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Timeline photos 01/12/2023

Tsepo putting in the work ready to launch his PT business in January 2024 🧊

Photos from Vector Training's post 29/11/2023

Jess's Sports Massage Therapy Story 🚀

We recently caught up with one of our level 4 sports massage therapy graduates, Jess Oldknow Sports Massage Therapist to find out how her business is thriving! 📈

Jess came to us for her level 4 sports massage therapy course and was an excellent addition to our weekend crew! Since qualifying with us, Jess has been working within clinic as a level 4 specialist, but her own private work became too busy so she has transitioned fully to her own business in Culceth, Warrington 📍

Jess balances her busy schedule with her equestrian work, and treats a range of clients from professional fighters to the general public, offering a range of treatments from advanced sports massage, cupping and even offers clients access to Therabody recovery boots 🔥

It’s awesome to see Jess putting into practice what the skills she developed on the level 4 course with us in Manchester, and we’re sure her clinic is only going to get busier and busier!

If you’re in the Warrington area and you’re in need of an excellent treatment experience, get in touch with Jess Oldknow Sports Massage Therapist !

Photos from Vector Training's post 25/11/2023

Some of our Level 3 PTs getting to work yesterday 🔥 Our learners are able to study flexibly around their diaries with in-person sessions here in the gym 🎯

When diaries align it’s always good to get a number of learners together to put some theory into practice together 💪

Where is the Best Place for a Newly Qualified Personal Trainer to… 23/11/2023

Getting qualified is the first steps to a new career, but once qualified where is the best place for me to build my personal training business? 🤔

Where is the Best Place for a Newly Qualified Personal Trainer to… Is getting a job in a commercial or independent gym the right move for me as a newly qualified PT? We give you the pros and cons of the two main gym types.


On Sunday we had our final Myofascial Dry Cupping course of 2023... or did we? who wants to get qualified before Christmas break?

We are looking at hosting another Dry Cupping course in December, get in touch for more info!🔥

Photos from Vector Training's post 20/11/2023

Another great RockTape workshop for our Level 3 sports massage therapists 🦵
As part of the course, our Level 3 therapists will undertake the Rocktape K-Taping course online with a practical workshop, ready to add taping to their business once qualified 🚀

Clients asking for taping are always in high demand at sporting and fitness events for sports massage therapists 🤝


Myofascial Cupping Therapy 🔥We’re looking forward to hosting one of our last workshops of 2023!

Still a few spots left, get in touch asap if you want to attend this Sunday here in Manchester 📌


Shout out to .g_therapy who has secured her own clinical space and gym within a rugby club to build her new career in back in NI! 🔥

Catherine started on her journey with us at the start of 2023 and is finishing the year as a L4 SMT and PT, with her new business set up! 🚀

Photos from Vector Training's post 24/10/2023

We’ve just about got over on Saturday! What a great event 💣💣 amazing opportunity for our sports massage students to attend and provide pre and post event treatments to the athletes!

Thank you for everyone who visited our tent and came for treatments, the feedback for our students was awesome!

Looking forward to next year already 🚀🚀


Our Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy group will be back at it this weekend.

✅Special tests
✅Conditions and injuries
✅Soft tissue treatments

Next course starting January 2024! Get in touch ⬆️


Our Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy students were back in action at the weekend… with the news that we will be going to for their next practical workshop 🔥🔥🎯🎯

We will be returning to Crossfest and our current cohort will be providing pre and post event treatments throughout the day!

Not a bad added extra on the course hey? ⛽️🚀

Tempo Training For Muscle Growth 06/10/2023

Is tempo the key to building muscle? 💪

Tempo Training For Muscle Growth Can nailing your tempo truly accelerate muscle-building? Let's dive into the science, benefits, and practicality of tempo training for pts and clients.

Photos from Vector Training's post 03/10/2023

Study to become a personal trainer flexible around your diary, combing in-person sessions on the gym floor with your tutor and online support 🔥

Qualify on your terms and in your own timeframe 🎯


This time last year 💪 we love seeing how our students have developed after their courses with us! .pt over at and at 🎯🎯🎯


We’ve got our next Level 3 and Level 4 sports massage courses starting this weekend here in Manchester! Still time to book on to either level! Get in touch via DM or our course page in our bio 🎯


Awesome day over at Fittest on the Farm comp on Saturday supporting the competitors with sports massage treatments 🌽 🛞 💪


Qualified Gym Instructors, next up Personal Trainers 🎉

Awesome to have our latest 1 to 1 Personal Training students complete the level 2 sections of their Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training course last week 🔥

Our Personal Training courses are now delivered flexibly around your diary, so you can qualify on your terms!

✅Online learning platform

✅Dedicated 1 to 1 tutor

✅Live sessions with your tutor here in the gym around your diary

✅Business toolkit

✅Guaranteed job opportunities!

Photos from Vector Training's post 04/09/2023

Phil’s Personal Training Story 🚀

We caught up with PT grad over at .pt.hub to see how his business is thriving 💥

Phil qualified with us a few years back now and has been training a range of clients since then! Phil’s diary is constantly full, training a number of youth and senior athletes in a wide range of sports, including several international level athletes 🏀 As well as this, Phil works with gen pop clients on a 1 to 1 basis 🔥

Before becoming a PT, Phil has extensive experience in the film making world as a Producer and Director working across 100s of projects for big sporting documentaries and channels 🎥 But Phil wanted a new challenge, and to follow his passion for the fitness industry by training and coaching clients 🤝

Phil was part of a great group and it’s awesome to see his transition into a new career that he’s so passionate about!

If you’re in the Bury/Whitefield/Radcliffe area and looking to develop your athletic ability get in touch with !


It was great to have Matt Towey from Matt Massage in to give our sports massage students a guest business seminar on Saturday! 📈

Matt is Tyson Fury's sports massage therapist, and treats a number of athletes from professional footballers to boxers. Matt spoke about how he has built his mobile therapy business treating athletes and general pop clients.

Some of the key take home points for our students:

✅Network - send messages and connect with people both online and in person

✅Harness social media to provide value to future clients

✅Set clear business goals and targets, and then review

✅Retain clients - block bookings and touch points for rebooking


The Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy isn’t just learning how to effectively provide a range of massage techniques 🤝

✅ Sports massage treatments
✅ Postural assessments
✅ Consultation process
✅ Stretches and aftercare
✅ Business set up support


No better environment to learn when becoming a qualified PT! 💪 💥


💪 gym floor work ☑️

Myzone vs Polar: Which Is the Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor for Me? 11/08/2023

More and more of us are tracking our HR by wearing HR chest straps belts, but which bit of kit is the best for me and my training?

We've compared two of the biggest brands and products out there - Myzone and Polar 🔥

Myzone vs Polar: Which Is the Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor for Me? Which is the better HR monitor for my training? Myzone or Polar?


Tennis elbow? Throughout the Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy learners study injuries and conditions across different body parts so they can provide effective treatments to their clients.

Our next course starts in September - only 4 places left! Get in touch via the link in our bio ⬆️


Qualify as a PT flexibly, on your terms 💪

When you study our one to one Level 3 PT course, you’re able to organise times and days around your diary to undertake your live sessions with your tutor, both online and in-person here at in Manchester 🚀

Get in touch via the link in our bio to find out more!

Photos from Vector Training's post 26/07/2023

Jamie's Personal Training Story 🚀

We recently dropped in on PT graduate, to see how she has been growing her business at The Hayloft Fitness over in Glossop 🔥

Jamie has been a part of The Hayloft Fitness for a while, qualifying as a gym instructor first and delivering group training sessions at the facility. Last year Jamie decided to qualify as a PT and has excelled since making that decision, creating her own busy diary!

Prior becoming a PT Jamie worked in a care support role however from her experiences at Hayloft (with our very own Ella)she knew this is the type of career she wanted to build🧱

Jamie specialises in training female clients one to one and in small groups in the Glossop and surrounding areas. If you're local and looking for a female specialist give a message ⭐️


Qualified Level 4 Sports Massage Therapists 🚀🚀

This weekend saw our Level 4 SMT learners finish their last weekend and final assessments! Another fantastic group of people and we’re excited to see them take their sports massage therapy businesses to the next level 📈

Photos from Vector Training's post 06/07/2023

Pirmin’s Personal Training Story 🚀

We caught up with PT graduate, to see how his new career as a personal trainer is going training clients at and online 🔥

Before qualifying as a PT, Pirmin worked successfully in the city centre in recruitment 📞 💻 but wanted a career he was really passionate about. After years of training and a deep interest in how fitness can help change people’s lives, he decided to to swap the office for the gym floor 💪

Pirmin has transferred his professional and interpersonal skills to personal training seamlessly and helps clients transform their physiques both on the gym floor and remotely online 💣

If you’re in the city centre and looking for a coach in-person or interested in remote coaching, give a shout!


🌟 The Importance of Continuing Your Professional Development as a Personal Trainer 💪

In the ever-evolving fitness industry, the journey doesn't end with qualifying as a PT. The key to long-term success lies in committing to continuous professional development. Here's why it matters:

1️⃣ Stay Ahead of the Curve: Continuing education keeps you updated on the latest research, trends, and advancements in fitness. It ensures that you provide your clients with the most effective and evidence-based training methods, allowing them to achieve optimal results.

2️⃣ Expand Your Expertise: Professional development opens doors to new areas of specialisation, such as corrective exercise, sports performance, or nutrition coaching. Expanding your skill set allows you to cater to a wider range of clients, increase your marketability, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

3️⃣ Build Credibility and Trust: Investing in professional development demonstrates your commitment to excellence. Clients value trainers who continually improve their knowledge and skills, and they're more likely to trust and refer you as a result.

4️⃣ Personal Growth and Inspiration: Professional development isn't just about acquiring new knowledge—it's also an opportunity for personal growth and inspiration. Workshops, conferences, and networking events connect you with industry experts, foster collaboration, and ignite your passion for your profession.

Make professional development a priority on your fitness journey. Embrace the learning opportunities, seek out mentorship, and continuously evolve as a personal trainer. By investing in yourself, you'll not only elevate your career but also empower your clients to achieve their fitness goals.


Level 3 sports massage therapy + dry cupping + taping = THE ultimate sports massage business start up package 🔥

Still places for our next intake starting this weekend, get in touch asap!


Personal Trainer ❌ Sports Massage Therapist ❌ Business Owner ✅

Sometimes we think qualifying means we simply "train" or "treat" clients and get paid for it but it's way more than that.

You are running a business, whether that is a side hustle or a full time career, we need to think as business owners. Everything works in tandem and helps create an outstanding service for your clients, which results in increased revenue and future time freedom 🔥

As a business owner you must continually work on:

•Delivering an outstanding service
•Retaining clients
•Improving processes and systems
•Creating content and marketing
•Finances and forcasts
•Continual professional development

Are you serious about starting your own business in this amazing industry? Get in touch to qualify ready to build your business from day 1™️

5 ways AI can help your business in the fitness industry in 2023 27/06/2023

AI and how it is going to transform our lives is the talk of the town... it's time to embrace the new tools we have at our finger tips!
Here's 5 ways AI can help your fitness business ⬇️

5 ways AI can help your business in the fitness industry in 2023 Wondering how to harness Artificial Intelligence in your fitness business? Check out 5 ways AI can help our business in the fitness industry in 2023.


Our Level 4 in Sports Massage Therapy isn’t just about special tests, client assessments and treatments to manage injury. Learners also cover a range of advanced stretches with their clients. 🎯

Photos from Vector Training's post 22/06/2023

Beth’s Personal Training Story 🚀

We recently caught up with PT graduate, over at one of the facilities Beth is able to train clients in, Swinton and Pendlebury Leisure Centre 🎯 . With her role , Beth is able to train clients across multiple leisure centres which is a real perk!

Beth trains a variety of clients in her 1 to 1 and online PT business and has also assisted with female focused workshops across Manchester ✅

Before qualifying, Beth mostly wrote for various online publications but it was the impact of her having a PT and how it changed her life that inspired her to qualify and help clients herself.

Beth still writes but personal training has become her main role now and she has a full diary across the facilities she works 🔥

If you’re looking locally for a PT who is genuinely going to work on the whole picture with you and help you fall in love with fitness get in touch with 📱


🌟 3 Ways to Generate Leads as a Newly Qualified Personal Trainer 💪

Are you a newly qualified personal trainer eager to build your client base and make your mark in the fitness industry? Here are three effective strategies to generate leads and kickstart your career:

1️⃣ Lead Engaging Classes: Hosting group fitness classes not only showcases your expertise but also provides an opportunity to connect with potential clients. Deliver high-energy, results-driven workouts that leave participants inspired and wanting more. Offer introductory rates or incentives to convert class attendees into long-term clients.

2️⃣ Free Seminars and Workshops: Organize informative seminars and workshops on fitness-related topics to position yourself as an industry expert. Share valuable insights, practical tips, and engage participants with interactive sessions. Demonstrate your knowledge and passion, and nurture relationships with attendees who may convert into paying clients or recommend your services.

3️⃣ Free Online Resource Giveaway: Create and offer free online resources, such as e-books, workout guides, or nutrition tips, in exchange for contact information. This not only adds value for potential clients but also helps you build an email list for future marketing efforts. Stay engaged with regular newsletters, exclusive offers, and personalised content to convert leads into loyal clients.

Implementing these lead generation strategies will help you establish your presence, showcase your expertise, and attract your ideal clients. Embrace these tactics, provide exceptional value, and watch your personal training business thrive!


Qualified Personal Trainers 🔥

This weekend saw our latest batch of qualified PTs enter the industry! It's been a pleasure having another great group study with us! Every one of our graduates have either already secured roles or have interviews this week across different facilities 💣

Personal Training Courses 15/06/2023

Want to know what is covered on the Level 3 Personal Training course? Give our updated Course Factsheet a read and get in touch about our courses 🤝

Start now and study flexibly around your diary!

Personal Training Courses CIMSPA endorsed personal training course delivered in-person. Study 120 hours on the gym floor, the most of any course in the North West. Finance available

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Manchester?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Specialist Trainers and Educators

At Vector Training, we are specialist trainers and educators in sport, fitness and education. We deliver training shaped by leading industry experts, tailored to developing the skills of our learners.

We specialise in working with ambitious individuals and partners who, like us, are passionate in ensuring the highest quality of training. This is reflected through our face-to-face programme design, and our blended learning models that hold industry relevant learning at its core.

As a company we are committed to providing honest and excellent training that genuinely offers value to all of those who learn with us. We employ highly qualified tutors and industry specific leaders to develop expert training across a number of sites throughout the North of England.

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Hear from our lead tutor on how we embed Myzone into our Level 3 PT course
Scott business plan
Scott's Level 3 Personal Training Course Journey
Keeley's Personal Training Course Journey





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