LC Instructor Training

I am both an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT).

I help both Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) and qualified ADIs to pass the qualifying exams and the Standards Checks.

Operating as usual

Marking Approved Driving Instructor Part 3 tests digitally 30/11/2022

From today, part 3 tests will be marked on an iPad in the same way as 'L' tests and part 2's currently are. This doesn't affect how the test is marked but means that after your debrief with the examiner, the result will be emailed to you

Marking Approved Driving Instructor Part 3 tests digitally Marking Approved Driving Instructor Part 3 tests digitally Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency sent this bulletin at 30-11-2022 10:23 AM GMT Marking Approved Driving Instructor Part 3 tests digitally From today (30 November) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 3 tests will be marked digitally. Th...


From Tomorrow (Tues 1st March) - driving test restrictions are being lifted meaning:

- Face coverings will be a personal choice for practical and theory test candidates and examiners
- Driving tests will no longer end early unless the canidate's driving is so poor it is a risk to their safety and that of other road users - as pre-Covid 19
- INSTRUCTORS AND ACCOMPANYING DRIVERS ARE ABLE TO SIT IN ON DRIVING TESTS - This is extremely useful to you to learn how faults are marked, get to know the examiners and test areas.

More detail here:


Congratulations to Stuart White on passing his part 2 on the first attempt this morning at Bletchley. Well done and on to the fun bit ☺


Congratulations to my pdi Jacqueline Ridgway who passed her part 2 test today at Bletchley with just 2 driver faults. Well done, now on to the fun bit, part 3 training 😁


Well done to my pdi Rafal on smashing his part 2 test today at Bletchley and passing with ZERO faults! Brilliant start to the day and looking forward to working with you on part 3 of your journey to qualifying as an approved driving instructor.

Timeline photos 26/04/2021

If you want to be helping people like Pedro pass their test and become confident safe drivers, get in touch to find out how you could train to be a driving instructor.

Well done to Pedro Mechado who passed their driving test on 26/04/2021 in Milton Keynes.

Instructor Lewis Cowan says:
"Well done, my first learner test of the year (and its nearly May!) with a strong pass today at Bletchley. Looking forward to seeing your clio in action! "

For more information, call us on 0330 124 4877.

Another pupil pass for driveJohnson's instructor, Lewis Cowan!

Find driving lessons near you, visit:


Congratulations to my PDI Abdi Ahmed who passed his part 2 test today! Looking forward to getting started on the fun bit training for the part 3 and final test in the next week or 2.

Update on driver and rider services in England 20/12/2020

New Tier 4 restrictions introduced by the Government

The Prime Minister has announced new Tier 4 restrictions in England to control the spread of coronavirus.

From Sunday 20 December, London, together with parts of the South East and East of England, will enter Tier 4.

Tier 4 restrictions will remain in place until the next formal Government review on 30 December.

You can read more about the measures on GOV.UK
Driving lessons

The Government has confirmed that driving lessons must not take place in areas in Tier 4 from 20 December until the restrictions are lifted.

You must not travel out of a Tier 4 area to give driving lessons or to take a pupil for a test.
Driving tests

The Government has also confirmed that all car driving tests will be suspended in areas in Tier 4 from 20 December until the restrictions are lifted. This includes ADI part 2 and 3 tests and standards checks.

We'll email candidates who are affected by this to let them know we will reschedule their test.

If you have booked a test for any of your pupils you will receive an email to let you know it will be rescheduled to a new time and date. You will need to contact your pupil to let them know.

We’ll then send you an email with the new time and date as soon as possible; please ask your pupils to be patient.

If the new time and date isn’t suitable for you or your pupil, you can choose a different time and date on GOV.UK. You will need your pupil’s driving licence number to do this. Your pupil does not need to pay again to do this.
Theory tests

All theory tests will be suspended in areas in Tier 4 from 20 December until restrictions are lifted.

We will email anyone who has booked a test and is affected by this to let them know the theory test is on hold and that they will need to reschedule it by visiting

If you booked your pupils theory test you will need to log into the booking system and rearrange their test for a new date and time.

Update on driver and rider services in England The Government has confirmed that driving lessons must not take place in areas in Tier 4 from 20 December until the restrictions are lifted.


Driving Tests Booking Service to reopen from today Friday 21st Aug 8am

UK could see national shortage of driving instructors | Driver Trainer 13/08/2020

How could this affect you?

UK could see national shortage of driving instructors | Driver Trainer The UK could see a major national shortage of driving instructors in the second half of 2020 and beyond, according to new research. This is due to the recent lockdown restrictions, a 2003/04 ‘baby boom’ and a decline in registered driving instructors. The statistics from learner driver car insur...


First pupil driving test since lockdown on Tuesday☺😬


Train to become a driving instructor with a DVSA ORDIT trainer.


Something that you should teach your learners if you don't already. Many people don't realise the emergency services do not have an exemption in law to overtake on solid white lines in the middle of the road.

** Tip of the Day - Solid White Line Systems **

Did you know that emergency vehicles do not have an exemption to overtake where a solid white line system is in place on their side of the road even in an emergency. Unless, they need to enter a adjoining premises or side road, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

Whilst emergency service vehicles are navigating the white line system, they are taught to turn off their sirens, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front but to leave the blue lights active, in order to not be seen as aggressive making motorists pull over out of the way. So how can you help the emergency services......

1. Keep travelling at the posted road speed and pass the white line system, or alternatively,

2. Find a safe place to pull over and stop the vehicle, making sure the vehicle is stationary so they can pass. If the vehicle continues to move, they are unable to pass and will stay behind you.

Please share and like this information to spread the word 🚑🚒🚓

Lewis Cowan Instructor Training – Training for Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) and Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) 01/08/2020

Would you like to work for yourself? I am looking for people interested in training to become a driving instructor.

For more information check out the website or send me a message

Lewis Cowan Instructor Training – Training for Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) and Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) Home How to Become a Driving Instructor Becoming a driving instructor involves a lot of work and commitment – it’s not for everyone. However, if you are interested in learning more or training with Lewis, who is on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT), then click the butt...


DVSA update on driving tests on hold.


Are you aware of the temporary DVSA COVID-19 changes to the Part 3 and Standards Check?

The PDI/ADI (instructor) is now required to plan their Part 3 or Standards Check lesson to approximately 45 minutes, with a minimum of 40 minutes of that lesson ‘wheels moving’.

You are only allowed to take a partly trained, trained or full licences holder, a beginner is NOT acceptable.

Can YOU demonstrate all the 17 competencies during these new measures?

Book your theory test 24/07/2020

Update on theory test certificates
"The government has considered the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the validity period of theory test certificates.

After careful consideration, the government has decided not to extend theory test certificates due to the impact on road safety.

We understand that this will be disappointing for some of your pupils. But it’s essential that your pupils have the most up to date road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills to help prepare them for their test and driving safely on their own once they’ve passed.

If your pupils certificate has expired
We cannot reschedule your pupils driving test that was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic because their theory test certificate has expired.

We will cancel their driving test booking.
They’ll get a full refund for their driving test within the next 7 working days. It will be refunded to the card that was used to pay for the test. They do not need to do anything to get the refund.
They will need to book and pass a theory test. You can do this at
Revise and practise for their theory test. Check what books and software you can use at
They need to book and pass a driving test. They must do this within 2 years of passing their next theory test.
Your pupil can book a new theory test up to 6 months before your current theory test certificate expires, or at any time after it’s expired.

If your pupils certificate is due to expire
We will email your pupils in the coming weeks to invite them to arrange a driving test. However, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be able to take their driving test before their theory test certificate expires.

If their theory test certificate expires before they can take a driving test, they will need to follow the above steps.

If they want to cancel their driving test now
They can cancel their driving test now and get a full refund. To do this, email [email protected].

Make sure they include their name and 2 of the following in their email:

their driving licence number
their theory test pass certificate number
their driving test booking reference
More information
Check GOV.UK for more information"

Book your theory test Book your official DVSA car or motorcycle theory test for £23, or other lorry, bus and Driver CPC theory tests.


The first week back went well, face masks worn inside the car with regular discussions outside the car to get some air and relief from the mask and cleaning down between every lesson were just some of the changes as we return but feeling positive.

The first week went well, it was good to see most of my learners/pdis and looking forward to an even better second week.

Photos from LC Instructor Training's post 04/07/2020

New theory test changes

Coronavirus: Driving lessons and tests to restart from July 26/06/2020


If you haven't already seen the news yesterday we've FINALLY had an update on driving lessons and instructor training.

If you were learning with me before lockdown:- I spoke to some of you a few weeks ago but would like to see as many of you as possible on a zoom call this afternoon if you can make it.

2pm today.

You should have had an email and text by now with the details but if not, send me a message and I'll get the link over to you.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing most of you this afternoon at 2pm.


Coronavirus: Driving lessons and tests to restart from July The news will "help people get to work and visit loved ones", the government says as lockdown measures are eased further.

Petition: Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 10/06/2020

Please sign this Petition. Those who take a Theory Test need to pass their Practical Test within 2 years. Now some were approaching the expiration of their Theory Test between March 2020 and July 2020. But unfortunately they have their driving tests cancelled or rescheduled to an unknown future date which maybe August, September or even later after their Theory Test has expired, even though they have not been able to get any driving practice for the last 3-4months.
Please sign and share

Petition: Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Extend the expiry dates of those who currently hold a valid theory test to after September. This would allow time for those who have rightfully passed this theory to attempt their practical test once the pandemic has eased and society is back to running smoothly.


All theory tests in England on 2-3 June to be rescheduled

All theory tests on 2-3 June have been rescheduled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We are preparing test centres for a safe return to testing for all candidates and social distancing measures are being put in place.

We will update you with a start date for theory testing in England as soon as we are able.
What DVSA are doing

We are emailing anyone with a test booked on 2-3 June in England to let them know it has been rescheduled.

We wrote to you on 29 May to let you know that tests in Scotland and Wales will be rescheduled up to and including 21 June 2020. This is in line with government guidelines in the respective countries.
If you've booked a test for your pupils

If you have booked a test for any of your pupils during these dates, you will need to contact them to let them know that their test has been rescheduled.

You can do this on GOV.UK. You will need your driving licence number to do this. You’ll get another email from Pearson Vue. You do not need to pay again to do this.
Emergency theory tests

An emergency theory testing service will still be available to those who have a critical need to take a test, such as NHS and social care workers.

Please do not call our customer service centre as they will not be able to help. Stay up to date on the latest information on GOV.UK.

We will be monitoring the situation and we will let you know if we need to cancel any more tests.
Driving lessons

Driver, rider and vocational trainers should continue to limit instruction to key workers preparing for an essential test.

We provided the industry with advice on this in April and will provide further information about broader training as soon as we can.


Update on instructor training and driving lessons

At the moment nothing has changed on the Government advice as to returning to work because of the social distancing rules. As soon as we get the green light to continue with training I will contact all my lovely pdis so we can get started straight away.

For those that haven't yet passed the part 1 theory test try and use this time for studying so that you can concentrate on the practical side when we are back to normal.

For those at part 3 keep practicing giving different subject briefings in different ways, thinking of questions to use to get in your pupils head, look on Google maps street view and explore areas you're less familiar with.

In the meantime I wish you all well and stay safe.
Hope to see you all soon. Lewis

nasp 21/05/2020

Please find below our most recent statement from the DVSA updating their current position on Instructors going back to work. 20.5.2020
Further to our recent discussions and your requests for an update on DVSAs latest position, I write to provide the below statement. You are welcome to share this with your members or via social media and attribute as an official statement from DVSA.
“Using the latest Government guidance, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is working closely with the Approved Driving Instructors National Association Strategic Partnership (NASP) to develop appropriate plans and control measures. The DVSA will keep the situation under review and provide further information over the next few weeks.
Our top priority is to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep everyone safe, but it’s also important we are able to provide people whose work is critical to the coronavirus response the ability to take a driving test if they have an essential need.
It is up to the individual driving instructor whether they feel comfortable to instruct critical workers during this time, and we are grateful to those who have continued to teach those who need an essential test. We have shared the personal protective arrangements we’ve made for examiners with NASP, which may help instructors develop their own arrangements during this time.
All ADIs should put in place appropriate health and safety measures, in line with the latest Public Heath England and Cabinet Office guidance, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
At this point in time our guidance remains as detailed in the DVSA Chief Executives letter and DVSA FAQs both hosted on the National Associations Strategic Partnership website ( We will provide further updates on driving lessons and driving tests in due course.” I trust this provides some further clarity that the DVSA position has not changed at this time, however we expect to provide further information over the next few weeks.
We at NASP would also remind you of the recent statement from DVSA on their Twitter feed which stated: We advise driving instructors to limit instruction to key workers preparing for an essential driving test. We are keeping this under review and will provide further

nasp The National Associations Strategic Partnership is a representative body focused on promoting the interests of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). It is formed of representatives of the three main membership associations for driver trainers in the UK.


Got to watch ITV next thursday at 8:30 pm - secrets of the driving test - cameras inside the car whilst candidates on their driving test

Driving tests suspended for up to 3 months 20/03/2020

If you have a test booked with me I will be in touch over the next couple of days.

Driving tests suspended for up to 3 months We are suspending driving tests for up to 3 months from Saturday 21 March 2020 as there is extended contact between candidates and examiners in vehicles. Motorcycle tests are also being suspended.

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