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Excel in Key Subjects provides high quality tuitions and revision classes in English, Maths, Science and other key subjects for GCSE and A-level exam grades

Excel in Key Subjects provides high quality tuitions and revision classes – Easter Revision, Christmas Revision, Half-Term Revision and Saturday Schools in London and the Home Counties. We recognise that many students fail to make the exam grades they are capable of, often through little or no fault of their own. We founded Excel in Key Subjects specifically to address the issue of underperformanc

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[04/20/20]   You’ve still got to paddle your own canoe!

It is foolish to leave everything to the government and the experts to sort out. Whilst I strongly agree that one ought to take the opinion of experts into account when making decisions, we live in a world where there is a huge amount of information available at our fingertips. From experience, we have learned that, when faced with a crisis of this magnitude, it is usually up to the individual person or family to make critical decisions. Of course, we ought to recognize the opinions and recommendations of large institutions such as the government and other expert bodies such as the BMA and WHO, etc. But I would like to draw an analogy between the current coronavirus situation and trying to paddle a canoe across a wide sea in very turbulent waters. The government and experts provide the navigation equipment and radar and so on to help us navigate and, perhaps, row safely; however, success ultimately depends on the ability of the individual family or person to read and interpret the navigation gadget and row safely to a safe shore.

[04/18/20]   The bigger picture of cancellation of exams

Cancelling or delaying exams would have a knock-on effect regarding university placements, so this is another reason why such a measure may not be taken. In the event of school closures, contingency plans are being drawn up to allow students to still sit their exams, although, as yet, exact details remain unclear.

It must be said that it is extremely unlikely that the GCSE exams will be cancelled, or even postponed, as both options have serious ramifications. In the event they are cancelled, what is likely to happen is that students will be awarded an estimated grade in each of the subjects, a situation that many will consider to be hugely unjust. There is a very strong case for disagreeing with cancellation as many students accelerate their performance in the months and weeks leading up to the summer examinations. For those students who may have sped up their potential performance at the last minute, an estimation of grades, based on teachers’ recommendations, is unlikely to take into account such 11th-hour improvements. In my view, the issue of massive disruption that results to examinations and qualifications is the third most serious concern, superseded only by the notion of loved ones being seriously ill or dying and of an economic slowdown or decline. There is no easy way out of this situation for the young people, their parents and the government. It is unfortunate that the coronavirus situation has added to the already existing anxiety as young people face their summer examinations. The worry is that it is more likely to get worse than get better. All we can do is to work hard at minimising the damage that will be done.

[04/16/20]   Technology – a blessing and a curse!

Whilst technology has come to the rescue and we must explore it to the fullest, taking into consideration the fact that schools are looking at teaching the full daily timetable online, there is a big question mark hanging over the likeliness of the success and effectiveness of such an approach, for two reasons:

1. It is already so close to the exams that no matter how effective the use of remote teaching proves, there will still be considerable disruption, not least psychologically, in the minds of the students. This is mainly because they will be using an unfamiliar system when they face the first major test of their academic lives
2. People use the internet and computers in a very unproductive way, as most people allow themselves to be distracted whilst using their computer to do serious work that demands a high level of concentration and focus. Incoming messages and other distractions in the home environment are a great challenge

There is no guarantee that teenagers will change their behaviour and stay on task when they are learning online for such a prolonged period of time.


Coronavirus – how can Excel in Key Subjects help?

Below are some of the features of Excel in Key Subjects regarding how it operates its Saturday classes and intensive revision during school holidays. Some of these features make our operation less risky in comparison to the traditional, larger classroom sizes

*Teaching in groups of five to six students – with the largest number being eight students in a group

* Gatherings during lunchtime usually have a maximum of 15 people congregating in an area

*Material that is covered focuses on the key aspects of each student’s specification and teaching of the content is followed by exam question practice in every session

* Because of the coronavirus, for vulnerable young people, or due to parental concern or the fact that a member of their family is of a higher risk, we have been providing resources by sending work home to students. We expect the students to do the work and submit it for marking and feedback by our teachers.

*We have been working on a contingency plan in the unlikely event that we have to shut down classes. This will be aimed at delivering lessons online via a video link and getting students to do assignments and submit them for marking and feedback

*Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, all recommendations by Public Health England are monitored and observed.



Boost your child's GCSE/ IGCSE/A-Level exam grades in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology with our Saturday Classes.
Register your interest now to give your child the weekend weak-end boost.
We also run Intensive Review Classes during school holidays and Easter break for the core subjects. https://bit.ly/2TFuLiB


With our Saturday classes, your child can easily excel at GCSE maths. We also run intensive revision classes during school holidays and the Easter break in all GCSE subjects! Register now to give your child the weekend weak-end boost. https://bit.ly/2TFuLiB


GCSE/ IGCSE exam grades

Boost your child's GCSE/ IGCSE exam grades in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology with our Saturday Classes.
Register your interest now to give your child the weekend weak-end boost.
We also run Intensive Review Classes during school holidays and Easter break for the core subjects.


excelinkeysubjects.com 15/03/2019

Excel in key subjects

Boost your child's GCSE/ IGCSE exam grades in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology with our Saturday Classes.

Register your interest now to give your child the weekend weak-end boost.

We also run Intensive Review Classes during school holidays and Easter break for the core subjects. https://bit.ly/2TFuLiB

excelinkeysubjects.com Excel in key subjects

excelinkeysubjects.com 15/03/2019

Excel in key subjects

Boost your child’s A-level exam performance. With our Saturday classes, your child will excel!
Register now, give your child the weekend weak-end boost.
If they need a boost before exams then register interest for our intensive revision courses during school holidays and the Easter break.

excelinkeysubjects.com Excel in key subjects


As the final few weeks of the school term pass by, and the exam period finishes for those in GCSE and A level, many students and parents are turning their thoughts to the summer break ahead.

The summer holidays allow us time to rest and get some perspective on our progress in life, but they also provide us the time to tackle things that we often don't have time to do during term time.

Here's list of a few of the things that students should consider to have their most productive summer ever…

Read on the blog: http://excelinkeysubjects.com/7-ways-to-make-the-most-of-your-summer-holidays/

Rest & Relaxation

Making productive use of your summer break to get an academic edge and to further career prospects is a great idea, but it's important to remember that as well as experiencing a fierce level of competition from fellow students, young people today are under an unprecedented amount of pressure to perform and succeed. The summer break (particularly for year 11 and 13 students) can provide students with just that - a break. The first few weeks of summer can be a great time for students to rest & relax, allowing them to forget about studying for a few weeks and recharge their batteries in preparation for the year ahead.

Take up a New Skill

Working on new skills and hobbies that aren't related to your chosen school subjects can be a great way to relax, whilst also developing yourself in a way that boosts your CV and can impress future employers. Career prospects aside, working on areas outside your chosen domain is one of the best ways to become a well-rounded and interesting person, expanding your horizons and becoming an effective adult. Here are some ideas we like:
Continue reading on the blog -

excelinkeysubjects.com 08/06/2017

21 Exam Booster Tips - Day 4 - Excel in Key Subjects

Day 4 of our exam tips is here - http://excelinkeysubjects.com/21-exam-booster-tips-day-4/

excelinkeysubjects.com 10. Revise on the go! Make use of the time you spend travelling each day by keeping flashcards of key points from each of your subjects with you at all times. Whether your journeys are made by bus, or train, last hour, or half – make every minute count by taking flashcards with you. Write [...]

excelinkeysubjects.com 06/06/2017

21 Exam Booster Tips - Day 3 - Excel in Key Subjects

Our teachers share some more tips on succesfully navigating exam period:


excelinkeysubjects.com 7. Count those sheep and catch those Zzzzz’s! Ensure you get adequate amounts of sleep during your revision and examination period. It has been scientifically proven that sleep helps memories to consolidate. At least half an hour before you plan to go to bed ensure that you turn off all electronic i...


21 Exam Booster Tips - Day 2 - Excel in Key Subjects

Are you avoiding the common revision mistakes and maximising your chance of exam success?

We're here to help you through exam period with Day 2 of our essential exam tips:


excelinkeysubjects.com 4. Revision does not have to be static! Combine revision with exercise. Build exercise into your revision programme. You can exercise your body and your mind at once! Record yourself reciting revision points and listen to them whilst on a jog or brisk walk, or do a circuit session with each exercise...

excelinkeysubjects.com 02/06/2017

21 Exam Booster Tips - Day 1 - Excel in Key Subjects

Summer examinations are upon us!

We've put together some unmissable exam tips to help you through this summer exam period to your best grades ever.

You can see part 1 of our examination tips series here:


excelinkeysubjects.com 1. Make a detailed revision plan and stick to it! ‘Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail’ – indeed, this should be your mantra throughout your revision period. Take time to map-out a detailed revision plan in order to ensure you have revised every topic at least twice, and completed timed past-pa...

excelinkeysubjects.com 04/05/2017

Yet more confusion about the new GCSE Grade 9 to 1 - Excel in Key Subjects

Confused about the new GCSE grading system? The proposed changes in grading, from an A-G system to a 9-1 system has raised some questions amongst schools and teachers, which we've addressed in the week's blog post:


excelinkeysubjects.com There is yet more confusion about the new GCSE grade 9 to 1, with the government saying that there will be a different yardstick to measure the success of a school from that used to measure the success of a particular student, based on the new grading system that takes effect this summer. From this…


3 Must-Know Tips For Higher Exam Grade (Backed By Science)

When it comes to exams, there is no absolute 'scientific' way to revise, since what works well for one student does not necessarily work for another, and each student has their own learning style.

However, scientific studies point out a few broad principles for higher performance that we can incorporate into our exam preparation, whether it's in the months leading up to your exams or what you do the morning before a particular exam.

Today we've got 3 quick tips for you, backed by science.

1. Relax!

Research shows that you perform difficult tasks (such as a GCSE/A-Level exam) much better in a relaxed state (compared to simple tasks like walking/talking, where higher stress levels can be beneficial). The famous Yerkes-Dodson law illustrates this and has lead for some to advise light exercise and relaxation in the hours before an exam rather than last minute cramming.

How to implement: It's important to minimise stress on the day of the exam, and hard work & practice in the weeks leading up to exams can help students tackle their exams with confidence. Our intensive revision sessions in London are designed to focus on exam technique and improve student's confidence leading up to exams. More info on our may intensives here: http://www1.excelinkeysubjects.com/may-revision-courses

2. Practise Exams

No surprises here, but "retrieval practice" (test-enhanced learning) is associated with superior performance in exams. For subjects that require a large amount of factual information, practise exams help students recall and re-remember information they may have forgotten, helping them retain vital knowledge, and for essay style subjects, practise exams allow students to work on their exam technique (a vital skill set in itself). Practising exams probably helps with the point above too, allowing students to feel relaxed and confident going into an exam, since it's a familiar situation to them.

How to implement: Schools provide past papers for students to practice with as well as mock exams in January. Our two/three day and one day revision sessions at UCL focus on exam technique and practice. More info here: http://www1.excelinkeysubjects.com/may-revision-courses

3. Smaller classes

Teaching experts generally recommend smaller classes as providing better outcomes, and a few studies have corroborated these claims. Smaller classes allow more personalised attention directed at students (without the intensity that puts some students off one-on-one tuition), improved student participation as there is loss opportunity for quieter students to 'hide', and less time by teachers spent on classroom management.

How to implement: Class size is a key metric to look at when looking at schools or colleges for your child. At Excel in Key Subjects, our revision sessions run with a maximum class size of 8 at GCSE and 6 a A-Level. More info here: http://www1.excelinkeysubjects.com/may-revision-courses

- - - - - - -

When it comes to revision, students will have to find what works for them in their own learning style, but there are still some general tips that can help.

We hope you find these tips useful, please let us know what you think

Excel in Key Subjects

excelinkeysubjects.clickfunnels.com 21/04/2017

Special 6

With only a few weeks of teaching time before the summer examinations, a lot can still be achieved. As we hit the final straight of the academic year, it's a crucial time for students to maintain the momentum in their studies and revision, whilst also honing their exam technique and practice.

Given the right support and provided action is taken promptly, improving exam grades by at least one grade point is still a distinct possibility. With that in mind we're pleased to announce 3 different courses proven to positively impact the exam grades of GCSE and A-Level students in year 10 to year 13.

Forthcoming and on-going programmes before the summer examinations:

a. Special 6 Saturday Classes - Saturday Classes on 6 Saturdays leading up to the summer examinations, starting 29th April

b. Summer Half Term Intensive Revision: 2 day (GCSE) or 3 day (A-Level) intensive revision courses during half term, 28th May to 4th June

c. One Day Intensive Courses - Full-day revision courses running on Sundays from now until the Summer examinations.

To register, please click one of links above and fill in your details. Alternatively, call us on 020 7112 4832 or email us at: [email protected]

excelinkeysubjects.clickfunnels.com UCL


Mo Farah plans to run twice on Christmas Day

Throwback to the time Mo Farah did two runs on Christmas Day. Preparation is key 🔑🔑🔑.

Subscribe for the latest sports news from The Press Association: http://bit.ly/XmEY05 The athlete covers 70 miles - and will be stepping up the distance to 1...


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