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🌿Eco-friendly trips for Sch This is how Flooglebinder began.

We realised many years ago that it is imperative to be passionate about what you do, if you really want to succeed! We have been fortunate enough to visit some of the worlds most beautiful places, all of which have so much to offer and we would love to share them with you. Whether its to travel to new places, develop new skills or explore new cultures, Flooglebinder gives you the opportunity to do

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Allow me to introduce Team Floogle! We are a dynamic and fun collective of individuals passionate about nature, travel, and sustainability. Our team is a blend of diverse backgrounds, hailing from various industries - from environmental science and conservation to education and hospitality - bringing together experiences and perspectives that enrich our work in every aspect.

Nature enthusiasts at our core, we draw inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. Our goal is to embark on enlightening adventures that fuel our wanderlust and ultimately contribute to the greater good. We are firm believers that travel has the potential to be a force for good, encouraging cultural exchange, environmental awareness, community engagement and an awesome sense of personal well-being.

What sets Team Floogle apart is our pursuit of meaningful and transformative adventures. Whether it's a trek through the South African bushveld, cultural immersion in Bangkok, or collecting eDNA samples off the coast of Greece, our team is driven by the shared belief that our experiences can inspire positive change.

As we navigate the intersection of nature, travel, and sustainability, Team Floogle invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, let's explore the world, celebrate its diversity, and work towards a future where every adventure leaves the planet and its inhabitants in a better place.

Welcome to the Floogle family – where passion meets purpose, and every adventure inspires change 🗺️ 🌿 👣


📚Student Experiences: Where Learning Leads to Positive Impact with Flooglebinder!💫

At Flooglebinder, we believe that education should be more than textbooks and classrooms. It should be a journey filled with experiences, deep learning, and positive impacts.
Our student experiences are designed to spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning. We take students on adventures that go beyond traditional learning, from exploring the great outdoors to immersing in diverse cultures.
Learning is not confined to lectures; it happens through seeing, doing, and experiencing.

Every experience becomes a stepping stone for personal development and global citizenship. But it doesn't stop there. Our students don't just learn; they become change-makers. They're equipped with the knowledge, empathy, and passion to make a positive difference in their communities and the world.


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✨Student Experiences with Flooglebinder! 🌍📚

At Flooglebinder, we believe that students learn best through experiences that ignite their curiosity, spark creativity, and foster personal growth. Our mission is to create journeys that leave a lasting impact, turning every adventure into a lesson.
The world is a dynamic classroom filled with opportunities for exploration and learning. Our programs are designed to engage students in real-world experiences, whether it's diving into a new culture, exploring the great outdoors, or participating in community projects. These experiences go beyond textbooks, leaving students with a profound understanding of the world around them.

But it's not just about learning; it's about making a difference. Our journeys are carefully curated to have a positive impact on both students and the communities they engage with.

With Flooglebinder, your adventure is not just a trip; it's a transformative experience. Join us and be part of a community that values learning, personal growth, and positive impact.

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See more here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/our-purpose


🌍Climate-Positive Adventures: Learning and Impact with Flooglebinder!🌟

At Flooglebinder, we've made a promise to the planet: our travel isn't just about exploration; it's about making a positive impact. We're on a mission to offer climate-positive adventures that not only broaden students' horizons but also protect and preserve the world we live in.
Our journeys are curated to foster a deep connection with nature, culture, and a sense of global citizenship. Students don't just learn about the world; they actively engage with it, experiencing its beauty and understanding the challenges it faces.
But what sets us apart is our commitment to being climate-positive. We're not just treading lightly; we're working to give back to the places we visit. Through sustainable practices, conservation initiatives, and community support, we aim to leave a positive footprint on the world.


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🌍🌱 Nature's Classroom: Learning, Fun, and Inspiration with Flooglebinder!🌟

At Flooglebinder, our mission is to redefine education through immersive experiences in the great outdoors. We believe that nature is the most inspiring classroom, where students can learn, have fun, and connect with the world and other cultures in a unique way.
Our purpose is to show students that education isn't confined to four walls; it's a journey filled with awe and wonder.
Through adventures like forest hikes, wildlife encounters, and eco-friendly initiatives, we empower students to become not just learners but nature enthusiasts and conservation advocates.
With Flooglebinder, every outdoor experience is a chance to explore, connect, and grow. The beauty of nature isn't just in the scenery; it's in the lessons it teaches us about the world and ourselves.


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📚🌍Explore, Learn, and Have Fun: Flooglebinder's Educational Adventures Await!💫

At Flooglebinder, we're passionate about educational travel that sparks curiosity, fosters lifelong learning, and makes every adventure an unforgettable experience.
Our mission is simple: to introduce students to the world in a way that's fun, insightful, and impactful.
From cultural immersion to exhilarating outdoor experiences, our journeys are designed to provide a 360-degree view of the world we live in. Learning goes beyond textbooks as we explore history, geography, and science in real-life settings.
Students not only gain knowledge but also develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our planet.
But it's not all about serious learning – we believe in having fun too! Our adventures are filled with laughter, shared experiences, and new friendships. Whether it's uncovering ancient civilisations, trekking through lush rainforests, or diving into the deep blue sea, there's always an element of excitement in our travels.

So, if you're a student looking to embark on a journey of a lifetime or an educator eager to inspire, Flooglebinder is your gateway to learning and exploring the world.🌏

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Read more about our trips here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/trips


From turtles to volcanoes, community-based sustainability projects, city tours, surfing, boarding, and chocolate and coffee factories, this trip has it all. Plus, further your knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals that align with this project.


🌍Travel with Flooglebinder: A Mission of Sustainability and Conservation🌟

Flooglebinder believes in Student journeys that not only broaden horizons but also protect and preserve the incredible planet we live on.

Flooglebinder's diverse educational study tours give students of all ages a deep understanding of conservation. And it’s hands-on. Our travellers learn by actively helping to protect threatened habitats, vulnerable species, and diminishing cultures — whether that’s on an elephant conservation site in Sri Lanka, a coral restoration spot in Thailand, or a reforestation project in the Amazon. It isn't just about the places you'll see; it's about the impact you'll make.
Your adventure with Flooglebinder isn't just a journey; it's a step towards a more sustainable and conscientious world.


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Flooglebinder educational adventures-Biodiversity

Imagine all the plants, trees, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the world and times them by all their interactions and there you have it... that’s the complete version of biodiversity!

Broken down, you can start to understand its complexity, focusing on one particular animal, for example, the beautiful Asian elephant. We have all seen one of these, right? But, have you seen one that is truly wild? That, for me, is connecting with nature, the understanding that your interaction is with something that is free and behaving naturally.

This 2.5-4tonne humble species that likes to roam far and wide is so important for its habitat: they actively help regenerate forest areas through seed dispersal and allow new vegetation to grow; they provide invertebrates with food whilst fertilising the ground with their dung; and birds also benefit because when the elephants walk through long grass certain bird species, such as Cattle egrets, can catch the insects that are being disturbed.



Landrovers & Lodges with Flooglebinder🦁🌿

Across 20 days, you’ll get to immerse yourself in South African culture as well as experience the realities of tracking and field guiding. If you're looking for a hands-on and incredibly informative experience for your students in which they can gain their cyber tracker qualification and start their journey with the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA), look no further!

Your Students will return home from this experience with irreplaceable knowledge, increased self-confidence and social skills, and even the ability to point at a hoof print and identify the species that made it, which foot and how fast they were moving! The experience and self-development you will gain on this trip are immeasurable. It will provide you with priceless memories and will leave a lasting, positive impact on your life.

Get in Touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Read more here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog


Peru with Flooglebinder

Whether you’re keen to start a career in conservation or not, this Amazonian adventure will be an eye-opening experience.
You’ll gain incredible hands-on conservation experience in this incredibly diverse landscape, plus explore the city of Cusco, visit the Cloud Forest, hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu. You’ll also develop important personal attributes and gain transferable skills necessary for any career path.



“Little wins can feel like huge triumphs with Flooglebinder."

At Flooglebinder, we curate sustainable adventures to create change for people and the planet. As students, you’ll delve deeper into real-life conservation projects and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Experiential and hands-on learning through travel can give young individuals a new perspective and help them discover new interests that may not have been accessible to them in a classroom. When you travel, you are continuously learning.

Socialising while travelling can help you celebrate differences and realise similarities with new people - shared experiences can result in friends for life and do wonders for future communication skills in adulthood.

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Read more here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog


Marine Conservation in Thailand with Flooglebinder

Thailand is a beautiful place. The people, the food and the culture, make it one of the most spectacular places on Earth, and this expedition will introduce you to the very best of Thailand’s cultural offerings while educating you about marine life, environmental issues and marine conservation.



🌍Create Change with Flooglebinder! 🌟

By becoming aware of our environments, we become ambassadors to protect them. We understand our impact better than ever before. We become aware of our social and environmental impact and as a result, become more sustainable.

It may start with picking up a piece of plastic that evolves into using a reusable cup. Before you know it, you’re buying plastic-free items, shopping locally and seasonally and only from brands with purpose and impact.
Getting outdoors is incredible for our health and wellbeing, but just as important, it’s an incredible stepping stone to becoming more connected and better—global citizens.

Turn off your phone!
Get lost!

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🌍Broaden Horizons and Cultivate Global Perspective with Flooglebinder School Trips!📚

Our study trips are carefully designed to encourage young people to work on their personal development and push boundaries. Our trips are tailor-made yet always include sustainability, conservation and wellness. Through immersive cultural experiences and eye-opening adventures, we empower students to embrace diversity, foster empathy, and gain a global perspective.

Learn more about our story - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/our-story

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🌍 Who would you choose for your next School Trip 🌟

Are you ready to book your next school trip? What do you look for in a company?

Many companies have been around for a long time and that may give them credibility but doesn't mean that they're necessarily the best fit or suited for today's climate. Most runoff profit-driven business models, meaning that people and the planet come second.
But for us, they come first and that's why we're a BCorp and Travelife Partner. Therefore, we meet the highest social and environmental standards and raise the bar for the tourism industry.

We were the first Travel BCorp in the UK and still the only one in the academic sector.

Our transformative journeys are designed to ignite curiosity, foster personal growth, and connect you with the world's most captivating destinations, whilst protecting vulnerable habitats and threatened species.

At Flooglebinder, our support for both students, schools and colleges goes far beyond a single educational adventure. The expedition is just one part of the bigger sustainability picture. Our work begins before we take off and continues once we’re back on home ground.
From educational workshops to helping your school achieve carbon net-zero status, we’re here to guide and support your efforts to reduce your impact as students and as a community.
Join us and discover the extraordinary in every corner of the globe.

See our destinations here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/trips
Get in Touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


🎒Push Boundaries with Flooglebinder School Travel!🌟

Flooglebinder Trips allow you to immerse yourself in all things conservation, sustainability, animal management and wildlife. Not only that but improve your personal development, communication and team-building skills through numerous activities that push the boundaries of your knowledge and experiences - all things that will help you through school/college and into the future.

Find out more - https://flooglebinder.co.uk

Get in touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


Flooglebinder set a new benchmark for sustainable travel

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, our diverse educational study tours give students of all ages a deep understanding of conservation.
And it’s hands-on. Our travellers learn by actively helping to protect threatened habitats, vulnerable species, and diminishing cultures - whether that’s on a turtle project in Greece, an elephant conservation NGO in Sri Lanka, a coral restoration programme in Thailand, or a reforestation buffer zone in the Amazon.

Read more about our mission here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/our-purpose

Get in touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


🌍Immerse Your students in Local Culture with Flooglebinder!

For us, it’s all about the local community, which is why all of our trips are so focused on being immersed in local culture and getting involved with grassroots projects. It’s the locals that make these trips so special! Your Students will love these projects and the rawness and connection they get with the communities by living with and amongst them. Dive deep into local traditions, taste authentic cuisine, and engage in meaningful interactions with community members.

Get in Touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Reviews - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/reviews


🎒🌍 Discover a range of diverse School Trips with Flooglebinder!🌟

Every destination we visit offers something unique and focuses on specific learning objectives, which we align to your curriculum and objectives. It goes without saying that the top 5 destinations below all offer hands-on experience for your students but it goes further than that... It’s about being in the company of awe-inspiring individuals, seeing and hearing animals in situ, tracking and identifying rare species, seeing threats to biodiversity, learning a new language, getting your head around taxonomy and enjoying the great outdoors :)

It wasn't easy but here are our top 5 countries to take your conservation students...

Turtle conservation in Greece
Tracking and field guiding in South Africa
Wildlife expedition in Peru
Conservation and sustainability in Wales
Marine Conservation in Thailand

Read more here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog/top-5-countries-to-take-your-conservation-students-in-2022

Get in touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


📚🌍 Compliment Your Students Studies with Flooglebinder🌟

Enrich your student's academic journey with our carefully curated adventures that add depth to their studies, providing real-world context and fostering a global perspective. From cultural immersion to environmental issues, Flooglebinder complements your studies with lessons that last a lifetime. From the plains of South Africa to the jungles of Nicaragua, our educational adventures span the globe and include some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

If you need help choosing, give us a shout.
Get in touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka
This trip will, without a doubt, be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Working with one of the leading research institutions in the region, you’ll experience incredible hands-on conservation work alongside developing your critical thinking, empathy, and so much more.


🌍🚀 Flooglebinder: Our Mission, Your Journey! 🌟🌿

Travel doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to environmental sustainability or social impact. Stories about the industry’s contributions to global emissions, pollution, and habitat loss are all too familiar. And, that has to change!

We want students to have life-changing travel experiences while leaving the places they visit in a better state than when they arrived, whether that’s on an elephant conservation site in Sri Lanka, a coral restoration spot in Thailand, or a reforestation project in the Amazon.

Get in touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Learn more about us - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/our-purpose


🌍✨ Create Change with Flooglebinder! 🚀🌟

Our transformative journeys are a catalyst for positive impact.
As you learn about the local environment, your knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals will be enhanced, helping to deepen your understanding of your own social and environmental impact. It is not just a conservation trip but an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different environment and make a change for both people and the planet.

Get in Touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Read more on our Travel Blog - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌿 Push Boundaries with Flooglebinder

Our study trips are carefully designed to encourage young people to work on their personal development and push boundaries. Flooglebinder trips are tailor-made yet always include sustainability, conservation and wellness.

The perfect balance of fun, adventure, exploration and education
⛵ Boat Tour
🐛 Bug Farm Tour
🌊 Coastal Walk
🛠️ Coastal Craft
🏄 Coasteering & Surfing
🍌 Food Workshops
♻️ With conservation and sustainability built in as standard.

Find out more - https://flooglebinder.co.uk
Get in Touch - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


🌍Join Flooglebinder on your next school trip and make lifelong friends🔥

Students on our trips go on to form close relationships with each other, the field guides and the staff. It’s amazing how shared experiences can result in strong, life-long bonds that help with behaviour management and attendance. From hours in the vehicles together to connecting around the campfire.

Get in touch here to book your School trip today - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
For more information, read our Blog and subscribe here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog


🌿Embrace Natural Surroundings with Flooglebinder✨

Ecotherapy or ecopsychology is an emerging concept centred around the idea of a person's deep connection with nature. Activities such as meditation and yoga, a simple walk on a beach or time spent in the woods could prove to have therapeutic results.

Get in touch today - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact



🎓🌍 For us...It's all about learning outside the classroom! 📚
It brings learning to life beyond the traditional classroom walls. It creates passion, inspiration and an awesome opportunity for growth and discovery. When you push boundaries and explore new places, you realise that the world is full of learning opportunities. What does your next adventure look like? 🌿💫

Get in touch today to book your next school trip - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact


Explore the stunning Osa Peninsula - home to 50% of Costa Rica’s biodiversity! During your immersive jungle experience, looking at conservation, sustainability and biodiversity, you’ll have the chance to venture where the rainforest meets the sea and discover all things tropical.



🪲Flooglebinder Study Trips
Students get up close and personal🔍
Each adventure you embark on teaches you something new...whether that's about your environment or yourself.
From learning about different species and their vital role in their ecosystem to hands-on experience and your own personal journey. Our adventures go beyond the ordinary. Join us in discovering the incredible connections that make our planet thrive.

Get in touch today - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Learn more here - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/travel-blog


🎒🌍 Choose Flooglebinder for Your Next School Trip! 🚀🌟
From cultural immersion to adventure-packed itineraries, we craft journeys that enrich students' lives. Let's make your next school trip an amazing learning adventure.
Join us in creating lifelong memories! 🌿💫
Get in touch to book your next school trip - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact
Read our travel field notes here and subscribe to learn more -


🎓💚 Nurturing Young Minds and Well-Being with Flooglebinder! 🌟🚀
Our travel experiences not only broaden students' minds but also nurture their well-being. Through immersive learning, outdoor adventures, and local connections, we can influence personal growth and mental enrichment.

Get in touch today to book your next school trip - https://flooglebinder.co.uk/contact

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Explore the stunning Osa Peninsula - home to 50% of Costa Rica’s biodiversity! During your immersive jungle experience, ...
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