Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House

Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House

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What a pleasure it was to be in with the Pre School children today at Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House We had lots of MOOsical Fun down on the farm. Our animal noises with Makaton signs were enjoyed by all 🐷🚜🎼🌈

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 09/02/2023

🚒 P E O P L E W H O H E L P U S 🚓

This week….
Our Pre-school Children took a trip to the Fire Station and also had a visit from the Police Service. We had lots of fun learning about People Who Help Us!

Check out our Pictures below!


S U P E R M U M ⭐️
One of our AMAZING Mummy’s…
This definitely deserves a wee mention….
Hats off to you Mrs Collings… you are certainly one of a kind!
Carys and your clan are extremely lucky!


Text AWARDS followed by Rebecca Collings to 64343.

Lines close at 5pm on Saturday, November 19th.

Rebecca Collings

Rebecca Collings is a mum – an extraordinary mum. She is/was a single mum, a bereaved mum, a step-mum, a foster mum, a working mum and a special needs mum, (Rebecca’s youngest child, Carys, was born in 2020 with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus) who has gone through most of her life without her own mum. Working as a primary school teacher, Rebecca has dedicated her life to making the lives of others better. She has improved the lives of so many in her own modest and humble way, and all with the most infectious smile you’ll ever see.

Mobile uploads 31/10/2022

⭐️W I N N E R⭐️

The winner of our Pumpkin competition is….

• P R E - S C H O O L R O O M •

Well done to Cara, Alana and Vicky…
Competitive wee buggers ya’s are but super douper job!

‘When Skeletons just hang around pumpkins’ 🎃

Hope you all have had a lovely Halloween 👻

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 28/10/2022

C R E A T I V E P U M P K I N C O M P 🎃…
- browse our 🎃’s - choose the BEST ⭐️
- like the pic 👍🏼
- most likes winssss 🏆
- winning room will be revealed on Monday
Voting closes on Monday at 12noon
Who knew the ‘big kids’ would be this competitive!
Great work HH staff 🥰


A U T U M N 🍃🍁🍂
Sensory play for our babies as they explored our sensory bin tuft tray… this included…
• weetabix
• ricekrispies
• conkers
Babies loveeee textures and enjoy exploring all while furthering their development, promoting hand-eye co ordination and exploring their senses ✋🏼 👁


For parents: on Monday 19th September 2022, all Clear Day Nurseries will close as a mark of respect on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 12/09/2022

H I L L S B O R O U G H C A S T L E 💐
The children took a trip to lay some flowers in respect of HRH Queen Elizabeth ll 👑

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 11/08/2022

W E D D I N G C E L E B R A T I O N S 👰🏽‍♀️🤵🏽‍♂️🥳
When Pamela the Manager got married on Saturday of course the Holly Dolly’s had to be there to help her celebrate 🥂🍾…
a great day had by them all finished by a nice relaxing Spa the next morning 💞

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 10/08/2022

I C E C R E A M V A N 🍦
The boys and girls had a lovely surprise yesterday when the ice-cream van came to visit Holly House. The ice-cream was so yummy and really cooled them all down on a very sunny day!

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 04/08/2022

S U M M E R S C H E M E ☀️

The After-school children at Holly House enjoyed a fun filled afternoon at Tannaghmore Gardens as part of their Summer Scheme. It was so much fun and they even got to enjoy a lovely ice-cream after visiting the Animals 🐄🐑🐖

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 02/06/2022

J U B I L E E C E L E B R A T I O N S 👑 💜

The children at Holly House had a wonderful day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We made cakes, did lots of arts and crafts and had a garden party with lots of yummy treats…

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 08/04/2022

Getting Active to help Ukraine 😊

This week the boys and girls at Holly House carried out a sponsored active week to help Ukraine.

The baby room practiced ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and went for a walk to the park where they were able to go up and down the slide and had lots of fun on the swings. They also played football in the garden and practiced their climbing skills on the indoor soft play area.

The Wobblers, Toddlers and Pre-school rooms joined in the fun by getting active in the outdoors, playing lots of football and dancing to music.

active our physical skills Ukraine 😊


E A R T H W O R M I N V A S I O N 🪱
Keeping with our Mini beasts theme the babies explored through messy play… lifting the squirmy wriggly worms promoting fine motor skills and also some hand eye co ordination… this was a super activity had by our 0-2 year olds… messy. slimy. fun 🤩


P I C T U R E M A K I N G 🎨
Today our Toddler children made pictures to add to the outdoors in our forest area… the children extended their language by discussing colours and textures but also gaining knowledge of things you see may see in the garden and in the trees.
The children loved being busy and adding their own creative artwork outside in the garden 🪴 🌲 🐝 🦋

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 24/03/2022

S T E P P I N G I N T O S P R I N G 🌱🪴
Toddler run outside in the garden… just messing, having toast and building those Physical and Social Skills all while learning new things and extending g our Language Skills! 🤩

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 17/03/2022

S T P A T R I C K S D A Y F U N ☘️

The children at Holly House had lots of fun celebrating St Patricks Day.

☘️ The Baby room created footprint pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and they also enjoyed some messy jelly play.

☘️ The wobbler room made handprint shamrocks and practiced their throwing and catching skills with green balloons.

☘️ Check out the paper plate leprechauns the Toddler room children made, they were able to attach orange crepe paper to make a funny beard and they also gave their leprechauns a special green hat.

☘️ The children were very hungry after all of this hard work…. so they had some yummy green custard and wibbly wobbly green jelly to finish off their fun filled day!

Take a peek at our pics below….


Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 09/03/2022

S P R I N G 🌱
Springtime rainbow rice and pasta play….
The babies had lots of fun today playing with the ‘springtime’ rainbow rice. They were able to explore the textures and colours and also lift the rice with a spoon promoting hand/eye co-ordination. They also had some pasta play where they were able to lift, fill and pour the pasta from their colourful beakers.

It’s lots of fun playing and learning in the Baby Room!

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 03/03/2022

W O R L D B O O K D A Y 🌎
Books and dress up for our boys and girls today… who doesn’t love stories and dressing up right?! 📚 🧥🥻🪖⛑

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 02/03/2022

P A N C A K E S 🥞
On a Tuesday…. And they were yummmm!
Babies, Wobblers, Toddlers and Pre-school had heaps of fun making, flipping and eating the pancakes they made on Pancake Tuesday…. Check out the picks below of our little master chef’s 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 22/01/2022

S P A C E 🚀
It’s been all about Space this month for our boys and girls in the Nursery!

Our Toddlers decided to make their very own space rockets focusing on their creative skills but also using their imagination as they pretend to jet off to the moon 🌙
5…4…3…2…1… BLAST OFF 💥


H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 🥳
Hoping our Children and their families have had a lovely Christmas and Santa has been good to all!

Would like to wish you all a happy and safe new year…. Let’s make 2022 amazing!
Love and hugs 🥰
From All the Staff at Holly House Nursery

We will re-open - Tuesday 4th January 2022

Clear Day Nurseries Are Hiring 22/12/2021

Come and Join our Team 💙

Clear Day Nurseries Are Hiring Say hi to your new career, it’s time to GetGot. We’re changing how people get their perfect job with Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK's premier recruitment website.

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 22/12/2021

C H R I S T M A S P A I N T I N G F U N 🎨 🖌
Toddlers had a lot of fun this month painting and making different Christmas Crafts… they especially loved getting their little feetsies 🦶🏼out and making some large mucky mess using paint and paper 🎄

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 12/12/2021

S A N T A T R I P S 🎅🏼
Ho Ho Ho…. Off we goooo..
pre-school visit Santa’s North Pole!

Preschool went to Hillmount Garden Centre to visit Santa’s Grotto along with his Elves and Reindeer… super trip for all our boys and girls!

Wonder did they all make the good list 🤔
Some of the staff may not have 👀


B A B Y R O O M B O N A N Z A 👶🏻
Halloween Havock 🎃
The babies had a week of fun with Halloween and Autumn activities, getting messy and having a cook a thon creative time…

They had…
• Weetabix sensory play 👶🏻
• Finger painting autumn trees 🍂🍃🍁
• Making pumpkin buns 🧁
• Handprint pumpkins 🎃
• Bat and rice play 🦇

Check out our Cocomelon Pumpkin also 🎃super cute 🥰

Nursery Assistants, Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan/ Portadown and Newtownabbey 25/10/2021

Want to be part of a super team?
all of our nurseries are recruiting… visit our website and take a look 👀


Come and join our team… it’s Clearly the best team to be in 😊


Nursery Assistants, Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan/ Portadown and Newtownabbey Nursery Assistants, Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan/ Portadown and Newtownabbey by admin 0 Comments August 26, 2021 Share We have an excellent opportunities for Full Time and Part Time Nursery Assistants to work in our Nurseries across the Bangor, Belfast, and Lisburn, Lurgan / Portadown and Newtow...

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 25/10/2021

P U M P K I N P A I N T I N G 🎃
Pre school painted their own pumpkin pictures copying the real pumpkin in the middle of the tuft tray… what a super job they all did… fine manipulative skills and control of the paint brush… well done you guys 🎨🖌🟧🟫

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 21/10/2021

S C A R E C R O W 👨🏾‍🌾
🎵i’m a di**le dangle scarecrow with a flippy floppy hat…..🎶
Toddlers had heaps and heaps of fun making a scarecrow this week using:
- old clothing
- a hat
- tights
- buttons
- hay
- and a large pole
And our Unit Head Amanda’s super sewing skills 🧵🪡
Great fun and messy times had by all 😊

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 15/10/2021

C R E A T I V E ….
This week preschool were extremely creative and explored lots of different ways to develop their knowledge and understanding of Autumn time 🍂
firstly we…
• celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving by making pumpkin soup 🎃 and talked all about the different leaves 🍃🍁 and different cultures in which we celebrate all over the world 🌎
• we then made leaf wreaths 🍃🍂🍁
• and not forgetting out handprint Frankenstein 🧟‍♂️ getting ready to celebrate Halloween 👻
What a super week in Preschool… have a super weekend everyone 😊


B A B Y R O O M M E S S Y F U N 🪣 🎨 📦
A little bit of exploring and learning all about me for the month of September…
• Sand Play
• Water Beads Play
• Paint and Bubble Wrap fun
• Pasta Time
• Foam Play fun
• Hide and Seek Boxes - Peek a Boo
The babies had great fun over the month… now bring on Autumn fun 🍂 and some spooktacular activities 👻 for October 🤍

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 07/09/2021

“Happy in our skin” 👧🏽🧒🏼👦🏾👱🏾‍♀️👩🏿‍🦲🧑🏻‍🦳
The children in preschool kick started September off by learning all about me…
They looked at skin colour using different materials to create colours and explored eye colour hair colour and how we are all different in our own unique ways!
The children got to show and tell but also learn so much more about each other.
They even got to enjoy some snack time out in the garden on the picnic tables! 🤍

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 31/08/2021

when the babies had fun using their senses… feeling textures and exploring through the shells and buckets to really get the feel of summer! They also made their very own bus from a cardboard box… super fun had using their imaginination and their senses 🐚 📦

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 22/07/2021

S P L I S H S P L A S H S P L O S H 💦
Wobblers cooling off in the sunny sun by taking a dip in their paddling pool 🤩
Soaked ✔️
Swimming ✔️
Learning ✔️
Not a care in the world ✔️
Loving Life - definitely ✔️

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 20/07/2021

💦 P O O L P A R T I E S 💦
The Children in Pre-school and Toddlers had heaps of fun cooling down and splashing in the water in the sunny sun ☀️
Padding Pool Pals 🏊🏼🏄🏼‍♀️⛱

Photos from Clear Day Nurseries - Holly House's post 01/07/2021

In the outdoor world….
The children in pre-school enjoyed observing nature and painting pictures on our outdoor easals… they took turns, mixed colours, promoted their language skills all while building friendships and having lots of fun 🤩🎨. The children also explored through water play the concept of filling, pouring, floating and sinking… they thoroughly enjoyed this messy afternoon in the bright crisp sun and fresh air ☀️💦

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