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A place where learners have the time and space to explore safely and grow in our woodland 💚

Wild at Heart learning is a brand new Forest School in the countryside of rural Meopham. A place where learners have the time and space to explore safely and grow in so many ways in our nurturing, natural setting. There are no prescriptive lesson plans or assessments with specific outcomes and targets for all to meet. Every session is designed to enable each individual’s self-exploration and devel

Operating as usual


Teeny baby garden spiders! So cute. They usually are found in a cluster (for safety) these lads & lasses were on our shed door. Super teeny! Mama spider would have layed between 300-500 eggs last autumn in a protective coarse layer of silk. They emerge in spring & keep themselves safe with safety in numbers. Should the cluster become disturbed they will separate but will come back together when the danger has passed. Once old enough they live independent lives 💚


When a child gives you a gift 🩷

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The kitchen crew in the Forest School Café consisted of head chef Fin, Sous chef Reggie & very special assistants Arthur and Suraj. The toast was good 😋 Great work catering crew 👍🏼


Arthur is a pro when it comes to fire striking!

Photos from Wild at Heart Learning's post 29/05/2024

Our campfire is at the heart of our base camp and affords us warmth & cooked food when the need arises. And, a good fire in camp today was made possible by our lovely Finley. This fire roared all day & helped to make our toast later on. Fantastic work Finley (and all your assistants!) 👍🏼

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Hot dogs 🌭& hot chocolate with squirty cream & marshmallows were the order of the day at the Forest School Café today! 😋

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The new swing is up! Thanks to assistants Autumn & D for helping (and testing successfully!) and to our top tree climber Gilly for positioning the rope in the tree. Happy swinging everyone!

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Rain? What rain? We were too busy having fun to notice 😆

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Our fab day started with a robbery! The suspect, Mr Fox, is believed to have committed a dash & grab some of our finger rolls… (luckily we had back up!) 😥 and yes, said robber even ripped open the sealed packaging! I guess when there’s a family to feed, needs must. 🦊 ❤️ 🥖


Places still available on Tuesday! Please pm to make enquiries (email still down).

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Children are so resourceful & thought of other ways to make & do in the woods when in need. How clever Reception Class! ❤️


Email update
BT are working on fixing the issue.
Account is secure but will not be accessible for this week. In the meantime, please contact us via messenger- thank you


Our BT email account has been hacked! Please ignore any obscure messages that you have received. We are currently working on putting this right. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding this. Hopefully normality will resume asap!


Places available for half term fun!

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This afternoon we had a very special visitor, Alex, from the amazing Bumbletree Conservation Trust and we all went on a marvellous bumblebee hunt! Under Alex’s careful instructions & his awesome skill of catching bumbles, we managed to catch a lot of bees (and not just bumbles!).

This meant that we could look at them up close, and identify what type of bumble they were and also if the bumble was a Queen, a worker or a male. We also caught a honey bee & a solitary bee too! This was such a privilege and we all felt very lucky! Well done children for being super explorers and for finding the bees with Alex. Thank you Alex & the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, you are fabulous!


Beautiful weather on order, beautiful company requested. Book your smalls in for heaps of fun this half term!

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Today, year R planted their own pumpkins… we can’t wait to see who grows the biggest pumpkin! But, we’ll have to wait until October to see….


A super day spent with year R & Kindergarten with a lucky spot of a pair of spotted woodpeckers parenting their brood & bringing them tasty treats this afternoon. We had to keep our distance to allow mum & dad to fly in and out of their nest comfortably & not only be super quiet but also to learn patience & respect. It paid off and we were treated to watching these beautiful birds.

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House keeping a hive full of 60,000 honey bees in readiness for the season is a major operation especially when the bees had started to build comb all over!

We managed to get some order and also added a new super for their honey stores. A part of this meant that some of the ‘rogue’ comb couldn’t be put back into the hive even though we made sure any emerging bees were put back, we couldn’t save some of the brood (larvae).

But, I knew just what to do with it! It is going go to the wonderful Gabo Wildlife Rescue to feed baby birds (swallows love bee larvae!!) who are being rehabilitated under the care of the amazing Carly.

Today, this very cute long tailed tit is going to feasting on the larvae to help her grow into a strong & healthy woodland dweller. I’m sad we couldn’t save the larvae but they will not be going to waste and will be a little cog in the circle of life. ❤️


Walking alongside the beautiful bluebells 💚


A new swing is coming!




Post script- I was so excited finding this beauty last week but, the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust confirmed she is indeed a Queen but a fairly common Red Tailed Bumble. And not a Red Shanked Carder…Sighs! Sorry folks 😬


At our Treelet session this morning, we literally had all the seasonal weather in the space of 30 mins, we even had ice with our hot chocolate!

But despite this, we still managed to toast marshmallows, sup hot chocolate (or should that be hot chocolate frappe?) & find amazing bugs. Tally even managed to tie a timber hitch knot when helping me put up the hammock. Nice work Tally!


Teeny Treelets returns tomorrow 🙌

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Such a fabulous day ❤️ good times ❤️


Important news flash from roving reporters Reggie & Lewie at Nurstead Woods!!

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Walking alongside the beautiful bluebells 💚
A beautiful Red-Shanked carder bumble 😍 just chilling out at Forest School today ❤️
Asian Hornet






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