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Operating as usual


Kip Ted is doing his holiday Flexi lesson. Well done Kip Ted. You know it makes sense 😉


Compound words are when two or more words combine to form a new single word or a phrase that acts like a single word✏️. There are three different types of compound words in grammar: open compound words with spaces between the words (ice cream🍦), closed compound words with no spaces (for example, cheeseburger🍔, as seen in the image), and hyphenated compound words (up-to-date📅).

Kip McGrath Rotherham North English and Maths Tutoring 25/05/2023

Kip McGrath Rotherham North English and Maths Tutoring

The centre is now closed for Half Term. Next week, all students except Year 11s have a Flexi lesson set by their tutor, to do at home. Students can access them between Monday and Saturday using their normal homework login. Flexis don't have to be done all at once, students can re-visit them during the week. We return to normal lessons on Monday 5th June.
If you have any concerns about your child's progress at school (age 6-16), book a FREE assessment from our web page The earlier they start tuition, the more progress they'll make!

Kip McGrath Rotherham North English and Maths Tutoring Kip McGrath Rotherham North will help your child rediscover their love of learning, and improve their English and maths results.


Is your child struggling in school? Don't wait any longer – Kip McGrath can help. ✅

Our fully qualified teachers provide expert tuition that's tailored to your child's individual needs, giving them the support they need to catch up and excel. 🎉

Our proven methods for success speak for themselves – we've helped thousands of students improve their grades and reach their full potential. With small group classes that offer individual attention and support, your child will feel safe and comfortable while they learn. 📝



Happy World Bee Day! 🐝 🐝 🐝

Show your love for our pollinating friends by joining us in a spelling exercise to help raise awareness of the importance of bees! Put your vocabulary to the test and have a bee-rilliant time.



This activity sheet is a fun and engaging way for children to learn how to tell the time🕘. The sheet features a variety of clocks, including analogue and digital clocks, as well as a range of activities that can help children tell the time⏰.


Join us in celebrating Walk to School Week! 🚶‍♀️

Walking to school has numerous benefits for your child, including increased physical activity, improved mental health and concentration. 📝

Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your child and enjoy the fresh air. Encourage your child to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and walk to school this week! 👣


An antonym is a term that has the opposite meaning of another word. Hot and cold are antonyms. Antonyms can be all types of words: verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and even prepositions. ✏️🎒

Understanding how to use antonyms can help you enhance your writing and English abilities. 😀

Photos from Mind's post 12/05/2023

Photos from Mind's post


Wise words


Story mountains 🗻 are a great creative activity that supports students in creative writing, literacy, English, and handwriting. They provide an excellent approach for English students to prepare and plot out a story before beginning to write.✏️

For more information about story mountains, check out our blog:


He was at Anfield!
Liverpool FC 4-3 Tottenham


Another clue....⚽️


Where was Kip Ted this weekend......?


We're closed for both Bank Holiday Mondays on 1st and 8th May. Dawn is contacting parents of Monday students to re-arrange lessons. Wonder if Kip Ted will be off to the Coronation......😉




Happy World Earth Day! 🌍🌱

How much do you know about the impact of plastic on the environment? Test your knowledge with our quiz, the answer may shock you! 😮

Let's continue to work together towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet. 🌿🌎


Is your child struggling with English or maths? Unlock their potential with Kip McGrath's qualified teachers and over 45 years of experience! 💪🏼✨

💙Learn your way, wherever you are, with our flexible learning options.

Book a FREE assessment today and give your child the boost they need to succeed. Click the link below to get started! 👉🏼🔗


As we welcome the arrival of spring, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature through the art of Haiku. 🌞🌸

A Haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines with a total of 17 syllables, typically arranged in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. It's a concise and powerful way to capture the essence of a moment or an emotion, making it perfect for expressing yourself! 🌱🌺

Why not challenge yourself and create your own Haiku about spring? Share it in the comments below! 🌷🎉


At Kip McGrath, we've been building futures since 1976 and have helped thousands of children worldwide reach their full potential.🥳 🏆

Our proven method encourages independent learning, ensuring your child has the skills not just for the next exam, but for life.😊 That's why we are 💙

📍 Find your local centre here:

Bring Literacy to your home 11/04/2023

Bring Literacy to your home

🏠Learn how to make literacy fun at home with our blog. Try these activities with your child today!


Bring Literacy to your home Boost your child's literacy skills with fun and engaging activities at home! Write stories, play word games, cook, create a reading space, and make books together. Kip McGrath offers personalised English tuition to support your child's learning. Contact us at


🐰We hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with love, laughter, and plenty of chocolate!? 🐰



🌸 Happy Easter week! 🌸

🐰 You spotted the difference earlier this week, now try to colour in our furry little friend! 🌺

Photos from Kip McGrath Tutoring Rotherham North's post 05/04/2023

🌸 Happy Easter week 🌸
🐰 Let's celebrate by finding all 20 differences.


🔎 What mistake can you find in this sentence? 🤔


Over the past 45 years, we’ve helped millions of children achieve their learning goals 😊 At Kip McGrath, we are committed to helping your child reach their full potential!

✅ Proven Results
✅ Free Learning Assessment
✅ Primary or Secondary

Find out what makes us different:


Spring FORWARD 🌸 ▶️ Fall BACK 🍂 ◀️
Don't forget that the clocks go forward tonight at 1 am! ⏰


Don't forget!

Busy day at Stonehenge today as they move the stones ready for the clocks going forward tonight…


Happy World Poetry Day! 🎉📝


🌻Spring has sprung! 🌷 Happy first day of Spring!🌺


To all the mothers past and present,💐 who've mothered in their families or in their communities,🌺 we thank you. 🌸💕

Happy Mother's Day ❤️

Recycling Tips For Parents | Kip McGrath 18/03/2023

Recycling Tips For Parents | Kip McGrath

🌍For Global Recycling Day, teach your kids about the importance of recycling and helping the environment with our latest blog post!


Recycling Tips For Parents | Kip McGrath In this blog, we'll share some tips on how you can make recycling a fun and engaging activity for your children.


Happy 🥧 Pi is a number that represents the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of a circle 🔵

How many digits of Pi can your child remember? 😊 We'll start! 3.1415...


At Kip McGrath, we’ve been building futures since 1976 and have helped thousands of children worldwide reach their full potential. 🌍
Find out how the Kip Difference can benefit your child, by booking a free assessment and joining one of the many students already receiving support from our qualified teachers. 😁

✅ Book a FREE assessment today:


Good advice about Year 11s not leaving it too late to start seeking tutoring, from the Hull West Kip Centre.

We get asked this question a lot and we cannot stress this enough!

GCSE exams are approximately 10 weeks away (and 2 of those weeks are the Easter holidays!) We will always try to help any student that walks through our door but starting tutoring now to move from a Grade 1/2 to achieve a Grade 4 is an enormous task.

If your child is Year 10 or below, struggling with Maths and/or English and you feel they may need some extra help then please don't wait until Year 11.
We never turn students away, but we are incredibly busy, so spaces for GCSE tuition are limited.

Book a free assessment:
-650 068 or 07393 645990 (call/text)
[email protected]

• no contracts
• fully qualified staff
• specialist learning centre
• safeguarding and first aid quals
• fully insured
• personalised learning plans
• multi-sensory lessons
• vast experience working with children with dyslexia and other neurodivergent
• conditions
• Ofsted registered
• face-to-face & online tuition (flexibility to switch between the two options)


🤔Have you ever heard of pangrams?

🧠They're sentences that use every letter of the alphabet and are a fun way to challenge your language skills!

💙So why not take a break from the routine and try out some pangrams? Who knows, you might even impress your Kip McGrath tutor with your newfound language skills!


💡Here is a fun fact!

🦛Hippos can also hold their breath underwater for up to 5 minutes. These massive creatures may seem slow and sluggish on land, but they're surprisingly graceful swimmers.

👍Follow for more fun facts and tips.

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Our Story

All of our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. Centre Director, Jan Troake, is highly qualified in Education. She has 25 years’ experience of secondary teaching with 8 years as an Assistant Principal, and experience of primary teaching and as a tutor in other branches of Kip McGrath. Jan was born and grew up in Swinton and returned to open a new Kip McGrath Centre in her home area.

At Kip McGrath Rotherham North we provide Maths and English tuition for students who need to gain confidence or catch up, and students who just want to be the best they can be. We also offer optional holiday schools at Easter and in the summer, and at-home holiday revision lessons so your child doesn't lose the momentum of their learning at school.
Kip McGrath Rotherham North is a bright, friendly and welcoming centre with a supportive, relaxed and professional atmosphere, where students are continually given encouragement and praise.

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