The Everything of Theory

The Everything of Theory

ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Tuition. Group lessons to suit the individual student - study for the ex

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"Music Theory can benefit every career path within music." 🎵

Our new blog series highlights what Music Theory means to our ABRSM scholars. 💥

Catch up on Ewan's thoughts today:


A house that plays music when it rains in Dresden, Germany.


Yay! 100% pass rate for the online exams in the summer, despite some massive teething problems with the software. Well done everyone - I'm very proud of you.


Next course starts on 12th October - everything has been updated for the new online exams.


The ABRSM is planning for all future theory exams up to Grade 5 to be taken online. There were pilot exams in August, which didn't go particularly smoothly! Hopefully lessons will have been learned in time for the next exam session 😀


Yesterday's word, pizzicato, means plucked - string players only obviously - and after a pizzicato passage, the music will be marked arco, to tell the player to use the bow.

The next performance direction is also for string players - sul ponticello.


Arco means 'play with the bow' - an instruction you will find after today's word, which is pizzicato.


Sul G means 'on the G string' - obviously one for the string players, usually violinists, as the instruction is to play on the G string (lowest string) and change position to accommodate higher notes.

Today's word is arco.


A sordini is a mute - hence senza sordini (without mute) or con sordini (with mute). Brass players and string players use mutes but not other instruments.

Today's performance direction is 'sul G'.


Volta means time (as in the first time or the second time). Today's word is sordini


Sorry I've missed a few days - I've been enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Triste or tristamente mean sad, sorrowful.

Today's word is volta.


Tranquillo is quite an easy one to guess! It means calm, peaceful.

Today's words are triste or tristamente - both mean the same thing.


Subito means suddenly - for example, subito piano means suddenly play quietly.

Today's word is tranquillo - quite straightforward to guess what this means!


Stringendo means 'gradually getting faster'. Today's word is 'subito'.


Yesterday's word, risoluto, means 'bold, strong' - there are similarities with the word 'resolute'. Our new word for today is stringendo. Come back tomorrow for its meaning.


Ben means well or good. It will be used with another word, for example ben legato means literally 'well smooth' but we wouldt turn that into 'very smooth'.

Today's word is risoluto.


Yesterday's words, vivace and vivo, both mean lively, quick.

Today's word is 'ben'.


Senza means 'without' - for example, senza crescendo means without getting louder.

Two words today that mean the same thing - vivace or vivo. Check back tomorrow to get the answer.

Timeline photos 10/05/2020

Piano lessons. 1947.


Yesterday's word was presto. Presto means fast, although often a piece marked presto will be played very fast.

Today's word is senza - come back tomorrow to find out what it means!


Piu means.....more. What does presto mean? Find out tomorrow!


Yesterday's word, grazioso, means graceful. Today's word is piu. Come back tomorrow and find out what it means!


Yesterday's word, giocoso, means playful, merry. Today's word is grazioso.

Timeline photos 30/04/2020

Why not try and work your way through the Grade 5 Music Theory performance directions? Today's word is 'giocoso' - come back tomorrow to find out what it means.


Why not use this time to get ahead with Music Theory? Zoom lessons now available for Grade 3, 5, 6 or 8. 100% pass rate! Call me to discuss your requirements.

Testimonials 28/04/2020

Lessons are now available remotely via Zoom, for Grade 3, 5, 6 and 8. Send me a message if you would like to sign up to a course or have a chat about your requirements. Here are some comments from students and parents.

Testimonials My daughter has been taking flute lessons with Jane for the past 5 years. She has always achieved good grades throughout, so when it came to be getting ready for the grade 5 theory exam it was extra lessons every week for a period but so well organised by Jane. The fees covered are not only for the

Welcome 23/04/2020

Courses delivered to your home for Grade 5 Theory - choose the course that suits you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome ALL LESSONS ARE CURRENTLY BEING GIVEN REMOTELY. ONCE THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN ENDS, LESSONS WILL BE AVAILABLE BOTH REMOTELY AND AT MY HOUSE. Welcome to The Everything of Theory with Jane McNeill! The Everything of Theory is a course designed to take students in small groups through the ABRSM G

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