Open University-S104 Class of 2014

Open University-S104 Class of 2014

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StormShine Academy
StormShine Academy

This site is for those poor unfortunates studying S104 with the OU starting in October 2014
Community based and acting as a social site but also for Q&A's


So the results have been posted...
How did everybody do?


BTW, now that we have all this behind us, I shall keep the S104 page open, we can all stay in touch and chat about the various directions we are taking in our future studies.


To all of you...
How did it go?
Do you think you passed?
What was the worst question?

Personally, I did not answer the chemistry question in part B and had to guess a few in the multiple guess section.

However I breezed the maths bit and did quite well in the Section C question ( I did the physics one).

I just know I have passed, and thankfully the score is not relevant to the degree, a pass is a pass.

I was amazed though, I finished, checked, rechecked and then looked at the clock to see that it was only 4.00pm!


13 days to go!
So much revision still to do.

But then...I get a life back for the summer!


Finished TMA06
Finished Book 7 Quark to Quasars

Just got to revise and do the exam now!

Up until 3.30am this morning, but back on the case again as I have other modules to do. Still, soon have a couple of months off and able to have a life of sorts!


Oh Dear...Really bad!
TMA05 has been marked and I have been awarded a grand total of 29%! (So a lot of you will instantly feel better :) )

Fortunately I have already crossed the finish line in terms of OCAS and will never be dealing with Chemistry again!

Oddly, when doing the Quarks to Quasars book it explains the shells is terms of full quantum numbers and the energy levels and I get that straight away.

Physics is always easier than chemistry.
There are no wizards sussurating incantations and waving juju sticks over pots of bubbling potions in physics.

Roll on next year and Astronomy and Planetary Science!!!


Next week the choices for next years courses are open.
Who is doing what?


TMA05 is in, and boy was it a tough one. I do not expect to do well in this.
How did you all find it?

Timeline photos 16/02/2015

Familiar Much?


Well, what an exciting Friday night I have had.
Tidied up TMA05 for the Chemistry, Completed TMA01 for MST124 (That was a chore, but much easier than the chemistry) and started the TMA02 for S141. I remember Fridays used to be for going out and enjoying myself. Ah, but distance memories!


Deserves a bigger audience!

The Photon, In Our Time - BBC Radio 4 12/02/2015

Very interesting programme on The Home Service this morning (Radio 4 for those of you not yet middle aged!).
"In Our Time" with Melvin Bragg.
Very interesting, and has Frank Close as a guest.
A man I once had a discussion with about the speed of gravity.
(At that time it was thought to be c but it had yet to be proved, although it has subsequently been proved).

This conversation ended up with him selling me his book "The Cosmic Onion". I recommend this book!

Anyway, cast your ears towards this, an excellent programme and quite helpful with regards to the subject matter discussed in Book 3.

The Photon, In Our Time - BBC Radio 4 Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the photon, the fundamental particle of light.


This Chemistry Section seems to go on forever.
Is there no end?

Still, I have struggled to put together a complete hash for the TMA05

This will be the worst one of them all, but I have already scraped over the OCAS line so I am not too bothered about this one.

Dynamic Periodic Table 06/02/2015

This may prove useful, and even shows the Principal Quantum Numbers and composition of the Electron Shells and Subshells.

Dynamic Periodic Table Interactive periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, and compound search. Full descriptions from write-up sources.


Why does the OU use the American spelling for Sulphur?
We will be calling it Aluminum next!


Yeah TMA 004 done n submitted... Book 4 here I come!!


Just about to start "Potions"
Back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth I took Chemistry at O-Level.
(Younger members will not know about these, but it was 2 years of learning followed by a 2 hour exam, you were graded just on the results of the exam, there was no coursework marks).

Anyway, I got a D in chemistry.
(C grade being the minimum pass grade).

When I was doing my A-Levels I took the opportunity of redoing my Chemistry O-level in an attempt to get the pass.

I got an E the second time.
I actually Unlearnt Chemistry!

This will be an awful part of the course for me, but so long as I scrape a 40% I don't mind.

Why, though, is it the thickest of the 8 books?


Hope everybody had a great Christmas.
I will be back to the books tomorrow.
I want to finish book 3 before the end of the year.


I see the marking is being done on TMA 03
Got mine this morning, not too shabby.

Looking ahead, this TMA 04 is going to be the first of the 'Proper' assessments, it is very detailed in what it wants.


TMA 04 - Impressions?

I have managed to do the first two questions, but 3 and 4 look tough.
Mind you I haven't got that far in the text books yet.

However I think we are beginning to see how much more detail we are expected to learn and regurgitate, and how much more 'professional' the answers need to be.

I think from here on in it becomes serious!

I am sure we can all manage though.

Q5 is another self assessment question, but it is 8 easy marks, so may as well claim them.


Well, that's me up to date until after the Xmas Hols.
(Like hell, I shall be using the time to get ahead as I have MST124 starting at the end of Jan).

How is everyone else doing?


I have found the second book much more enjoyable than the first, and have learnt a surprising amount from it (I always thought I knew a bit about earthquakes, but not as much as I thought I ded, it appears).

Timeline photos 09/11/2014



Way Hay!

Got the TMA01 Back - 85%


Well apologies for not getting back here for a while, I was very ill.
I also managed to fall about a week behind.
Some major catch up, early mornings, lunchtimes and late nights!

So how are we all doing? All enjoying it?


I see the Check Boxes have been installed on the Course Planner.
That should help us all track the progress.


Have you all been contacted by your tutors?
Emails and invites should have been sent.
Phone calls of introduction are imminent.
Then we can all start this Saturday with Week 0.


Tutorials have been announced, and our tutor.
Check out the site for your details.
Looks like I have most in Luton Uni but one in Cambridge, which is nice, I can claim to be educated at Cambridge University!

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