Earlswood Early Years

Earlswood Early Years

Earlswood Early Years is a nursery in the heart of Earlswood offering Early Years education to children from birth to four years.

Operating as usual

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 31/08/2022

This week we have enjoyed a range of textures in the red playdough such as lentils, pine cones, leaves and sequences. Playdough activities encourage our fine motor skills when rolling, squeezing and the use of playdough tools.
In the book corner we have looked at a range of books and props such as hand puppets or soft animals encouraging language development when repeating words or sounds.
The littler babies have enjoyed walking and crawling in the garden to find the balls. we have enjoyed exploring the shaving foam in the tuff tray, using glue spatulas to spread and make marks in the shaving foam, the children started to use their fingers and whole hands and introduced cars into the foam, and we looked at the tracks they left behind.

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 27/07/2022

This week in Little Acorns have enjoyed a blue peppermint scented playdough, we used rollers and stampers to mark make onto the dough and our hands and fingers for sensory play.
We have enjoyed the wooden slope and push along toys.
The children enjoyed making sand pictures with glue and coloured sand.
In the construction area we have played with the bricks and wore our builders hats looking at our reflection in the mirror whilst dressing up, we had choice of a number of tabards and workmen high vis jackets to try on.
In the role play area plenty of pretend cups of tea and fruit have been played with for our imaginative play.
Our circle time was singing our favourite nursery rhymes and actions.

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 21/07/2022

The Saplings have had a lovely couple of weeks in their room and in the garden😇 Last week we were still reading the three little pigs as our book of the week, the Saplings helped Charlotte and Faye create one of the three little pigs houses and then used the foam bricks to mark make with paint on the outside of the house🏠 We created a tuff tray full of lots of different sensory play to make the pigs farm the Saplings loved this especially getting messy with the angel delight mud🤩 The children also decorated their own three little pig houses with straw and glitter! Our book for this week is ' Down by the cool of the pool' so we have lots of water play and animal activities🏝 A lovely way to cool down on one of the hottest days was having ice play out, we filled a tray with ice water and lots of frogs and fish🐸 The Saplings cut out their own frogs and then had a frog race with eachother which was so much fun! We also had a lovely tuff tray In the garden with lily pads, a fountain, nets and frogs , they had so much fun with this trying to catch the animals with the nets and it was really enjoyable for a hot day🥰🌞


It is going to be another hot week ahead please can we remember to apply sun cream to your child each day before nursery. Can you also remember to bring their water bottles to keep them hydrated 🔥 🌞


Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating 🌟

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 29/06/2022

Acorns have had a wonderful week a nursery. We have enjoyed manipulating and shaping different coloured playdough, using our hands, cutters and rolling pins. We used fruit to print patterns on paper; created our own monsters using glitter, sequins, string and glue; practiced our maths skills by completing puzzles and enjoyed a large circle time where we took it in turns to pick a song, and did the hand gestures along with our friends. We spent time exploring some new sounds with our musical instruments, shaking and tapping along with our friends. We spent time mark making on some coloured card, using lots of different crayon colours, creating fun shapes and lines. We enjoyed our roleplay kitchen, pretending to cook some yummy dishes for our friends. We also spent time reading some books in our cosy corner, like Old MacDonald, and The Gruffalo!
In the garden we loved exploring our reflections in the mirrors, we started to talk about our facial features. We also enjoyed exploring a cornflake tuff tray, pouring and crunching it. As usual, we adored splashing in the water tray, once again practicing our pouring skills (and getting very soggy in the process)! We climbed through, and on top of our caterpillar tunnel, and we also found a lot of enjoyment in the drain pipes, making games of rolling balls and cars into a sticky hair gel and glitter tuff tray!
This week we explored our book of the Week, Stick Man. We really enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful pictures, and practising the different rhymes as we went along. Next week we will be exploring The Postman Bear!

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 17/06/2022

This week Acorns have enjoyed lots of fun activities, as well as the wonderful hot, sunny weather we've had! We enjoyed playing with some red, coconut scented playdough, as well some deep blue playdough. We used our textured rolling pins to make patterns in the dough, and we cut out lots of different animals using our cookie cutters. We spent time doing some Father's Day cards using some paint and glitter to put a dinosaur on the front of the card, as well as painting some salt dough dinosaurs to send home! We also enjoyed sitting in our reading corner and reading some of our new books, such as The Flying Bath, Picnic Express, and our book of the week, Exactly Like Me. As we read through our book of the week we used our soft animal toys to practice their names, and colours, as well as the noises each animal might make. We tried to put our wooden puzzle pieces back on to their poles, making sure they all fit together nicely.
Even though it has been a little hot this week, we have managed to enjoy some time in the garden (all suncreamed up of course!) We climbed through our colourful caterpillar tunnel, and practised throwing balls through some hoops! We watched as the glitter inside some of the balls separated as we shook them, filling the inside with lots of pretty colours. We then spent time splashing and pouring water from the water tray, some of us getting a little wet! We also enjoyed some mark making using some paintbrushes in a tray of sparkly flour to draw some fun lines and shapes.
Next week's story of the week will be The Koala who could!
See you next week Acorns!!!

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 09/06/2022

This week Acorns have enjoyed lots of wonderful activities. We practised driving our toy cars around our airport and parking garage, making beeping noises as we went along, and practising some new words, such as Car and Plane. We tried drawing some beautiful flowers, and scary monsters with our crayons, using lots of different colours. We have explored our roleplay area, trying on different outfits and pretending to cook some delicious food in the kitchen. We sat down in our cosy corner and read some of our favourite books, and we also enjoyed choosing some of our favourite nursery rhymes from our song bag and singing them with our friends. We have enjoyed some messy play, stomping the dinosaurs through our mud pit made from cornflour, cocoa powder, and water. We enjoyed the sound it made, and also watching the mud splash around as we moved the dinosaurs through it. Acorns also played in our new garden, we enjoyed crawling through our new colourful caterpillar tunnel, as well as trying to slot some balls through the holes on the side. We then splashed around in our water play tray, scooping up the water and pouring it back in! We also enjoyed shaking some balls filled with glitter and watching as the glitter spread out inside the ball, which also helped us learn some new colours! We loved splashing our hands in the tray full of glittery water and shiny objects, watching as the light bounced off of them! We tried to spot the horses in the next field through the fence and practiced our horsey noises too. We also really enjoyed shaking our new parachute and jumping underneath it, as well as watching the balls bounce on top of it as we moved it around.
See you next week Acorns!

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 26/05/2022

This week Acorns have enjoyed an extremely busy week! We have enjoyed some mark making using colourful crayons and paint markers to colour in our Union Jack flags ready to decorate the nursery for the Queen's Jubilee next week. We spent time in our cosy corner doing some reading and singing some of our favourite songs from our song bag. We also enjoyed playing in a dinosaur swamp tuff tray, stomping the dinosaurs through the cereal, listening to the different soumds they made. We also enjoyed playing with our playdough, pretending to make lots of yummy food for our friends to eat! We also made ourselves a car garage and ramp out of a cardboard box to run our cars up and down!
We also spent time in the garden, enjoying some sparkly water play, splashing the boats along in the water. We lined up some wooden planks to walk along to practice our balancing, as well as climbing through the tires and along the baskets. We also enjoyed playing with our phone tubes, talking to our friends through the phones! We pretended to be painters, and went around painting the fences using our paintbrushes and buckets of water. We also searched through the sand tray for buried treasure, and enjoyed scooping and pouring the sands using our spades and buckets!
Have a great weekend Acorns, and we look forward to celebrating the Jubilee with you next week!

Photos from Earlswood Early Years's post 19/05/2022

This week Acorns have enjoyed some wonderful activities, and have spent lots of time enjoying the sunny weather at the beginning of the week! In the Acorns rooms this week we have enjoyed exploring our Book of the Week, Handa's Surprise. We explored all of the different safari animals in the story, looking at Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, and Antelopes, trying to learn their names, and all of the different noises they make, as well as the different colours of their coats. We also used this story to explore some new fruit we hadn't seen before, such as Mango, Guava and Avocado, looking at all of the different colours they were. We also enjoyed playing in our roleplay section, using the kitchen to prepare some yummy food for our friends, and putting on our construction clothes to build some big towers using our building blocks.
Acorns also spent lots of time out in the garden this week enjoying the sunshine, we enjoyed some water play, washing our babies in some soapy water to make sure they were clean. We also enjoyed messy play this week, using shaving foam to stick our construction bricks together to build our walls! We had lots of physical play this week, kicking the balls around the garden and chasing after them, as well as rolling the hoops to our friends and trying to catch them. We also enjoyed playing some tag with the Saplings, and looking over the fence to say hello to the horses in the field next door!
Have a wonderful weekend Acorns!

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