how I can help you recover by quitting with my counseling. Certified Naked Mind Coach UK.

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