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Operating as usual

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 23/11/2022

We had such a lovely forest school session this evening.

Today was all about helping each other out and making time for yourself.

We practiced our fire lighting skills, jumped in plenty of muddy puddles (sorry mums and dad's) but we had so much fun!

We are nearing the end of our 6 week block and will soon have a few leavers who have been with us since the beginning. So lots of fun is planned for the last few sessions.


We were far to busy having fun to take many photos of this evenings session.

We did however manage to get one for Tom's birthday.

A big change for the forest schoolers this evening, with the dark nights drawing in. But they had a blast as always, we had head torches at the ready for lots of fun and games.


WILDHEARTS is back!! Please remember head torches, layers of clothes as it’s getting colder, and £1 subs. Wahoo!! 🍁🍂🍄🕷🐌🍁🍂🍄🕷🐌🍁🍂

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 15/10/2022

Who knew you could have so much fun with conkers! From jewellery to soap making, and much more besides. The Wildhearts all showed so much creativity on Weds.


Remember guys - CONKERS!!

If you’re out for a walk over the weekend, keep your eyes peeled and collect some for the next session.

🍁 🍂 🍄🍁🍂🍄🍁🍂🍄🍁🍂🍄🍁🍂🍄🍁🍂

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 05/10/2022

We had a fab forest school session this evening.

Learning how to care for each other and about the "Boggarts that live in the woodland.

We made a boggart village of dens, decorating them with dream catches, and even had time for hot chocolate, gingerbread cake and bananas!

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 28/09/2022

Really fun Wildhearts' session tonight! Our nature observation resulted in some fantastic nature inspired art work. We also did some tree identification, bulb planting and worm hunting. And there was still time to make mud pies, climb trees, chill in the hammocks, and help out with the soup. Sorry I didn't get photos of everyone.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 21/09/2022

We had a fab forest school session this evening.

We picked Apples, raspberries and rhubarb from the garden to make a delicious crumble, a huge thank you to Louie, Fran, Tom and Jack for helping chop and wash up afterwards.

We made bugs using clay along with games and den building.


WILDHEARTS IS BACK!!!! We start back on Wednesday 7 September, and have lots of ideas to explore our woodlands, wildlife and creativity. We're looking forward to seeing you....

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 13/07/2022

And it's a wrap......

Our last forest school session, before we have a break for the holidays and boy we had a blast.

We were extremely sad to say goodbye to 2 of our forest schoolers, who have been with us since the beginning.

It's been such a privilege to watch them grow. Forest school won't quite be the same without them, but we know they will come and visit us!

We hope you all have a fabulous holiday and we will be back in September!

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 06/07/2022

Really enjoyed my guest slot with the Wildhearts tonight. We made magic potions and magic sticks, cooked pancakes over the fire, and even had a go at using some tools to make a mallet. And there was still a bit of time left over for climbing trees, practising cartwheels, and picking posies to take home for mum.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 29/06/2022

Today we welcomed new member Callum, the wildhearts soon made him feel welcome.

We had a very chilled out session today, finishing off our boats ready for the big boat race. We asked the wildhearts to draw or paint what they saw or heard around the community garden, so lot of creativity and connecting with nature was going on.

Some of the kids wanted to build a tree house, we worked on knot tying and respecting our woodland setting, we made pasta around the campfire and shared story's about our day.

Oh and not forgetting the wildhearts vegetable growing bed, we harvested the last of the potatoes and sown carrots for next time!

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 23/06/2022

Here's a little bit of what the wild hearts got up to yesterday.

We made boats ready for the Bulwell arts festival boat race, looking at the different ways of tying the masts on. We even tested them out on the pond to see if they would float. We also had a go at making mosaics, roasted marshmallows on the fire and had time for a few quick woodland games.


We’ll be exploring the best floating materials and making boats next week at Forest School ready for this brilliant event that kicks off Bulwell Art Festival 2022...

Come and join us on 2nd July 10-4pm . Shout out to the wonderful Artist Heather Morgana Rice for our amazing poster design!

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 15/06/2022

Another fab session this evening.

We made popcorn, tried out the assault course, played games including "Adopt a tree".

We had lots of fun whilst also taking time out to appreciate our surroundings.


Oooooh yoga is back!!!
New time - Mondays 4.10pm. Starting THIS Monday.
If you fancy coming along, please let us know below ⬇️ , so we have an idea of numbers 🙏

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 09/06/2022

We were far to busy having fun to take many photos yesterday.

A huge shout out to Thomas and Aviya for attempting the tree rope climb.

Brooklyn, Edwin and Joshua were in charge of food, Tom, Skyla, Sebastian, Louie and Fran were busy making boats.

We even had time for a game of rounders and the wildhearts favourite hide and seek!


We gave Tom the role of camera man for the talent show. Here's a few clips of what he took.

It was lovely to look back and see him giving a big thumbs up of encouragement to Skyla, we had Edwin telling jokes and Brooklyn and Thomas recreate a star wars scene.

So a big thankyou to Tom for these.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 25/05/2022

Another lovely evening at Forest School.

The wildhearts put on a show and there was plenty of joke telling and singing going on. The stage, complete with curtains, roof and backdrop, was awesome!

We made roasted pineapple and warm brioche buns with chocolate spread.

Adele decided to hand the camera over to Tom, Edwin, Ellie Mae and Seb and they took some great photos!


Tom and his two fantastic supporters trying out the smoothie bike.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 18/05/2022

We were far to busy having fun to take many photos.

The wildhearts certainly had fun making their own smoothies.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 11/05/2022

Oh we do love our Forest School sessions.

Today was all about building, foraging and getting creative with flowers.

Oscar had asked for the tools out, of course we obliged and all sorts of creations were being built. Edwin decided he needed to write down instructions first, then build.

Some of the wild hearts went foraging for garlic and herbs to help make garlic bread. Others got the fire going and made a start on pasta. Tom was in charge of drinks, whilst others were getting creative with flower bashing.

What a lovely session and to see the older ones teaching and supporting our younger ones is fantastic!


Yesterday we celebrated all things "May day"

Here's the wild hearts having a little bit of fun!


Frans comment "I'm so proud of my findings" is what forest school is all about.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 27/04/2022

A fab forest school session, today the wild hearts decided to do a bit of pond dipping and it didn't disappoint!

Thomas found a love for pond dipping, Josh and Brooklyn were busy digging holes, Louie took our newest member Seb under his wing and taught him all he knew in the space of an hour, Plus Oscar was a fabulous chef helping prep, cook and serve food. The wild hearts are certainly finding their feet and its wonderful to watch.

We also cooked jacket potatoes on the campfire, dug holes until we could dig no more. We found time for a few quick games and new friendships were formed over the first stage of making our dandelion honey. Phew we are looking forward to next week!

Cup of tea anyone?

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 20/04/2022

Always an absolute blast at forest school.

We welcomed everyone back after the Easter holidays and had a lovely chilled session.

We made rhubarb crumble, made dens using natural woodland materials and fairy homes, planted out some sunflowers and lettuce with the help of Tom and Joshua and even had time for a bit of tree climbing!

Bulwell Forest Garden - Down to Earth: Community Composting Club - Gold Award - £20,000 01/04/2022

Bulwell Forest Garden - Down to Earth: Community Composting Club - Gold Award - £20,000

We're delighted to be shortlisted for a Gold Award from . Please votie for us at www.stwater.co.uk/publicvote. You'll need your Severn Trent account number and will find us by clicking on Gold Award. Here's a 30 sec video telling you a bit more about how our exciting new initiative, if successful. .Please share.

Bulwell Forest Garden - Down to Earth: Community Composting Club - Gold Award - £20,000

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 30/03/2022

Despite the cold and rain, we still managed to have a great time at forest school.

We planted potatoes into pots, made staffs and magic sticks. Plus there was fire lighting going on.

It was lovely to see one of our older forest school gang, teaching new member Tom how to collect items to make a fire. So thankyou to Louie for taking the time to do that.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 24/03/2022

We didn't get chance to get many photos from yesterday's forest school session, we were way to busy having fun!

Just when we were leaving, a lot of the parents spotted this lovely sunset to!

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 16/03/2022

Just your average day at WILDHEARTS... trying to find the first sign of this years frogs - ours must be the last pond in Notts to get spawn! Some members got their creative juices flowing by drawing spring flowers, Malaya and Louie were supporting the others to make burritos, and a mud slide was inevitable by the end!!! Fantastic evidence of sharing skills, working together, and letting yourself go. Exactly what Forest school is all about. 💚

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 09/03/2022

We had a great evening with the wildhearts gang.

Everyone had a great time doing their own thing, including making bird feeders, chopping wood and building dens.

We built a fire and had crumpets and jam.

We even spotted a starling murmuration.

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 23/02/2022

Our first day back after the Christmas break and what fun we had!

Today we learnt a lot about bees, made mini bees, talked about pollination and where they live.

Of course we had to have pancakes with fruit and honey.

We had time for den building and a quick game of capture the flag!

So lovely to see you all back!


Forest School isn’t just a collection of fun activities, it’s a journey.

Today was a wonderful demonstration of RESILIENCE (Brooklyn and Josh working for a long time with their flint and steel to make their first fire), CREATIVITY (Jessie, Katy and Riley), PROBLEM SOLVING (Oscar, Aviyah, Thomas, Fran making a pulley system to build a tree den), EMBRACING NATURE (Ellie Mae’s stunning explanation of echolocation during a game of the bat and the moth, and Kyran’s meditation in the hammock), LIFESKILLS (Atia for the lighting, hot chocolate and managing the fire), and WORKING AS A TEAM (Louie for helping others and sharing skills).

So proud of our WILDHEARTS crew 💚

Photos from Wildhearts Forest School's post 18/11/2021

It’s going to take a better camera than mine to capture just what goes on in our woods after dark, but here’s a bit of an idea...!
Our youngest Forest Schoolers got to grips with splitting wood and lighting the fire for our crumpets. We had moonlight crafts including making conker animals and making tin can lanterns. as it is Anti Bullying Week, we did a bit of Positive Pe***ng, writing things we admire about each other, before secretly attaching it to clothing. we planted out the broad beans for people in need of the Foodbank next year, as well as chilling on the hammocks and a fab game of hide and seek.
I wonder what next week will hold...


WILDHEARTS are reassembling tonight, and we can’t wait! Lots of active stuff to keep warm plus crafts and a bit of food cooked on the fire. See you there guys. (Please remember to wrap up warm and bring £1 subs) xx

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Tom and his two fantastic supporters trying out the smoothie bike.
Frans comment "I'm so proud of my findings" is what forest school is all about.
Busy checking out the obstacle course!






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