SSVQ LTD is a Training Organisation based in Lanarkshire. We deliver Modern Apprenticeships throughou

Operating as usual


SSVQ Ltd have spaces for anyone wishing to achieve a Management qualification starting in January 2024.
We are delivering the Management qualifications at levels SCQF 7 & 9.
Certification is jointly between SQA & CMI and candidates benefit from a free 12 month membership with CMI worth £180
The course costs £4000 and is delivered in the workplace and in the candidates own time. No college attendance is required. There is SAAS support available for anyone with a salary of less than £25k, this would give approximately £600 towards the cost.
If you, or any of your colleagues are interested please get in touch to secure your place
Many Thanks


Well Done to Jack from Costa who recently achieved his Modern Apprenticeship Qualification with us

Photos from SSVQ LTD's post 07/09/2023

Congratulations to these 3 lovely men who have recently completed their Modern Apprenticeship Qualification with us.


Congratulations to Calum on acheiving his Modern Apprenticeship in Warehouse, Storage & Distribution

Photos from SSVQ LTD's post 20/06/2023

Massive Congratulations to Gary, David & Connor on achieving their Modern Apprenticeship in Warehouse, Storage & Distribution


Congratulations to Tayler on achieving his Modern Apprenticeship Qualification


Well Done to Paul in Oban Farmfoods on achieving his Retail QualificationQuallification


Buildbase in Blochairn are recruiting for an Apprentice. If interested please forward me your CV to [email protected]
DO NOT reply to this post or upload your CV to facebook, thanks


Plumbase in Rosyth are recruiting for an Apprenticeship in Customer Service
You will actively support with all activities in the store, gaining an all-round experience of every area of the business.
Whilst training and developing through work-based learning, you’ll gain practical experience of working in a Plumbers Merchant, and during this programme undertake an apprenticeship programme.

• To provide practical support & assistance in all areas of the Store.
• To understand and work in the various areas of the business for the assigned allotted time, this will include warehouse, counter and other areas as required.
• To fully commit to completing the Apprenticeship within agreed timescales. This will include making available any information required for the registration process, attending all review meetings, producing project work and assignments as required by the Training and Development Officer.
• To compete all product, sales and technical training (either online or face to face) as required.
• To demonstrate an enthusiastic, flexible, and resilient attitude when dealing with both colleagues & customers.
• To provide excellent customer service, building rapport with our customers to generate repeat business and contribute to the overall sales performance.
• To work as part of a team within the Store to meet required deadlines and targets.
• Actively safeguard against theft of company goods or property by being security conscious at all times.
• Support the annual stocktake.
• Participate fully in the day to day operation of the store.
• Perform any other duties as may be deemed necessary or as may be required.


Plumbase have an Apprentice vacancy at their branch in Rosyth. If interested please send CV to [email protected]
DO NOT upload CV to facebook


Congratulations to Paige who achieved her Modern Apprenticeship in Retail Sales Professional
Paige worked really hard and was supported by her assessor Colin

Photos from SSVQ LTD's post 14/01/2022

Congratulations to these 2 amazing ladies who achieved their Modern Apprenticeship in Warehouse, Storage & Distribution. Both worked really hard and were supported by their assessor Graeme


⭐️👩‍🎓Massive Congratulations to Briony Hamilton from Elgin store who has completed the Management SCQF Level 9 Qualification. Briony worked really really hard to achieve this despite being in lockdown & maternity leave. The Management Level 9 Qualification that Briony has achieved is the equivalent to a degree and is endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute. Well done Briony from everyone at SSVQ Ltd.


Warehouse Branch Apprentice Required
To provide excellent customer service to everyone who you come into contact with on a daily basis. This includes customers, colleagues, suppliers and other internal departments. You will do this whilst learning & developing through gaining practical, project & study-based experience.

Photos from SSVQ LTD's post 26/07/2021
Timeline photos 27/04/2020

Planning is definitely an art as much of a science.

Having time to reflect through all this has been a great reminder of how important planning (which we often take for granted or see as a chore) really is.

I continue to work on medium and long term plans for the company and the candidates we support because I believe it is extremely important to sow the seeds for the future.

In many ways we were very lucky in that we were the only training provider of our kind in Scotland that was fully online before all this began. This has helped tremendously when our candidates suddenly found themselves in a position where they had more time in their hands and were able to remotely complete work even from home.

As we move forward we will continue to support local business and local people with training requirements and vocational qualifications.

Visit us at to find out more

Timeline photos 20/04/2020

Managing risk is all about

- identifying threat
- reviewing resources
- defining your response

We're positively working through this crisis by helping candidates and our people as well as our clients make the most of this new status quo.

If you are a candidate currently working towards a qualification with us, please get in touch with your assessor as they can put work online for you to complete and help you keep progressing

Timeline photos 13/04/2020

I'm positive by nature.

Yes, things are not optimal at the moment especially for training firms.

But. We are getting through this an we will get through this.

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

This week I've been working on how to stay productive at home, since staying at home is the most important thing we are all faced with right now.

So my top tips are
1) get some overdue affairs in order. Since you've got the time use it to your advantage
2) reach out to your business associates and customers. Now more than ever when the "cabin fever" is setting in they will appreciate it.
3) finally make sure you're "geared" for work. This is a state of mind thing but remember our homes are the spaces we relax in so make sure you adapt whatever corner you're using and segregate it from the rest of your living space.

and if you want more ideas or a chat about training your people when all this turns around reach out to me at

Timeline photos 30/03/2020

This week I'm focusing on from to we at SSVQ are involved with candidates across all areas of this sector.

We have in the past also supported supervision and leadership roles as well as new starters and will continue to invest in this area once things have settled down for all of us.

If you're running a small hotel or B&B or even a larger chain or organisation within the hospitality sector you have probably been affected pretty hard by the lockdown, however you should still be looking ahead and we can help with innovative ways to keep staff upskilled and even help with training and cpd once restrictions have been lifted.

Get in touch with us at

Timeline photos 26/03/2020

We're all worried but that doesn't mean we should give up. As we adjust to the new reality we are facing I just wanted to let all our customers & candidates know that although we are all working from home we will continue to deliver the high level of support and qualifications that we always have.
We are the only Scottish training provider who is proud to be 100% paperless and this technology can enable us to continue with a continuous service for as long as possible.
Candidates should use this time to take advantage of the resources online and to make regular telephone contact with their assessor to ensure continuous progression. We are all here to support each other and above all our customers and candidates. Anyone with any concerns should contact [email protected]

In the coming days and weeks I will be posting more about online learning and resources you can utilise whilst at home so stay tuned and share with others who may find this of use.

Timeline photos 24/03/2020

A lot of you will have seen my recent ad for a retail sector assessor. We have been supporting businesses in this area for a number of years and continue to do so successfully because our people really do know what it's like to work on a shop floor!

A retail modern apprenticeship is undoubtedly one of the toughest in-work qualifications we are involved with. The skills set at SCQF Level 5 and 6 is more than attainable for candidates, the challenge though comes from the fact that the sector is so competitive.

We support candidates in Management roles within the sector also and have a been doing so with multiple businesses in Scotland. If your business is thinking about a modern apprenticeship and you want to find out more about these qualifications visit

Timeline photos 18/03/2020

Quality assurance is a very big thing with Skills Development Scotland and for good reason.

Centres across the country undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that their people and processes adhere to the highest of standards when it comes to working with candidates across industries.

Our SQA approved centre has been awarded and maintains the "good provider" classification by continuing to invest in our people and the way we do business. This includes CPD as well as maintaining standards and effective practice.

To work with SSVQ please get in touch with us today and we will discuss your business needs and possible solutions to help your people achieve the most out of their in-work qualification.

Timeline photos 10/03/2020

The life of a is all about meeting challenges in the workplace and that takes courage and dedication.

We have been involved with supporting modern apprentices in various industries for years. As assessors our jobs are about understanding and recording evidence on how a candidate continues to grow and learn while doing their day to day work. One of the most rewarding things of the job though is seeing how these young people grow as people as well as professionals through the process.

If your business is thinking about taking on a there is no better time than now to speak to us about requirements and eligibility. Remember this scheme is open to existing and new employees alike and there are both business and financial incentives available for businesses of all sizes.

Get in touch with our approved centre for more information by emailing us or through our website at

Timeline photos 02/03/2020

This year Scottish Apprenticeship week takes place between the second and sixth of March.

It's all about individuals and employers involved in events and activities up and down the country and this years theme is

We would love for you to showcase your apprentices, by giving them a wee shout out on your social media using the above hashtag.

Apprenticeships are for people and businesses from all sorts of backgrounds and are all about opportunity and growth, both for the learners and the business involved.

If you want to find out more about enabling your people or yourself to learn more through an Apprenticeship get in touch with us on

Timeline photos 25/02/2020

When it comes to career goals, there are two sides to every single one of us,

the one that says
"I want this" and the one that says
"you'll never achieve it in a million years"

But as we say to every single one of our , no matter what, never give up on your .

Consistency is the key to achieving whatever your personal or career goal.

So next time that little voice attempts to fill you with negativity stop! Take a step back and ask yourself "why not?". Take five minutes to consider what you need to make it happen. Consider the obstacles but also where you can draw from for help and inspiration. Plan what you are likely to do if things go bad but also if things look like they're going to plan. Whatever you do, don't give up on it! There is nothing more frustrating than looking back and thinking "what if"...

For those of you that might need a bit more help with how you can achieve a work based formal qualification and "silencing" that little voice filling you with doubt get in touch with us at

for more information on how to start a programme and how it's likely to help you move along the career ladder

Timeline photos 18/02/2020

What do your career goals say about you?

All of us dream of a better future but I bet that most of us at some point felt we knew where we wanted to end up but not necessarily how to get there.

At SSVQ we have been helping candidates in different industries achieve Modern Apprenticeships as well as other formal in-work qualifications across Scotland.

Although there is nothing wrong with dreaming big, we have always maintained that reaching one's career goals should be a a series of small wins rather than an all out race to the top.

Think about it.

Whether you are trying to achieve that dream promotion, or the long lost resolution you've been putting off for years there are two things that remain absolutely constant

1) you can achieve what you set your mind to providing you commit to it, and
2) much like a workplace qualification, you're more likely to achieve what you're after (and not be overwhelmed by your plans) if you break down complex ideas into small achievable steps

visit for more info on workplace qualifications and the next step in your career.

Timeline photos 14/02/2020

is in the air! And stock is in the shelves for those of you that are still to make a last minute gesture!

Like it or loathe it Valentine's Day is one of the biggest occasions on the retail calendar and we should know! We have been supporting candidates achieving work place qualifications for a years across Scotland.

So our heart today goes out to not just to the enamoured ones but also to the busy shop assistants who are dealing with the last minute rush!

If you're thinking to yourself it's time to move your career along and want to learn more about what makes the retail sector and days like today tick, then visit us at

for more information about a formal qualification you can earn while doing the day job!

Buildbase Scotland on LinkedIn: #employeerecognition #buildersmerchants #builders 11/02/2020

I want to start Tuesday by highlighting another one of the we worked with to help them achieve their qualification. From all of us at SSVQ well done Rebekah and all the best in your future career.

Buildbase Scotland on LinkedIn: #employeerecognition #buildersmerchants #builders Well done Rebekah! 🎉🎉 Our very own Rebekah Park received her modern apprenticeship diploma today 😁 Not only that, but she's been shortlisted as one...

Timeline photos 05/02/2020

one of the most asked questions we hear is "do I have to employ a specifically before funding is made available foe training"


staff up to the age of 29 can receive funding in Scotland for a find out more at

Modern apprenticeships are an ideal way for established and growing to inject real skills and momentum to their staff cadre and equip their people with the skills needed to succeed!

Or get in touch with us by sending us a direct message or on our website at

Timeline photos 03/02/2020

How's your new year's resolutions going?

Most of us understand from experience that the average new year's resolution doesn't always last past a certain point. And if yours are already a distant memory, don't worry, you're not alone.

According to research, resolutions usually last about two months or so. But the fun thing is they can, and should, be a great motivator to change parts of your future that you feel need re-shaping.

At SSVQ we help learners achieve in many different ways and the strategies our assessors employ can be just as easily used to help you achieve that resolution for 2020.

So here goes, a little list of things you can do to stay on course with your goals

1. write it down
2. stay positive
3. do little and often
4. tell your friends
5. change small things first
6. plan for set backs
7. also plan for success
8. assess what works and what doesn't

and remember whatever you're trying to achieve is really a goal that you can achieve as long as you stay focused and true to yourself!


So you have experience in working as a Retail Manager and want to take your career to the next level? We have a vacancy for a freelance Retail assessor if interested please send cover letter and CV to [email protected]
*Please note, replies will only be sent to those who respond as per the advert*


As the new decade is about to begin I'm reflecting on the hard work we put in this past year. Tonight isn't just about what we achieved it's about realising that the new year brings opportunities and new beginnings.

We are all guilty of letting "other priorities" take over some times and forgetting to focus on what we can achieve personally, be it a professional goal or something that simply brings us joy. We sometimes forget that being happy and settled makes you stronger, more agile and ultimately more ready to take on whatever life (or work) might throw at you.

Realising that none of us can ever be more than the sum of our parts, I'm resolving this year to focus more on quality moments with the people I love being around, doing the things that really matter and I hope you will too.

Happy Hogmanay everyone and wishing you all the very best for the year ahead.


Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and hope you will spend tomorrow with those that bring meaning to your life.


Delighted to announce that we have new members joining us at SSVQ.
This year we have run multiple successful hiring drives & our current roster of and is at

get in touch if you are interested in a career with us


Congratulations to our latest . Well done on achieving your SCQF Level 5 in & .

From all of us at SSVQ a very well done and all the best on your future career!


There are many many different ways to determine ones future.
Today of all days when you're likely to be bombarded with information left right and centre remember that voting is like investing, but in the future of the country!
so use your and help shape the future


I love highlighting achievers!

Probably the most satisfying thing about my work is seeing these young people put the hard work and effort in and getting rewarded for it with a formal qualification.

Congratulations Kirsten, from all of us at SSVQ on achieving your Level 2 services Modern Apprenticeship and we wish you all the best on your future career!


Some wonderful news for today. We are officially accredited as a Living Wage Employer. We have worked hard in our commitment to support the people that we work with and believe that every business should strive to achieve this mark as minimum across sectors.

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