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I'm Catherine Jones and I am passionate about the English language. I've been teaching English and running language courses for 10 years. My objective is to create key breakthrough moments for the student and I have an approach which ensures accelerated progress throughout the learning journey.

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With just a short walk here in Shropshire, you can be on top of the world. It's a great reward for an intensive morning's lessons and an excellent way to practise speaking skills whilst fully supported by your teacher (me 😁).

The magic formula of an English in Shropshire course is that language covered in morning lessons can be practised during the afternoon excursions, and language gaps that arise in the afternoon can be targeted in the next morning’s lessons.
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Quite an accolade from ABTA, and of course, those of us who live here completely agree.

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We've had such glorious weather this week and weekend which was perfect for the Ludlow spring festival. Here in Shropshire we have a lot of festivals, and no matter when you visit, we're sure to find some big or small event going on to get some real local culture. The setting for this festival is the fantastic Ludlow castle. With a mix of food, drink, classic cars, music, comedy and history, you can understand why it's popular for foreign visitors and learners of English.

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Study English in Shropshire this summer and treat yourself to the experience you deserve. More than just language acquisition, an English course in Shropshire offers a unique opportunity to find rest, relaxation and time to focus on YOU. Clearing the mind of everyday stresses, work challenges and busy life, these serene spots provide the perfect backdrop for effective learning. Find your zen in Shropshire this summer and make your English breakthrough.


More words invented by Shakespeare at the bottom 🔽
William Shakespeare wrote at least 38 different plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, as well as several other poems. He used more than 20,000 words, and his works provide the first recorded use of more than 1,700 words in the English language. It is believed that he created many of these words himself, by combining words, changing the word type (for example, changing nouns into verbs) or adding prefixes or suffixes. Some words survived and some didn't.
We regularly learn about the etymology of words and their earliest use so the list os ever increasing but here are just some of the words (phrases) understood to have been coined by Shakespeare.

"in a pickle", "a heart of gold", "faint hearted", "the naked truth", "come what may", "send him packing", "what's done is done", "for goodness sake", "off with his head", "the green eyed monster", "a sorry sight", "laughing stock", "full circle", "seen better days", "fight fire with fire", "vanished into thin air", "fair play".

Do you know any more?


One foot in west Berlin and one in east Berlin on Glienicke Bridge. Is there a better way to practise speaking English than giving your teacher a guided tour of your city? I don't think so.

Natalia spoke English all day and provided me with so many interesting stories about this fascinating city. She did a great job of telling me all about the history, geography, and politics of the Potsdam area and managed to navigate very well around some challenging and specialist topics. Well done! I feel very privileged to have experienced this city with a local. Thank you, Natalia. I really enjoyed it.

Of course, I was also listening very carefully to Natalia's English, so now we have lots more to talk about in our continued online lessons. 😁


"Never trust a vowel!" As my students will tell you, this is one of my favourite catchphrases. Since English has a deep orthography, it's really important to spend time looking at sounds as well as spelling, and I always encourage students to pay attention to vowels in particular which can be a real challenge. I love teaching sounds versus spelling because both student and I have a lot of fun. Have a go at these words. Can you hear the common sound?

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Accelerate your English this summer with an immersive experience in the heart of England.

In January, this year, ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) released its '10 Destinations to Watch in 2024' report, and Shropshire is on the list.

ABTA's annual report is designed to reflect growing trends in global travel, and inspire travellers in their decisions for the year ahead. This is the first time ever that ABTA has included a UK destination in its prestigious list, and beautiful Shropshire is their choice. The inclusion of a UK destination in the list reflects growing trend for domestic travel (that's UK people taking UK holidays). So, what does this mean for the county? Well, simply put, Shropshire is the UK people's UK destination of choice. Quite an accolade!

Offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, those of us who live here are, of course, not surprised, but for the prospects of tourism in the county, this is exciting news. Nestled on the Welsh borders, our picturesque English county boasts some of the most enchanting landscapes, charming towns, and historic villages. What's more, as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the county has a fascinating layer of heritage too.

If, being the UK's first choice isn't a good enough reason to choose Shropshire, here are 5 more reasons:
1. Shropshire has a very rich historical and cultural heritage
2. Shropshire is full of places to find peace and tranquillity to clear your mind
3. Shropshire offers 2 Bucket List UNESCO World Heritage Sites
4. Shropshire has outstanding natural beauty
5. Shropshire has delicious food and drink
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Fancy a pint? I can't resist a 'swift one' when I'm in Liverpool. There are some really nice beers on tap, decent food too, and a lovely atmosphere. It's a great stop off for an otherwise busy day in the city. 😋


It's lovely to received great feedback, but there's something particularly special about positive comments from fellow teachers. Thanks, Gerry.

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Culture, creativity, and community. There is so much to see in Liverpool, you could spend a whole day just exploring the vibrant street art.

Just over an hour away from Shropshire, this very special city is a favourite for my students, and me too, of course. I might have mentioned that before 😆. Students I take there always take hundreds of photos and always want to go back. What will you want to see and do when you visit? A Beatles tour? Art trail? Football stadium visit? Food and drink experience? History and museums? The list goes on.


Are you brave enough to make choices based on your hopes? What's stopping you? What are your fears?

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There's nowhere better to study English than Shropshire, and here are 5 more reasons why. Our beautiful county has a very rich history and offers a wealth of attractions to give relevant context for your language studies. With its medieval towns and ancient castles, you will never be short of options for historical visits to make your visit an experience you'll never forget.


Is this river the reason you are learning English?
The river Severn is special for two reasons: Firstly, at 200+ miles, it is the longest river in the UK. Secondly, it is at the centre of a story explaining how English came to be the world's most spoken 2nd language. The story takes place in a little village named Coalbrookdale just 15 miles from Shropshire's county town of Shrewsbury, where a man named Abraham Darby developed a new technology which would change the world forever. Want to learn more? Follow the link in bio.

Here is Francesca at the world's first iron bridge which is a must-visit for learners of English.

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust


Francesca spent a week with me on an immersive English holiday course and had the benefit of morning English lessons combined with a variety of afternoon excursions. Non-stop English is definitely the way to do it.

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Shropshire! ❤️


In the ancient, timber-framed buildings you’ll find shops selling jewellery, clothes, art, books, records, food, drink and much else besides, along with inviting cafes and old pubs.


Resolutions aren't just for new year. They can also be for a random day in March.
What work / life boundaries do you have? What boundaries 'should' you have?


Lovey Shropshire!

One of my favourite views in the whole of Shropshire - Ludlow Castle seen from Whitcliffe Common. The medieval ruins are bathed in a golden glow at sunset, making them stand out against the distant dark slopes of Brown Clee. The light didn't last for long, so I was glad I was there to capture it.


Question tags are a very common in natural English and if you master them, you can make your English sound natural too. They're quite straight forward, but are you using them correctly?


I love it when the skies are clear in Liverpool. The gleaming Liver building always looks at its best against a blue sky, and it's a great way to start a guided tour of the area. Football fans will recognise the liver bird from the Liverpool shirt, of course, but what else do you know about this creature, the symbol of this exciting city?


Happy Mother's Day to my mother-daughter classmates, Iryna and Yulia and indeed, to my Mother Hubbard, all mothers, and all those who mother.


Subscribers to my mailing list can expect a special treat this Friday, just in time for Women's Day and Mother's day. My 'how to' video about making a Victoria Sponge cake takes you through all the steps you need to recreate this classic British cake (or sandwich) and trust me - it's really easy.

Follow me in my kitchen and just in case you miss something, the recipe is also in the email along with a glossary of terms.

If you would like to subscribe to my mailing list for newsletters, mini-lessons, blogs, and more, send me a DM.

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In this famous poem 'IF' by Rudyard Kipling, we can explore themes of resilience, integrity, and perseverance. How do you feel about this poem? Can you learn a lesson from it? What do you think Kipling is trying to tell us?

In our language learning journey, poetry can serve as a great way to challenge and enrich your linguistic skills. It's not just about decoding words, it's about understanding emotions, nuances, and the human experience.


The idea of Ludlow Food festival (and it's sister 'Spring' festival') is to promote and celebrate local food and drink producers. It takes place every year in the grounds of Ludlow Castle and has been very popular with my visitors over the years because it combines a foodie experience with some important English history. What better way to explore a castle than whilst enjoying the flavours of the local area?


Here we go…🔟 more things you may not know about me:

1. I can speak French 🇫🇷, and I lived in Toulouse for a while during my 20s. I must admit, I'm a bit rusty these days, but I know that my experiences of studying a foreign language has had a really big influence on my approach to teaching one.

2. I once spent 5 days on a vintage sailing boat in the Carribean. I swam to a desert island, picked fresh coconuts, encountered sharks 🦈, spearfished for dinner, and endured a storm at sea.

3. I am yet to find a food that I don't like. No, seriously. I can't think of anything. So, what's my favourite food? My answer is always 'buffet' 🤣 - I just love to try lots of different things.

4. I love trivia and quizzes. I once learnt the world's capital cities, flags of the world, and the British monarchs.

5. Before teaching English, I taught 'lean manufacturing'. I don't know how I found myself working as a business analyst in the first place, but I know that as a logical and methodical thinker, I was well suited to it and really enjoyed it. When the opportunity came to share what I knew, it opened a door into teaching.

6. I have lots of musical instruments in my house, but I can only play one 🎹.

7. I designed my website myself. Do you like it? It’s not perfect and I always seem to have part of it ‘in progress’, but overall, I’m pleased with it. Plus, after a lot of research, trial and error the SEO is working quite well too.

8. I have a very long bucket list which includes big adventures such as visiting Kiribati 🇰🇮 and smaller ones too such as making my own baklava.

9. I am working on my own goals for mindfulness and wellness. I might not seem like the type, but as well as hectic summer schools, I also enjoy yoga and classic FM. 🧘‍♀️🎻

10. At the beginning of my teaching career, I lived and worked in Vietnam 🇻🇳. The school I worked for offered a wide range of courses from kindergarten to adult classes. My timetable was very diverse, and because of my previous experience, I was well-placed to teach business courses too.


Careful with uncountable nouns. How many more do you know like this?

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It's Valentine's Day!
Let's celebrate love.

This poem was written by my father-in-law, Martin Jones for my husband and I on our wedding day.

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