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Supporting Mums to build their confidence, find their identity and feel empowered through motherhood.

I'm Rachael, a Personal Performance Life Coach and Mum,
with a passion for encouraging and supporting Mothers to
build their confidence, find their identity and feel
empowered through motherhood. Various life experiences have shaped me into the woman I
have become and developed the passions I have. The loss of
my Dad to bowel cancer was one of those huge life
experiences, which developed within me


Hey Mumma___Let’s dress to feel good.

- Quilted collarless kneeline puffer in colour khaki green.

- Tappered high waisted ankle jeans in colour black.
- Polo neck jumper in colour grey.
- Padded shopper back in colour black.

- Classic mini boot in colour chestnut

Save for future outfit inspiration 🙌🏻


A weekend spent with family makes my heart full 🤎✨

Hope you had a wonderful weekend xx


Hey Mumma___Let’s cheers to you! 🥂🍾

There’s so much that you deserve to be celebrated for 😘


Hey Mumma___Let’s dress to feel good.

- The wide leg jean in colour medium indigo

- Collared rib-knit top in colour brown
- Oversized shacket in colour light griege
- Knitted hat better days in colour beige

- boots


Constantly spending energy trying to be everything and do everything, and then pulling yourself apart when it’s not as good as you want it to be?

Who are you trying to prove yourself to?

Holding yourself to the standards of perfection is only doing you harm. It pulls you away from being present, from enjoying lovely moments and from progressing forwards positively.

Your little one loves you for you. Be their role model and show them that loving yourself for who you are is the best way. 🤎


Are you not feeling as confident as you would like to feel?

Each of these small tips all play a role in how confident you can feel.
•Your body language
•Your facial expressions
•How you speak to yourself
•What information you engage with
•How you communicate
•Preparation and practice
•How active you are
•How you dress

The tiniest adjustment to these things can result in a big change to how confident you can feel over all!

What other things make you feel your most confident self? Let me know 👇🏻

Pick one of these tips and commit to it - I promise you will notice a difference in yourself.🤎

Save these tips for your own confidence toolbox!


Hey Mummas, we can have ultimate comfort and practicality and still look great!!

- oversized knitted coat with pockets in camel
&M - Rib-knit polo-neck jumper in light beige marl
- ultimate leggings in black (best fitted leggings ever!)
- boots (worth the investment, last a lifetime! I live in mine)

Share the inspo with other Mums! 🤎


My little pumpkin 🎃

I definitely enjoyed the dressing up more than Arthur did though 🤭

Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post 31/10/2022

THREE SPACES LEFT on the November Hey Mumma Course!

Join us! Starting 14th November on Mondays @ 10:00-11:30am!

Joina wonderful group of mums and babies, and feel supported through your Mummy journey!

Click on the link for more information about what the course involves and to sign up!



When the house goes quiet, but your thoughts feel so loud!

The exhaustion can feel so heavy, but a mums resilience is like no other!

A new week.
You’ve got this Mama.



Sundays strolling with you ☀️🌈😎🧡


A new mum sharing how she felt after my ‘Hey Mumma’ course 🤎

This is the reason why I started this course!

Hearing that a Mum is feeling more confident, supported, reassured and aware of how putting herself first at times actually benefits her little one too, is just the best 🤎

I want more Mums to be feeling this way too!

Link in bio to sign up to Novembers Hey Mumma course 👏🏻


Midweek Outfit Inspo Mummas! 💁🏼‍♀️

We don't have the time to waste it stood infront of our wardrobes any more, wondering what to wear today?!

But, without thinking about what to wear, it often ends up with us throwing on the same outfit every day and not feeling our best!

So, midweek outfit inspo is here ✨ To give you that inspiration on what kind of items you could be throwing on that will make you feel good (but are still practical for us busy Mums!!) 🙌🏻

⚡️ TIP: Pick your outfit the night before and lay it out ready for the next day! Saves on time, saves on the stress of what to wear and you end up feeling good!!


Items shown are:

- Ribbed neck relaxed longline cardigan in oatmeal
- Knitted ribbed turn up beanie hat in black
- Feather and down quilted funnel neck gillet in hunter green

- Ultimate leggings in black (my favourite ever leggings!!)

- trainers 🤤🙌🏻

Share the inspo with other mamas!! 🤎


Do you constantly worry?

Being a mum can feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel, constantly on fight or flight mode and batting off challenges.

Our time is precious, so why the hell do we worry about things that we have absolutely no control over?! What a waste of our energy!!

Often when we worry, we can be worrying about things that are usually far out of our control. And yet, the worry continues to use up our energy, impacts our ability to focus and think clearly, to be present, to be happy.

Ask yourself “what is actually in my control?” - what ever falls in your control, you have the ability to change!

Ask yourself “what is out of my control?” - if what you’re worrying about is out of your control, then you have a choice on to drop it and focus your attention and energy on what matters.

Share with any Mummas who you know are worriers and need to hear this 🤎


That’s a wrap on the first Hey Mumma course 🎉✨🥹

I was nervous to start this group intially. I had an idea early in my motherhood journey, as I noticed that there was a need for something to support mums more. But like doing anything new, I doubted myself initially and questioned if it would work, if it would be received well.

Well, 5 weeks later, the first course has come to an end and I couldn’t have wished for it to have gone any better.

A beautiful group of mums who got what it was about straight away and didn’t hold themselves back from being open and honest about their experiences. Their support for each other has been amazing, picking each other up when one of them has had a hard day and sharing encouragement. They’ve not only left with insight and tips on how to feel more empowered as a Mumma, but they’ve left with friends too 🤎.

They even surprised me with flowers and a bottle of wine at the end too 🥹.

Thank you to the for being the best venue to host this group in! So accommodating, always being happy to help and encouraging. The best coffees and food to add to the conversation too 🙌🏻

Next group starts this November! Sign up here - https://mailchi.mp/9c273aa81066/hey-mumma-narberth-course

Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post 21/10/2022

Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post

Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post 20/10/2022

DOORS NOW OPEN for Novembers Hey Mumma, Let’s Focus on You!

Starting Monday 14th November at , Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

⚡️5 Week course focusing on supporting Mums with the big changes that motherhood brings.

⚡️Face to face catch up each Monday.

⚡️Honest and open conversations as a group about your experience of motherhood so far.

⚡️Tips and techniques shared on:
- confidence and identity as a mum.
- managing the rollercoaster of changes, and the thoughts and feelings that come with it.
- preventing burnout.
- using communication and connections to improve your motherhood experience.
- confidence with ambition and returning to work.

⚡️ WhatsApp group support. 📞

⚡️ Friendships with like minded Mums

Course is open to new Mums with babies under 1 🤎


Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post 20/10/2022

Exciting News 🎉

I have been taken on by .life as one of their Bloss Experts!

Since starting my journey as a Mum, I have followed .life for amazing advice on everything to do with parenting. So, when my coaching business evolved into supporting Mothers, one of my goals was to become part of the Bloss Experts Teams.

Proud moment! 🙌🏻

Check out my Bloss Expert profile here, which will soon be advertising all my one to one and group coaching services for individuals and businesses:



Any Mums needing to hear this today? 🤎

Some days are so tough and some days you feel like you can take on the world. On both days you are an amazing mother.

Take the pressure off yourself Mumma 🤎


Opinions. There can be a lot of them through motherhood 😅

As mothers, our instinct is to nurture and protect our children. So, when hearing an opinion on our children and mothering techniques, this can often lead us to feeling like we're doing something wrong or not doing good enough. It can trigger a lot of internal conflict and questions. Motherhood involves a lot of emotional ups and downs, which makes opinions even harder to cope with at times.

Keep in mind these three factors when hearing people's opinions:
1. A person's opinion is often based on a snippet of information, rather than seeing the full story.
2. Their opinions are formed from their own beliefs. Their beliefs have developed from the people they've grown up around through life.
3. Often people's opinions have good intentions. Aiming to provide support and advice. The choice of words, lack of context and timing can sometimes overshadow those good intentions.

Remind yourself that people will always have opinions, but those opinions do not need to be (and aren't meant to be) taken on by you as a judgement of how good a mother you are.

You are a brilliant mother. 🤎


It's easy and understandable to snap when we're running on an empty tank and our emotions are riding a rollercoaster.

When we're emotional, we communicate based on those emotions, which often leads to complete miscommunication, frustrations and conflicts.

Firstly Mumma, cut yourself some slack. Motherhood is a lot of pressure and so it's inevitable, and understandable, that our emotions get the better of us at times and frustrations come out worded incorrectly.

Take a breath to calm your emotions and try again, maybe at a later time, to communicate on how you're feeling.

When our emotions are calm, we're able to communicate more rationally, hear what people are actually saying and find solutions much more quickly.

Importantly, make time to communicate how you’re feeling and what your needs are. The more you share, the more others begin to understand and then help 🤎


There is nothing like the fresh sea breeze to blow away any crappy thoughts and feelings!

I was feeling particularly knackered yesterday (can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel tired but hey😅😴), and a little overwhelmed too. A week of sporadic working hours, trying to push my business as much as possible, but also juggling being Mummy, led me to feeling a little wiped out. Arthur didn’t feel his best this past week either 🤎

But I pushed myself to get us both out in to the fresh air and Honestly within minutes I felt lighter. I felt calmer, I felt more present, I felt in the moment, I was breathing more deeply, my chest didn’t feel so tight, I suddenly didn’t feel teary anymore. I’ve of course always known how good getting outside is for our health, and I’ll always encourage it with my clients, but yesterday just gave me a whole new appreciation for how lucky we are to have nature around us and the good it does for us.

Mums, my point with this post is to encourage you to get yourselves out and into nature when things are feeling hard. 🤎 Nature can do wonders for your mental health.

Something to try when you’re out walking, to help you get even more in to the moment:
Name 👇🏻
• 5 things you can see
• 4 things you can hear
• 3 things you can touch
• 2 things you can smell
• 1 thing you can taste



The rollercoaster of thoughts that Mums ride daily, is real.

Thoughts can change from one second to the next, from building yourself up, to tearing yourself down.

Unfortunately, the negative internal dialogue is usually what consumes your mind the most, which makes your role and day as a mum tougher than what it needs to be.

The reality though is that those negative thoughts are usually based on false assumptions.

Try this 👇🏻
• Notice the thought you're having.
• Fact Check - List down all the evidence that this thought Is a fact and all the evidence that this thought isn’t a fact.
• Reframe - if you have a thought like ‘I’m a bad mum, I can’t do this!’, reframe to, ‘I’m a mum who is trying her very best’.

It's natural for you to have negative thoughts, it's your brains way of protecting you against risk. But often that protection goes into overdrive and there is no risk we need protecting from. Reframing your thoughts takes practice, but it is possible for this to become a healthy new habit and way of thinking. 🧠


Some empowering self-reminders for any mums that need this today! 🤎

Share your empowering reminder with any mumma you know below 👇🏻



There are simple ways we can help our mind and body to unwind, without overwhelming ourselves with having to plan lots of time out.

These 5 things are a form of rest:
> Taking a break from social media
> Giving yourself permission to be unproductive
> Disengaging from negative conversations
> Removing sensory overload
> Stretching your body

It’s important us mums take care of ourselves too. These simple ways of unwinding can remove overwhelm and make space for my peace and clarity.


Hey Mummas 👋🏻

The Third Session of the Hey Mumma group in Narberth happened today 🤎

Todays chat was based around burnout in Mums and most importantly what we can be doing (and not doing!) to prevent burnout!

The pressures and expectations of motherhood, and then everyday life on top of that, can be a recipe for burnout. Mums can often take on that outlook of ‘I can do it all/I have to do it all’ and push their needs to the bottom of the to-do list.

Your well-being as a Mum is just as important as others. Looking after yourself, means you are a happier and healthier mum, who has energy to give to other things ♥️

There are many things we engage in day to day that aren’t necessarily serving as a positive addition to our lives. For example, our phones! (Ironic as you’re reading this on your phone most likely). But scrolling through social media, responding to messages every free minute you have In the day, won’t be serving you positively. Replace some of that scrolling time with taking time for things that are going to bring you what’s good for you.

What other things could you maybe take out, to make space for things that are better for you? 💭

📸 snap of the lovely Mummas I’m getting to spend time with each week (some we’re missing due to poorly babies this week, and very much missed) ♥️


Let’s normalise the fact that it’s ok to not know it all as Mums.

How are we meant to know the answer to everything?!

We’re learning as we go and making our way through so many new experiences day by day.

It’s ok to say you don’t know the answer.
It’s ok to ask for help.
It’s ok to ask for advice.

Photos from Rachael Jones Clark Coaching's post 03/10/2022

This week on the Hey Mumma course we chatted about our identity and confidence as mums, how those elements of us have changed and how can we improve them!

This group is all about providing a space for mums to open up and chat about their experiences, normalise what they’re going through and help them to leave feeling empowered 🙌🏻.

Yet again this week, As soon as we started chatting, we couldn’t stop!

Seeing mums offload how they’ve been feeling and feel supported whilst sharing, is the best thing to see 🤎


Instead of feeling guilty for finding some days hard… feel proud for how you kept going through hard days.

You’re strong Mumma! 🙌🏻

Share with your mum friends who need this 🤎


Have you been holding yourself to any of these myths Mummas?

Let's be real, most of us are completely learning as we go! So, to expect ourselves to appear to have it all together and enjoying every moment, is completely unrealistic.

You can have hard days, crave time on your own, feel overwhelmed, the house can be a mess AND STILL BE A GREAT MUM!

Let’s normalise the real things Mums feel and experience 🤎





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