Radcliffe High School, Radcliffe, Manchester

Radcliffe High School, Radcliffe, Manchester


Hi, everyone. My name is Paul Sloane. I left in 1988. Looking for anyone in that year or knows me. Julie Dickson, Joan Blankenship, Graham Clark, Dawn Middleton. Steven Baker, etc,etc. If you think you know me drop me a line.
1989 12 hour Board game marathon. Do you know anyone in this picture
Anyone with pictures from 1988 to 1992?
Went here from midway through the 1st year as it was then. 1984-1989. Was just looking see if anyone had posted that I remember but sadly don’t. The time spent there was mainly while in foster care so didn’t really embrace it(hindsight is wonderful). I see the school has now been flattened such a shame.
Some aerial photos of Radcliffe High School, taken 15th August 2020.
I left in 1974 head master was Norman Pakes dept head Fred whalling
Seems every school had them back in the day shame Radcliffe hasn’t even got an high school now!
Well I'm here. Started 1977 and finished 1981.
does anyone remember a student Kuwami Yibowa or Colin Ashworth 68/69
Does anyone remember the teacher Mr Booth in 68/69, I
went to Canada, came back in 85, he was the headmaster
I had the tie with the red stripe
Looking for school photos from1968 to 1975.
I went here 1974-79 Longridge house Started i a B class and graduated to a D Class think i did pretty well More fun down in the D Stream all we wanted to do was mess about Finished up in Electronic engineering but now drive Buses. Mr Ivell Science teacher was the best ever top bloke any one remember Mr Pakefield (Woodwork) a very sadistic man used to throw lumps of wood at you if you wern't paying attention once two boys in his class were sniggering about something he grabbed their hairs and smacked their heads together he'd be drummed out for much less nowadays if any one knew me back then would be nice to rekindle old memories but they were happy days..
We are recruiting, come and see what we do ....

Radcliffe High, previously Radcliffe Secondary Modern


Do you remember the maintenance guy who use to practice with his nunchucks on the field at dinner times back in the 70's/80's


I went to St Mary's on Victoria St and use to always see pupils from Radcliffe Sec with plaster cast on their arms, I thought this was cool, this is why I made Radcliffe Sec my first choice of secondary school when I left juniors :-) ( I never got a plaster cast though)


Have you got anything to share about your time at Radcliffe Sec/High :-)


Timeline Photos


Andrew Kenyon-Russell I hated school!


I went to Radcliffe Secondary Modern in 1954. Had some very fond memories and some great friends. Maureen Whittle, Jean Taylor …. We also went to Whiteacre Camp School in Clitheroe. Great days. Love to meet some of the older girls. They will be in their early seventies now. My name is Ann Bowes I was Ann Jackson


If you want something posted on the wall then please feel free to contact me via the message button.


Anyone remember, Alan and David Aspel the twins they were in the 'A' stream when I left in 74 aged 14



Class of 1982.


Who can name all of these and put a year to it, I reckon about 1979


Peter Ivory
I was at radcliffe for a couple of terms,does anybody remember the R.O.S.L.A. building being burned down circa 1972..???


Dianne Wilcock
Does anyone remember class 1955 to 59.dorothy marshall.anne holt.carol daives lynne devinne.olwyn horrocks.the list goes on.




Geoff Simpson
I went there till about '79 ... Was in Rivington .. Yellow ties... Only remember a few people , nick fielden or fielding, Gareth smith, gary wylie.. Jonathan gunderson ... Any names ring a bell?


Janet Fidler
Hi anyone who left in '79 & is interested in coming to our next reunion just let me know, this year will be our 6th!

Untitled Album 15/01/2014

Untitled Album


Mary Queen
I remember the school being Radcliffe Secondary Modern in the 60s & 70s even remember it being segregated boys half & girls half and ner the two shall meet the playground being monitored through break times


Alf Goater
I was there in the early 50s, when Pop Hall was headmaster, Mr Cherry , Snook, Hilton, Skinner, Miss Todd, Brookes,..... I was there when School caps came out with the coat of arms, and 8 of us had our photos taken outside the headmasters office main door,with the caps on , I been looking for one if anyone has one, I left school 1955.


Jayne Cartwright (HARDIE) Left 1977.
Does anyone from this time visit this sight? it would be good to hear from you


Jayne Cartwright (HARDIE) Left 1977.
Does anyone from this time visit this sight? it would be good to hear from you


Geoff Stibbs
I'd love to hear from any students I taught while I was on exchange from Australia in 1990.


Margaret Bingham
would love to hear from any girl who left in 66


Debbie Pilkington
tryin to sort a reunion anybody who left school in 1983 get in touch with myself or brenda crolla via face book


Did you leave in 1983 having a little drink at the clog on saturday night with or two from our year at radcliffe high if your interested please join us 8pm onwards :-)


Joyce Martin, whom was my best friend at the school above in the 1950,s my name then was Norma Heppell, would love to chat to you.

fingers crossed that you get to touch.

Norma [Ainsworth ]


Architect photo from 1937.


posted by Katrina Ralphson


radcliffe high footy team not sure of year 77/78


has anyone got any memories of their time at Radcliffe High to share :-)


Timeline Photos


has anyone got any school or class photos from your time at Radcliffe High to share on this page ?


can't believe that only 9 people like Radcliffe high school, i'm sure there was more than that on the days that i actualy attended school,. Invite your friends that you know went there. And lets hear some memories of the good old school day's.






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