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Wendy Day Arthur says you make good slime ??? Could you please share your secrets as I’ve been trying and it’s not working out 🤦‍♀️ thought it would be a good outside activity x hope you are all well and keeping safe x
Standard activity at Bearcroft homeschool...🤦🏻‍♀️🥳👨🏻‍🎤
Have a go at growing a Rainbow 🌈 make sure you post your pictures for us all to see!
Something look look 👀 for when you are out in the Garden 🍁 🍂 🍃
Dinosaur Party 🎉🦕🦖 Friday @ 3pm
Jacob has been busy getting into home school learning life. He is missing bumbles this # # #
Just want to say thank you for the Christmas party today, It was amazing thanks so much , I have a tired little boy today.

Now you guys can put your feet up and rest and enjoy your Christmas 🎄 and maybe a few gins 🍸
You wanted tree pictures .... true Arthur style
We are one better ..... he’s made a ‘city’ with his decs ..... even made snow ..... it’s beautiful and takes up the lounge 🤣🤣🤣
Bumbles I’m very thankful for everything you have taught Arthur and everything you’ve done for him ..... however his new found love for Junk modelling is not one of them 😂😂😂😂😂
Snow white died haha shes such an actress x
fellow parents and ex parents of our kids in Bumbles...this is written from me to you as a please help post!! Today I found out the nursery are not able to sell food and drinks as they have for the last 10 years at tommorrows fetr...so unable to raise funds for our kids! I also found out due to the fake grass outside the kids cannot play in their own playarea as its not safe. Quite simply we need to raise money and within 6 months. Now I don't know how you all feel but to me the nursery is like family so naturally I want to help them..
For those of you wanting to buy biscuits chocs drink etc as most of us do at xmas for the staff perhaps we could instead donate the money towards the grass fund?? Maybe we have things at home we could donate to the raffle to sell more tickets and raise money..
I have written this solely from myself and so Miranda and staff I apologise if this is inappropriate but truly feel if parents knew the situation we can do as much or as little as we can to help. You are all like second parents to my little monster and I appreciate each qnd every one of you xx

We have a great team of staff who strive to do the best for all our children. We care for children f

Bumbles Daycare on the grounds of Welton School, on Radstock Road. We offer a warm, friendly, caring, safe environment for children to grow, develop and learn through play.

Operating as usual

Support families like Noah & Ariana's this Christmas - Jessie May 09/11/2021

Support families like Noah & Ariana's this Christmas - Jessie May Once upon a time, in a land very close to yours, and thanks to you, Jessie May has had the pleasure of witnessing, and has played a part in fostering, a wonderful friendship amongst two of our families… We’d all hoped that the year that followed the global COVID-19 Pandemic would be a bit easier...


Just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for my lovely leaving presents.
I will miss you all, it’s been so much fun, but now it’s time for something new.
Good luck to all the leavers going to big school, do your best, learn lots, have fun and try to behave-occasionally!! # #


Don’t forget-today is pancake day!!!

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Here are another couple of easy recipes to have a go at if you like.

Cooking really is such an important thing to do with children, there are so many learning opportunities, you get the chance to spend some lovely, quality time together and have a nice little treat at the end.
What’s not to enjoy?! 😊😊


How about making some Valentines cards ready for the weekend?
A great way to introduce talking about feelings and emotions which is so important, especially at the moment.


It’s a bit chilly out there again this morning, so how about having a go at making giant marbles?!
Just fill balloons with water and food colouring, once frozen remove the balloons and enjoy!!


Probably should have posted this before recycling day!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Children can name and match colours, look at pattern and sequence, and there are lots of opportunities for positional language as well as practicing balancing skills-all with the humble loo roll!!


Mark making doesn’t have to be on paper with pens as you know.
Try coloured rice, flour, sand or water and brushes.
Encourage children to mark make and maybe add in some shapes or letters for them to look at and copy.

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As it’s Friday-here’s another couple of easy recipes to try!


Another easy set up, encourage children to match quantity to numeral or use dots instead of numbers for younger children.
You could extend the learning by encouraging children to add groups together and find the total, look at group size and make comparisons.
Lots of opportunities for mathematical language and problem solving.
**obviously, marbles are a choking hazard, so this needs to be a supervised activity **


Nice easy activity, no set up time, completely free and hopefully not too messy! 😁


Who doesn’t love a game of noughts and crosses!
Use the middles of the plates from yesterday, stones from the garden, bottle tops or just draw a game.


So simple to prepare, but this is lots of fun.
Cut out the middles of the plates-save them-you’ll need them for tomorrow’s activity.
Let children decorate the hoops and that’s it.
Add numbers to the uprights for simple adding opportunities, and see who can score the highest.

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As it’s Friday, how about cooking a little treat for the family?
These are nice simple recipes that even I can manage!! 😂
Cooking covers so many areas of development for children and is a great way to have some quality time together.
And, as a bonus you’ll have something tasty to eat once it’s cooked-whats not to love?!

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What a great way to reuse and recycle some bits you’ve got around the house and help out the birds in this cold weather.
Children can design and create their bird feeders, and if you’re involved in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, maybe you’ll encourage some new birds into your gardens.


How about trying this today?
Great opportunity for children to talk about what they see, smell and can feel. Look at how the mixture changes colour when paint is added and how colours change when mixed together.


This is always popular and so easy to set up.
All you need is a tray, some bits and bobs from around the house and a cloth.

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Hope you all enjoyed the snow yesterday. Now it’s going, how about making your own?
Just add cornflour to a tray or bowl, and stir in some water.
Gloop is liquid at rest, and solid under pressure-always a firm favourite at Bumbles, lots of fun-but a bit messy, so you have been warned!! 😂


Now it’s not so wet out, why not collect some leaves while you’re out for a walk, and see what you can make with them when you get home?
Or maybe you could paint and print them, put them under paper and rub over with chalk or crayon, or mould them in play dough or salt dough.
Have a go- see what you can make, look at colours, patterns, shapes and texture. Can’t wait to see what you create!


Really easy to do, and fantastic for hand:eye coordination, and exercising hand muscles.
If you haven’t got a needle, wrap sellotape around the wool to make a point.


Why not make some salt dough on this rainy day?
All you need is
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water.
Use it for fossil prints using toy animals, cut out shapes to make decorations, or make models.
Once finished, either bake in the oven on a low heat or leave to dry and decorate using paint.

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Children learn so many skills from simple cooking activities.
Understanding that information is carried through print, number recognition, counting, looking at changes that occur, weighing and measuring.
And as a bonus, you’ve got something yummy to enjoy at the end!


"Play is children's work - it's through play that they learn, explore the world, and develop essential skills such as communication and language. Children engage in lots of different types of play as they develop, based not only on their interests but also on their stage of development and their skills in other areas. Sensory play is a type of play that stimulates children's sense (touch, smell, taste, sight and sound) - and lots of children love it!"

Amy from I CAN explores the range of benefits of sensory play for communication and language development and suggests some ideas for you to try with your child at home.

Read more in our parents section here - www.pacey.org.uk/how-sensory-play-might-benefit-development-of-lang


Nice and simple to set up, and if you hide the pegs well enough, you might get half an hours peace!!
Once found and matched, this can be extended by then finding objects that begin with each sound.
Change letters for shapes, colours or numbers to suit your child’s stage of development.


If you’ve got boxes from all those Amazon orders hanging around, why not have a go at this?
Lots of fun, opportunities for children to practice gross motor movement, number recognition and simple adding.

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Aren’t these great!!
Children will have lots of fun using bits and bobs from around the house to design and create their own masterpieces.
This activity gives lots of opportunities to look at shape and position. Encourages children to plan and use their imagination, to solve problems that might occur and provides plenty of excercise to help strengthen those hand muscles, which is so important at this age.


Why not have some fun doing a scavenger hunt today? Feel free to change any items on the list for things you know they won’t find for hours and enjoy some peace while they go hunting!!
DISCLAIMER-We take no responsibility for any mess made during this activity!! 😂😂


Exploring shadows with your child can be done outside and indoors. You can become Shadow Investigators and learn about light and dark (The World - UTW) and about switches, batteries, and light bulbs (Technology - UTW).

You will need:
A torch or lamp
A dark space
White paper/pale sheet
You and your child


What a great excuse to eat the rest of the Quality Street-use the coloured film to make suncatchers!!

Great for practicing scissor control, hand-eye coordination and exercising those hand muscles.
Lots of opportunities to use size, shape and positional language, as well as looking at colours and how they change if you overlap them.



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Photos from Bumbles Daycare's post 05/01/2021
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Having a little boogie in the sunshine😎
Excellent job! 🐰
Rhythmic gymnastics team in training for the next Olympics!!






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