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We are a small childcare setting and Your child is in the centre of everything we do! CCTV on site.

Operating as usual

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 04/07/2023

This morning the children asked if we could go and see the ducks again. We went out to the Leakside and we saw swans and ducks with ducklings.

Then we decided to go for a stroll to the local playground. Lots of fun and very tired kids ❤️

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 29/06/2023

June was an amazing month for our little setting. We managed to do so much with the children including: sports day at Oscar's school, visit to the Leakside and pet shop, library, walks around the fields.We played games, we danced and we sang! We got messy but we made lots of memories! ❤️😘

This month we looked at numbers and letters, colour changing and the world around us.

All new children are very well settled now at Wise Childcare and they enjoy the company of the other children here.

Today, we said goodbye to one of our little friends who will be missed by myself, Katie and the children. We wanted to wish you all the best in your new adventure❤️.

We have ONE space available for September 23 intake. The space is term time only and it won't be available for long so if you know anyone who is looking for great childcare setting please ask them to contact Wise Childcare Scunthorpe ( children age 2 years old and over).If any parents would like an extra day from September please talk to us.


As the weather forecast shows a very high temperatures for the next few days, can the parents make sure that they children arrive with:
* a water bottles ( each day they r here)
* factor 50 suncream ( apllied by the parent before the child arrives, at the start of their day.
We will then reaply the sun creem as and when needed. This is to help us start and run the day as smooth as possible. Please note, that school age children will have to apply their own suncream)
* loose, light chlothes
* brimmed hats

To keep everyone safe, we will be staying indoors between 11-2.30 pm when the sun shines the most.

**Please label your child's sunglasses, hats, suncream as we cannot be held reliable for any losses.

A new sun safe policy will be sent out today to all our parents through baby days. Please make sure, that you read and sign.

Diana and Katie


***Dear Parents***

If you have been recently messaging us through the page, please bare with us. Our Facebook is playing up once again and we can't view your messages. For anything urgent please use our phone number that is shown on our page and we will reply.


We are officially off duty now! Time to start our holidays! We will miss you all and see you all back on 05.06.23.
If you need to get in touch, please send email to [email protected] and we will reply on the first day back!

Diana and Katie

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 18/05/2023

We have been very busy with the children over the last couple of weeks and we are happy to say, that our new children are settling in very well and they are happy @ Wise Childcare Scunthorpe . They all have a good bond with myself, Katie and their peers which is great to see! 🎉🥰

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing children to our neighborhood, going for walks and explore our surroundings. We looked at different letters, numbers, shapes and colours to support our older children's school readiness.

We learnt about planets and the space ( thank you to our amazing parent for space puzzles!) and we looked at different bugs and creatures.

We even made a cloud dough and get really messy! 🫣😅 ( Please don't send children in best clothes, we do love messy play here). We did painting too, with pom poms and pegs!

We went to: Leakside, Bottesford Beck, Central Park and play grounds and we had an amazing time!

I also wanted to remind everyone, that I am on holidays from the WC.22.05 and we will be closed. We will see you all back on the 05.06.23.

Diana and Katie! 💗

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 24/04/2023

With our older children soon leaving us and starting reception classes, myself and Katie wanted to share some useful information with parents who's children will be starting school in September 2023.

As you all know we have been preparing your children for this transition since they first started with us, this included supporting independence, teaching the children turn taking and sharing, asking open ended questions, teaching and learning about the world around us to extend vocabulary and curiosity, etc, but we would appreciate if you could have a look at our check list and read through different activities, that you, as a parent can do with your children at home to support school readiness.

Any questions, please speak to us on drop off or pick ups so we can explain.


Flexible possition will soon be available in our childminding setting. For more information and to send your CV please email: [email protected].

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 31/03/2023

Last two weeks were all about Easter and teaching our children the importance of it. We enjoyed lots of activities and everyone shown great enthusiasm and engagement!

It's lovely to see the children learning and playing so well with each other. The bond that the children have between themselves its unbelievable and it's lovely to see them all together on a daily basis


Childcare space available for child age 2 years old or older from June 2023 (term time only). We accept proud to care, tax free childcare and work place vouchers. Graded 'outstanding' in December 2022. For more informations please contact us 07824393350
[email protected]

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 22/03/2023

Some of our March's activities included visiting library, celebrating world book day, exploring ice, painting, playing with coloured pasta and of course making cards and planting flowers for mum's day.
Let's see what April will bring! ❤️


Wise Childcare Scunthorpe is able to offer Holiday Club for Easter Holiday's 2023 (excluding Bank Holidays). Please get in touch to book your child's place. Spaces are limited. Only children 4years plus. Please share
Diana and Katie

Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them 06/03/2023

Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them

Very interesting reading for our parents and anyone with young children.

Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them If allowed to help, toddlers become great work partners later in childhood.


Please feel free to share with friends and family who is looking for childcare from next term. We have one space available Monday - Wenesday.

Thank you!

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 24/02/2023

The best education dose not happen at the desk, but rather engaged in everyday living- hands on, exploring and relationships with life!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you all back on Monday!


Walking water experiment
The purpose of the walking water experiment is to teach children how water can flow without the help of external forces.
This is great activity to ask lots of open ended questions and to encourage curiosity and understanding of the world!

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 21/02/2023

What a busy start of the week! Lots of fun engaging activities on offer, including shapes recognition, sensory building blocks, numbers writing, learning to share, build and explore.
Today we celebrated Pancake Day 🥞
One of the best days of the year, known as Shrove Tuesday, the traditional feast day before the start of ‘Lent’ on Ash Wednesday, and what a feast we all had!

The children served their own pancakes, spread the toppings that included: lemon juice,chocolate sauce, golden syrup, toffee syrup, and few more. They helped us to make pancake mix, they counted, mixed and poured.
We all tried lemon juice and pulled some very funny faces and more than anything, we had lots of fun! 😂.

I must say, myself and Katie did marvelous job with tossing the pancakes up in the air, and the children gave a very strong chear and encouragement to us both!
Did we tossed our pancakes too high? Yes we did!
Did we dropped any? Nope! Well proud with our baking/ cooking skills!

We also prepared a science activity, for the children to find out how water travels from one cup to another. The children did amazing job and ask lots of questions during this science experiment!

Ps. We don't need toys! All we need it's each others and heads full of ideas! Supportive adults, great kids and this is all it's needed! 💗❤️


Proudly presenting our clouds in jars! So much fun to make and so easy to explain to the children how rain is created, and yes...we did sang " rain rain go away" while watching our jars! 😎

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 10/02/2023

What a busy week, we started with lovely birthday celebration and we are please to say that we have a 3 years old now in the setting! Special thanks to mum for lovely cupcakes for the children💓

The children decided to play football, so me and Katie made sure that this has happend. Amazing job in kicking and passing the ball around. Some very strong football skills here!

This week we looked at weather and we made our own rain clouds in jars. This amazing science experiment supported children understanding about clouds and rain and how it's all connected. If you would like information about how to prepare your own at home please speak to me.:) We had lots of fun, lots of curiosity and some really good questions during this experiment! ☔🌧️

Additionally we looked at numbers and numbers recognition. Something that we will need when we go to big schools. The children did very well in attempting writing numbers and telling me what they wrote.


# # # Parents # # #

Week commencing 27.02.23- 03.03.23 we will be celebrating World's Book Day 2023!

Through the week, please send your children in pijamas, dressing up or bright colorful clothes - whatever your little ones prefer. Please also send us books from home each day ( I know lots of parents do this anyway- thank you!) so that we can read with your children here; any plush toys welcome!

During the week, we will be visiting library and host lots of activities here at Wise Childcare Scunthorpe , so please pack spare clothes in your children's bags too!

Also, if any parents are brave enough to come and read a story to our little people during the week, please speak to me or Katie as we would love to see you.

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 03/02/2023

Today I went with the girls to the museum, to develop children's civic awareness and sense of belonging. We had a little history lesson which encouraged lots of questions and curiosity about our world and how the life used to be in the olden days.

We looked at different houses and equipments used in 60's and 70's and we learn a bit about cameras and recorders that looked complitely different to what we are using in modern times. The children notices that washing machine and fridge looked a little bit "funny" in 60's as well. We looked at fossils and we learnt what they are and where they come from.

Did you know, that the biggest fossil in the world belong to herbivorous dinosaur 12 meters (39 feet) tall and 25 meters long that roamed the Earth around 150 million years ago!!

The children found some of these facts fascinating.

We also took a part in a creative play activities developed for under 5's. Definitely highly recommend if you are looking to encourage your child Speech and language and imagination.

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 01/02/2023

After a wait that seems like the longest wait ever I am now able to share my Ofsted report with all current and future parents.

I am very pleased to say that we have achieved the highest grade and we have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted on the 08.12.22 in all areas!!!

The last 2.5 years were very intense with me changing from nursery work after 12 years to childminding, finding my feet and developing my ways of working, but all been done with the children best interest in mind.

We are very proud with ourselves and everything we have achieved so far!


Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 25/01/2023

Our little people have been very busy exploring different birds, bugs and insects to learn about the world around us and to make us aware of a spring that will be arriving very soon!

Last week we went for a walk to the shop, to look at different seeds, plants, and plant pots that we want to grow in Diana's garden ( this included an apple tree, orange tree and some smaller, ordinary plants🙏😅). We went to the park too!

We looked at trains and we used our problem solving skills to build a large train track too. Great team work here! 👍👌

Our children has been enjoying recalling the Gruffalo's story and other books while using the props made by Diana 😉. Great skill to have for starting reception soon!

And today we went for a walk with our friends from Home From Home Childcare to look what we can spot ( birds, animals and bat house). The children also noticed, that the leake was frozen which enhanced their learning about different natural phenomena 😉

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 18/01/2023

Some of our things we have been doing through January. The children especially enjoyed the magnetic building blocks and they were able to share, take turns and build amazing structures.

We also learnt about different dinosaurs in January and we all had great fun taking pictures with dinosaurs too!

Also, just to let everyone know we had our first graded inspection in December 2022 and soon as Ofsted publish the report I will publish here for all our parents to see.

Thank you!



Please take extra care when arriving this morning. Keep your little one close to you, as roads and paths are very slippery.
Thank you,


This will definitely make your day better! Nia singing and dancing to macarena song on our walk.


A very special request today during our dancing activitie... Adams Family song! I am sure you all agree that the children danced very well 💓

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 16/11/2022

We had another busy day today, we went for a walk and to the playground..
The children showed a great understanding of a road safety; everyone walked very well, stoping at the end of a path to look both ways and to let us know if there were any cars approaching.

Once at the park, the children have all great fun, chasing each other, climbing, playing on the roundabout.

Safe to say, we are all worn out and enjoying a well deserve rest now!

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 14/11/2022

The children voted on where to go today, we had a few choices available, which included: library, museum, art centre, park, train station and park. The library was the winner.
We took a bus to town and we went on a day trip, the children has enjoyed looking at traffic lights, building, bus stops, church and medical centre during our bus journey. At the bus station, the children has noticed that bussess comes in all sort of colours, some are bigger then other too. We counted and try to work out number/ letters on the busses number plates.
At the library, we have been greeted with a lovely lady, who gave us some drownings and explained, that we need to be using our inside voices, which the children knew already. We looked and read different books and the children behaved outstanding!
After these, we went to WH Smith, to surprise one of our lovely mummies who works there. 💓
At the end, we've asked children if they would like us to get them a new stickers or a treats for being a super stars. The children decided, that cookies would be ideal so we let children pick the shop and find the cookies they wanted.
At the end the children paid for the cookies and they had a chat with a lady at the till. She explained very well, what her job was and what sorts of things this particular shop was selling. The children were very well mannered, said thank you and goodbye to the lady.
Then we went out, walk to the bus station and we had our treats there before our buss arrived.



Just a quick reminder to our term time only children. Week commencing 24.10.2022 half term starts!

Have a lovely time with your families and we will be here ready to welcome you all back on Monday 31.10.2022.

Diana and Katie❤️

Is my child too ill for school? 12/10/2022

Is my child too ill for school?

As the flu season is upon us, once again we wanted to remind parents, to keep their children away from the setting when they are poorly with temperatures, chest infections or unable to participate in a normal day to day activities to help us control infection spread over the next few months.

Please work with us in a partnership and if your child is unwell , message us priority to bringing your child in so that we can discuss and advise you. As a parent of a young child, you can request time of work for dependants, to look after your little one at home under the current government guidance, to help us keep our setting infection free.

If your child become ill under our care, we will notify you. It is important that you arrive swiftly to collect your poorly child to avoid passing to other children and myself or Katie. Please also make sure that emergency contact details are up to date.

Keep your child at home if they experience:

* Fever 38 °C and over
* Undiagnosed rashes
* Constant runny noses with yellow/ green tint.
* Hard/ Persistent/ Barking cough
* Letargy
* Wheezing or shortness of breath
* Redness and runny eyes

For more information please see our illness/ sickness policy on Baby Days.

We understand that we all get cold symptoms and children with cold symptoms can attend. Just when you see this symptoms are turning into something else, please seek medical advice. We are happy to administrate antibiotics and cough medicines when needed it

Please have a look at NHS guidance that underpin our work and to which we are adhering to:

Thank you for your continuous support.

Is my child too ill for school? Find out when it's best to keep your sick child at home and when it's OK to send them to school or nursery.

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 28/09/2022

So today we've decided to bake! We got our children ready, and we went to the shop to get all baking ingredients ready. We didn't know what we wanted to bake, so we got some different things too.

Some of our children were able to hand a cash to a lovely lady on the register, and they all did great job in picking ingredients up and decide how they want to use them.

At home, we used our listening ears to listen to Diana and Katie, we used our gross motor skills to cut the dough with shapes cutters and we enjoyed mixing mixture and then icing together.

I am sure that all of our parents agree, that the children did marvelous job and their biscuits looked scrumptious!! 🍪
Then we went for a walk in our neighborhood!

I have attached some other pictures from this week too. The children have been enjoying cutting and sticking activity.

The benefits of baking with children include:

* promoting problem solving
* developing fine and gross motor skills
* encouraging following instructions
* gaining literacy and numeracy knowledge by finding ingredients and looking at measurements
* building confidence and esteem by seeing finished product
* exploring new flavours and tastes.

Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 21/09/2022

We have been very quiet here as we are still settling in new children but happy to report, that all of our children are superstars and they have been so helpful and nice to each other! We can see some lovely friendships forming, and the children are getting on well with our route.

The new term started very busy, so far we went to the pet shop, to the book shop and to the fields to play football and practice our kicking and throwing skills. We looked at the books, we did puzzles, we explored the signs of autumn! The children have been bringing home examples of their work and even some homeworks!😁

We would appreciate if parents this term can look with their children at different colours, shapes, body parts and animals, so that the children can make themselves familiar with all the words that we are using here as this will help them to extend their learning. If you are struggling with anything at home, please talk to myself and Katie and we will suport you.

Please keep an eye on your emails, we will be sending information soon regarding parents evening that will be held soon.



As the weather is very unpredictable right now, please could we ask the parents to make sure that they children come to us each day with: jacket, a water bottle, spare clothes, short sleeve t-shirt and a jumper in their bag😅.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you do understand that your child's wellbeing is our number one priority and we want them to be all ready for the day with us, no matter the weather❤️

Diana and Katie


Due to unforeseen circumstances we have one more space available for a child under 5. The space is available from next week. Please get in touch for further details.

Please share.



*** Please share *** September 2023 Waiting list is now open ***

We will have few childcare spaces available from September 2023, so of you are looking for a child care, please contact us so we can add you to our waiting list.

Home from home environment, with secure surroundings ( CCTV on site), online learning journals and great resources.

Only children 2 years old plus.

We also offer school pick up/drop of to St.Peter St.Paul primary school at very limited availability.

Please message for more information. Feel free to share with friends and family.




Photos from Wise Childcare Scunthorpe's post 31/08/2022

Thank you so much for your kind words! This means a lot to us, knowing that you are/ were happy with everything.
Always here if you need us girls!

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Singing and chilling out in the  🌞
Mixing mixing!
Miss L





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