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Operating as usual


What did you think of this weeks 🏉

It was interesting to see how the teams adapted to injuries/covid and the weather.

Whilst having a structured routine/plan is important, sometimes we need to think out of the box to achieve the next goal.

The best way to develop your imagination and ability to adapt is to experience everything. Take time this month to read a new book, find a new exercise route or play a new sport.


is finally upon us! The team are already in the pub talking about who’s got the best chance this year 🏉

Who would you have in your dream team if you can only pick 3 of the above! You can see our choice let us know yours in the comments!


I FINALLY got back out to play on a rugby pitch last weekend and to say I am absolutely battered would be an understatement …and no I’m not still hungover either!

I was so caught up in the adrenaline and supporting our other team playing that I didn’t do any stretching or recovery after the game, and now I’m paying for it! But what can I do?

Time to look into active recovery, low-intensity exercise like walking, yoga, and swimming.

The benefits of active recovery are huge:
* eliminates waste products
* keeps your muscles flexible
* reduces soreness or DOMS

To find out more head over to our latest blog by clicking the link in the bio!


Did you do it?

The first month of the year is over. Did you stick to your goals and plans? If not, are you going to repeat those mistakes this month?

New plans and goals can be hard to stick to but as long as you review your progress you can intervene before it gets out of hand.

Write down what went well, what and why you couldn’t achieve what you wanted to (time/skill/injury), how you will adapt so that you can complete it.


Think you have the most outrageous rugby skills?

This year our goal is to connect more rugby players so that everyone can learn from each other and develop even more!

If you have a video of you pulling off a no look back pass or making a crunching tackle we want to see it!

Head to our stories to send your video in or tag a mate below if they have something special! The best videos will be featured on the page!


Speed training provides lots of benefits that you may not have thought about, it isn’t all about running 100m the quickest.

Speed is a vital part of every sport, and maximal speed training and assessment is important if athletes want to become better.

Check out our latest blog by for more info on how to unlock all the benefits of speed training! 👆


Show your support this Sunday!

With rugby competitions hotting up all over the country we want to know who your local club is and how they are doing!

Head to our stories to submit your photos 🏉


Festive season thrown your schedule out? Lost the drive to keep working at your dreams?

It happens to the best, but with some simple steps you can get back on track!

Head to our website to read the latest blog about developing a productive routine!

There is no excuse to not be starting 2022 at your best!


Have you got a team around you?

We need one in all aspects of life, not just sport. Trying to do everything by yourself will often end in burnout and failure.

Find those you trust, work with each other and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Are you finding cutting calories to lose weight or body fat impossible?

Hunger and cravings kick in and you reach for that bag of crisps!

These are some ways of making it a bit easier. To find out more head to our latest blog by clicking our bio link!

Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]


Do you just talk the talk or can you actually walk it?

We have all laid out the best plans but are you committing to the work needed to see the result?

The biggest rewards come from working consistently at your dreams.

Photos from Last Twenty Sports Conditioning's post 07/01/2022

Have you enjoyed your festive period healthily? 🧐

By that I mean enjoying yourself, relaxing, eating all the incredible food and having a few tipples.

Now it is time to get back to the grind! If you have been sitting around for the last few weeks, get some mobility work done and then give this workout a tackle!

If you have kept your training going over Christmas, why not test yourself by adding a 400m sprint in between each exercise?!

Keep yourself at a steady pace, rest if you need to but try to keep working all the way through.

Challenge your mates in the comments!


Four simple pillars of recovery to follow which will ensure you can be at your best next week! You are in control of your performance. DM us if you want any help with your recovery!

Ensure you are eating a balanced diet and the correct ratio of carbs, protein and fat specific to your goals and training!
8 cups of water a day as a minimum. When you train, every 1kg of sweat you lose should be replaced by consuming 500ml of water.
Turn off your screened devices, set tomorrow’s goals, prep your work things and lunch, read a book, clear your mind. Mental health plays a big part in a winning athletes training!
Getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep not only reduces the risk of injury but also ensures your muscles can repair themselves so you get the gains you have worked for!

Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]


A perfect sentiment to start the new year! Time to achieve those dreams. Whether it is for your sport, lifestyle or health we have the solutions to get you there!

If you would like some help creating your plan, drop us a message!

Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]


Merry Christmas!

We’ll be busy enjoying the holidays properly and not stressing about what we eat or do!See you all in January!


Getting enough Vitamin D in Autumn and Winter is really important, especially for athletes. Have you noticed your energy and mood has dropped a bit recently? 1/5 of British people suffer from low Vitamin D levels and this gets even higher as we enter Winter.
Most people only need 10 minutes of sun each day to get their Vitamin D fix, however, everyone is different, and levels can vary depending on a persons job and how much outdoor activity they complete.
It is recommended to get 10mg of Vitamin D per day. With there being less hours of sun in the day it may be time to up your consumption of certain foods. Oily fish, tofu, eggs and mushrooms are all high in vitamin D.
Some of the benefits Vitamin D offers are an increase in calcium absorption, ensuring your bones are ready for all the weights in the gym or the physicality of your sport, and reduced inflammation making your recovery quicker so you can get back to working on your goals sooner! Head to the website via the bio link to find out more in our recent blog!


Discipline and consistency are two non-negotiables when we are training an athlete.

Are you sticking to your plan over the festive period? Have you been smart and planned the fun into your schedule?

Message us now if you need some help keeping to your goals!

Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]
Last20 Sports Conditioning]]

Photos from Last Twenty Sports Conditioning's post 17/12/2021

Another round of Friday fitness, a great little session that can be completed in just 12 minutes! Keep on track of your conditioning even when you are busy with the festivities!


Studies have shown getting enough sleep is important and can help an athlete improve. Getting at least 8 hours sleep each night boosts the immune system allowing you to recover better and reduce chemical imbalances which can reduce negative feelings. When the body can recover properly your focus increases which can improve your memory, decision making and creativity.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Photos from Last Twenty Sports Conditioning's post 10/12/2021

We know not everyone has time to get to the gym every week over Christmas so we are providing you some quick 12 minute sessions to keep your fitness levels up!

Swipe for the first weeks session and let us know how you get on with it in the comments!


Work hard, don’t expect things to fall into place. Harry Potter isn’t real.

Only you are going to work towards your goals.

Photos from Last Twenty Sports Conditioning's post 18/07/2021

Who has started their pre-season work? Did you do any tests first? Well now you can!

The best way to work out what you actually need to work on and give you a baseline to see how much your have improved is to do regular tests.

These are my three favourite tests currently, hit save and give them a go, let us know how you did, we want to see how much you have improved!

The WAT Test

This is a great choice of test for rugby players with down and ups and changed of direction. It also includes rest periods to better replicate a game. Set up cones at 0m, 2m, 5m and 15m. Perform a Down Up at cone A, then run a figure 8 round cones B and C, sprint to Cone D and then back to the start. Perform one rep every 40s for 10 reps total. Add your time of each rep to get a total!


This comes from New Zealand and is simply a shuttle run for total time. Place cones at 20, 40 and 60m and perform shuttles there and back to each distance for one set, complete 5 sets with no rest between!


Finally this a great test to give an indication on each energy system. If you have a track it is really easy, if not just use your local pitch. It consists of 100m Sprint followed by 10 mins rest. Then a 400m run with 20mins rest and finally a 800m for forwards and 1500m for backs. The 100m tests your ATP-CP, the 400m tests your Anaerobic Glycolytic and the 800/1500m tests your aerobic system.


A disappointing night for the England football team but success isn’t always about winning the trophy at the end.

Personal goals, team goals and the journey are all part of becoming a champion.

Dream your dreams, set your goals, keep playing and working until you reach them. Knock backs and losses are all part of sport and life. The quicker you learn to accept and embrace them, the quicker you will improve.


Got into pre-season but struggling to keep your nutrition exciting?!

You can still get our monthly meal packs for FREE from the link in the bio. We had a lot of fun crafting these with and can’t wait to show you all the new videos we have been working on!


How much time do you spend kicking? Let me know below. 🧐

Long gone are the days where kicking was just done by one or two players. Now it is used everywhere on the pitch to create wonder tries like in the video.

You should be practising your kicking, with intention, regularly. Make sure you know the basics so when you do practice you can be sure you are developing good technique and habit.

You only need to concentrate on a few things to start with:

🏉 point the ball where you want it to go
🦶 kick in the direction you want the ball to go
🦵 follow through the ball with your leg

The key with all skills is to spend enough time practising, reviewing and improving. Having the basics nailed can elevate your game and give you more options when playing which will boost your confidence as well!


Are you doing what you need to do to win?

Are you going to achieve everything you set out to?

Set your goals for the day and don’t stop until you have completed them.

Tonight on Clubhouse we will be discussing the Lions tour, those are players who epitomise working hard every day to accomplish what others can’t. If you want to join drop me a DM saying ‘TODAY’.


Recovery shouldn’t be a chore, it is a necessary part of reaching your sporting goals.

But it can be very easy to sit on the sofa for 20 minutes and “forget” to do it.

Make it easy and enjoyable.

Find a podcast to listen to that will keep you engaged, this can be a fun one or why not find one that will help you towards your goals.

Find what you enjoy doing; walking, swimming, yoga etc.

Adapt your recovery to how you are feeling. Full of energy… try some yoga and reap the benefits. Feeling tired or fatigued… keep it low impact with some swimming.

I have spoken a lot with my guests about recovery and specifically active recovery on the podcasts. If you check out Episode 10, myself and really got stuck into different methods and how to keep your body and mind fit and healthy.


This rings so true right now!

I am currently going through a test phase with one of my clients. Last week he added 20kg to his bench and squat total as well as gaining 10kg of lean muscle over the last year.

All of this down to consistency and self discipline. I don’t need to remind or push him, even after holidays he comes back and gets straight back to it.

Motivation just gets you going. Self discipline is what provides the success.


After a few weeks away from home I have found myself out of routine and falling into old habits such as ordering takeaway.

I always feel rubbish after takeaway, and nothing beats the feeling of cooking an incredible meal. In one of our early podcasts I spoke to Jordan from about this!

Make sure you are eating the right things at the right time.

Remember if you hit the link in our bio and click on TFE x L20 Meals you can get 4 tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes for free every month including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! PLUS, they come with all the nutritional info you need to fuel your goals.


Do you think position matters when it comes to tackling?

It shouldn’t! Anyone should be able to tackle anyone.

Are you working on your technique?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Portsmouth?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Studies have shown getting enough sleep is important and can help an athlete improve. Getting at least 8 hours sleep eac...
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