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CauveryWASI: A Wildlife Documentary Master's Project 14/06/2024

🐟 For their Master's Project, MA Film and Television Production students Shubh Tripathi and Syed Ishaq landed on a wildlife documentary, CauveryWASI.

The project focuses on the Humpback Mahseer fish, a critically endangered fish native to the Cauvery River, India.

In today's blog, the duo shared their 2,000km filming experience, including the ups and downs of this once in a lifetime project...

CauveryWASI: A Wildlife Documentary Master's Project London MA Students Shubh Tripathi & Syed Ishaq share their journey to CauveryWASI, their wildlife documentary Master's Project...


Thank you to Independent Higher Education, who featured MetFilm School in their Manifesto for Higher Education.

The full publication outlines how Independent Higher Education institutions can play a pivotal part in delivering a modern and diverse system which promotes innovation, excellence, and flexibility.

🔗 Check out the full piece:


👋 Good morning from UCAS Colchester!

Visit Robbie & Lee at Stand 5 to talk all things FILM.

🚌 We've got five more stops on this years HE Fair tour - where will we be seeing you?

→ UCAS Liverpool (14 June)
→ UCAS Leeds (19-20 June)
→ UK University Search London (21 June)
→ UCAS Birmingham (24-25 June)
→ Step-Up Expo (28-29 June)

Photos from MetFilm School's post 11/06/2024

🤠 Step into the (virtual) Wild West...

Back in April, our MA Screen Acting students visited Garden Studios for a western-inspired scene on the Virtual Production stage!

📸 Aleesha Rane (IG: aleeshaarane)

Photos from MetFilm School's post 10/06/2024

🎉🙌 Over the weekend, we hosted TWO events at our London Campus!

Thank you for everyone who joined us at our Undergraduate Open Day and our Short Course Discovery Session!


London Summer Open Day
10am: BA Degrees
2pm: MA Degrees & Short Courses


Writing 'Iscariot' with Leeds BA Student Joshua Humphreys 07/06/2024

🚨 In crime short, ISCARIOT, Alex Bennett must prove to a detective that he had nothing to do with his wife's sudden death... but is he telling the truth?

Written by Leeds student, Joshua Humphreys, the project is a collaboration between a group of our Leeds BA Content, Media & Film Production students.

In today's blog, we spoke to Joshua to find out more...

〰 〰 〰


▪️ Director & Production Designer: Kim Muchiza
▪️ 1st AD: Leibonie Hutchinson
▪️ Writer: Joshua Humphreys
▪️ Producer: Katie Wyles
▪️ Director of Photography: Ráquan Cameron-Williams
▪️ Sound & Editor: Michael Carey
▪️ Gaffer: Sahar-Imaan Sajid

Writing 'Iscariot' with Leeds BA Student Joshua Humphreys Joshua Humphreys takes us BTS of Iscariot, a crime short following Alex Bennett, a widow accused of murdering his wife...

Choose your future 06/06/2024

⏰ Calling all BA applicants!

If you applied via UCAS on or before May 16, today is the LAST DAY to reply to your choices. Otherwise, all choices will be automatically declined.

➡️ Head to to get started!

Choose your future At the heart of connecting people to higher education

Photos from MetFilm School's post 05/06/2024

⚡ This week, the team at Garden Studios are busy introducing Virtual Production to a new cohort of 1 & 3-Day students!

What do these courses include?

→ Uncover the fundamental concepts of Virtual Production
→ Navigate essential technologies and concepts
→ Gain insights into Unreal Engine, ICVFX, and the Virtual Art Department
→ 3-Day: Explore nDisplay, Genlock, and Colour Pipelines

🤔 Interested? Find out more below!

1️⃣ Day Virtual Production:
3️⃣ Day Virtual Production:

The Power of Set Design with BA Graduate Suzi McDowell 04/06/2024

💡 The Power of Set Design with Suzi McDowell...

In today's blog, we caught up with BA Content, Media and Film Production Graduate, Suzi McDowell, to find out more about her Graduation Project, THE DOLL'S HOUSE.

A surreal short, the film follows Dee, who is consumed by a growing obsession with her mother's carer - and as Production Designer and Costumer, Suzi ensured that the visuals reflected themes of obsession, lust, and desire.

Read the full interview below!

The Power of Set Design with BA Graduate Suzi McDowell Through the work of her Graduation Project, The Doll's House, BA Graduate Suzi McDowell shares her passion for set design...


⏰ Our next batch of Open Events are fast approaching... will we be seeing you at one our upcoming dates?

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

London BA Open Day
This Saturday (8th June), 10am BST | Ealing Studios

London Short Course Discovery Session
This Saturday (8th June), 11am BST | Ealing Studios

London Summer Open Day (BA & MA)
Saturday 13th July, 10am or 2pm BST | Ealing Studios

Digital Film Practice Discovery Session
Weds 31st July, 2pm BST | Garden Studios

Deep Dish: A Docuseries from MA Graduates Justin Herrera & David Moench 30/05/2024

🗺️🍴🌿 Food, Community, Sustainability...

MA Graduates from our Berlin campus, David Moench and Justin Herrera have embarked on an ambitious new docuseries, DEEP DISH.

The project will taken them around the globe, exploring the culinary harmony between remote communities and their environment.

✈️ Their first stop was the Lofoten Islands in Norway - and in today's blog, we caught up with the duo to find out more...

Deep Dish: A Docuseries from MA Graduates Justin Herrera & David Moench Food, Community, Environment: Justin Herrera & David Moench visit the Lofoten Islands for their new docuseries, Deep Dish.

Jared Yeh | Cinematography Reel 2021-2023 29/05/2024

🎥 Graduate Spotlight: Jared Yeh | WooehMoeh Films

A culmination of three years of work - including MetFilm School's 2023 co-production of Benita Bailey's From The Mountain, check out MA Cinematography Graduate Jared Yeh's Showreel below!

Check out Jared's work on his website:

Jared Yeh | Cinematography Reel 2021-2023 Jared Yeh Cinematography Reel|Filmmaking Showreel

Kieran Houston's A Canny Lad makes the 2024 BIFF Gold List 28/05/2024

🏅 Congratulations to MA Screenwriting Graduate, Kieran Houston, who made the The Film Festival Guild's Gold List with his Final Project, A CANNY LAD!

Since graduating from our London campus, Kieran has joined the team at Plimsoll.

In today's blog, we caught up with Kieran to learn more about his trainee experience, his BIFF nomination, and more...

Kieran Houston's A Canny Lad makes the 2024 BIFF Gold List Kieran Houston wrote A Canny Lad as his Final Project for MA Screenwriting. Since then, it's been nominated for the 2024 BIFF Gold List...


🤔 So, you’re thinking of MA Directing?

The first in our new series of MA Course Videos, get to know MA Directing from the people who know it best!

Watch the video below for student and graduate perspectives, as well as an overview of the course from Discipline Leader, Athanasios Karanikolas...

Interested in MA Directing?
📩 [email protected]

MA Directing to HETV Trainee: Anindini Sen’s First Year of Success 23/05/2024

💭 'It's important to realise that most people in the industry - or who are trying to get a break in the industry - are there for their love of films. Just like you.'

After graduating from MA Directing in Leeds, Anindini Sen joined ScreenSkills for their HETV AD Traineeship!

In today's blog...

→ Explore Anindini's Directing Style
→ Tips for Filmmaking Newcomers
→ Why is Leeds a Top Student City?

Plus, her favourite memories from MA Directing - including last year's collaboration with Screen Yorkshire!

MA Directing to HETV Trainee: Anindini Sen’s First Year of Success MA Directing Graduate Anindini Sen reflects on his time at our Leeds Campus, and his ScreenSkills 1st AD Traineeship!

Photos from MetFilm School's post 22/05/2024


Two friends, once inseparable, have been haunted by the echoes of a conflict that transpired over a decade ago.

As they find themselves at a crossroads, the complexities of human relationships and the transformative nature of forgiveness are revealed...

🎉 Congratulations to Hardik Manmode and the team behind MEMORY LANE, which made the Official Selection at the Lift-Off Global Network!

〰 〰 〰

▪️ Director/Editor: Hardik Manmode
▪️ Writer: Ben Lonergan
▪️ Producer: Shubham Dalvi
▪️ Director of Photography: Cassandra Chevrette
▪️ Assistant Director: Lyn-li To
▪️ Sound Mixer: Robert Andrews Wood

▪️ Cast: A***n Chavda
▪️ Cast: Deshaye Gayle

Making 12 Films in 12 Months with Luigi Cogliani (MA Directing) 21/05/2024

From a documentary on exorcism, to a green screen character, to an entire short film shot in a single take...

These are just a few of the projects that MA Directing student Luigi Cogliani has taken on THIS YEAR, dedicating 2024 to his 'Film A Month' Challenge.

In today's blog, we caught up with Luigi to hear more about the challenge, MA Directing, and his passion for filmmaking...

Making 12 Films in 12 Months with Luigi Cogliani (MA Directing) In January 2024, Luigi Cogliani decided to start his 'Film A Month' Challenge - in today's blog, he shared his top filmmaking tips...


🎬 Ready to enter the world of MA Directing?

Available in London, Berlin, and Leeds from September 2024.

→ Gain advanced insights into the interpretation of story and performance
→ Learn to interpret scripts for a variety of screen platforms and contexts
→ Develop your skills as a leader and a collaborator, including in directing actors

Find out more:

Photos from MetFilm School's post 17/05/2024

✨ Met Gala... The MetFilm Edition!

Our Leeds students celebrated the end of term in style with a performance by BA Acting for Screen student, Finley Barratt-Carter!

🎉 Congratulations to everyone on another fantastic year - here's to the next one!

Cinematographer Mari Yamamura on best thriller short film award 16/05/2024

Recently featured in British Cinematographer... MA Directing Graduate Zen Nguyen's Graduation Project, SCARLET SILENCE!

The film won Best Thriller at the London Global Film Awards, and in the interview below, British Cinematographer spoke with the film's Cinematographer, Mari Yamamura...

Cinematographer Mari Yamamura on best thriller short film award "It’s great to receive an award like this because it’s a proof that the director’s vision is recognised by the industry professionals."

MetFilm School Leeds Open Day - Saturday 18 May 2024 15/05/2024


Join us THIS SATURDAY at our Prime Studios campus for our Leeds Open Day!

🎟️ Tickets still available for our 10am slot!

MetFilm School Leeds Open Day - Saturday 18 May 2024 Book now for this MetFilm School Leeds Open Day, covering all six BA & MA Degrees at our Prime Studios campus!


🎥 A unique opportunity to develop your skills for the world of cinematography...

Available in London, Berlin, and Leeds from September 2024.

→ Employ a range of technical and creative camera techniques
→ Explore a range of film formats and processes
→ Develop crucial soft skills for succeeding in the industry

Find out more:


🙌 Let the games begin!

This week, we were thrilled to welcome Costas Mandylor (best known as Mark Hoffman in the SAW franchise), to our Leeds campus!

Best known as Mark Hoffman in the SAW franchise, Costas spoke to our students about being fearless as an actor, 'owning' every role you take - and of course, he shared some inspirational stories about working with Jack Nicholson and Vanessa Redgrave along the way.

A huge thank you to Costas for taking the time to visit MetFilm School Leeds!

Fiction, Factual & Recreation: Post Production with Andra Sascau 09/05/2024

🖥️ While studying MA Post Production, Andra Sascau got the chance to edit a portion of MetFilm Production's THE REASON I JUMP.

From there, Andra has worked with MetFilm Production as an Assistant Editor, including on last years' Apple TV series, THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST.

In today's blog, we caught up with Andra - as well as speaking with Director Jerry Rothwell - to learn more about her journey into post production...

Fiction, Factual & Recreation: Post Production with Andra Sascau MA Post Production Graduate Andra Sascau on her editing journey, with insights from The Enfield Poltergeist Director, Jerry Rothwell...


💻 Gain advanced insight into the world of editing and post production across today's screen industries...

One-Year, Full-Time. Available in London.

→ Explore video and audio production pipelines
→ Learn more about Non Linear Editing for documentary filmmaking
→ Understand offline editing, post production workflows, and data management

Find out more:

MetFilm School London Short Course Discovery Session - Saturday 8 June 07/05/2024


Interested in a Short Course at MetFilm School?

Join us at our EALING STUDIOS campus on Saturday 8 June for our Short Course Discovery Session!

🔍 What could you study?

MetFilm School London Short Course Discovery Session - Saturday 8 June Book now for our Short Course Discovery Session at Ealing Studios in London - including a course presentation and interactive workshop!

Photos from MetFilm School's post 03/05/2024

🎬 Presenting... SACRIFICE

The upcoming Graduation Project from our BA Content, Media & Film Production students in London, the short film sees a young girl trying to reconnect with her father after her mother's passing.

Despite her efforts, her father is so overcome with grief that he refuses to let his wife go... looking for ways to bring her back to life...

😮💭 We're looking forward to seeing just how far her father will go in the final film!

〰 〰 〰


▪️ Director, Writer: KC Ugwu
▪️ Writer, Sound Recordist: Carlo Hall
▪️ 1st AD: Anita Amarachi
▪️ DOP, Editor: Kim Sobotie
▪️ DOP: Caitlin Ruddock
▪️ Gaffer, Editor: Joe Thomas
▪️ Producer: Jessica Willis
▪️ Producer: Gabby Chaplin
▪️ Producer, Grip: Alfie Bowering
▪️ Production Designer: Anaya Beckett
▪️ Sound Designer: Dylan Moura-Garcia


My Reason for Being: Family & Filmmaking with Julie Kebbi 02/05/2024

When MA Documentary & Factual Graduate, Julie Kebbi, decided to make MY REASON FOR BEING, she had a clear objective in mind:

'To tell a story that, ultimately, is universal, and that people from all backgrounds can relate to and find some solace in.'

Julie's documentary short - which features her own mother as the protagonist - is currently on the festival circuit, having recently shown at the Beirut International Women's Film Festival.

My Reason for Being: Family & Filmmaking with Julie Kebbi MA Documentary & Factual Graduate Julie Kebbi takes her through the filmmaking process of her personal documentary short, My Reason for Being.

Photos from MetFilm School's post 01/05/2024


As part of our MA Screen Acting degree, students have the chance to explore technology-enhanced performances, including:

▪️ Virtual Production
▪️ Green Screen
▪️ Performance Capture

➡️ Go BTS of a recent class at Garden Studios, the perfect home for such training!

📸 Thank you to BA Practical Filmmaking student Aleesha Rane for capturing these images!

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