Pinecone Play

Pinecone Play


Another amazing morning at Woodland School - Thea absolutely loved the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Can’t wait to be back again next week 😀
Kids had fun weaving and getting their hands dirty at Woodland school this morning 🥰
Kids loved scarecrow making

Forest School & Sensory Play In Shropshire Birthday packages- £10per child
Sensory play mornings- £5per child

Operating as usual


Good evening,

I've been thinking long and hard about this decision. Unfortunately, due to summer at my full time job, taking on a new role and just not having the time to prep, I won't be carrying on with my sensory mornings at Kinnerley.

I will still be running birthday parties and running sensory based play at Love2Stay, but I now work Sunday, Monday & Tuesday evenings. Due to hours being so late I can't prep and making everything as educational and messy as I'd like too.

I hope you all understand, and thank you for coming along, I've met some amazing people. Please watch this space for all the autumn woodland school activities.

Cass 🌿x


Good Evening,

As most of you know Pine Cone play runs at Kinnerley every Monday 10am-12pm. I've been off the last 2 weeks with a house move and holiday. I was super excited to get back to it this week... But...

Early today at my full time work I decided to pick up an IKEA filing cabinet to move into my new office. Trying to be an independent female and all that jazz. The bottom decided to detach and from chest height I dropped it onto my foot.

I am hoping to be there tomorrow, but.. Here's the yucky part....they may have to drain my nail 😬 so if over night it continues to feel like a balloon I won't be driving tomorrow which means another week of no sensory messy mornings :(.

I'll let everyone know tomorrow at 8am wether I'll be there or not.

Keeping my fingers (not my toes) crossed x


Who's joining me this Monday...... 🌿


⚠️ Important ⚠️

Unfortunately this Monday I have to move house. Its all very last minute, but it does mean I won't be able to run the sensory morning.

This is only a one off, I promise I'll be back 11th July. I'm sorry to let everyone down! I have to move at short notice. Huge apologies! 🌿


Monday 4th July

Looks like the rain might hold off for us to have fun outside! ☔

So who is joining this week?

I'm going to make lots of messy tuff trays up! This week we have....
🌿Garden potions
🌿Trains & Tracks
🌿Edible painting tray (suitable for babies)
🌱The sensory tent (suitable for babies)
🌱Muddy pig gloop tray (suitable for babies) 🌱Sand Play (suitable for babies)
🌱Rice play (suitable for babies)

We will also have all our sensory bottles and toys to use inside the den.

10am-12pm at Kinnerley Village Hall. Please wear old clothes. £5 per child. 🌿

*Tent will only go up in low winds*


Good Morning 🌿

We still have a few places left this morning. If your thinking of coming along, just pop me a message. It's 10am-12pm at Kinnerley Village Hall and it's £5per child. I'd advise wearing old clothes.

This mornings tuff trays are:
🌿Day on the farm
🌿Dino Swamp

Hopefully see you there. 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 26/06/2022

🌿🎈Happy Birthday to Henry! 🎈🌿

I got the pleasure of setting up Pinecone Play tuff trays today based around farms, tractors and diggers.

Birthday packages are available and we can tailor them to suit you :). Henry's had sand, water, soil, oats, rice, bark and even cereal!

Most resources you can see below can be recycled. The compost can be used for planting, as everything that gets mixed in is naturally based. The spaghetti is washed and fed to the chickens 🐔.

What a lovely afternoon! ☺️🌿


Looking fir something to do this Monday morning?

10am-12pm £5per child.

Please wear old clothes. 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 20/06/2022

🌿 Monday 20th June 🌿

Some photos from today's sensory messy play session. It was too beautiful and sunny to be inside, so we took the mess outside instead!

The children had fun playing in the garden potions tuff tray and the safari tuff tray. We also enjoyed spaghetti, dyed rice and sand play. We painted with leafs and played in the sensory den.

Looking forward to more mess next Monday. If you want to come along just pop me a message. It's 10am-12pm at Kinnerley village hall and it's £5per child.

Feel free to bring a picnic for after as the weather looks promising. 🌿


🌿 Good Morning 🌿

We still have lots of places for todays stay and play. Its very messy but lots of fun. Today we are playing in:
🌿Garden potions tuff tray
🌿Safari tuff tray
🌿Rice play
🌿Spaghetti play
🌿Sand and water play
🌿Foil and paint tuff tray

10am-12pm £5per child and we are based at Kinnerley Village hall. Just turn up we are around the back. Please make sure you have water and suncream.

Thanks. 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 16/06/2022

🌿Natural sensory play sessions available now!!🌿

We have our first 6weeks of play sessions available. These are aimed at 6months-3yrs old. They will be based at Kinnerley village Hall 20mins from Shrewsbury. Every Monday 10-12pm.

What you can expect:
🌿Natural sensory tuff trays (X4 different types)
🌿Edible painting
🌿Dyed Rice
🌿Naturally scented playdough
🌿Coloured oats
🌿Sand and Water Play
🌿A quiet area in nature
🌿Laughter & Smiles

The sessions are indoor and outdoor so we can go ahead no matter the weather! 15 places in each session. Please book through myself. Each session is £5per child.

Can't wait to see you all. 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 13/06/2022


That's right, after spaghetti play today, I came back and washed all the paint off our spaghetti. It was lovely and clean so I fed it to the chickens. There was no point in binning it when I knew how much they love pasta!

"Cooked plain pasta or rice is a great source of carbohydrates for birds. Wash thoroughly to remove any oil or salt"

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 13/06/2022

🌿 Photo Dump 🌿

It was so lovely to meet everyone today. I hope you all enjoy the before and after photos, as much as we all enjoyed the activities!

If you think your little one would like this sensory play session, why not come and join in? Every Monday 10am-12pm at Kinnerley Village Hall. Its £5per child. Bring drinks and snacks if you like.

This week we played in our farm yard tuff tray and dinosaur land tuff tray. We also made lots of mess with rice, spaghetti and water play.

If your child has any dietary requirements that I might need to know about, feel free to pop me a message. 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 10/06/2022

🌿SensoryPlay 🌿

We had lots of messy fun yesterday! We played in dyed rice, soil, sand and water. The farm yard animals enjoyed it to!

As of Monday 13th June we will be based at Kinnerley Village hall 10am-12pm. The sessions will be more naturally themed, with lavender playdough etc.

Our sensory mornings are £5per child, if you would like to book a place please pop me a message on Instagram Or on Facebook: Pinecone Play.

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 05/06/2022

🌿 13th June 🌿

I can't wait to make up lots of messy sensory tuff trays! They will all be as natural as they can be and super eco friendly!

I'll be bringing along my 'Owl Babies' story spoons for the first session. I'll change the story spoons each week. I'm going to keep the story spoons based around animal books.

I'm looking forward to sand and water tuff trays! I've been lucky enough to find some trucks and tractors that are made 100% from recycled items.

Here's just a tiny, weeny, sneaky peak of a few things I'll be bringing along. But the back of my van will very much be full of things to unpack! 😀

See you soon! 🌿


🌿X10 Spaces left June 13th 10am-12pm🌿

I have 10 spaces left for the sensory natural play morning on June 13th at Kinnerley Village Hall. If you would like to come along with your little ones please pop me a message 🌿

Also have space for every Monday after that going into Summer Holidays 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 31/05/2022

🌿Natural sensory play sessions available now!!🌿

We have our first 6weeks of play sessions available. These are aimed at 6months-3yrs old. They will be based at Kinnerley village Hall 20mins from Shrewsbury. Every Monday 10-12pm starting 13th June.

What you can expect:
🌿Natural sensory tuff trays (X3 different types)
🌿Edible painting
🌿Dyed Rice
🌿Naturally scented playdough
🌿Coloured oats
🌿Sand and Water Play
🌿A quiet area in nature
🌿Laughter & Smiles

The sessions are indoor and outdoor so we can go ahead no matter the weather! 15 places in each session. Please book through myself. Each session is £5per child.

Thanks again for all the support! Roll on 13th June! Can't wait to see you all. 🌿



As of July 2022 I'm starting my own business!!

I just wanted to pop a post up and introduce Pinecone Play! I'm super excited and this is a BIG leap for me!

I know most of you know me, but just incase you don't... My names Cassie (not hard to guess) and I'm a forest school leader in Shropshire. I have over 10 years experience working with children of all ages from 0-18yrs. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to nature and forest schools and I love sensory play!

As of July I will be offering woodland school & sensory parties for children from 1yrs onwards. There are lots of different packages to choose from and I'll pop them in the comments section. I can deliver all packages to you in your garden/chosen venue. If you would like a birthday package, but you don't have the outside space, please don't worry. I have kindly been given acsess to many venus in Shropshire, and they will happily let me run parties.

As well as this every Monday I'll be offering sensory play morning from 10am for 2 hours. Location will change every month, but will always stay in Shropshire!

Location for June to be released next week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post 😊

Cassie 🌿 (Instagram: pinecone_play)

Photos from Love2Stay's post 21/02/2022
Photos from Pinecone Play's post 19/02/2022

The rain didn't put us off!☔

I sneaked on an extra Saplings morning at 10 today. It rained & snowed but we still had lots of fun in the Gruffalo tuff tray. 🍂💚

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 11/02/2022

We had a roaring morning at Saplings 🦖🦕.

The chdren enjoyed the dinosaur tuff tray & mud kicthen. We even got the trucks and roads out in the tyre play.

Come and join Saplings, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am.

Thanks everyone for a morning of fun!🌿🦖



Photos from Pinecone Play's post 04/02/2022


This morning I have chosen to make a trucks and tractor tuff tray area 🚜.

We also have the mud kitchen, the tyre play area and the new Messy Manor! 🏚️


Hello Everyone!! 👋😀

I have some new followers on here, so I thought I'd just pop my welcome post back up for everyone who doesn't know me.

So for those of you who don't know me- Hello, I'm Cassie 👋. I'm 28 years old and I live in Shropshire. I've always loved the outdoors and as I grow older, I think I'm just growing fonder of it 😊. When I was younger I was never a sit still and listen child, I couldn't cope with whiteboards and lectures. I was a day dreamer. I couldn't wait for that bell to ring so I could get back outside to play. I found learning so much easier when it was a hands on activity, and not something I had to write in a text book.

I grew up near a little town called Montgomery, right in the middle of the countryside. I lived by a brook which was beautiful, so as a child I used to enjoy putting on my waterproof clothes, blowing up rubber rings and heading down to play in the water. I also enjoyed building rope swings from the big oak tree, climbing the bales in the barn, building dens and making mud pies. (I got in trouble for this a few times 🙄😁).

So now I’ve grown up, well I have in age! But do I still enjoy most of those things? Yes! Except now I've advanced to a kayak down the river, instead of a rubber ring 😂🛶. I love all animals and I love the mountains. They are my peaceful place, there is nothing like a long hike with an amazing view. I do still love making a mess in mud though, especially muddy puddles 😀. And I really enjoy throwing mud balls at targets! Yes I did say I am 28 years old 🙃

I work full time at Love2Stay as an Activity Manager. My main passion is of course forest school.

I have previously worked with Children full time. From 4months to 18yrs of age! Working with children definitely keeps me young, I honestly believe we never really grow up ? Why would we want to?

Just as J.M. Barrie said in Peter Pan “It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness”

My aim at forest school is to get children in touch with the outdoors just like I did. I want to educate them how to appreciate nature and talk about how we can help our planet 🌍. I want children to have fun in a place where whiteboards and text books don't matter. To relax in a place where your not expected to produce an A* piece of work, but your own masterpiece. Enjoy a place where they can have that digital detox and enjoy making a mess....and be praised for it not get told off for a bit of dirt!

That's what this woodland school is all about 😊. So if this sounds like your child/children or even you, would like to recapture some of your childhood ... Come and join in! Everyone is welcome! 💚

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 28/01/2022

Well with the launch of Saplings starting Monday, it's only fair I gave the woodland school some TLC!

🎯Mud Throwing Target Now Up! Ready for all those mud balls!!

🏚️ Messy Manor is up and ready for everyone to crawl in! I'll be welcoming all messy play in here. Painting, chalking, Playdough... The Lot!

🧽Canopy Cavern has been created. Enjoy sand, mud and water play under our canopy. You can mix and make a mess as much as you like!

Ill be posting pictures of Messy Manor over the weekend once it's finished and has everything set up inside!

See you all soon! 😁

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 24/01/2022

Sorry I have been quiet.

There has been lots of work going on at the woodland school. Over the festive period it was used for the Twilight Trail so it's taken a while to sort out.


Starting in February! Come and join the messy fun at Saplings! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am at Love2Stay!

Our sapling woodland school sessions are based around 1 main activity with other mini activities. The mud kitchen area is accessible in every session for little ones to get creative.

The activity will get selected on the date from the list on Love2Stay website. These activities are most suited for 2-4yr old children. Due to the nature of the activity environment and session, we would advise children wear old clothes.

Thanks :)


When the water tap at the end of the session is just way too much fun....😂


Good Morning,

I'm having problems with my messanger for Love2woodland.

If you have any questions/bookings, please comment under this post and I'll try my best to help.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cassie 🌿

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 18/10/2021

Morning you lovely lot!!

Super pleased to say starting this weekend I'll be joining the team as an activity instructor at Love2Stay 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I'll mainly be on woodland school (which makes me very happy) but you might see me covering craft activities, kayaking and paddleboarding 😊

Below you will find the woodland school times for this weekend 🌿

I'll hopefully see you soon,
Cass x


🍂🍁.. Autumn Activities.. 🍁🍂


Still a few spaces for this weekend 🍁🍂

Tomorrow's activities...


Good Morning Everyone 🌞🤗

As most of you will be aware, when I first started this page up, I was working at the woodland school every Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately due to lots of changes at main desk in Love2Stay it has meant I've been pulled up there for a lot of the summer, and ended up taking a full time roll.

Im really hoping to get back down to the woodland school ASAP. I'm missing it just as much as everyone else. I'm getting lots of messages asking me about Halloween and Autumn crafts down there.

This autumn/winter I'm hoping to run a wreath making afternoon for adults aswell as woodland school activities! When I know more I'll keep you updated. Im also on the look out for a small woodland area I can run activities from, if anyone knows of any places PLEASE message me.

Miss seeing you all & thanks for reading. 🍁🍂

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 06/08/2021

Amazing nature weaves and frames this morning! 👍🏼

Well done everyone! 🌿

Good to be back! 😄

Photos from Pinecone Play's post 27/07/2021

☀️☀️Good Morning☀️☀️

I feel like it's been ages since I last posted! I've been sorting things down at the woodland school ready for summer. I haven't been running many sessions recently due to a number of things.....

Firstly we have had lots of school groups at Love2Stay, they have been enjoying forest schools. Secondly I went away for 10 days end of June into July and then got track and traced so had to have a further 10 days off 😑.

I've been back a few weeks now and I'm more than ready for Friday!!

I hope everyone is well and excited for summer 😁. This Friday I have 2 sessions running....

🎩1pm- Woodland Mad Hatters Mud Kitchen (2yrs+)
🍌3pm- Campfire Banana Boats (4yrs+)

Get booked on via the link in my bio. 👍🏼


The sun is shining at the woodland school! Don't forget your suncream! ☀️

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When the water tap at the end of the session is just way too much fun....😂
Still a few spaces for this weekend 🍁🍂Tomorrow's activities...
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