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An excellent post below by Guido Gianasso, PhD - Professor of Leadership at HEC Paris in Qatar.


A new tennis champion has emerged. It is fascinating to observe the dynamics taking place around this young lady.

Emma's father is Romanian. Her name is Romanian and she speaks Romanian fluently. Hence she is considered Romanian by millions of Romanians. But Emma has actually never lived in Romania.

Emma's mother is Chinese. She speaks fluent Chinese, as a recent video available on YouTube shows. Hence she is considered a Chinese hero by millions of Chinese, who seem to forget that the PRC discourages international marriages.

Emma was born in Canada but has lived most of her life and trained in the UK. Hence she is considered British by most Britons and was publicly congratulated by the Queen. But the British public that now celebrates her success is the same that voted Brexit with the very objective to make it difficult for East Europeans such as Emma and her father to live in the UK.

The reality is that Emma is not Romanian, Chinese or British. She is much more. She is the outstanding result of the combination of Romanian talent, Chinese work ethics and British openness and sport infrastructure.

At a time when many countries are going back to very ethnocentric models and policies, Emma is the best evidence that National identities are fading and we must embrace a geocentric mindset. Emma Raducanu is the future of mankind.

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Fire in the sky this morning 😮😮😮🥰 🔥 🔥🔥

The Greater Reset – The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th – 29th, 2021 15/01/2021

The Greater Reset – The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th – 29th, 2021

Just came across this online summit which I plan to attend. So sharing as it may be of interest to you too:

The Greater Reset – The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th – 29th, 2021 We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice.


Wishing you well on this 2020 winter solstice. I awoke to this glorious vista this morning 🙏🏻. Take some time today to reflect on what you are grateful for from the past year (despite it’s challenges) and be intentional about what you wish to usher in from here forwards...

For me that’s about us reconnecting with our innate humanity, restoring our interconnection with each other and with nature, and envisioning a better world where we move towards greater harmony and collaboration. What is it for you...?

Take some time today to get out and connect with nature, see beauty in her presence, and if you can, take some time to stargaze at the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction this evening. It should appear to the southwest in the hour or so after sunset 🌟


Take a moment and pause during your day, take a few slow deep breath’s, and just take in the beauty that surrounds you. It’s always there, you just have to look.


Beautifully articulated 🙏🏻❤️

As humans, we have an intuitive sense of what we should and shouldn't do.

It's not in our physiology or intuitive awareness to wake up in the morning and say, I’d love some chemotherapy today...

or -

What a day for a statin drug to shut down the primary metabolic anti-inflammatory capacity of my liver...
or -

Today is a beautiful day to inject a mix of chemicals, foreign genetic material, and toxic metals into my arm to disrupt my innate relationship to the 1,000,000,000,000,000 viral components that in my blood stream right now ...

Your body knows health, the pathways to support health, clean water, soil, food, air, sun, movement, curiosity, and sleep.

So then how does the U.S. build a $400 billion a year chemotherapy industry? By creating a narrative of biologic helplessness. No mention of the extraordinary healing and regenerative capacity of our biology, then from there, leveraging emotions that overcome the physiologic repulsion to these chemical interventions. Fear and guilt. With cancer patients, they're scared to imagine they may die and leave behind loved ones if they don't undergo this treatment. no other options are offered.

The reality is that we all will die. Biology goes through a life and death (rebirth) process, which is unrelated to cancer. And yet, Western medicine inserts this concept that we’re all going to live — until we get a life-threatening illness.

The US is clearly the most fearful nation. We spend $3.7 Trillion on disease management, 7 times or more as most developed nations. With only 4% the US reports 20% of global deaths in this pandemic. We spend 4 times more money on disease care than military defense and homeland security.

Disease is what we are most afraid of...

What it fundamentally comes down to is emotion. People on the most profound healing journeys begin by letting go of fear and guilt and inserting joy and love. Joy and love are states of being that can last a lifetime — a permanent infrastructure that you build your worldview on.

In forgetting that we are from nature, we create lifestyles of isolation from nature. We fight against Mother Nature as a species, then medical science comes along and begins battling the biology within our own bodies.

It is time to identify what you fear, and realize the tools you are about to reach for are not resolving, but instead heightening the source of that fear. The chemical tools you are reaching for are taking us further from nature, including our own nature.

We are a lonely species. Let's start a journey into radical reconnection. With nature, with our own bodies, our intuition, one another.


Who agrees with Bucky?

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Today is the 4 week-versary of my move to France. To celebrate we took a walk on the beach this evening and I’m now enjoying a glass of rosé 🍷 back at the apartment.

Whilst I’m thrilled to be here, it’s often felt very much like an uphill climb and I’m still quite overwhelmed. Wouldn’t change it though. Sending love to you all 💕💕


Taking a minute enjoy the early morning in the garden on this glorious Sunday morning 👍❤️ Wishing you all a wonderful day xx 😘


Luscious walk along the Veneon river in the Oisans Valley, French Alps


Kiss the Ground Trailer (2020)

Kiss The Ground movie premieres today! Potentially "The Most Important Film You’ll Ever Watch”

Watch Kiss the Ground on Netflix anytime on today, then join the Global Watch Party Q&A at 6 PM PT on Facebook Live with Gisele Bündchen, Woody Harrelson and Ian Somerhalder, plus the farmers, activists and filmmakers behind Kiss the Ground.


"Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece."

~ Ralph Charell

Why Aren't We Promoting Health to Combat COVID? 14/08/2020

Why Aren't We Promoting Health to Combat COVID?

It's an unfortunate fact that health officials and pandemic response authorities, by and large, are completely ignoring the role a healthy lifestyle plays in the COVID-19 pandemic... :(

Why Aren't We Promoting Health to Combat COVID? Processed foods, junk foods and soft drinks are culprits in the rise of obesity and chronic diseases that in turn increase the likelihood of death from COVID-19.

Photos from ZACH BUSH MD's post 12/08/2020

In a ‘pandemic’ it is especially important to understand how to support your immune system, but frankly I believe it’s important all the time. If you want to live a live of vibrant health, then this is essential knowledge! 🍍🥑🍓

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

25 Day Detox Cleanse - Day #1
I’ve been deep in research for my new health programme (launching next month) and am deep diving into practising what I preach with a cleanse.
I’ll be sharing my progress each day help others improve their health and also to keep myself accountable. Watch this space...


Our very fate is in the hands of our decisions in the next decade. Are you awake to how close to the brink we really are, or are you still snoozing???

We have 8 years to fundamentally change our agricultural system globally.*

We are going to have to see the most explosive situation of awareness in innovation, engineering, and shift of mindset than has ever happened on the planet if we're going to survive. If we don't change in 8 years, we will tip into a process of extinction within the oceans that will predict the extinction of all life on Earth.

Fortunately, I believe that we are in a point of human history where consciousness is rising in a way that what seemed impossible last year is possible right now.

This pandemic focused the world for the very first time on a single thing, and although I think it was misplaced, COVID changed the collective’s frequency.

This is what we try to do in meditation all the time. It doesn't matter if it's your breath you're focused on or the leaf of a tree you're meditating on. If you can bring your mind into focus over one thing, decrease all the other activity around that one thing, then you get to this opportunity to change your resonance, change your literal frequency of information coming in and out of your body, and you think differently, you behave differently, you become more spiritually aware.

I find it fascinating that it wasn't the extinction of the planet by our own species over the next 60 to 80 years that made us pause. It was just this one story of a virus that might cause a pandemic that caused us all to stop.

That is symptomatic of our narcissism.

We don't care about the planet, so we won't stop a global economy, but we do care about our own survival if it might be wiped out in the next few months. Even if it's just a very small sector of our population, like 0.0001% of the whole world that dies, we'll still stop the entire economy.

I’m hopeful in the sense that we just proved that if we all focused on one thing, we could create immediate systemic and systematic change throughout all sectors that we've been told we couldn't change.
This is a part of my recent conversation with on his podcast. Listen to the interview here:

Image of pollution in Gulf of Mexico


Timeline photos 24/12/2019

Wishing you a joyful holiday season full of Christmas cheer and time with loved ones.

May 2020, and the new decade to follow, be one of magic and wonder where all your dreams come true...

Very best wishes, Kyle


Love this! Totally aligns with my 'Greet the day with gratitude' practice

Beyond Limits Group - Igniting the Potential in Individuals & Organisations 06/11/2019

Beyond Limits Group - Igniting the Potential in Individuals & Organisations

Last week was a bit of a mammoth week and all of my entrepreneurial endeavours (collectively named the Beyond Limits Group) had a brand makeover and refresh, along with a new website to bring them all together! I'm really pleased with the result:
I'd love to hear what you think of the new image...

Beyond Limits Group - Igniting the Potential in Individuals & Organisations The Beyond Limits Group helps individuals and organisations ignite their potential and supercharge their performance. We are committed to facilitating radical positive change and to creating lasting results!


Happy Friday All! I'm still engaged in the visibility challenge and today's taks is to share about my epertise and credibility - so here goes!

The way I help create transformation for others is... by igniting their potential and reaching deep inside to bring out their true power and strength; by getting right to the heart of what is holding them back, and both challenging and guiding them to breakthrough limits and boundaries and step into new territory.

I believe I am credible because... I have both a vast amount of experience and training, and I get amazing feedback from my clients.

I'm reframing how I see myself by...regularly focusing on my success and practising gratitude.


This week I am participating in a 5 day visibility challenge, so here is what I had to create for that for Day 2. What are you doing to challenge yourself?

- I know it's crucial to share great content with my audience because... it showcases who I am and how I can help them.
- The content I’ve created that I’m most proud of is… my VIP programme framework. It’s only available one to one, but it is my best work and blows people’s minds!
- When I share valuable content I'm able to... make a difference to people and help them take another step towards their dream life or business.
- My "why" for pushing through my resistance to consistently produce content is... ‘too many people are sleep-walking through life and they need help to wake up to the adventure of being alive!’


I was asked what I stand for yesterday - here's my answer 😍

"I stand for ‘Waking people up the adventure of being alive’ – for inciting people to Live, and Lead, Untamed and Unafraid – to really LIVE - fully, authentically, boldly, and to LEAD – to step up make a difference in whatever way they feel called.

I also stand for creating ‘movements’ – for being people together to make a difference in a bigger way than we might on our own "

Thrive Retreat – French Alps, Sept 2019 – Agents of Change Alliance 15/04/2019

Thrive Retreat – French Alps, Sept 2019 – Agents of Change Alliance

Caroline Purkhardt and I have been busy putting the final touches to the programme for the upcoming Thrive Retreat in September. We've designed a phenomenal
event that will help you make the next big shift. Full details will be published shortly, but in the meantime you still have the opportunity to book your place at the crazy mavericks rate on offer...

Thrive Retreat – French Alps, Sept 2019 – Agents of Change Alliance

This programme has changed my life! - Kyle Newman 10/04/2019

This programme has changed my life! - Kyle Newman

I recently just completed my Live Untamed and Unafraid VIP Coaching Intensive with one of my clients. It’s amazing to see how this programme blows clients minds and helps them go way beyond what they perceive is possible! Here’s what Valerie shared about her experience…

This programme has changed my life! - Kyle Newman Here’s some feedback I received on my Live Untamed and Unafraid VIP Coaching Intensive a couple of weeks back that it’s my true pleasure to be able to share with you. Valerie is amazing!

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