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Good morning, Warsaw!


A torrential rain in a pine forest. A gift.

Timeline photos 18/01/2022

It might cold outside, but this time of year can offer some of the best wildlife watching opportunities. ❄️

Here are just a few of the species you could spot while out on your Big Winter Wander. Which have you spotted this season?

Find out more about the UK’s winter wildlife here 👉 https://fal.cn/3lpnF

Why do we change the clocks? - BBC News 05/11/2021

⏰ Spring forward(s), fall back! ⏰
Check below a short story on how it happened that twice a year we change clocks, when we do so and how we talk about all this:

* forward OR forwards? No difference here.
** 'fall' - an American word for 'autumn'

Why do we change the clocks? - BBC News Around the world, countries have been changing the clocks for more than a century. But hitting that snooze button when we lose an hour...


👻👻Hellou, Scarry Monsters!! 👻👻

Happy Halloween! Go forth and be scary... 🧛‍♂️ 😺

Halloween 31/10/2021

Happy Halloween, Folks!

Halloween Halloween or Hallowe'en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day.

UK weather news latest: Heavy rain and wind forecast as Met Office urges people to tie down garden furniture 19/05/2021

May has been more wet than usual so far. According to Met Office it is going to get even more wet! Showers, drizzle, rainfall, light rain, heavy rain, torrential rain and more rain. You can always count on the English weather! ;)

Check the variety of comments you can come across in a chat:
It’s spitting. (Occasional drops of rain)
It’s drizzling. (Occasional light rain)
It's just a shower! (Light rain)
It’s pouring down. (Heavy rain)
It’s chucking it down. (Heavy rain)
It’s bucketing down. (Torrential rain)
It’s raining cats and dogs. (Any rain)

So here is you after a summer holiday by the English seaside:
Friend: So, what was the weather like?
You: It started off drizzling. Then it changed into showers. Then it started bucketing down and ended up as torrential rain!
Friend: So, it rained cats and dogs most of the time! Proper English summer...

UK weather news latest: Heavy rain and wind forecast as Met Office urges people to tie down garden furniture While there are no weather warnings currently in place, the Met Office does not rule out them being issued on Thursday.

Crumbs! A history of biscuits in 15 fantastic facts – from flatulence cure to phenomenal fuel 10/05/2021

In the country where a cuppatea or cuppa is the nation's favourite, one cannot imagine tea coming without a plate of biscuits. Usually, kept in a tin, they come in different shapes, colours and flavours. This article from The Guardian tells you a story which has led to the perfect marriage of 'tea&buiscuits'!
Why not have a read and enjoy your cuppa with a couple of some yummie biscuits!

Crumbs! A history of biscuits in 15 fantastic facts – from flatulence cure to phenomenal fuel Britons love biscuits. But how much do you really know about them? Here’s how they have been used for booze, breath fresheners and much more besides

Things you can't do in a polling station - from selfies to talking politics 05/05/2021

Election time! So, some election vocab and facts.


Unlike the rest of the world, who do voting at a weekend, the U.K., obviously, has to do it their own way. Whether to the Parliament or to the local government the U.K. elections always take place on... Thursday!
You can vote in person, by post or by proxy (a person you chose to represent you).
If you vote in person, you will go to a polling station. The Electoral Commission will give you a ballot paper, on which you’ll mark the box next to the name of your candidate (or candidates). You will do so in a polling booth, as the ballot needs to maintain secret. You’ll cast your ballot into a ballot box.
Then you’ll walk out of the polling station, wait the results, hoping for the best! :D
Here, today’s issue of Manchester Evening News tells you all how this year’s election is going to be even more different than usually.

Things you can't do in a polling station - from selfies to talking politics The voting experience will be different in 2021 in the delayed elections


It's Mother's Day here in the UK! To all the mums out there...Have a purrfect day! 😘


A few days of sunshine here! Feels quite odd as it is not the usual English weather. So, we're trying to make the most of it! 🌳🌳️🚴‍♀️🚴🌳🌳️

Timeline photos 25/02/2021

🐠 Some story of the marine wildlife around Britain's coasts 🦈 with some marine vocabulary for you! 🐡

Here’s a snapshot of the incredible wildlife on our UK coastline. Have you ever spotted any of these species? 🐬


On the International Cat's Day...



Just to stick to the tradition...

Happy Valentine's Day 😘


I'm looking at the past year through its most popular words. I'm afraid, my optimism fails me. However, for all my students, friends and myself, I want to think this future year is going to look so bright we'll all have to wear shades! 😎!


Unlike many English here, I say: Yes, pleeaase!... ☃️

Auld Lang syne live London New Year Day 2019 31/12/2020

New Year's Eve. What comes to your mind when you think of it? A Polish student of mine said: a dance, sparkling wine, snow and friends. An English friend of mine said: a street party, a good drink and friends. I think of Auld Lang Syne, the beautiful Scottish song reflecting on the good, old days and a long, special friendship that never fades away. It's a part of the New Year's Eve tradition across all of the U.K. A very heartwarming and emotional moment in which people get together to sing along the Scottish tune.
As this year is going to be all different, let's enjoy one of the moments from the good, old days and think of friends who are always there for us.
London greeting the New Year with Auld Lang Syne.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Auld Lang syne live London New Year Day 2019 Carrying on with the tradition by playing Auld Lang syne on New year's Day 2019

How To Make Cranberry Sauce | Gennaro Contaldo 24/12/2020

Perfect sauce, perfect experience and the Present Perfect!
Like many words tenses do happen to have more than one meaning. Here I need the Present Perfect to talk about my life experience. Or rather the lack of it...
Many English cannot imagine their Christmas without cranberry sauce. As I live with one of them, the English, not cranberry sauce ;), I have always bought a jar every Christmas. I have never made cranberry sauce in my life. I have never even thought about this. But now as I have come across this video and have watched this entusiastic Italian chef, I've got no choice but go in the kitchen and do my best! Hopefully, after this Christmas I will be able to say: I have made cranberry sauce and I have found it very easy and enjoyable! Perfect experience!

How To Make Cranberry Sauce | Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro’s homemade cranberry sauce recipe is packed with so many festive flavours it will be impossible not to feel ready for Christmas when this is cooking ...


It's not easy to find some similarities between Polish and English Christmas traditions. OK. We send Christmas cards, they send them too. BUT. Not only do they send them, they also give them to friends and family in person. Individually! Merry Christmas, dad! Merry Christmas, sister! Merry Christmas, brother-in-law! Etc. And it doesn't take much to see the cards look completeley different to ours too!

Photos from English with Dorota's post 17/12/2020

🎄It's begining to look like Christmas!!🎄
Well, at least our English bit. As, in our house the English tradition mingles with the Polish tradition, with a touch of the German one on top. Here are a few essentials, which have already arrived! 🎄

Tier system announced for England after lockdown 15/12/2020

Tier system, is what we've got here. The sysytem which the government put on the country to tackle the pandemia. Tier 1 being the gentliest, tier 3 being the toughest. We, Manchester, are in tier 3. Suprise, suprise. Working from home, restaurants and pubs closed, no visits to friends in their houses, no days out in the countryside. Good that walks in local parks are allowed. And a bottle of wine from a very local shop!


Tier system announced for England after lockdown Blink and you could miss the transition next week - from lockdown to the tier system. Just 700,000 in England will move back to the lowest tier of Covid aler...

All the Tier 3 rules for Greater Manchester that are in force from December 2 11/12/2020

I think I remember better days. But I remember worse days too!

Good moment to practise Present Perfect. Well, one of its 5 meanings at least - for some recent actions the results of which we can experience now. Oh yes, we definitely can!

So, here is you and your friend living these days in the North of England:

Friend: Great! We've just come out from the national lockdown!
You: And we've just got into Tier3. No difference at all!
Friend: Yeah, you're right...

All the Tier 3 rules for Greater Manchester that are in force from December 2 The restrictions have been revised and strengthened since the first Tier 3 was introduced

Image: First they cloned Dolly the sheep. Now they're targeting grey ... 16/11/2020

Red squirrel, grey squirrel and two Conditionals.

In Heaton Park, the largest park in Manchester, you can meet plenty of grey squirrels. Unfortunately, there's absolutely no chance of spotting any red ones. They're very rare in entire England. There used to be lots but, apparently, thanks to the overpopulation of their grey cousins the number of red squirrels has got dramatically smaller and in some areas they don't live any more. No matter how kind of sad this story sounds, it gives a great opportunity to pracitce the 1st and the 2nd Conditional!

So, here is you with a friend off for a walk in Heaton Park:
You: If I see a grey squirrel, I'll take a photo of it.
Friend: How about a red squirrel?
You: No chance. But If I saw a red squirrel, I would take a photo of it, too!

Image: First they cloned Dolly the sheep. Now they're targeting grey ... Found on Google from thetimes.co.uk



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Recently a student has asked me the difference between a STRAY CAT and a FERAL CAT.
I scratched my head not knowing what to say. And then this explanation from the one and only Cats Protection popped up!
I've found it helpful. Have you?

Do you know the difference between a feral and a stray cat?


New normal. Some instructions sent to students prior to their arrival to Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Artists. Strange times we live in. Stay safe, stay creative, stay happy!

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