TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea

TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea


What did you have for breakfast? Was it ‘toast’ like Robyn from Kelly’s TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea baby class?

What fabulous signing and speaking Robyn 🤩 We hope you enjoyed your ‘toast’, as you’re this week’s 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Bond with your newborn, connect with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.ch for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland. Rest assured all TinyTalk in-person classes run with any relevant Covid precautions and protocols in place, for everyone’s safety and well being.
Thought you would like this Kelly Ann our little break before Xmas.
🚂 🚲🚘🚚⛵️

This week’s is 21 month old Zach. He’s transport obsessed according to mum and TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea teacher Kelly. Such amazing communication skills; great signing and speech! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Do you have a transport obsessed toddler? It’s definitely a favourite lesson plan in our Toddler Talking classes.

Bond with your newborn, connect with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.ch for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland. Rest assured all TinyTalk in-person classes run with any relevant Covid precautions and protocols in place, for everyone’s safety and well being.
Next up in our series of Meet The Team posts we have our Families Coordinator Kelly.

A qualified Social Worker, Kelly joined us in April this year and has been a great boost to the team!

Kelly also runs a very popular baby signing class at TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea 😀
A very exuberant "where" to the food Max is hiding 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰
Totally forgot to post these handsome devils wondering what the hell was going on last week…

Our toddlers say the funniest things! This is a comment from TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea teacher Kelly. We do love this little one’s way of thinking though! 😂

Search www.tinytalk.co.uk or www.tinytalk.ch for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland. Rest assured TinyTalk in-person classes adhere to all the relevant Covid protocols put in place for everyone’s safety and well being.
George signing thank you ❤
Excuse the background, having the kitchen done.
F O L L O W ⭐️ F R I D A Y

Many of you will already know the lovely Kelly and Ally at TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea but some of you may not have come across them, so thought I'd give them a shout-out today!
Tiny Talk classes are all about learning to communicate with your baby through sign language. Learning to sign can help your baby let you know what they want/need, and help to avoid frustration and upset. Tiny Talk use British Sign Language and you can start from any age. Initially you'll be modelling it and using it with your baby, but you'll soon find they start to use familiar signs regularly.
If you'd like to know more go give them a follow and have a chat to find out where and when classes are available!
*** THE FINALE! 7pm tonight. ***

This is it! The very last TinyTalk Together session, supporting families through lockdown. And we end on a high with a gorgeous Bedtime Story read by Kelly John, TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea

32 TinyTalk teachers have taken part, whether going live with a morning mini-class, or recording themselves telling a bedtime story or singing some late-night lullabies.

Head over to our YouTube TinyTalk Baby Signing Video Hub to watch the story with your little one at 7pm this evening.


You may find these of use. Feel free to share....
HIVE Portsmouth Family Information Service Samaritans Talking Change Solent Mind The CALMzone PAPYRUS Prevention of Young SuicideSands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity Stop Domestic Abuse Domestic Violence UK Portsmouth Welcomes Breastfeeding TinyTalk Baby Signing & Toddler Talking / / Portsmouth & Southsea
Boogie Mites Portsmouth Connors Toy Library NSPCC Time to Change Motiv8 South Solent Youth Action LetsTalk Hants FoodCycle Portsmouth Portsmouth Baby Bank Baby Basics Portsmouth & Havant

TinyTalk is the biggest & best baby signing class in the UK and Ireland. Join us for an hour of sign

Operating as usual

Photos from Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services's post 12/07/2022

Such a fab course and great value 🤩🤩🤩

Photos from Lisa Downie Photography's post 05/07/2022

Welllll this has blown my mind! Bit late for me now but for those of you with bubbas still here’s how to make your phone have white noise!


🥰SUCH a lush week back 🥰 Excited cuddles from a regular bubs when she realised where she was 😍 AND a new little one made his mama (and me!) super proud earning his 1st sign certificate for duck 🦆 🤩

Father's Perinatal Mental Health Workshop 15/06/2022

Father's Perinatal Mental Health Workshop

A fab session running next week for all those identifying as a male care giver (living in po1-po6) x

Father's Perinatal Mental Health Workshop Talking Change are running a workshop, in line with Father’s Day and Father's Perinatal Mental Health Day.

Photos from Portsmouth Baby Bank's post 14/06/2022

Does anyone have any they can spare?x



As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Her Majesty revealed her top tip for new parents this weekend...




Back to normal life and routines tomorrow I’m afraid!

We have another week til we are back with our summer term, if you want to join us there’s a couple of spaces in both classes 💕 pop me a message for more info 💜💜💜

Photos from Adventure Babies Portsmouth's post 05/06/2022

We’be got another week until we’re back for summer term, but if your looking for something to start this week why not check out lovely Lisa’s classes with Adventure Babies Portsmouth, I had so much fun at these with zach 🥰🥰🥰


Jubilee 2022- Platinum


Hypnobirthing…Birth Prep…What it is!?! Why?

Are you pregnant? Doula Sophy has a lovely free taster coming up check her out 💕


My other wonderful job with wonderful Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services.

Free morning fun for allllll families 🤩

We’d love to see you next time 💕

🤩What a wonderful morning of FREE FUN we had again today at Families Saturday Play 🤩

😍So many play opportunities…
🔅 climbing and exploring
🔅 pretending to be vets
🔅 bubble bath fun
🔅 digging and scooping
🔅 mark making
🔅 not to forget yummy snacks!

And lots more 💛

Come join us next week, we’d love to meet you☺️

💜Kelly Tpn💜

Photos from Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services's post 08/05/2022

Lovely Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services has some spaces left in her awesome wrigglers starting tomorrow! I absolutely adored this group with both my boys you will super love it too 💕💕💕


This fab event is today! Be sure to pop down and check out some lovely community groups and services! The raffle is pretty epic too- if you’re quick you can grab tickets online you don’t even have to go 💛💛💛

See you at the Cockleshell Community Centre tomorrow! Come and stay all day if you like or just pop in. It's free and accessible.



Join Rose Ayling-Ellis for a story! ❤️ She's signing Can Bears Ski? in British Sign Language on 8th May 🙌


I mean…… this is genius in my eyes?! Up there with having the mini ring paddling pools filled on the beach for babies to splash in!

Do you have any genius parenting hacks?!


🥳We’re back on Tuesday🥳

😍Oh I do love a montage 😍

👀Check out the progress of super star Thea signing milk over the last 2 months!👀

Signs can be so delicate to start with and won’t always look *exactly* correct. It’s tricky for our littles to coordinate body parts in those early days!

I found it was a really lovely way to encourage me to stay present with my boys and pay attention to what they’re doing 🥰

Steph has captured those moments so well with Thea here, those early days could easily have been missed!

Couple of spaces left in our 11.30-12.30 class on Tuesday in Southsea, drop me a dm to get booked on 💜💜💜

Watch this reel by tinytalkportsmouth on Instagram 15/04/2022

Watch this reel by tinytalkportsmouth on Instagram

☀️We’re back for another fab term of baby signing after Easter!☀️



🟣Tuesdays in Southsea🟣
Church of the Holy Spirit
10-11 & 11.30-12.30

🟣Fridays in Cosham🟣 NOW CANCELLED ❌
Highbury Community Centre



😍A wonderful opportunity to bond with you bubba and learn to communicate with each other before speech 😍

🤩 Enjoy weekly themes with relevant core signs and developmental activities 🤩

🥰Meet other local parents and enjoy social & play time in the second half of class 🥰

Any questions please drop us a comment or message


Watch this reel by tinytalkportsmouth on Instagram tinytalkportsmouth • Original Audio


Here’s a great intro to some Easter signs which we will be covering in next weeks class for the end of term 💜💜💜

It will soon be Easter and here is a lovely poster to download and print with some Easter vocabulary and QR code link to video of the signs.
See also our Download Easter Activity book and Free download https://letssign.co.uk/?s=easter&post_type=product


So chuffed for and proud of this loveliest of humans Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services, she has the biggest giving heart and cares so much about everyone. It is no surprise to me at all she has won again, it is so very much deserved 💕


A little while back I asked for your votes in the awards, as I'd been nomintated for the Best Pregnancy Service in Hampshire. Well, I've only gone and won it for the second year in a row!!! I am absolutely blown away, and it's an amazing way to mark my 10 year anniversary this year! A HUGE thank you to anyone who nominated and voted for me - I really do appreciate it. Running a business isn't easy, and I couldn't do it without your support

Rave 4 Ukraine 02/04/2022

Rave 4 Ukraine

Wonderful fundraiser next Sunday, I’ll be there with my boys 💜

👀does anyone know a local face painter/glitter tat person that would be able to volunteer their time for this🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Rave 4 Ukraine Rave4Ukraine is three special fundraiser events over one day to support humanitarian efforts for Ukrainian's unbreakable spirit and desire for peace.


Well this is up there with my favourite ever 👀🤣

⭐️ Big Announcement ⭐️

It’s with a heavy heart but we have decided to sell the Model Village.
We have been made an offer by the Disney corporation we just couldn’t refuse.
After Easter we will be closing our doors and Mickey and co will be moving in.
They have already knocked our castle down and replaced it with their own version (it’s not as good as ours though).
We are off to retire in the Caribbean 🌞
Thank you all for your support over the last 7 years.



Just checking you have seen yesterdays email and stories that classes are cancelled. Super sorry.

Sadly still very much down with Covid 🦠😷

Will look forward to seeing you all next week ###



🥇Clever Felix has got his first sign this week! 🥇

😍Look how closely he watches his mum signing ‘all gone’ and copies her 😍

This certainly bought a smile to my face while in the Covid grumps 🥰


Fab list from lovely Emily of all the local library groups 😍😍😍

During our World Book Day sessions we were talking about what a wonderful resource our local libraries are! And now that their Rhyme Time and Story Time sessions are back running I’ve put together the latest schedule of what is happening across our city (but do check their website for any updates- link in comments).

Numbers are limited, and booking in advance is required by calling or emailing your local library to book a space. These events are term time only except Southsea that runs sessions every week.

Support your local library! 📚📖📚📖📚📖


Please vote for lovely Sarah, she really is a wonderful human and so deserves this award 💜💜💜


I'm a finalist in the awards and voting closes today! Every vote really does make a difference, so if you haven't voted I'd really appreciate it if you did! And if you've voted already, then please vote again using a different email address (you're totally allowed to do this - it says so!) Category - Best Pregnancy Service
THANK YOU!!!!! 😘😘😘



My ‘other’ working head is with The Parenting Network, our CEO is heading to polish borders at the end of this week.

If you would like to donate any items we now have a physical drop point at the guildhall. We also have an Amazon wish list active (in comments) if it is easier to send us donations this way 💜🇺🇦💜

We just want to say a massive thank you to all at Portsmouth Guildhall for putting in place a collection point for people to drop off your donations for our Ukraine Appeal.

We truly appreciate the ongoing support you show us! - Thank you!

Items can be dropped off during the Guildhall opening hours (Normally Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) and we need items in before Friday morning as we are on stand by to leave for the Polish/Ukrainian Border from then.

Some examples of items we are in need of are:
(All new please)

🇺🇦 Protein bars
🇺🇦 Thermal hats, gloves and socks
🇺🇦 Thermal blankets
🇺🇦 Nappy Bags
🇺🇦 Baby Wipes
🇺🇦 Nappies - various sizes
🇺🇦 Babies toothbrush and toothpaste
🇺🇦 Toothbrush and toothpaste
🇺🇦 Sanitary products
🇺🇦 Baby bath top to toe wash
🇺🇦 Milton tablets
🇺🇦 Cold water sterilisers
🇺🇦 Baby towels
🇺🇦 Changing mats
🇺🇦 Heinz first steps porridge
🇺🇦 Babies blankets
🇺🇦 Sudocream
🇺🇦 Teething powder
🇺🇦 Teething toys
🇺🇦 Germoline
🇺🇦 First aid plasters & bandages
🇺🇦 Bepanthon
🇺🇦 Baby soap bars
🇺🇦 Milk formula stage 1
🇺🇦 Small cuddly toys



Unfortunately I am down with a pretty decent case of Laryngitis, day 4 of no voice 😩

I am therefore delaying our start of this half term until TUESDAY 8th MARCH.

We will still be running for 6 weeks, with our last week being in the first week of Easter holidays. I will send welcome emails later this evening, apologies for delay, I was waiting on confirming the extra date with the church.

Any issue with this extra date we can either refund that last week or roll the class to next term 💜

Please tag any friends who are attending too 💜

Sorry everyone, see you in a week 🥰


💜H O T💜

This clever sausage left me in winter term at 10 signs, she’s flying now with 40 🤩 I always love hearing about how signing journeys carry on 🥰🥰🥰

We’re on half term break this week, but we’re back Tuesday 1st March for a 6 week block, why don’t you come see what all the raving is about 😜💜


Actuallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 👀 those clever babies and toddlers totally CAN BE MORE SPECIFIC 🤩😍🤩

We’re back after half term with the second half of term! Come learn the gift of communication 💜

Photos from Little Old Goose's post 14/02/2022

💜small biz love💜

Gosh I have met so many talented people through classes! Lucy over at Little Old Goose is your gal for any brush lettering work! On my list for myself this year is attending one of her beginners workshops 😍


💜small biz love💜

another fab TT and Daisy mum friend and small biz boss is the super talented Charlotte Charlotte Griffiths Photography. From gorge pregnancy, new born and family work to absolute fire wedding photography, she is your gal you want! Go check out her grid and you’ll see for yourself 😍😍😍


So my 2023 diary is fiiiinally open! A little slow to the party officially opening it up to new bookings, but I’ve done it 🎉

So if you’re planning your 2023 wedding, get in touch and I’ll send you my beautiful brochure with lots more info and planning tips and advice.

I can’t wait to hear aaaaall the deets! I mean, all of them! 🤍



💜small biz love💜

Another wonderful local birthing biz is the lovely Claire over at Queen Bee Birthing who can get you super prepped for birth with hypno birthing courses and workshops 🥰

🐝H E L L O🐝 I’ve had quite a few new followers this week (Hi! 😉)... so thought I might re-introduce myself... 🐝 I’m Claire, and I run Queen Bee Birthing in Clanfield, near Petersfield. I absolutely LOVE teaching my Hypnobirthing & Birth-Prep Classes to all expectant parents and help them discover their inner-strength and confidence to totally BOSS their birth!

I’m Mummy to 3 busy kiddos, age 9, 6 & 2, and also had a baby for our friends as a surrogate a couple of years ago too! I’m mega-passionate about all things birthy, especially Physiological Birth and knowing your birth-rights. I’m proudly part of the committee at and love getting involved in all the events…

Things you should know about me: I love dancing with my husband at weddings, I can say the alphabet backwards, and I’m incapable of going to bed before midnight 😂

I often jump up and down with excitement at the prospect of helping others have a positive and empowering birth - a great day to remember for the rest of your life...

Feel free to say hi in the comments 🤗

Claire 🐝



💜small biz love💜

Next up is the wonderful Kim over at South Coast Placenta. I was fortunate to win an encapsulation package at an Informed Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond event and was so chuffed as it was something I was really considering. I also chose to add on the smoothie! I can honestly tell you I had so much energy, felt great and my milk came in days quicker than first time. Kim offers a wonderful service 💜

HAPPY CLIENT- Full testimonial.

I actually met Kim after the birth of my first born… I instantly wished I’d known about placenta encapsulation and the potential benefits before having him… I had a terrible birth and despite using my own trade (nutritional therapist), it took a long time to recover.

I sent many clients to Kimberley as she was/is so passionate about what she does (and so she should be!). Everyone told me how great they felt after having their little ones, so when I fell pregnant with my daughter booking Kim was one of the first things I did. I’m so glad I did.

If I were to have another baby, I would 100 percent have my placenta encapsulated again; the difference in recovery was incredible.
Despite having no sleep and now two children to look after I felt energised, my skin was clear, my milk came in with no issues, I felt sooo much happier, I didn’t have any blues at all post birth and overall recovery has been amazing.

Not only that, but Kimberley was incredible too, she was so supportive throughout pregnancy and postpartum!

If you are in any doubt, don’t be! Thank you again xx



Book a chat with https://www.doulasophy.co.uk/book-online

💜small biz love💜

We are spoilt for Doulas in Portsmouth! This is wonderful Doula Sophy, hear her service offerings in this fab video 😍

Sophy also runs Southsea Slings, your place to go if your wanting to try a sling but not sure which, get carrying tweaks and how to demos and weekly hire options too 🤩


💜Small biz love💜

Sadly we didn’t reach the finalist stage (thank so much to everyone who voted!) but these two AMAZING people (who I’m very proud to call friends 🥰) did!

Sarah Lewis - Pregnancy & Postnatal Services
Adventure Babies Portsmouth

Please go give them a vote in their categories, and vote for other local businesses while your there 🥰


Goes without saying their class offerings are amazing 🤩


💜small biz love💜

Carrying on with the party theme is another awesome TT mum lovely Sarah. Sarah makes the most awesome yummy biscuits, cakes and treat boxes! Be sure to make sure you are following this new page, her old one was sadly hacked end of last year 💔

‘She Said Yes’ I loved making these engagement cookies, who doesn’t love a wedding 💍

Embossers -



🥰 I’m spending Love day giving love to some fab local businesses 🥰

We do have some amazing TInyTalk business families to get us started 🤩

How amazing is this though? Portsmouth Plate Hire have packages to cover all your needs, it actually works out cheaper than going to buy it all disposable in the shops!! AND washing up is covered 🥳 no brainer to me 💜


Wondering what our TinyTalk classes are looking like now 💜👀💜

Our March/April half term has a few spaces left and we would love to welcome you along to our super fun groups 😍

Learn several core signs each week, whilst sharing and bonding with your small during an engaging and welcoming class 😍

💜 We’ve kept our group members on individual mats (with a mat spacer!)
💜 We spray down and clean all seating surfaces between classes.
💜 We have individual kit ready on mats for everyone.
💜 We’re back to enjoying our walk about songs (in a large spaced circle!)
💜 We’re back to enjoying the valued social support time at the end of class- forming friendships while the smalls play with toys! (Either in the middle or back on mats, wherever you are comfortable!)
💜 Hot drinks and choccy biccies!

⬇️ Drop a comment or dm to get booked in


Ending our week with this super signer Thea! Thea started signing *milk* for the first time this week.

You can see that little right hand moving in and out while she’s clearly watching her mama (and making some rather excited vocalisations too😍). It’s also a great example that sometimes their coordination when younger can make noticing their signing a bit trickier, but luckily for Thea her mummy Steph is being super present, watching and noticing 🤩

Way to go Steph and Thea

Do you want to join us for March/April?! We’ve got a few spaces left and would love to meet you 💜💜💜 drop us DM!

Videos (show all)

🥳We’re back on Tuesday🥳😍Oh I do love a montage 😍👀Check out the progress of super star Thea signing milk over the last 2 ...
🤩WOWEEEEE!🤩🥇Clever Felix has got his first sign this week! 🥇😍Look how closely he watches his mum signing ‘all gone’ and ...
💜H O T💜This clever sausage left me in winter term at 10 signs, she’s flying now with 40 🤩 I always love hearing about ho...
Ending our week with this super signer Thea! Thea started signing *milk* for the first time this week. You can see that ...
Our next super signing this week is Isla showing us how to sign *food*Such a great and useful sign for little ones to le...
🤩WOWEEEEEE 🤩Lovely Kaitlin and 6 month old Archer have only been with us for 1 WEEK and look at him goooo signing *milk*...
〰️H O M E〰️Check out this super signing work from Ivy and Hannah Cassidy  😍😍😍This is another of my favourite signs for l...
Super signing and talking from amazing Robyn this morning! Toast is up there with my fave signs! What’s your favourite s...
Celebrating this little love getting her first sign during our Christmas break, asking for ‘more’ food 😍😍😍We’re back in ...
🚲🚘🚚⛵️🚂To say Zach’s obsessed with vehicles at the moment is an understatement!I’ll try and catch his other vehicle signs...
Ralph signs *ALL GONE*
The chats me and Zach have now though  🥰💔 lovely example of how signing supports language development and communication ...





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