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🔓So back in March I was invited to appear on the fabulous Ricky Locke's podcast UNLOCKED. We had a brilliant conversation about our similar career paths through learning in organisations to making the move to being freelance learning providers and our mutual love of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

🤔We explored some of the tools and techniques of NLP and how they can be used to powerfully reframe negative thought patterns, anchor positive states and generally what a great and complementary set of tools and ways of thinking NLP can provide to coaches and facilitators, not to mention magicians, oh and we talked about Ryan Reynolds films too!

🧙‍♂️Magicians you say? Yes indeed, as well as being a trainer, facilitator and all round top bloke (in fact probably the nicest chap I know), Ricky is also a magician and member of the Magic Circle. So if you've ever wanted to talk to a real live magician and not a mere conjurer of cheap tricks (anyone get that quote, comment below), or perhaps book one for your wedding, please connect with him.

👇You can see an audiogram snippet of the podcast below and check out the whole thing using the link in the comments. It would also be ace if you could leave the UNLOCKED podcast a review once you've listened, I know Ricky will appreciate your support massively!

I hope you enjoy the listen!

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



🚧Advanced warning, a bit of an overshare coming.

👟One of the last things I bought on my holiday last week was a new pair of trainers.

👍My previous pair of trainers had served me very well for at least 3 years. They were super comfy, slip on, slip off, they looked good with trousers and shorts alike, they were full leather, so at least splash proof and they were the 3rd pair of the same trainer I've had over the last 8 years or so.

😥As that specific trainer is no longer made, I decided to deviate from the norm and bought a new pair, not only a new design, but a new brand too.

🤨The new pair of trainers (I'm sure you can tell which is which) are so shiny and white, I almost don't want to wear them. They have such plump padding, they feel a bit restrictive when I put them on, despite them being the same size. They are not as comfy as my old pair, they are still quite stiff and rigid.

😬I've not thrown the old pair out yet, I'm saving them for fishing and gardening (my excuse anyway), I've even worn them a couple of times since buying the new pair!

The thing is though, although they are new and unfamiliar and a bit uncomfortable:
✔The plump padding will probably help with my achilles tendon injury where the old pair offered less support everyday as the padding wore away.
✔The shiny whiteness can be easily cleaned if they get dirty, I just have to commit to maintaining them.
✔The stiffness will lessen through wearing them in, just like the last pair did, and soon become much more comfortable after some initial discomfort.
✔The waterproof new leather keeping my feet dry, will probably not exacerbate my athlete’s foot as I suspect my old pair did.

So despite something new being a bit alien, a bit uncomfortable, a bit too shiny and stiff, ultimately it will benefit the health of my feet and legs.

❓So what has been new for you recently, clothing, footwear or otherwise?
❓How easy was it to slip back to something old because it was comfy and familiar?
❓How well have you persevered with the new thing and how long did it take to see the ultimate benefits of doing so?

👍Throw a thumbs up if you resonate with this post.
👇Comment below your answers to the above 3 questions.
💬Drop me a DM is you'd like to talk about exploring something new, or perhaps you're experiencing difficulty in trying something new, I'd be delighted to chat.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



🎱For those of you who know me well, you'll know that Cookie is my delightful little 10 year old boy. 'Pooling' is what he started to call playing pool upon learning how to play whilst we were away on hols.

🌧On a rainy day on the Isle of Wight, we were looking for an indoor activity and I said to my wife, 'let's give pool a try.' So we headed to the slightly inaccurately named 'Rocket Ronnie's pool hall' and started showing Cookie and his older sister Bobbin how to play. Almost every day since the first day, Cookie would ask if we could go 'pooling', and it just stuck!

💹What was so interesting about the 8 games that we played over a few days, was the learning curve that Cookie went through. There were so many different stages that I saw him go through, here's a few of them I saw:

😃Enjoyment at learning a new skill.
🤬Frustration of not mastering it quickly.
😃Excitement of knowing we were going 'pooling' again today.
🤬Giving up when things didn't go as planned.
🤬Not wanting to play again as it's too hard that he'll never get better.
😃Determination to improve with a few suggested tweaks.
😃Exhilaration at potting 2 balls on the trot.
😎Practical giddiness at performing a trick shot.
Pestering us to go on days where it was wall to wall sunshine.

💯Over the course of a week or so, Cookie went from a complete beginner, to being able to play a whole game against his sister without the parents 'carrying the team.' It certainly wasn't plain sailing, but he persevered and never gave up, even when he really wanted to!

Despite being pretty much switched off from work whilst on hols, I felt I wanted to share this story as it's so applicable to the world of work and life more broadly. Learning new skills, starting new roles, making new connections and relationships, it's not always easy, and there'll be times when you just want to give up, but how great is the feeling of being able to do something new unaided for the first time?

👍Drop a like if this post resonates with you.
👇Comment if you've learnt a new skill recently; what was your learning curve like?
💬Drop me a DM if you'd like to chat about exploring or doing something new, but perhaps you're unsure where to begin.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



Today is Day 2 back from holiday, but moreso, it's Day 2 of returning to focusing purely on Kellenva Coaching. As you know recently, I've been juggling Kellenva Coaching with a Masters degree in Psychology, which has been absolutely amazing, and sometimes all consuming, occasionally meaning I focussed more on study than coaching.

Now the Masters is completed, I can redress this imbalance and laser focus on supporting people through Kellenva Coaching, albeit enhanced with all my learning and experience gained from the last year, after all, that was a big reason for doing it.

💥With this in mind I'm pleased to share that my increased availability means I'm able to offer spaces to 4 more coaching clients.💥

🤔To help you understand if coaching is for you and if I might be the right coach for you, I've answered a few FAQs below.

❓Who do you work with?
Typically (but not exclusively) female senior leaders in retail, who wish to explore, understand and define their purpose in life. Individuals who are at a point in life where they are wondering, 'what's next for me?' This could be mid-career, returning from maternity, being impacted by Covid, looking for a career change or following redundancy, to name a few catalysts.

❓How do you work?
I tend to work virtually via zoom using 60-90 minute sessions over a time period to suit (every week, 2 weeks or month). I offer packages of 6 sessions representing a 3 or 6 month journey of self discovery. I offer an environment based on trust, safety and rapport; the 3 pillars of my practice, where clients can be authentic, brave, vulnerable, honest and do their best thinking.

❓How do I get to know you better to understand if you're right for me?
That's easy:
🏃‍♂️Continue following me on LI to get a feel for the way I think, work and share content.
💻Download my coaching profile from the comments to find out more about me as a coach and person.
🌏Visit my website to find out more about me, my coaching and what my clients have said.

❓Sounds great, what are my next steps?
You have some options here too:
☎Book a free Discovery Call with me to chat about how coaching could support you - link in the comments.
💬Drop me a message to chat further about what you'd like to explore and how coaching might be able to support you.

❓I don't feel ready for coaching just now, what can I do to help me decide when is the right time?
🏃‍♂️Carry on following me on LI for content around purpose and being purposeful.
🌏Head to the FREE RESOURCES page of my website to download the self-directed activities, helping you do some solo self-discovery.

❓I'm not looking for a coach right now, but how can I support Kellenva Coaching?
👍Throw me a like when I pop up on your feed.
🤲Share this post and my website with anyone you feel I could support.

🤞I hope that I can connect with the right 4 people to help them explore, align to and live their purpose!

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



👽Well, I haven't exactly been away battling marauding aliens, but I have been away for the last 3 weeks, but today, I'm back!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧The last 3 weeks spent with my family have been exactly what I needed after the busy year that I've had balancing the needs and demands of building Kellenva Coaching and completing my Psychology Masters.

😎We had time to chill, time to go on adventures. We had time to visit familiar haunts and discover new places. We had time to try new activities and learn new skills, and time to hone other, well established but seldom used skills. We had time with friends and with family. We had time to be in the moment and time to reflect on the past and future.

😇Overall, the last 3 weeks have given me exactly what I needed to return to the world of work refreshed, renewed and ready to go!

😬I have to admit though, whilst the prospect of having 3 weeks off, was exciting, I did experience pangs of guilt of taking such a luxurious amount of time off. I also worried that I might miss something, miss a client call or miss a piece of work.

💯Thankfully, I didn't miss any of these things as I put things in place prior to heading off to make sure any clients knew I was unavailable, but would be back. Doing so enabled me to completely switch off, as opposed to partially switching off as I have done before, thus being able to enjoy the break even more.

So over to you...

👍If you've had thoughts about switching off, or you've managed it and had a great break and this post resonates, throw me a thumbs up.
👇Drop me a note in the comments telling me what you made time for during your summer break.
💬If you fancy a catch up soon to talk about hols, coaching, psychology, university or anything else, zing me a DM and lets get chatting.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



So it's that time of year again to switch off from work and social media and practice some good energy management by getting myself back into the renewal zone.🧘‍♂️🛌

🕶🍺 After today, I'm taking 3 weeks hols with my wife and kids. The first week will just be pottering around at home, taking care of all those things on the to do list. Then we're doing a bit of a tour of the south coast of the UK, to some of our fave places: Isle of Wight, Bournemouth and Brighton. Lots of family activities, ice cream every day and seeing friends.🏊‍♀️🤿

👉It's my intention to switch off completely from work for the next few weeks, but rest assured, I'll be back to pick up any of your messages and share more content and resources around purpose and purposefulness in late August!📅

If you need to contact me in the meantime, the best way is by email: [email protected] or through my contact option on my website: These will be the most visible methods when I return from my break.

I hope for those of you holidaying at the same time, you have an awesome time and get some R & R in whilst you can!

See you all soon.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



🤝As has become customary over the last 15 months, I have decided that I want to have a whole day of pure connecting with my network. As such I have booked out Friday 5th August between 8-4 UK time for exactly that, connecting with the wonderful people in my network!

So if you fancy:

💥Having a long overdue catch up.
💥Spending time as new connections getting to know each other better.
💥Having a short coaching session to rattle something around for a while.
💥Increasing your coaching practice hours with a willing client.
💥Asking me anything about coaching, learning, facilitation, NLP, Psychology, returning to Uni.
💥Sharing some of your recent learning and experiences or bouncing some ideas off a listening ear.

📅Then Friday 5th August is your opportunity! Click the link in the comments to access my diary and book yourself in for either 30 or 60 mins at a time that suits you.

🤩This is the 4th time I've done this and I have to say, the previous 3 days have been awesome, just connecting, chatting, waxing and getting to know people better; what better way to start the weekend?

👇So, if you're free and you want some time together, click the appropriate link in the comments. I can't wait to see you on Friday and see what wondrous variety of conversations we have.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching



🎁Rounding off this week's theme of celebrating Kellenva Coaching's 1st year anniversary, the final giveaway this week is that of knowledge, but before I share this giveaway, a quick reminder of the others this week.

🚌Check out Wednesday's post to enter a competition to win a FREE program of 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions for you or someone of your choosing.

⌚Check out Thursday's post to take book some time in my calendar tomorrow to use for whatever purpose you wish. (My diary for today is now fully booked, but please feel free to book in some time on another day that suits you).

💯Right, on to today's giveaway. I'm soon running another of my virtual workshops called: HOW TO HELP YOUR CLIENTS EXPLORE DECISIONS WITH JUST 4 COACHING QUESTIONS.

📅 Thursday 12/05/2022
⌚ 18:00-20:30 UK Time
💻 Kellenva Coaching's Zoom Room
💲 FREE, Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Nowt, Bagel

🧠During this workshop, you'll learn and practise a questioning methodology which will help your clients explore their decisions in a deeper way that will may have done before by tapping into their unconscious minds. You'll learn new skills and then apply them straight away as a coach and as a client, get to network with other coaches and consultants and have some fun along the way.

🤗This workshop, aimed at Coaches and Consultants normally costs £20, which is a fair price for the content you'll receive, the positive feedback I've received from previous attendees corroborates this. However, as this is a week of showing my appreciation to my network, all 20 places on this workshop will be 100% FREE!

👇To find out more details about this workshop and what you'll learn from attending, please check out the Eventbrite link in the comments to book your place, the event is now live!

I look forward to seeing you there on Thursday 12th May at 18:00.

Tom - Kellenva Coaching

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